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  1. Hi Sorry for delay in replying. Yes Black Horse Finance are 100% shareholder of Cedar Holdings, I have found them really helpful when speaking to them, the only issue obviously is the length of time that has passed so they don't necessarily have records of loans that have been paid off. I called their Customer Service department on 03448 248 888 in the first instance, they have some archives of Cedar Holdings files. Good luck!! Angel_lover240
  2. Thanks for your assistance with this!! Can I do a SAR on behalf of my late mother? Would I need to send a copy of the death certificate/grant of probate? Thanks!!
  3. Hi I have re-read the email that the solicitor sent to me when Cedar Holdings and this loan were first mentioned. I had assumed that I was trying to find proof that the load had been paid off, but this is what the solicitor said to me: "There is one document that I do not hold in the bundle of title deeds that you provided, that is the legal charge dated 12 June 1984 with Cedar Holdings Ltd. The list of documents that I have states that this charge has been paid off in full, however I anticipate that the buyer’s solicitor will ask for evidence of this. Please ca
  4. Hi Although this was a loan secured on the house, I think it was a loan my father had for a car or to pay off other debt. He didn't have a bank account, but I have managed to find the payment books where he had paid in cash monthly at the bank. Then when the loan period was at an end, Cedar Holdings had sent a letter to say that although the loan period was ended, there was still £112.13 outstanding. The last counterfoil in the payment book is filled in with that amount in my mother's handwriting, but has not been stamped by the bank and I think that she may well h
  5. Hi I am the executor for my late mother's estate and we are in the process of selling her house. We have hit an obstacle in that there is a secured loan which was paid off in the early '90s but it is still listed as outstanding on the title deeds. The loan was with Cedar Holdings Limited, which is now a dormant company and comes under Black Horse Finance Management. I have called them today and been given a number for their secured legal department in Cardiff, but the number is constantly engaged. We are trying to get proof that the loan has actually been r
  6. SabreSheep That is most helpful!! Thank you very much - I will pass on to my daughter and get her to send to the letting agents!! Will keep you posted!!
  7. Wow, that was a very quick response, thank you!! This is probably a stupid question, I've had a quick look around the forum but is there a template for a letter before action? Or is it just a question of literally stating what has happened then asking them to send the payment back completely without deductions?? Thanks so much for your help SabreSheep!!!
  8. Hi - my daughter completed her degree this summer and left her rented accommodation at the end of June. She forgot to cancel the standing order from her bank account to the letting agents and so a payment of £912 was paid to them at the end of September. The rent was paid quarterly and I think the summer one didn't get paid as she had no money in her account. She had just received her first month's salary which meant there was sufficient funds for the standing order to be paid this time. She called the letting agents as soon as she realised what had happened and they said they would send her
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