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  1. I worked for TK Maxx and was sacked due to an incident where a customer had come to my till with a jacket priced £39.99 and I had scanned the item and inputted into the system that the customer paid me when he did not (Honestly don't know, I was in a world of my own). Upon seeing a receipt come out of the register I become even more confused as I start to question why a receipt has come out and whether or not the customer had paid me for the jacket, but given the fact that the receipt had come out (I just take that as a sign that he must have paid me) along with the fact that my manager was standing right beside me the whole time on the next till telling me to hurry up (which made me even more nervous) I decide to let the customer on his way, and after a while I had forgotten about this whole incident. The next month I was sacked and questioned about this incident by the Loss Prevention Department and after seeing CCTV footage of the incident I accepted that CCTV footage does not lie but I definitely did not do it on purpose (I know it sounds weird, but CCTV doesn't show what is going on inside a persons head). The police were then called and after being sent off to the police station where after hours of staying in a cell I was then questioned again denied any purposeful wrongdoing, and at this point I was allowed to go home, a couple days later I got a letter stating that "No Further Action" is to be taken. After this I had forgotten about the whole incident and several months later I got a letter from the Retail Loss Prevention stating that I owe £237.49 for Cost of goods not recovered, Amount of time taken by personnel involved, Diverting client staff from normal duties 1 - WHAT IS MY BEST COURSE OF ACTION? IGNORE, PAY (LAST RESORT) 2 - SHOULD I REPLY DENYING LIABILITY (BUT COULD PAY FOR PRICE OF JACKET ONLY £39.99 3 - IS IT LIKELY TO GO TO COURT? 4 - COULD THEY ASK FOR MORE MONEY IN THE FUTURE? 5 - WHY WOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR "DIVERTING CLIENT STAFF FROM NORMAL DUTIES" IT IS THEIR JOB RIGHT? Any Question For Me? Thanks Guys For Your Help P.S One more thing I would like to point out is that I was sacked for "Deliberate and serious misuse of cash handling procedures" yet they can not prove that the incident was "deliberate" plus the police proceeded with NFA with rationale behind the decision including No Means Rae So was the sacking lawful in the first place? (Keyword "DELIBERATE")
  2. I hope I'm posting this in right place. I hope some one can give me some advice. I work in a small hotel. I'm the Head Chef. We have 2 other chefs working in the kitchen. One of the chefs is known to be very lazy. Likes to take time off saying he is ill when isn't, spends more time playing on phone than working etc. Earlyer this week on the Tuesday I was working with him and he started going on about how he had just got a new xbox and the new call of duty game that had just come out. He started moaning that his friends were already much higher level than him and that he need to catch up. He had his days off Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning we hear from him and he has apparently been to doctors and been signed off works for 2 weeks due to stress. He is not stressed, he is only 25, is not married and has no children. He has only just come back off holiday a week ago. I'm sure he has lied to Dr to get time off to play his new video game. He has been playing his new call of duty game for nearly 80 hours straight. And is still online playing at 3am. Would some one who is under that much stress that they can't work be able to play videos games non stop. I am really angry, I have young children and my youngest son is very poorly. He has hospital appointments next week and weeks after. I had booked days off for both weeks, over a month ago. So I could look after my other children whilst my wife takes our youngest to hospital. These hospital appointments are very important. And include Nurosurgery appointments and appointments at eye hospital. We have no family to ask for help, and no friends so my wife relies on me to help. A lot of the hospital appointments are over 3 hours away at specialist hospitals, and a lot they require that my youngest son is bought alone, so it's not possible for my wife to take are other children with her. We are going to have to cancel all appointments as I have now got to cover for this other chef and will have no days off next week or the week after. Its so wrong that he gets to sit at home playing stupid video games and still gets paid whilst I'm left having to pick up the pieces covering for him working my self in to the ground and it will effect my children as they will not see me, and expecially my youngest as he won't get to his hospital appointments. I also feel sorry for my boss as she is a old lady in her 80s and I feel he is taking advantage of her, he lies to her and she believes him. I don't like to see him walking all over her, he laughs at her behind her back. She ended up in a simular situation with a different employee many years ago and she did sack them but then end up being sued for apparent unfair dismissal. Although that situation sorted its self out she is afraid to do any thing or sack any one else. Is there any thing I can do about this chef, how can I get my boss to see what he really is like. I have physical evidence to back up my claims that he wanted time off to play call of duty. Is it worth me mentioning to my boss. Surely as Head chef I should have a say in who works in kitchen. I don't want some one lazy, I want some one hard working who I can trust and who is reliable. If my boss will listen what should be her first step to dealing with this so she doesn't end up in same situation as last time. Any advice would be much appreciated If you wondering why I'm awake posting this at 3.50am is because a neighbours parrot escaped and is sitting in a tree out side my window sqauking like crazy so cant sleep. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, I resigned from my part-time job in Sainsbury's on 4th June 2018 for theft of Nectar points on the till, i.e. crediting my Nectar card with £110 worth of points. I was in absolute bits when I was hauled in and questioned over it because it was only then that it hit me, although at the time of course I knew what I was doing. I was a genuine dickhead for doing what I did because he was a decent manager and I abused his trust. At first the store manager wasn't sympathetic and alluded to the fact that police might be involved. However later on because of the dates (I had been working there for more than a year and the first occurrence of this was on 21st May 2018) and because he knew my character and that I really didn't enjoy working there at all we had a chat was very kind and advised me to resign so I wouldn't have to attend the investigatory meetings during my contracted working hours (I also had a holiday booked at that time so it couldn't have been worse timing). My Nectar card (registered with a false name and details) and colleague discount card were also taken. I've gotten back from holiday today to a letter form the DWP stating that I must pay £150 within 14 days to cover 'security costs' (by 25th June), however a breakdown of the sum I am supposed to pay back doesn't detail figures of any sort, simply £ signs, and then underneath this sum they say I'm supposed to pay. in addition it states that it was one incident that occurred on 4th June when I wasn't even in the country let alone still working there, as opposed to when it actually first occurred on 21st May, I used the points on a small number of basic groceries in store which to my understanding is what they could legitimately pursue me for (£12/£13 at stretch), but vast majority of the points were spent on eBay so I'm wondering if it would go that far since my Nectar card was taken. From what I've read so far I'm supposed to ignore the letters however as I was a former employee I don't know what could happen if i don't pay up. Also I would like to know what sort of reference would be given in this instance when applying for jobs (I have a degree and have been applying for jobs for the past year but with no joy). there is nothing stated relating to police charges and fines I haven't received any direct correspondence from Sainsbury's themselves. I'm already out of a job, can't seem to find something that utilises my degree and my parents are always extremely unhelpful and always demanding unreasonable amounts of money for unclear reasons directly and indirectly so paying the fine would put me in an even tighter spot financially. They do not know about this and of course would kick up an almighty fuss if they did, so any advice on what to say in terms of my newfound availability of time would be great. This was a hard lesson learned and although I grew to hate working there, I'm more disappointed in myself for letting down my former boss and the people I worked with (a couple of who contacted me afterwards and said they thought it wasn't a big deal, but I'm still paranoid about it). At no point did I take money from any till and have never done so in any previous job. I have attached a picture of the letter for reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you to CAG and co for what is already available.
  4. All Newbie here. I have an employee who owes 6 PDLs approx. £3.5k he cannot pay. He can only afford about £200 per month. As his employer I am prepared to try to pay off the debts, and then recover it from him from his payroll over a couple of years. But we can't afford £3.5k Will the PDLs negotiate? I haven't yet looked into whether they have leant responsibly, but will they accept settlements of the original loan plus an element of interest? His alternative is probably IVA or bankruptcy. Advice Please Many thanks in advance...
  5. evening all , i am looking for a little advice as to what to do next . i took my car in for its MOT today at my local kwikfit and it passed im happy to say , i was handed my keys and certificate and i went to retrieve my car. i got in started the engine put my seat belt on and released the hand brake after puting it in to reverse and hadnt moved when there was a bang at the back , i looked in my mirror and saw a car going back into a fitting bay . i got out and looked at the back of my car and my bumper is all scuffed and and chunk missing out of it and my tailgate didnt at the corner . the employee had reversed out of bay without stopping and because carpark was full come out at an angle and hit my car . i reported it amediatley to the manager who apologised and that they take full responsability . i told them ok , but what are they going to do aboput it and he said he would get intouch with area manger and my response was i wasnt leaving until he had contacted him and that i had some form of letter stating the responsability and signed , which he did. he also told me that it was the emplyees first time at doing brakes on his own and should have reversed out with caution and the area manager would contact me tomorrow firstly sorry for the long story but i wanted you to get the full picture , my questions are 1. do i contact my insurance 2. do i report it to the police 3. do i wait for them to contact me or go back first thing in the morning thankyou in advance for any assistance anyone can give
  6. Hello, hopefully i am in the right area to ask the question... A ex-employee had stolen nearly £9k from the company and was arrested and charged. He has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. He has assets namely a house, and obviously we want the money back. According to the police, they aren't sure how the judge will play it awarding compensation or it will be a case of a small amount over X amount of years - providing he doesn't go to prison that is. He could I think go bankrupt when it all comes on top and we want to get in first. There are no charging orders on his property at the moment. What we would like to do is issue a civil county court claim against him, and if he doesn't pay ultimately a charging order against his property. He is separated from his ex but the land registry still shows them both as joint owners. Would this be advisable or be thrown out because of the crown court case? We are a small company and has hit us hard - but we will survive. Any advise appreciated thanks guy's.
  7. I am very ashamed, I have been very stupid and don't know what possessed me. I feel sick and scared, can't eat. This is the first time I have ever done any thing like this, it is not me, so I am very ashamed. I'm 50 female and worked part time . Been working there nearly 2 yrs. I was called into an investigation meeting at work ( i work in a large retail chain) and then a few days later a disciplinary meeting. At the first meeting Firstly, I have been accused of buying online from our store with my discount and then returning without making sure the discount had been taken off. This has happen numerous times, I didn't notice the discount hadn't been deducted. Sometimes it is sometimes it isn't. I stupidly assumed that it is the person behind tills responsibility to press the button. (I work there so they know I'm an employee ) but apparently it's my responsibility. I didn't realise they have examples going back a year, mainly in the last few months, I had pointed out a couple of times that they need to press button, when I was just bringing one thing back. Usually I am returning number of items, busy getting sorted to check button is pressed. Secondly, I should return to card paid with but often forget my credit card so use my debit card (also used to have 3 months to return so credit card would have already been paid). Thirdly, I had some items that were past their return date and I got my husband to bring them in to me for return (no one knows my husband) which I nervously did as I knew I shouldn't serve my husband. ( he was not happy doing it) stupidly used my debit card, and used a false name and address. the thing I am most ashamed of, i realised I had returned something to my husband at the reduced price rather than price I paid, got it in my head that I needed the difference ( god knows why) did a suspended transaction so that I could take it to the till at my break, for some reason I had a gift card in my pocket for use with customers I loaded the amount onto the gift card for me! (£20) not even worth it. As I said I don't know why I did it, what possessed me. All so very stupid, but done now so can't change. I said I would pay back what I had got in error as not my intention. in the investigation meeting I explained my reasoning for the first 3 things, said I couldn't remember the final thing - when I was asked about the transaction. I got suspended unsurprisingly. I didn't sleep at all, all I could think was 'that they knew'. I was called back in the next day and asked to clarify a few things including the refund, I broke down and admitted it was for me, and didn't say yesterday as ashamed. I was told they would be in touch. I left and went and got replacement gift card from another shop and in an enveloped dropped it in addressed to investigating manager. I know it doesn't put it right. Few days later I received letter inviting me to disciplinary meeting. I went, I could have taken someone but was too ashamed. Haven't even told my husband about gift card. At the meeting I said how ashamed and sorry I was, how it wasn't my intention to abuse my position. Said I had stress at home, but no excuse. Had already submitted my resignation, (but have to give 2 weeks notice ) He said he had to go through process and ask questions. He wanted factual reasons that I couldn't give , asked if had any mitigating circumstances , i didn't even know what that was. Then he and note taker left room for 30 minutes. I asked several times if I could leave and he said no they had to go through process. When they came back he listed what I was accused of . Then said they would accept my resignation with immediate effect, which I wrote there and then. He ended the meeting. Then said "off the record" - I had said I would repay what taken, if I work out what I owe back, (central protection can go back 18 months) then they may take that into account when/if they contact police. I said I didn't have copy of receipts but I could do what I could - looking at my bank /credit card ins and outs and orders placed. I just want to die at the moment, i have been so stupid. I am so ashamed of my actions . I now can't sleep or eat with fear that the police are going to come knocking at my door. I have spent two days going through my accounts and worked out in the last 8 months that there have been about £550 ( mostly in the last couple of months with sale stuff and handbags ) I haven't a clue about 18 months ago but I've spent more on clothes and shoes and bags lately and there have been a lot of new staff in last few months . I am going to write to them offering a payment of what I have calculated I owe and apologise for my actions . I am so humiliated . I don't know who I can talk to. There's not even a CAB I can call in my area.
  8. hi..need some advice please..my wife has her own business as a trade embalmer..this job entails travelling between funeral directors to embalm the deceased..my wife has a part time embalmer who works 3 hours a day for her in the afternoon..this part time employee also works part time for another trade embalmer and works from 9.00am to 1.00pm...they share this employee because neither employer can offer her full time employment..they have a verbal agreement that this part time employee covers for each embalmer for holidays and sick cover.....last week my wifes father was taken into hospital very ill and given only hours to live and not days, so obviously my wife was by his bedside...this however has turned into a week long vigil at the hospital with other family members by his side..he has surprised all the doctors lasting so long...this has caused a major issue with the other trade embalmer who is not happy because the part time employee is covering all my wifes work and not working for the other embalmer..she is also not happy because she says my wife never contacted her directly but used the part time employee to relay the message...my wife is saying this other trade embalmer is now refusing to let the part time employee cover her for holidays and sick cover.. she can only have her for the 3 hours a day...this is not the original arrangement they came to is this a breach of contract? we can't believe she is doing this to her at such stressful time can she sue for breach of contract
  9. Hello Can anyone one advise me on the termination procedure of an employee? Do i have to put it in writing? How many weeks notice do i have to give? Thanks
  10. Having been a loyal customer over a number of years every time I wanted to hire a car on holiday. When we were needing car hire from Stuttgart Airport to take us down to the Black forest I contacted Rental Cars. Com for a quote. They quoted a price I found acceptable and booked our hire car, this I found was through a supplier called Europcar. When we arrived at their airport rental desk the lady spoke poor English and after between us completing our hire agreement, she drew on a map to direct us to find our car a long walk away across the airport dragging two large cases and two cabin cases. I had requested a Sat Nav which I found still talking to me in German! I managed as it was built in to find a way to switch the language to English and we set off for our booked overnight stay in Stuttgart. After breakfast it was time to head off to our apartment in the black forest, and as we got onto the A8 and started to travel faster I noticed a smell of burning from the boot area but decided as it didn't get any stronger it may be the cat exhaust as I had not driven this make of car before. Fast forward to 2 days later now in the Black Forest this smell appeared again so I decided best to ring and tell Europcar of my smell and concerns of was this car safe to drive. The supplied number rang and was answered by a recorded German message which I didn't understand and after repeating it I was disconnected! So I left it and continued driving on our holiday and the smell again vanished. The day before we were due to leave the smell returned in the evening as I parked up. The following morning I went to the car to load the luggage in and couldn't open it, so this time I searched the internet for another number for Europcar. Rang it got answered and after finding some one who spoke English reported my problem and was told I needed to ring the other number as I was speaking to sales. When I explained he told me he would call them explain and get them to call me by someone that spoke English. They rang told me to remove a plastic handle insert so I could open the car with the key. Luckily I tried to start the engine as it was the battery that was dead, so I was told a local garage would be sent. One hour later this non speaking german man arrived started the car with a machine and passed me a piece of paper saying follow me to garage to check car! When we got to garage the owner appeared saying how you paying please? I told him to call this number which he did after asking us to both get out in the cold, and sitting in the car while he rang, he pushed a number before it disconnected him and he said will call back? After what seemed to be ages standing in the cold his phone rang he spoke in German he got out the car said ok and walked away. So we left and travelled back down the A8 to Stuttgart airport with this smell of burning still. I took a safety risk assessment not to go into a garage to bring the hire car back to full as it was meant to be returned. When we returned the car again I tried to tell the guy there was a fault and not to hire it out again before it had been checked but he didn't understand and just said ok go? I immediately rang Rentalcars.com to tell them of the problem and why i had not refilled the car and to contact Europcar urgently. I was requested to put all this in an email on my return which I did? Fast forward to three weeks later I am given a one day rental refund and told over the phone and confirmed by email that there would be no further charges due and the matter was now closed by Europcar so there would be no need to change my credit card number Europcar had. Three months later Europcar charged my credit card £83 which is for fuel and a penalty charge for returning the car not full as per their contract! After again contacting Rentalcars.com and sending emails too and throw I have never been given that money by either Europcar or Rentalcars.com so needless to say I am no longer a customer and I wanted to share this to warn others as this is a story that couldn't be made up I promise you! Thank You Soundguy:shock:
  11. Hi hope you can help A friend of mine works as a seemstress she is Bulgarian & employs a few members of staff to help her in her busy shop. All her employees work as self employed. In October 2015 she employed a woman who doesnt speak English who lives with her daughter who speaks adequate English. My friend asked this person many times to provide her with her tax & NI number so that she could register her for tax. Cut a long story short she refused to give it to her eventually resulting in my friend refusing to pay her the last months wages until she supplied her with the necessary information required. Apparently this women does not want to give her the necessary information because she lives with her daughter who is getting benefits (housing benefit & child benefits) & these benefits will be reduced if the income is declared. Does anyone have any ideas what to do here
  12. I have drawn a complete blank! It's been so long since I've had to use this part of my brain and I'm not having much luck 1 of our employees who works part time (4 days per week) is going on Mat leave, her last day is 31st March Our annual leave runs from 1 Jan - 31 Dec She wants to know how much holiday she would be entitled to before she goes off Has anyone got a calculator or website I can use please? Thanks
  13. Hi, can anyone offer any advice please? I've been working for this company for over 3 years and disclosed an unspent conviction on my application form, both online and on paper. Earlier this year I had to complete a Disclosure Scotland form and the conviction came back listed. I've had a quick meeting with management but at the time I genuinely thought the conviction had become spent. However, on further investigation, it is still unspent. I've since apologised to managers about my mistake and they said they'd get back to me but have not done so as yet. Does anyone know what the possibilities might be and, if adverse, how I can go about challenging them, please?
  14. Hi, I am an employee on a Zero Hours contract. I work with Mr. X and had to take him to court and won the judgement. The 14 days deadline has passed and he is yet to make payment. I have a question about how to approach the working environment with Mr X who I took to court and was awarded the judgement which hasn't been paid. The case took two years to go to court during which time I had to endure being harassed at work. Before the court case, I sought Mediation to avoid court action and complain about being harassed. The meeting was held by my line Manager at work who chaired an impartial meeting with Mr. X. Following this meeting Mr. X went to H.R. and then another meeting was held and I was advised / warned to only engage in work related discussions with him going forward. The entire Management Team support him (apart from my line Manager who's hands are tied). Therefore I cannot follow the standard grievance procedure in the staff handbook (i.e. speaking to Management first). We still work together and I haven't seen him since the court case but will do tomorrow. He is discussing the case with colleagues at work and stating the 14 days given to pay doesn't matter as long as he pays within 30 days, he can get the CCJ taken off his record as if it never happened. I am concerned that Mr. X may approach me at work regarding the case. Where do I stand legally? I have contacted ACAS and understand about my rights to work in a safe environment (mentally and physically). If he approaches me at work to discuss the case, would I be considered reasonable to advise him to send me a recorded delivery letter for any further discussions regarding payment arrangements? If I have to make the payment to go back to court to make him pay will the Judge see my behaviour as unreasonable and that I am supposed to talk to Mr. X on his terms? Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm hoping all you knowledgable folk on here can offer your assistance . I started a part time job last year. During the interview, I explained that I was looking for part time hours to enable me to pursue a hobby, which I also get paid for, not much but I do it because I love it. I don't claim any credits or anything like that, money isn't everything to me. They were receptive to this and liked hearing about it. They also explained to me that sometimes they may ask that I do some overtime during heavy workload periods, not often, just an hour or so here and there, which I was fine with. I was also told that it is optional, so if I am busy with my hobby then it's not a problem as long as it doesn't interfere with my normal working hours, which it doesn't. But the overtime is constant, not occasional. If they ask me if I can come in an hour early or stay for an extra hour, I will if I don't have plans. Even then, if my own workload takes me over my finish time, I will stay until I've finished to make sure it's done so it doesn't delay other departments. For example, last week they asked if I could come in an hour early, which I did, and I also stayed an hour later without being asked due to my own work, as mentioned above. I should also say that all overtime is paid. However, it seems that the optional aspect may not be entirely true. For example, I was told that I have to stay for an hour longer due to the workload. It was inconvenient and I missed out on earning a few pennies from my hobby that evening due to it, but it didn't matter to them. I have also overheard little comments and tuts from other team members when I'm leaving for the day and they're staying behind, but they haven't been asked to, they're doing it off of their own backs. I don't see how them staying behind is my problem if my workload has been finished and theirs has not. So really, I'm not happy that this overtime doesn't appear to be optional in most circumstances, despite what I was told in the interview and what it says in my contract, and I'm not happy with the other team member's attitude towards me. I realise that I probably can't do much about the latter, it's the most two-faced place I've worked to be honest. Where do I stand? As the overtime is optional then I have every right to turn it down if I'm unable to do it, right? It's really getting me down, I can't make plans anymore and the attitude stinks. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  16. I received a speeding fine , but my ex-employee was driving the vehicle. He was insured as an added driver. The form asks for his driving licence number.I don't have it,and I can't find thex-emplyee. Advice?
  17. Hi Folks - Have been entered for an advanced tree felling course at my place of work , but my employer says if I leave in a certain period - I have to pay back the course . And wants me to sign a document to this effect . Provision and Use of Work Equipments Regs says otherwise I believe and there is nothing about this in my Works contract - yr thoughts ........ Q
  18. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me to quote the right legislation to the Employment Tribunal? I am asking the ET to confirm that I should be administered as an employee rather than self employed. I am paid the same rate per hour as the employees but they get statutory holiday pay and SSP. We all do the same job and report to the same manager. The only difference is the way we are paid. Would there be some claim under the equal pay provisions? I would like the ET to confirm that I am an employee and I would really like backdated holiday pay! Can I claim that and if so can I claim it from the start of my self employment with them? Very many thanks!
  19. Dear All, I made a formal complaint to my housing assoc. about excessive noise made by one of their cleaners (who cleans the communal stairs in the flats where I live, and who I've asked not to make noise before). When I asked the cleaner to stop making such excessive noise, she was rude toward me and I was a bit shaken up about it. When making my complaint to the housing assoc., they suggested that I complain to the police about the cleaner if I thought they'd been aggressive. I declined and said that I thought it was unnecessary to involve the police and that complaining to them was sufficient. Two days later (today) I have been visited by two police officers, who claimed that the cleaner had now said that it was me who had been aggressive ! They advised me that should she be noisy again not to speak to her directly and to contact the housing assoc. I asked if I was being charged with anything, and they said not. I also asked why it was deemed necessary to send the police, when an email from the housing assoc. would have been sufficient?! I feel utterly intimidated by the whole thing, and believe that the housing assoc. are abusing their power and authority. Can I be arrested/prosecuted for this specious complaint? Anyone know what my rights are? Or if there's anything I can do about this? Best wishes, Milly (worried)
  20. Hi, All I have not received my P45 from my employee from over a year ago. I asked again yesterday and they said go through a solicitor and they do not want to talk to me. It states on the HMRC website that your employee must give you your P45 by law. I do not think it is fair to go through a solicitor and pay out money to get it. Is there another option for me to get my P45 because the amount I earned is different from what they submitted to HMRC. They said they paid me a wage that works out almost double my original wage and two payments in month. No money went into my bank account. This situation has made HMRC stop all our tax credits and they have instructed us to get our P45 from our employer, but they will not give it to me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi I have an employee who 11 months ago admitted dishonesty, and was given a final written warning. I now have reason to suspect that he/she has recently stolen money from the company, and whilst I don't have completely watertight proof, there is sufficient evidence to convince me of guilt. Would my suspicion of wrongdoing be enough to dismiss this employee?
  22. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have used this site for good solid advice in the past and thought it was time to give something back. Until last week I worked for Provident and this is an opportunity to ask a former employee anything. I left the company on good terms and am not using this as an excuse to throw mud at my former employer. I will not disclose company secrets and I won't tell you how to get out of paying back a loan that you've taken out. Beyond that I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Oh, and I realise that this might look a little suspicious as I'm new to the forum, if any mods want proof that I am who I say I am, I'll be more than happy to provide it.
  23. So this is an unsual one on behalf of my sisters boyfriend. Recently, he left his job because he found better employment elsewhere. The job he was in required a months notice. He advised his employers on the Thursday that he would be leaving on the Friday-not 4 weeks notice, but his new job started the following Monday, and quite frankly, its a fact of life that sometimes your new job means you cant work your notice. Unfortunate, but sometimes unavoidable. He told the secretary, who advised that the boss would not be happy, and indeed he was not. He told the person in question to "f**k off and leave now). So basically, he was instructed to leave the premesis by the boss, who had taken offence. I think my sisters boyfriend was quite expecting them to refuse to pay him, because he hadnt worked his notice. I also think he was prepared to accept that as the price of getting out of a job he didnt like, as he would be getting paid from his new job and wouldnt be any worse off for that month. However it hasnt worked out like that. The previous employer, who has never been the mostpleasant of employers, has sent him a letter demanding around £1000 for a previous incident. A response was written politely declining to pay this money, and since then a letter has been sent by the companies solicitor giving the person in question 7 days to pay, or else face court action. The issue is however, that the £2000 he is requesting, is related to an incident that happened during his employment that bares some detailed description. Prior to Christmas last year, my sisters boyfriend was using a piece of machinery that caused damage to company property. The company said to their employee that he should pay £600 (30% of the repair costs), and they would pay the rest, rather than going through the companies public liability insurance. The alternative was that the company would claim, and they would charge their employee the £2000 excess fee. Naively perhaps, he agreed to this, because it was just before Christmas and didnt want to rock the boat and possibly lose his job. He undoubtedly felt pressured into this and agreed arguably under duress. However, this strikes me as extremely dubious practice by the employer? Surely they have public liability insurance for precisely these kind of accidents, and surely they cannot justifiably demand their employees pay the excesses of their own insurance claims? Regardless, this is what they did, and the full £2000 is apparently what the former employer is rather vindictively demanding back, seemingly out of nothing but spiteful annoyance that he didnt work his notice. If this was to end up in a small claims court, would it stand up? Would my sisters boyfriend have a reasonable case to counter-claim against the company for pressuring him into paying even the £600 when they should have gone through their public liability insurance? How do you suggest he responds to this? Thanks
  24. Some questions: RLP do make reference to the infamous database of apprehended shoplifters (or attempted shoplifters) which they claim to pass on to employers. This is presumably a scare tactic to frighten those into paying the speculative invoice and thus removing their name from this database. Whilst I know due to the DPA the individual must grant authority for a third party to gain access I wanted to query whether this does in fact happen. I know that in certain professions when applying for a job or even to register with recruitment consultants they will ask/mention they will check your details against certain databases for any criminal/cival convictions, ongoing disputes, bankruptcy and a myriad of other situations. Often the prospective employee will have little choice but to grant access (otherwise arouse greater suspicion) or in some cases its implied in terms and conditions and condition is granted by way of exception. So - how possible is it that the RLP database could be accessed and would in fact harm the individuals prospects. My belief is that RLP are an immoral organisation and I am truly glad these forums exist to arm those caught up in their web with as much defence as possible. However it does need to be clear to the individuals any risks involved - great or small and for now or in their futures - to the "ignore or one-line-denial" approach. Second question - is an apprehended individual obliged to give their name and/or show ID to store security. What would happen if they refused - police called I'm sure - but would that increase risk of criminal proceedings from the store themselves (I doubt). But would the police be required to pass on ID to the store - or has the individual the right to ask the police not to tell the store - unless they formally request to press charges. Thank you all.
  25. Ok hope i can get some advice here as the situation with my wifes employer, just doesn't seem right. Basically she started a job clening rooms in a hotel back in April. She is gets 3.15 per room and is given 30 mins to clean a room, so 6.30 per hour. Now this works out as less than miniumum wage, I know its only a penny but this is what got my alarm bells ringing. She has only committed to work Saturday and Sundays, but has made herself available during the week if she is free. She has been given no contract and no terms and conditions. If there is one complaint about the cleanliness of a room, then that room is deducted from the wage without notification. They are often asked to do things other than clean rooms, but as they a only paid a room rate and not an hourly rate, these extras are unpaid. They have told her she not entitled to any sick or holiday pay, and there is no extra pay for working bank holidays etc. There are other points which i will ask her about, but from what i have written, surely something isn't right? Any help would be appreciated.
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