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  1. Hi all, I received a County Court Claim (Northampton) 4 days ago for a couple of pre-1998 student loans that I'd successfully deferred until 2013 . My account was not in default at the time, but when Erudio took over, I decided to ignore their deferral form because of all the personal info they were demanding, and later because of all the stories I heard about their dodgy practices. long story short, I've never replied to any of their correspondence, but unfortunately I ignored a PAP from Drydens recently, and now I have a County Claim form. My address hasn't changed, but
  2. Following the TSB website issues back in April I wrote a letter requesting to close my Classic Plus Account, this letter was never acknowledged! even providing valid reasons why I want to close the account, in the end I withdrew all funds out and transfered to my main account with another bank, so the TSB balance stands at zero I have made several complaints to TSB online, all i recieve is a bog standard letter every so often saying please bear with us as we are dealing with your complaint one letter from TSB i received had another customers letter included!!
  3. Hey guys, I got issued a parking charge notice in January for parking in a visitor space without a permit in Brighton in a flat block. Was not aware that you needed permit for visitor space to. There was 2 small signs around car park which I barely even noticed as writing was small. My friend who lived in flats above told me to ignore it as there is nothing they can do. So I did. The sign has the Ethical parking ltd name on. Now got a debt collector letter which says they will suggest their client takes me to court. I don't have original parking charge notice
  4. Having been a loyal customer over a number of years every time I wanted to hire a car on holiday. When we were needing car hire from Stuttgart Airport to take us down to the Black forest I contacted Rental Cars. Com for a quote. They quoted a price I found acceptable and booked our hire car, this I found was through a supplier called Europcar. When we arrived at their airport rental desk the lady spoke poor English and after between us completing our hire agreement, she drew on a map to direct us to find our car a long walk away across the airport dragging two large cases and two c
  5. Hi there, I've been fined on the 16/07 with a contravention code 01 (parked in a restricted street during prescibred hours) while unloading my van as I'm a delivery man. On that day when I arrived home I went to the Lambeth Council website and had filled the form to challenge the PCN which was corrected sent as I received an email back with a reference number and saying they would respond within 28 days. Today I received a "Notice to Owner" to pay £130 and my question is, is this normal? I will challenge again this PCN but they should have send me a letter/email with the r
  6. I have about £1400 of student debt from loans I had in 95,96 and 97. I've always been able to defer. Given that Erudio are taking housing benefit, maintenance, etc. into their calculations that takes me over their income threshold. I sent back the old style SLC forms with a letter stating my concerns and requesting clarification over the new form. They ignored the letter and just sent me another copy of their form. My deferrment period is now up and they've since begun to take payments from my account - without any notice of how much and for how long. It
  7. Having received court paperwork from hoist portfolio holding for a old HSBC overdraft And loan all merged into one account. Sent hoist solicitors a CPR request After hearing nothing submitted a holding defence I now have notice of proposed allocation to small claims track Do I need to tick no to small claims track being appropriate as they have failed with CPR request Can only find conflicting information looking online about what to put:boxing:
  8. Wrote a letter of complaint to Lloyds Bank on the 4th February 2016, letter was headed “Formal Complaint” and was sent to Gresham Street. I did not send by recorded delivery but did obtain proof of posting, I have had no response whatever. What should be my next step. Many thanks
  9. Several months ago I received a court summons for Joe Smith, my name is Yux Smith — apart from the name, everything else is correct. I wrongfully ignored this summons and have since moved from this address. Could I face any repercussions for acting this way?
  10. Like it says. I won't go into detail and I won't enter into any further correpondence but, because of the reception I got for suggestions of sound advice and places where more specialist support could be found - and the debacle in that particular thread that has been unfolding since - I no longer wish to be associated in any way with CAG forums. I dare say the quality of support is, in general, excellent but I have had enough of the hostility here for my positive contribution on the subject I hold close. Interestingly, I now note there have been historically other people here,
  11. Bought a sofa which has a very strong chemical smell which is affecting my health after 2 months and I put in a section 75 claim but Santander are dragging their feet!! I told them that I'll get a couple of written reports from upholsterers but they won't accept that!! What to do next please
  12. If you search about this online you'll find a lot of interesting things but nothing really that clarifies it 100%. Some people claim they have been successful getting prime credit cards etc with defaults over 3 years old while others say it's simply not true. I've read that "most lenders perform what is known as a 3yr search so if you're clean for the last 3yrs it will go unnoticed totally, if you had missed payments or something bad they would perform a full 6yr search and see it" The reason I am interested is because I have a default that will be 3 years old in a few weeks an
  13. Hi all, A few weeks back I received a PCN from CP Plus for overstaying my welcome at the Moto Dinnington Services. I appealed their decision via a rather lengthy letter that I sent to them via recorded delivery a couple of weeks back (can't remember the exact date without logging onto my computer at work and finding the serial number). I know they received it as it was signed for. This morning I received a 'Legal Action Pending' notice asking for £140 with no mention of my appeal! Why have they ignored it and what are my next steps to sort this out? Is this grounds for can
  14. Guys I need some advice please. Myself and a female friend went down to London for 9th March to paint at jam called Femme Fierce. We purchased tickets that included a tshirt and a goodie bag for £11.25. When the jam was finished we weren’t given the tshirts or bags as apparently “there wasn’t enough time to hand them out” even though everyone was standing about. After two months, we’ve still not received our tshirts or a refund, despite being promised they would be posted out within a week and we’re being properly ignored by the organiser. Basically most of the writers and ar
  15. Hi, I have received various letters over the last couple of years, very sparingly, regarding a barclaycard debt. I started by calling them and telling them I've never had one, they would go away, months would pass then the letters would start again, this was with Marlin Capital Europe. On one of the calls I said this was quite simple to resolve, prove it, send me the agreement that I signed, knowing that they couldn't, thought this would end it. They sent me an A4 sheet of paper with one line of text and a Dollar figure right at the top of the pap
  16. My professional body has written today to say they no longer support me. I an self employed. This is because in December I challenged many ways where I believed they were no adhering to their code of behaviour. The result of their ban means I cannot get letters of support needed to be able to carry out my work. They have applied these sanctions without advising me as to why and offering me a right to appeal. The Chair of Trustees also went behind my back to ask others whether I was mentally ill or not. Any thoughts on how to move forward. They have refused to answer e-mails for the past three
  17. Hi , We have been issued with a window ticket in a free car park of an entertainment complex with lots of restaurant's etc as we where ," observed leaving site". We did leave for 30 minutes on arrival but returned to visit the arcades . I am wondering do we appeal now or do we wait until they make contact with us. I have read several posts on here, but still not sure of the correct protocol for this . The husband is out taking a photo of the signage now to see if that will aid our appeal. Also if someone watched us walk away, would
  18. This is getting ridiculous now: I am partially sighted, have a hearing impairment, have Autism and a serious brain condition. I currently live in my parents house, which has 5 steps to the house and we live on a main road. It has been decided that I am in the lowest band and need a house with maximum of 3 steps. I have stated on my application that my parents house has 5 steps to the entrance and due to my disabilities, (my balance is affected) it's becoming difficult to get in and out of the house safely. My disabilities mean that I have no depth perception. The edge of the steps
  19. An old debt, now owned by Marlin, resurfaced earlier this year. They issued a claim in May. I wasn't sure I remembered it at first (it was an old HSBC account) and the information suggested it was over the 6 years anyway. I put in a defence to this effect and they sent me information to confirm the debt was still active. I ignored this and they did nothing more within the 28 days they are allowed. Subsequently, they applied for the stay to be lifted and defence struck out, which was transferred to my local court and I put in an admission and requested tim
  20. Hi I need some help please my (friend's) wife and her husband have a debt from an old business associate (long story) - long and short of it they now have a high court writ for just over £24k. I have been to the court twice to get it set aside 1) they are both on income based JSA 2) medical grounds / vulnerability - both of which were rejected as the claimant should be given the opportunity to get the money back by way of the sheriffs so the writ still stands. I spoke to CAB and stepchange and both have agreed that bankruptcy is the way forward (although
  21. Morning all, I sent off a CCA Request to NatWest around mid-March that was signed for at their Birmingham office on 17/03/2014 - that request included the £1 statutory fee in the form of a postal order. I have kept the tracking number for this item and have the surname of the signatory. I have since received notification that my debt has been passed on to a company called APEX, who were actually surprisingly helpful when I rang them. They've advised me to get back in touch with NatWest and in the mean time they will ensure they don't bombard me with calls and letters
  22. Hi, I am new on here and hope you good people can help please. I received the fine due to not displaying a new permit at my place of work. The old one had expired and was out of date by 3 or 4 weeks. We used to get notification at the same time every year to remind staff of permit expiry but this no longer happens. At the time of expiry, due to illness, I was not able to drive my car to work anyway and travelled by public transport for a couple of weeks. When i returned to work in the car, I had no idea that my permit was out of date. The parking company ha
  23. Hi I am hoping someone may be able to give me some advice on a Parking Charge Notice I have received from Civil Enforcement Ltd. I had watched the Watchdog programme a long while ago that said to ignore these if you receive them. I then received the second letter that says about Section 4 and that the owner of the car is liable for the charge. Having now read through the forums I can see that I should have raised a appeal through POPLA, but there has been too much time since the first letter arrive. Can I carry on ignoring these letters?
  24. Hi all New to the forums here. Back in march this year I parked my motorbike in the Cardiff NCP car park overnight without purchasing a ticket, and came back the next day with a penalty charge notice on my wind shield. Now when I got to the car park originally, I hopped off my bike, read through every sign that they had up, looked around for an attendant and there was none - even at the office. I was looking for any sort of information on parking motorbikes (they had no designated bike area) but there was none. Being anal about it I called them on the 0845 customer services
  25. Hello I sent Vanquis a SAR from a template on here on19th September 2012 by recorded delivery giving them 40 days to reply.. I hadn't heard anything by 8th November so sent a failure to respond letter threatening court action by recorded delivery on 8th nov asking for a response within 7 days . (Also from a template on here) It is now 21st November and i have not heard a peep out of them. What happens now? Many thanks Hayley
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