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Found 21 results

  1. Last week I placed an order via the Footlocker website for a limited edition item. While checking out they make it clear in the page that your item is being held for 10 minutes while you checkout and to check out quick so you don’t lose it. Earlier this week my order was cancelled. After eventually getting through to someone to speak to in their customer services I was told: ‘we cannot live track our stock so we cannot hold items during checkout’ and that the message during checkout was ‘essentially a lie customer services are aware of’. Is there anything I should do?
  2. Insuring a property held in trust I live in a property held in a Deed of Trust, set up by my parents as the original trustees. A trust fund from which I am the beneficiary, the life tenant. The trust is held to one third to my children, one third to my sister or children and one third to my brother or children. The original trustees: my mother is deceased and my father is old and ill perhaps not competent anymore. The trust is irrevocable and intended to for the rest of my life. My question is can I insure the property (being the beneficiary) simply as the policyholder. N
  3. Paris attacks: Dozens dead and hostages held at Bataclan At least 40 people have been killed in multiple shootings in the French capital, Paris, and explosions near the Stade de France. French media say at least 15 people have been killed near the Bataclan arts centre, where up to 60 people are reportedly being held hostage. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34814203 Latest updates as i find it. At Least 35 Dead in Paris Attacks, 100 Hostages Taken: Reports At least 35 people were reported dead during multiple acts of violence in Paris, including shootings in a Paris res
  4. Hi All just a general enquiry I was recently travelling back home, when I spoted someone holding what I think was a Hand held speed camera and can only guess it was a video type. The guy holding it was not the police but had some writing on the back of his hi viz Yellow background black writing Has anyone seen these before ? and as it was not a police officer, is it likely that a fine with come through the post at some point if they were speeding?
  5. HI there i am appealing a mandatory review from the ESA. Is there a form that i can use to ask for all info they have held on record about me? If there is could you post a link as i can't find one. Is there also a charge for this? \thanx in advance
  6. APologies for a long post but I have actually tried to keep this brief! In March last year, we had a leak reported in our roof, despite instructing the agency to repair, it took a complaint to the director and several months until it was fixed (in July). At the end of October, we had a leak reported in exactly the same place, the agency called back the contractor who said the work was fine and he could see no problem. We were left to ask agent to find another contractor - it took a while for them to come out and do the repair - at one point I even phone the agency who told me the wo
  7. Car is being held illegally and racking up £35 a day storage charges! I was involved in an accident just over a month ago where a truck side swiped me and took me off the road. It is clearly the fault of the truck driver and they have admitted full liability. I then took the car to a body shop garage that is next to my mechanic and since I trust and value the work of my mechanic I thought I would get similar treatment at the body shop. This wasn’t the case. When I took the car to the body shop the owner went out of his way to ensure everything would be handled for
  8. Have a car which log book in my name insured in my name and on finance in my name .. the ex is holding keys log book and documents in house . ..police spoke to her and said she was handing back and needed to contact her by email to collect .which I did.. was told I could collect in a day so please were happy with that although I wasn't . .she as since sent a email demanding 3500 cash or she witholding car .. .police have now said it's a civil matter and wnt do anything ..I then said well I'll report it as twoc and he said now you are just bein
  9. I had a tenacy agreement with an agency who acted on the behalf of landlord everything fine . I then added my partner to the tenacy as were living together Long story short we seperated back in october and its been a bit of battle anyways I took my name off the tenacy as i need somewhere else to live etc and asked for my deposit back bear in mind this was november and im still having emails saying they cannot contact my Ex and that my deposit that i paid before thier name was added is held against the property . Can they hold my money against a property im not living in and they know this i s
  10. Hello, I'm hoping this will reach all those who have previously helped me, and that I will receive some speedy advice/help. If the people who have previously been kind enough to help me are not as knowledgeable on the following questions, PLEASE can you direct this post to people who can advise me asap? Thank you. I haven't been around for a while due to illness, (everything got too much for my already fragile brain). My questions here now may be better on a new thread, but as I can't fathom out how I open a whole new thread/topic/whatever, I'm hoping that
  11. I recently checked my credit file with Experian and there's an entry on it from Feb 06. That's 8 years and 8months old. The info on there is in the Alias section. I changed my surname 20 odd years ago. It's not "bad" information, so it's not impacting me adversely. However, I thought there was a limitation on how long credit agencies could hold data on you. I contacted Experian. Their response was: "Financial associations remain on your report indefinitely." Is this right? It doesn't seem right to me... Thanks
  12. For the past 6/7 years my identity/credit file has been crossed over with a girl with the same name, date of birth etc. For years I've been mithered with debtors, baliffs, court summons.. when in fact " that's not me" I have a few times tried to tell people its someone else to be told I'm lying. This has caused huge family rows. Not just that, I've also paid a lot of the debts off. Had my car clamped for her debt and yesterday discovered that I've been paying her court fines out of my family benefits. Examples are : court baliffs came with a warrant for my arrest to take me to court for
  13. This is a problem that I cannot find an answer to. We bought a property by cash in 2007 and then we took out a "Mortgage" on the property with Abbey National (aka Santander) then I took out an unsecured loan, and credit card with Nationwide and all was good. My business went bust with the collapse of an airline and all went belly up with my house being reposessed(bySantander asMortgagee) and charges put on the property by Nationwide to cover debt (I never challenged the charges as my wife had a breakdown and could not cope).They reposessed the property in 2010 and put it up for sale. La
  14. My son left home about 18 months ago. Since then I have numerous problems With D.C.A,s I have managed to stop the telephone calls etc. But I must get between 1 to 5 letters a week from various D.C.A,s. My son does not appear on the electoral roll. I send all letters back unopened marked NOT AT THIS ADDRESS. But still they arrive. Can I write to the C.R.A,s and ask that any links be removed in relation to my son living at my address, or is a more complex solution involved.
  15. Hi Can anyone help me i am currently on a debt management plan and i want to know? when does the creditor have to take my defaults of the CRA settled or not .Smoeone has stated that i should send them Subject access Requests? I have paid to join credit expert and have access to my report what should i be looking for in terms of getting these removed.also some of them state a red ball with 8 on the credit report but i know that these are paid every month albeit a small amount. Many Thanks in advance
  16. I just followed a link supplied by Bandit127 for `Noddle` free credit file info for life. I tried to register but was not accepted. Then my wife suggested I register in her name. The site accepted my wife`s application and so we checked what was on file. It showed three accounts. Two were up to date and correct. But, it showed one in default for £200. It had been registered by Lowell in 2009. My wife explained that the account is in relation to mail order and has always been in dispute. Letters were exchanged, telephone conversations had etc. Threatening letters re
  17. People who get poor service from claims management companies will soon be able to go to the Legal Ombudsman for financial redress. Claims management companies (CMCs) have been criticised for exploiting consumers' mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) and they are responsible for the lion share of complaints. Yet they take a cut – typically 25pc – of any compensation awarded to the consumer. The Government has announced that from 2013 the Legal Ombudsman will handle claims management complaints. The Ombudsman has the legal power to ensure consumers can get compensation where appropr
  18. Hi All, First time post, I'm looking for some advice for this on going PCN saga with Hounslow BC, below I have outlined the stages of what has happened so far, any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated. 1. I was issued a PCN by Hounslow BC early in 2011 based on this: "Contravention 62: Parking with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway". The Contravention was picked up by a camera, not a person. What actually happened was I pulled over and dropped off a passenger who then unloaded some equipment out of the vehicle. It cou
  19. I recommended a friend for a job. It was basically my old job as I was promoted. My company decided not to use an agency or advertise the job and instead sent a company wide email asking if anyone knew of anyone they could recommend. I knew of two people who were looking and gave them the email address of my line manager so they could send their CV in. One of these ended up getting an interview and getting the job. The other person was not interviewed. Now the person who got the job is infact a good friend of mine, we have worked together in the past and she had the relevant experience th
  20. There has been a huge surge in the number of complaints about mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) in the last year, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has revealed. According to its annual review covering the 2011/12 financial year, it received 264,375 new disputes – a 28 per cent increase on the previous year. Of these, 157,716 cases - 60 per cent - related to mis-sold PPI, the highest ever number of complaints to the ombudsman about a single financial product. It means a 51 per cent increase in PPI gripes compared to the year before. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/mon
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