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  1. Thanks again. They just won't respond to the landlord address request and that makes it difficult to know where to go next.Is the agents address okay for any court action if he won't disclose the landlord's address? It makes me wonder if he should have registererd the deposit on the landlords behalf and hasnt done it and dooes not want to tell tell the landlord. I wonder even if it was the landlord who said to keep my deposit in the first place
  2. Thanks for the advice. I wondered whether I needed to go through their whole process which would take about a month. I really just want my deposit back from the landlord but they are unwilling to give me his details. I think he lives in Spain. They just seem to be burying their head in the sand and won't respond to any emails etc.
  3. Hi I'm new on the forum. I'm looking for some advice. Last month I vacated a property that I had been letting through a letting agent / estate agent for over three years. An outgoing inspection was done and the report stated that the property was in overall good condition. I had maintained it and had paid for it to be re plastered and redecorate with the landlords permission. However, several days after the report I received a telephone call from the letting agent. They told me that the landlord had decided to keep all of the deposit. They didn't give a reason, just said he wasn't ha
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