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Found 3 results

  1. Like it says. I won't go into detail and I won't enter into any further correpondence but, because of the reception I got for suggestions of sound advice and places where more specialist support could be found - and the debacle in that particular thread that has been unfolding since - I no longer wish to be associated in any way with CAG forums. I dare say the quality of support is, in general, excellent but I have had enough of the hostility here for my positive contribution on the subject I hold close. Interestingly, I now note there have been historically other people here, in a similar situation while pursuing a similar topic, who have been subject to the same treatment and have felt the need to react similarly, all of which which only serves to highlight the questions I have over the reliability and impartiality of advice given on this site. I have requested my membership be deleted on two occasions via the "contact us" facility in my profile but have not even had an acknowledgement, hence the ironic and unfortunate need to make this request, to an organisation championing a Consumer Rights, publically via their own consumer rights forum. Can a mod please action? Good bye Thudd
  2. Hi, I hope someone could advise me on what course of action to take with my problem with Vodafone. I have tried to provide as much detail as I can so apologies if it is long winded. I took out a 30 day rolling contract for a Vodafone internet dongle in March 2008, monthly payments were via Direct Debit. In June 2011, I flew overseas due to a family emergency. Unfortunately I lost the modem while I was there, called Vodafone Customer Services (UK) immediately on 08/06/2011. After the requisite security checks, I requested the person who took my call to block the modem immediately and terminate the contract with the understanding that the Direct Debit would stop automatically when the account was closed and any outstanding dues (including that for the 30 day notice period) were paid. This was confirmed to me during the course of the telephone call. (I also held a mobile phone contract with Vodafone at the time which ended in mid-2012, all dues settled.) I was recently declined a mortgage, incurring charges of over £1,000. When I investigated the matter further, I noted on the CallCredit and Equifax websites that my credit rating was adversely affected as the account was shown as being in default for an outstanding payment of £58 since March 2012. This came as a complete shock to me, as far as I was concerned the account had been cancelled on 08/06/2011 and all dues settled. On 18/03/2015, I contacted online Customer Support Line to address the matter. The person I communicated with simply told me that the account was in default for £58.54, and that it had been “cancelled on 26/09/2011 by collection agency due to non-payment.” and my details had been passed over to a debt collection agency. He gave me their contact number. I was told that although there was a record of my call to report the lost device, there was no entry of any instruction to cancel/close down the account. He also told me that cancellation requests needed to be sent in writing – something I was not advised of at the time when I gave a verbal instruction to cancel the contract when I spoke to Vodafone. (In any case, I would expect that a verbal instruction should suffice given the security questions that are asked at the beginning of every call to validate caller details and establish caller identity). Letters had been sent out to my address regarding the payments that were in default, but I have never received any such letters to date. I can also confirm that I never received any communication (mobile, e-mail or post) from anyone from Vodafone or the collection agency regarding this. I phoned the debt collectors on 18/03/2015 and provided all my details, including the account number, address, and date of birth etc. and a summary of the issue. They were unable to track down any records relating to my problem/account on their system and confirmed they had no record of a referral for debt collection purposes. They advised me to get back in touch with Vodafone to recheck the details. I contacted Vodafone Customer Services again on 19/03/2015 and spoke to another person, who again told me that the account was in default for £58.54, and that I needed to make the payment, while trying to circumvent the issue of the lack of communication from Vodafone and the resulting damages to my credit and finances. After a long discussion lasting for over 40 minutes (during which time I was put on hold repeatedly) she provided me with an e-mail address ([email protected]) to contact Vodafone's Quality Assurance Department. I sent out the email with all the details above, but after nearly 3 weeks had not received any response. So I followed up with yet another call to Vodafone, only to be told by the person that no such email address existed. As advised, on 22/04/2015, I sent out a letter to Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN. This time, I received a phone call from one of the Customer Relations team (28/04/2015), assuring me that they would erase the error on my file and notify the credit agencies about the error (as I had requested in my email and letters to them). He also gave me a timeframe of 14 days, and said he would be in touch with updates. I never received a call update. A further attempt at contacting Customer Relations was stonewalled by the person on the chat line saying that there is no contact number to reach Customer Relations. I requested that a message be passed on to the CR person to call me back, but I have still not heard anything. On reviewing my statements, despite me cancelling my account in 2011 Vodafone continued to deduct payments from my account on a monthly basis until November 2011 (£20 in August, £40 in September, £61 in October and £58 in November.) Review of the terms and conditions of the “pay monthly” contract arrangements, it states as follows: “6. Losing your mobile equipment: If your SIM or mobile equipment is lost or stolen, you must tell us as soon as possible so we can stop someone else using it. You're responsible for all charges up until the time you report it missing to us. You must also continue to pay all the plan charges for the minimum period.” Based on this, I was liable to pay line rental and data charges only up to 8th June 2011, and plan charges of £20 up to July 2011 (30 day contract, 1 month notice period). These payments have been made. The other charges of £20+£40+£61+£58 (=£179) mentioned earlier have been applied incorrectly and should be refunded. I am really at a loss as to where to go from here as Vodafone is obviously ignoring me and not making any effort to resolve the issue. From what I have read online, I realise I am not alone in this. I am preparing letters to send out to the Financial Ombudsman and ICO offices, but I would really appreciate any advice I can get if there is any other option I can pursue to get the matter rectified and errors taken off my credit profile.
  3. Do the site team think that the issues of the last day or so are fixed? Please advise if not and when you hope they will be so we don't all keep whinging about it and adding posts with "helpful" advice.
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