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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I used to hire a studio space upstairs in an office building which was decorated by me. Then just recently I became a paraplegic and am wheelchair bound and could no longer get to my studio space so had to give up renting it. I agreed with my landlords that they should get someone in to do the work needed for them to re let. They provided me an estimate and I paid the money there and then. Although I was never given a copy of the estimate. They have now come back to me four months later asking for an additional 350 pounds on top of the 950 pounds I have already paid. Apparently it is to cover the cost of work which was not initially included in the estimate total but was written on the form as work that may needed to be done. This I did not see and certainly didn't agree to. Where do I stand? In my opinion the extra should have been agreed with me before going ahead. Although is it dodgy ground as in my rental contract I should have returned the space to its former state before leaving?
  3. Hi there Am now at the Preliminary Payment Request Stage My request is now for £554 pounds, this includes £90 of charges due to come out on 8th December. Abbey have already refunded me £535 pounds of charges in a GOGW, at the Data Protection Request stage, without me asking. Anyhow, does anyone have an address I send the Preliminary Letter to? And can someone please explain a little more how you calculate your interest charges for if and when I have to go to court thx karen Oct 2nd - Subject Access Request Sent 0ct 10th - initially asked for a refund of £110 pounds over the phone received £90 Oct 26th - £425 pounds refunded
  4. well i was called at 12 thatdaybutwas on phone, i rang back straight away and said i was just called by you can i be putthrough, and theysaid i will give your number to our supervisor and getback to you. i said no you justcalled someone mustbe available, they had lots of excuses and said someone will ring you back within 24 hours, i phoned again later on that day and told to wait and someone would get back to me within 48 hours, y the increases in waiting times i dont know, well needless to say i still havent been contacted.
  5. Dont i have to inform someone from the outset that i am recording the phone call? and if i inform them then they probably wont say what i want them to say. and how does this help me anyhow, even if i do get them to say it? i phoned trading standards and they said they thought abbey could ask what they wanted, but that at no point could i wave my statutory rights anyhow. i phoned the complaints department, and they are investigating my case for me. they were actaully really helpful and guess what the lady their called lesley actually admitted that she felt the charges were unfair.
  6. Hi there, after looking at your standard subject access request from on here, i went to abbey to find out where they said i should send it. I know from reading on here alot of people have had problems getting the address. Well they gave me a standard form, and told me to fill it out and hand it back to them at the counter. I have done this including my own letter on the blank page at the back. The good thing about doing it this way, is that you have followed their procedure and they cant argue you havent given them the information they need, and that i got the bank clerk to give me a handwritten receipt for it, so there is no going back later and them saying they never received it. It took them a while to find the form, and the clerk who gave it to me made the point of saying that noone had ever asked for one before. My only problem now is that the cheque i included with the subject access request may very well bounce if i cannot find the money to put into my account due to their charges putting me 90 pounds overdrawn karen
  7. Hi To let everyone know where i am, I sent my subject access request on the Oct 2nd. Yet whilst sorting this out another 180 pounds worth of charges reared their ugly heads. I wasnt aware that they were going to be taken due to my statement going missing so have only been able to deal with it now they have left my account, putting me another 90 pounds overdrawn, meaning they are also going to try and charge me next month too. I wouldnt be concerned and just add them to my schedule of charges except that they have left me with no money for food or bills, and next week i wont have any money either due to being 90 pounds overdrawn. I cant survive two weeks without food, i have three young girls. I phone abbey asking for them to refund my 180 pounds due to the charges being unlawful and my not having any food. After a lot of going back and forth, and my quoting consumer credit act and OFT rulings etc they offered to refund part of the charges and increase my overdraft but if, and only if i agreed that the charges were fair and valid. I did not, and the lady said she couldnt help me then. I asked to speak to someone higher and she said they were all busy, but that she could get someone to ring me back. I am now waiting on that phone call. I have tried ringing Trading Standards but they are busy, i will keep trying. Its been suggested that i try and get abbey to put this agreement in writing and obviously not sign it, but i am seriously doubting they will. Just dont know how i am gonna get food this week, and my electicity is on meter and will run out soon. Husband is thinking of leaving just so i can get some money for now.
  8. sounds good lol, but wouldnt i have to pay to start a case against them?
  9. my overdraft now is 500 pounds. and i would think they have charged me around 500 pounds in charges now if not a little more kinda hard to work it out in my head right this minute. but how does this help me? the only way i can close my account is to pay off my overdraft. im not earning. i was on benefits and the only thing going into my account was my child benefit. my husband has just got a job, but we still cannot afford to pay 500 pounds to close it. i just dont know if it is worth trying to claim my charges back from them or how i go about it?
  10. Hi I am completely new to this site and came here from a link from Aol. I have had many charges applied to me over the course of six months due to an error i made at christmas. The initial charges were applied for me being overdrawn and having three cheques bounce, causing me to be charged around 200 pounds in total. since then i have struggled to bring my account into line again. one month i was 81 pence overdrawn and they charged me nrly 50 pounds in charges, and again another month was 8p overdrawn and charged again. Another time i was charged for being overdrawn when i had put cash in the day before. As i have read about another user having the same thing happen. Abbey saying you must put cash in more than 24 hours before it will show up on their system, and that i should have requested for the cheques leaving my account to have been done manually. how could i have known this? They have refunded me around 60 pounds of charges made against me, but the only other help they gave was to increases my overdraft from 300 to 500 pounds. i now refuse to use my cheque book or debit card for fear of more charges being applied. Am i able to claim back this money? is it worth me pursuing? I have three young children and cannot afford to lose all this money. I even asked abbey if they would freeze my account and hold off on the charges until i could get my account back into credit, and they wont. I have held my account for 24 years since i was 6, and yet i wish i could just get back into credit and close it.
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