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  1. I was wondering if anyone could comment on what normally happens when a limited company with one director and a secretary attempts to open a commercial lease. If it's a new company, I know from reading around on here that the director will need credit checked, but what about the secretary? Thanks.
  2. Belated thanks! (been having net connection problems). I'll send my LBA tomorrow then.... complete with the extra 90 pounds they charged me today. Stupid WTC people haven't paid out Thanks again.
  3. Got a letter back from them - basically saying no we won't refund your charages. I'm worried about this bit: 'But the important point is that the guidelines nly concern 'default' charges. The fees we charge for going over an overdraft limit and for returned payments are not any kind of default penalty. They are fixed standard prices for the service we provide in these situations. So according to our legal experts, the OFT's guildelines on credit card default charges do not in any way apply.' Is that true? I'm inclined to push ahead with action anyways, but I want to double c
  4. Well, sent my letter last week, got a reply today dated the 22nd saying thanks for your complaint, we take them all seriously and hope to respond within two weeks.. I'm expecting to get fobbed off, but lets see what happens.
  5. Thanks for your advice. I do online banking, and don't get statements, but I do get letters saying 'you have gone overdrawn, we will charge you' but they don't say how much. I'm *hoping* it will only be 60 pounds this time, not 90, but I'm not absolutely certain and the letters don't say how much you'll get charged, so I'm budgetting for 90 just in case. I wouldn't want to put the amount on the claim letter - if its wrong then that might lead to trouble with the rest of the claim.
  6. OK, I've been reading this site for a while, and I've decided to claim back my Lloyds charges - they total 922 at this stage :o I'm expecting another 90 quid fee this month - I just can't break the flipping cycle of charges at the moment since I'm on benefit I'm sending my Preliminary approach letter today, but theres one thing I'm unclear on - will I be able to reclaim any charges that go on between the Preliminary letter and it getting to court? Is there anything I need to change in the letter to reflect the fact that I want to claim for future charges too? I was hoping to get
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