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  1. I am struggling with the local letting agencies, I am disabled and I do not wish to divulge this fact to the letting agency, this is my own personal right and I shouldn't have to let this fact be known to anyone should I so chose but I am facing discrimination and other problems due to their policies. I already know that I will fail a credit and employment check, but I have through some luck managed to borrow enough money to pay for an entire six months tenancy, including letting agency fees and the landlords deposit in advance, this means they will be at zero financial risk. I am polite and approachable, I have good character references and landlord references. However, the excuses have started, I am being told things like, couldn't I go to a different agency? This isn't the way we usually like to do things and even excuses like, I've heard that we could be taken to court for doing this kind of thing, at this stage I have simply made some inquiry's and been well mannered but they are already refusing to correspond with me by e-mail. These agencies are literally creating our country's homeless problem, deciding who they chose to rent too and who gets to have to ruff it in a sleeping bag in a shop doorway, they should be held accountable and I should have legal rights, I need to know what those rights are. I realize I can file complaints and disputes and even take court action however these are lengthy procedures and I need to find somewhere to live now and I am facing homelessness yet again. Do I have any legal rights here? What reasons do they have to decline me? Don't I have rights as a consumer? Please Help.
  2. A letting agency has been demanding hundreds of pounds in payment before prospective tenants are allowed to view properties for rent, the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme has found. The practice, by Flintons, breaches guidelines and could be unlawful..Shadow housing minister Melanie Onn said renters needed more rights and the case was the "tip of the iceberg". Flintons, in London, denied any wrongdoing and said it did not charge any fees for viewings. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46111015
  3. I have a flat that I rent out through a letting agent,several weeks ago the letting agent sent me a message saying the tenant was wanting to change the hall flooring as it was carpet tiles,i agreed that someone could go round there and do a quote for laminated flooring. Fast track to yesterday when I noticed my usual monthly rent payment from the letting agent was £230 lighter,I sent them an email straight away and he tells me the woman living in the flat had her bedroom carpeted and had the hall done as well and this was what it had cost me in carpeting and planing underside of doors etc. None of this was notified to me at any time,emailed them back asking how was this and the letting agent is saying I was wanting carpets in the hall told him I had never wanted nor spoke to him about carpets and this was the first I heard of it,hes coming out with a load of barefaced lies to me ,i think it was his mate that did the carpets. Ive told him Im not happy and told him to send me a fully itemised receipt,Ive also been in touch with the property ombudsman. Thing that sticks in me the most I had someone arranged to do laminated flooring and its been carpeted now,anything else I can do?
  4. Hi all, I'm currently going through a move (renting) and am being asked to provide my company accounts to letting agents for their credit checks. Now I remember this seriously bugged me the last time I moved, as I run a Limited Company and it's my gut reaction that the company accounts are and should remain private. I'm paid via payroll on a regular basis as any other employee would be. I don't even submit full accounts to Companies House, so why should these nosy parkers get to see them? Is there any legal justification for them asking this or can I politely refuse, offering my personal accounts / payslips only?
  5. Hi, hope someone can advise me on this. My letting agent is telling me that at the end of my current contract, they want me to sign a 12 month contract otherwise I will have to leave. I looked on my tenancy agreement and it states the following TWELVE MONTHS beginning 6th july 2017. If the tenant does not leave at the end of the fixed term, the tenancy will continue, still subject to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, from month to month from the end of the fixed term until either the tenant gives notice that he wishes to end the agreement as set out in clauses 6 and 7 below or the landlord serves on the tenant a notice under section 21 of the housing act 1988, or a new form of agreement is entered into, or this agreement is ended by consent or court order" clause 6 and 7 talk about giving the landlord 1 months notice before I want to leave. Am I within my rights to ask to stay on a monthly rolling contract based on the above? Thanks
  6. Government action to end letting fees - England Only READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-action-to-end-letting-fees
  7. HI, Sorry if not ciorrect forum, Ill try to keep it short we had been supplying our services to an independant letting agent for 4 months until we were dropped after a complaint was raised against one of their staff. Now they wont pay their last 2 invoices despite us jumping through hoops to keep sending it and changing the layoiut etc so they could understand. ( they had always paid us before until the fallout) They are now refusing to pay part of it as we threatened if we did not recieve by close of business last night then we would go to small claims court. They claim that we cant charge for 6 smoke alarms we have supplied, it is in the terms and conditions that we were to put them up if missing in properties and we were instructed to do this at the very first meeting. They claim we cant claim for cancelled appointments but our T&C's state we can. In fact everything they are trying to get out off ( over £1000) worth on the invoice is covered by our T&C's that was handed over at the first meeting and witnessed by 2 other people and the director ( who now denies it) . Our T&C's also state that once instructed by this company then we have deemed to be in a contract. They are claiming they didnt sign anything but no one signs T&C's .of their complaints procedure as advised but to no avail. We have done everything but they just bully us and are nasty in their emails ( which we have kept) We have also reported them to their governing trade body and have requested a copy Anyhow, so off to court it is, they want us to go through their solicitor, we cant afford to as we are a small independent business, they owe us £4500 and we can only just manage to cover the court application fee. My questions are, do we have to go through his solicitor? Can we just apply to the court for the amount owed. ? Many thanks
  8. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/sky-accused-letting-72yo-alzheimers-sufferer-pay-110-month-tv-packages-175050618.html Media giant Sky allowed an elderly Alzheimer’s to pay £110 a month for his TV package. Rachel Holdsworth says the family was astounded to learn her uncle, Rodney, was parting with so much. They thought initially that the 72-year-old, who was diagnosed with early onset dementia a couple of years ago, was paying for broadband despite not having a computer or mobile phone. But, after finally convincing Sky that she was a relative and gaining access to the account, she learned her uncle was paying out the hefty monthly sum on TV channels.
  9. Letting Agents Registration and Code of Practice Comes into force 31st January 2018 ***Scotland Only*** The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 made provisions for the mandatory letting agent registration, regulation and training requirements in Scotland. Housing (Scotland) Act 2014: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/asp/2014/14/contents/enacted Part 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 makes provision for the registration, regulation and training requirements for letting agents in Scotland. They include a mandatory register of letting agents, a ‘fit and proper’ person test, training requirements, a code of practice to which all letting agents must adhere and enforcement through the new First-Tier Tribunal. The Letting Agent Registration (Scotland) Regulations 2016 sets out the training requirements that those applying to join the register of letting agents must meet and additional information required for registration. This was laid before the Scottish Parliament on 22nd December 2016 and comes into force 31st January 2018. The Letting Agent Registration (Scotland) Regulations 2016: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ssi/2016/432/introduction/made Letting Agent Registration Guide: https://www.mygov.scot/letting-agent-registration/who-needs-to-register/ The Register of Letting Agents will be a list run by Scottish Ministers that will make sure every letting agent is suitable to do the job and has met minimum training requirements. --legal obligations relating to letting agency work and the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords --handling of tenants’ and landlords’ money --arranging and managing a tenancy --managing repairs and maintenance --customer communications --complaints handling --equality issues The Letting Agent Code of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016 were laid before the Scottish Parliament and will come into force on 31st January 2018. The Letting Agent Code of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/sdsi/2016/9780111030912 Those engaged in letting agency work must also comply with the Letting Agent Code of Practice. The Code of Practice is set out in The Letting Agent Code of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016 and contains general duties including: --complying with relevant legislation --providing accurate information --applying procedures consistently and reasonably --dealing with complaints --ensuring compliance by employees and subcontractors --handling private information sensitively --not to unlawfully discriminate --carrying out services in a timely fashion and with due skill and care Housing and Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal for Scotland: https://www.housingandpropertychamber.scot/
  10. Hello Can anyone one advise me on the termination procedure of an employee? Do i have to put it in writing? How many weeks notice do i have to give? Thanks
  11. I was wondering if anyone could comment on what normally happens when a limited company with one director and a secretary attempts to open a commercial lease. If it's a new company, I know from reading around on here that the director will need credit checked, but what about the secretary? Thanks.
  12. Hi I'm new on the forum. I'm looking for some advice. Last month I vacated a property that I had been letting through a letting agent / estate agent for over three years. An outgoing inspection was done and the report stated that the property was in overall good condition. I had maintained it and had paid for it to be re plastered and redecorate with the landlords permission. However, several days after the report I received a telephone call from the letting agent. They told me that the landlord had decided to keep all of the deposit. They didn't give a reason, just said he wasn't happy with the property. I wasn't given any further advice from the agent. My sister did some research on the internet and found that I should have been given some paperwork about a tenancy deposit scheme when the tenancy began. I didn't receive this and neither did my mother who paid the deposit. I contacted the letting agents and was told they would look into it. Several hours later I received call to say the landlord had changed his mind and would now refund my full deposit, that the property was in good condition and there were no issues. I was shocked. I gave them my mothers bank details. My sister urged me to contact them again in regard to the tenancy scheme because she thought they had broken the law and could be fined. When I did so the agents suggested that I didn't need the details because I was getting refunded. My sister urged me to contact them again and demand the details, which I did. They told me they would deliver them in a few days. They didn't do so. When I contacted them again they admitted that due to an administrative error they had not protected the deposit. Sorry. Was there anything else? I asked for the landlords details because I wanted to make sure that he had originally told them to keep my deposit. However, they haven't provided the details despite me continually asking. And furthermore they still haven't returned my mothers deposit. I have started a complaints process with them to get the deposit back but they are really dragging their heels. Sorry, to get to the point, do I need to go through this complaints process with them before I can go to court to try and get the deposit returned? And if they won't release the landlord's details can I put the agents name on the court form? Thanks for any advice
  13. Hi, myself and my partner just put a deposit down on an apartment which isn't available until the 7th of July. The letting agent has just sent us through the holding deposit T&C which states the following.. " Should the applicant withdraw the application or fail their referencing, which is at the landlords discretion and in this event be unable to provide a guarantor suitable to the landlord, the deposit will not be returned" Is this common practice? Surely that's a HUGE gamble with money?? I don't mind losing the fees but the entire deposit as well? Shouldn't they usually take this AFTER the checks have been carried out? Any help would be much appreciated before I sign these forms! Many thanks!
  14. I have a query relating to a situation my partner finds herself in. This is happening in Scotland if it makes a difference. A little background first to let you know why we find ourselves in this position: My partner rents a house at the moment and the tenancy is managed by a letting agency. She has lived in the property for around 6 years, slightly more, and in January this year renewed her tenancy for a further 6 months. She did this knowing we were about to begin looking for our first home together, however we both felt it was a good idea to give ourselves some time without having to worry about a roof over her head. At the time of renewing she inquired with the letting agency whether a shorter-term lease might be available but was told 6 months was the minimum they would offer. She agreed to that, however she was told that at any time she could pay them £180 to readvertise the house. If they found another suitable tenant the tenancy would transfer and she would no longer be liable for the remaining rental period. We thought that seemed a bit steep but agreed. Move forward a month and we have quite unexpectedly found a house we love, we've bought it and get the keys in a few weeks time. As a consequence my partner popped into the letting agency, paid the £180 and they readvertised the house. Within a day they found someone who wanted the house and paid a holding deposit. As far as we know they haven't signed any formal agreement yet, however the letting agency are no longer advertising the house. I'm finally getting to my question you'll be delighted to hear. We checked with the letting agency about what would happen if this new tenant pulled out. We were more than a little shocked to hear that they plan to hold my partner liable for the rent up to the end of the 6 month period. That probably seems quite reasonable, except that she paid her £180, they readvertised for less than 24 hours and found a new tenant. Can they really take her money, essentially not readvertise the house, yet continue to hold her liable?
  15. APologies for a long post but I have actually tried to keep this brief! In March last year, we had a leak reported in our roof, despite instructing the agency to repair, it took a complaint to the director and several months until it was fixed (in July). At the end of October, we had a leak reported in exactly the same place, the agency called back the contractor who said the work was fine and he could see no problem. We were left to ask agent to find another contractor - it took a while for them to come out and do the repair - at one point I even phone the agency who told me the work had been done and the tenant had told them how happy they were - this was simply not true, when they did it didn't work and we were left weeks waiting for them to come back, they never did, despite repeat assurance from the agency that he was coming. (we refused to pay for this work). Despite chasing the agency regularly and even sending photos of the damage that was getting worse there was no urgency on their part - they even sent us an email to say they had emailed 3 contractors ... no urgency despite the weather being terrible and the damage getting worse. Eventually at the turn of the year we had to step in despite being 300 miles away and get the repair done ourselves. The problem was the ageing of the brick work so that when consistent rain, the chimney could only absorb so much and then began leaking through. There was no sign of any other leak either internally or externally - yet due to the time taken by the agency to fix the original repair ie not until summer, we could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that the original repair was not uo to standard. So we are left with costs, damage, an unhappy tenant at being messed around by the agency. On a separate note, when it became legal requirement to have carbon monoxide alarms, they emailed to say they would be fitted when they came into stock - by January they had still not dealt with this and again we had to take action ourselves to rectify this. Our agent had left us in breach of the law and also potentially put our tenant at risk. We gave notice of repudiatory breach of contract as we were now having to manage the property our selves, they had failed in their duty of care in numerous ways and neither us nor the tenant simply trust them to manage the property anymore. They however of course have disputed this and stated that they expect the management fee to be paid until the end of the tenancy - ie we would have to evict our tenant. I'm concerned as to the best way to go forward - the property ombudsman is incredibly slow and in past experience tend to side with the agents. I am considering the county court route but am then concerned that if they dispute this I will then have to incur serious legal costs to get this through with the potential cost of losing. I don't want to just stop paying them the fee and then risk a CCJ against my name either. Does anyone have any experience of this kind of matter or can advise on the best options?
  16. I recently moved out of a shared flat and the lettings agent sent through a dilapidation report detailing any damage to the property, missing items etc. and the deductions from our deposit that would be made as a result. About half of their claims were reasonable, but about half weren't so we disputed what we felt we needed to. We asked for a detailed breakdown of the costs and evidence of the damage (costs had been lumped by room rather than by each item). In response they asked for a counter offer, said a breakdown of costs was not possible, and made reference to 'expensive work' that would need to come out of the deposit but that was not mentioned in the original report. At this point it felt like they were trying to intimidate us into accepting the original offer. We sent a counter offer and they said they would pass it to the landlord. We did not receive a response to the counter offer, but rather a list of costs for additional work done to the flat far exceeding our deposit (painting, carpet replacements, things like that) that had not been outlined as necessary in the original report. They made no mention of the original report, nor our counter offer, but said a compensatory charge amounting to our full deposit would be required. Their behaviour has been odd and has seemed like the longer the dispute has gone on the more they are trying to charge us. I get the feeling they are trying to intimidate us to forking over the whole deposit but I don't want to gamble that, call their bluff, and wind up owing them much more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I have today received a letter from my letting agent after an routine inspection that was carried out last week. In this letter it states I am in breach of the tenancy agreement as there is mould on the bedroom ceiling. The letter states that notice to quit the property will be sent in another letter. Now my issue with this is that I only noticed it two days before the inspection. Its in a corner of the bedroom ceiling I can't get to and as I only use lamps in my room then that corner is always in shadows as there is a chest of drawers on that wall. When I informed the man who was carrying out the inspection I said it must be pretty new and explained that I kept my bedroom well aired. The window is open first thing in the morning to let the stale air out. I pointed put that the property next to mine and the one next to that are both empty. The property next to mine has been empty for 12 months this month, its a housing association property so I have no idea what could be going on inside that property. He even agreed with me that it is more than likely down to the fact that the property next door is empty and freezing cold, he even said that something could be wrong with the house and having a knock on effect with mine. It seems though this is not what he has put in his report to the letting agent. I just wondered how I should proceed with this, I don't have the money to find somewhere new to live and as I am signed off with depression and anxiety then all this is making it worse. I feel I am being punished for something that is not my fault as I keep my house warm and also ventilated. Any advice welcome Thanks
  18. My daughter is working abroad for a short while and has put her house in the hands of a letting agent ,who i think are ripping her off. She paid all the fees up front , and if any maintenece etc needed to be done they had to contact her ,or myself to gain permission. Which they agreed no problem . They had a tenant waiting for my daughters house who the letting agent knew personally,. The first month, a bill was issued for cleaning the house pre occupation . The letting agent said the house was filthy, after WE had scrubbedit from top to bottom . WITHOUT permission they had sent cleaners in to , wipe the outside window sills and clean the oven, cost £125 . we complained and got bill reduced by 50%. Letting agent then said the tenents were complaining about ants in the house , you need to sort this . My husband went to the house to see, the ants were by the back door which the tenent had had open, during the summer , no more than 10 ants.Had to buy her ant spray.I found out that the letting agent got intouch with daughter again , saying that a couple of jobs needed doing . Bit of sealant on the work top needed replacing , cupboard door not shutting right, unused open fire needed boarding up. Daughter agreed as she didnt want the hassle ,she was c harged £60. I began to think that the letting agent was helping the tenent ,and ripping off my daughter . The last incident was the convincer. In late October daughter had a letter saying that a Legionnaires Risk assessment was needed and that they would sort it. However a very good fiend of ours owns a plumbing business and said thet he would do this assessment for her, my husband got intouch with the letting agent to say no thank you WE will sort this. The letting agent then sent my daughter a bill for £250 and a copy of the assessment.I rang the assessment company and they told us that the assessment had been done 3 MONTHS EARLIER in AUGUST , as requested by the letting agent, but again WITHOUT permission. They apologised and waivered the fee. NOW , after recently signing a new lease the tenent has given one months notice to leave ,saying that she doesnt get on with neighbours. No doubt the letting agent has found her friend a new house to rent. Where does my daughter stand, shouldnt the letting agent have obligations to my daughter who is paying them fees . THANK YOU . Roxy
  19. I used to hire a studio space upstairs in an office building which was decorated by me. Then just recently I became a paraplegic and am wheelchair bound and could no longer get to my studio space so had to give up renting it. I agreed with my landlords that they should get someone in to do the work needed for them to re let. They provided me an estimate and I paid the money there and then. Although I was never given a copy of the estimate. They have now come back to me four months later asking for an additional 350 pounds on top of the 950 pounds I have already paid. Apparently it is to cover the cost of work which was not initially included in the estimate total but was written on the form as work that may needed to be done. This I did not see and certainly didn't agree to. Where do I stand? In my opinion the extra should have been agreed with me before going ahead. Although is it dodgy ground as in my rental contract I should have returned the space to its former state before leaving?
  20. Do you RENT your home, If so, then you will know that good landlords are very very hard to find, Getting a repair done can be very difficult, or have you rented from a landlord who would suit the name slumlord more. There is currently no compulsory registration scheme for landlords or letting agents, I am petitioning the government to sort this out, Compulsory registration will help improve the industry, keep tenants safe from rogue landlords, and improve the quality of properties for rent. Please click the LINK below and sign this petition, You never know, it may help to improve your housing situation Tenants have to go through extensive vetting systems!! but what do landlords have to do, nothing, how do you know that your deposit is safe. This system i propose will ensure all landlords are solvent, mortgages are up to date, deposits are securely held, AND that Letting agents and landlords alike act in a responsible manor, This is something that has been over looked for too long, So help weed the crooks out of the system Please sign the petition below, all you have to do is follow the link. Please note, simply LIKING this post will have no input, you MUST click the link below please share this post http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/69580
  21. My son rents out a property via an estate agent, despite repeated requests they are not releasing the rent. They have held this cash for 22 days now, blaming everything from money laundering to slow bacs payments. What can he do to make them pay the rent into his account.
  22. Myself and three other students currently occupy a privately rented property in Southwark, London. The flat is pretty run down and we seem to have been stuck with a landlord who doesn't want to shell out any money despite the fact that we are paying £145 a week each! As soon as we moved in we noticed the washing machine door was bent and didn't catch properly, so we immediately informed the lettings agency who informed the landlord on or behalf that it was damaged, however he declined to have it looked at or repaired. After one initial breakdown that I managed to repair it packed up for good 02/10/15, so I immediately got onto the lettings agency again who informed the landlord that day that the washing machine had totally broken and there was nothing we could do about it. A couple of days later, instead of taking our word for it he sent a repairman round who took one look at it and said it was beyond repair and would have to be replaced, which was communicated to the lettings agency that day. After several more days we had heard nothing more on the situation and with mounting piles of washing I again contacted the lettings agency who said that the landlord was ordering the white goods (the engineer also recommended replacing the freezer) that evening - 12/10/15. After hearing no word from the company for three or four days I emailed them again, to which they replied that they would chase up the landlord. Now finally after weeks of pestering the landlord has finally ordered the goods to be delivered this Sunday (25/10/15). We have gone over three weeks without a washing machine simply because the landlord was too lazy to sort out a replacement despite being given several reminders, and we have had to pick up the cost of that. The house was furnished with white goods as part of our tenancy agreement and it is the landlord's responsibility for their maintenance, would we be entitled to ask for compensation? As essentially the landlord has failed to provide a service that we have been paying a huge amount of money for. All help would be appreciated, Cheers!
  23. Hello All, Last weekend, our boiler broke down, late on the Sunday night. I called the maintenence man who deals with these issues for the letting agency first thing on Monday morning. He came over on Monday night and found that the transformer on the circuit board had burned out and killed the boiler. He said it would be a full boiler replacement and he will sort it with the letting agency as soon as possible. In the maintenence man's defence, he is really good, it is the agency who are slow at everything. So, we've spent all week without heating or hot water. My wife sent a text to the letting agency to negotiate a rent reduction, as we haven't had use of these utilities. Here is the text conversation: LA = Letting Agency Wife: Under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, I would like to negotiate a reduction in the rent for this month due to not having heating or hot water. LA: Sorry, we can't accept that. We will hold you responsible for damaging the boiler and we will remove the cost of the boiler from your deposit. Any deductions made by yourselves are down to you taking too long to inform us of the problem, which has caused a delay in getting a new boiler. Wife: Excuse me, we did not damage the boiler, the transformer on the circuit board burned out. We have done your job for you by contacting the maintenence man first thing the following morning. We are in a house with no hot water or heating in mid-October. I'm sorry, but it should not take this long to sort out. Please send me our landlord's details. LA: Why? Wife: Because I do not feel that you are doing your job and we would like to contact the landlord. Please send me his details. LA: We have been doing our job. To say that you are deducting rent because the process is taking too long is very wrong. Wife: Please send us our landlord's details. LA (seconds later): I have made him aware of your complaint. Goodbye. Now, for one thing I do not believe for a second that he made the landlord aware of our complaint. Another is I cannot believe he actually put in a text that he will say that we broke the boiler. The third is they seem to think that a boiler breaking late on a Sunday night and then informing the maintenence man at 8am the following morning is "taking too long." We do know somebody who knows the landlord and we have asking him to give us the details, as the letting agency is refusing, we are justing waiting for him to message us with his details. My question is, what can my wife and I do? We are concerned that the LA will now make up a pack of lies to tell the landlord. However, we do have evidence against them where they admit that they will say things if we withhold the rent. I do believe we are within our rights to negotiate a small reduction in the rent under these circumstances. Thoughts?
  24. Hi - my daughter completed her degree this summer and left her rented accommodation at the end of June. She forgot to cancel the standing order from her bank account to the letting agents and so a payment of £912 was paid to them at the end of September. The rent was paid quarterly and I think the summer one didn't get paid as she had no money in her account. She had just received her first month's salary which meant there was sufficient funds for the standing order to be paid this time. She called the letting agents as soon as she realised what had happened and they said they would send her a cheque less £10 admin fee. The cheque didn't arrive, so she called them again and was told the cheque was in the post and that is should arrive within the next day or two. It didn't arrive so she called again yesterday, and was told it would be put in the post and should arrive today, but it still hasn't. Could somebody advise as to the best course of action please? Thank you!!
  25. Hi guys, I'm sure these threads come up all the time so I'm sorry if you have to answer again! I have recently moved out from a rented property and after leaving the landlord is withholding the entire deposit. They didn't notify me of this and it was pure luck that I decided to log in to the dps website to see the dispute. I attempted to contact the letting agency but they wouldn't speak to me and didn't call me back. The dispute has now gone to the ADR stage and I wondering what is the best way to tackle this and strongest way to provide my evidence? In a nutshell the Landlord is claiming for one count of Damage, one count of cleaning and one count of unauthorised painting. I really would appreciate any guidance anyone could give. Regards
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