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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, my name is Vanessa. Can please anyone give me some guidance regarding this problem that I'm going through? Please see the full story below: Last year I went to London and parked my car. I didn't have any change with me, so used the application "Pay by Phone" to pay for the whole morning car park. 12£. When I got back to the car, I had a penalty notice on the windscreen. I came home and I was sure that I had paid for it, so I appealed for it online. I thought this "paybyphone" app was something new and that the officer maybe didn't check my car plate online. I asked if you could please check their online records because I did pay for it. I'd a reply from Lambeth council saying that there was nothing on their online records and so they were rejecting my appeal. I should then wait for a formal appeal, the Notice to Owner. I checked my online records and realised that unfortunately I made a mistake on one letter of my plate, that's why they couldn't find it online. Instead of an "A", I put an "S" which is exactly the letter next to the A. My screen is broken and with the light from the sun, I didn't realise my mistake until I saw the receipt. I was waiting the notice to the owner, but I never got it. Instead, I received a letter from the Bailiffs saying that I owe them nearly 800£. I couldn't believe...I read a lot online and phoned the Traffic Enforcement Court and was advised to fill in TE7 and TE9. First thing they asked me was my address and I realised that they had my old address in their records. I filled in the TE7 and TE9, send it to the TEC and they send that to Lambeth Council. The court told me that the Bailiffs would be put on hold while the process was being investigated. I received a letter from Lambeth Council rejecting my TE7 and TE9. They said that I reply to them the first time, by writting, when I was appealing informally. After that, my address was requested to the DVLA and several notices were sent to my address and I never replied to any... Unfortunately when I moved I forgot to change my address, so obviously all the letters went to the wrong address. I phoned Lambeth Council and asked if they keep a record of the letters that were sent to me. The confirmed it. I asked to see a copy of the Notice to the Owner that was sent but the Council said "you have no right to see the letters, we send them to you once and that's it. You appealed to the Court, we as a Council also have the right to appeal against it. We have to wait for the judge to decide"... This weekend I've got a call from the Bailiffs asking me why I haven't paid yet. I told them that I filled in all the forms to the court and that I was told that the Bailiffs would be on hold. The Bailiff told me that they had no notification and that I have until Wednesday to pay everything... She also said that not changing my address with the DVLA was an offence and so I had to pay for the full bill. This started with a simple mistake made in one letter of the car plate when paying the car parking and it got so wrong and completely out of control with Bailiffs requesting me nearly 800£ to pay within days. I'm sorry is such a long text. I am so lost and stressed and I don't know where to go from here... Any suggestions or anyone that has been through the same situation please? Many thanks, Vanessa
  2. Hi there, I've been fined on the 16/07 with a contravention code 01 (parked in a restricted street during prescibred hours) while unloading my van as I'm a delivery man. On that day when I arrived home I went to the Lambeth Council website and had filled the form to challenge the PCN which was corrected sent as I received an email back with a reference number and saying they would respond within 28 days. Today I received a "Notice to Owner" to pay £130 and my question is, is this normal? I will challenge again this PCN but they should have send me a letter/email with the result of my 1st challenge right? Should I mention on this challenge that my first challenge wasn't considered and if I lose I shouldn't be paying £130 as the first PCN had just £60 to pay. Grateful for your attention TB
  3. Dear all, I came here recently with help regarding a parking fine and bailiff issue with Southwark. Everyone here was so helpful and it was a great success. Thanks a lot everyone! This time I have another problem with Lambeth. Similar in duration (Original PCN was from 22/05/14). The original NTO I appealed last year and then never heard back from them until recently (09/15) when I received an OFR out of the blue demanding £202 (£130 for the original NTO + £95 for the CC + £7 Court registration fee). I filed a witness statement stating that I appealed the original NTO, but never received a reply. The WS was accepted and the NTO and CC were ordered to be revoked. The original PCN was obviously not cancelled so I waited for Lambeth to send a new NTO, which they did on the 09/10/15. The new NTO gives the wrong time of contravention. Instead of 12:34 (controlled times between 12:00-14:00) it says 00:34. I then sent the same appeal I sent them last year PLUS the additional comment about the wrong time (ie 00:34 is outside controlled hours etc.) via recorded mail and received a rejection notice on the 20/11/15 (pretty speedy response- only 5 days after my appeal). The rejection notice is just the usual patronising, generic letter, not addressing any of my points (see my appeal below and their rejection attached). The rejection notice had an appeal form enclosed to give me the opportunity to appeal their decision to an adjudicator within 28 days after receipt of their RN. It's only been 21 days so far and today I received a new Charge Certificate from the LA dated 08/12/15, so they ignored my statutory right of 28 days to appeal their decision to the adjudicator and drafted and posted their new CC only 18 days(!!) after their rejection notice. Apart from my original appeal, which had only a weak (but reason enough?) argument of me having a grace period of 20min loading/unloading, which I didn't exceed, am I right in assuming that their mistakes from this year (wrong time on NTO, sending of CC after 18days instead of 28) is enough material to present to the adjudicator and getting approval? As always, any help would be really appreciated.
  4. I'm asking for advice on behalf of a friend who has received a PCN in lovely, loony Lambeth. He only has 4 days to deal with this at the discounted rate. I have lots of pics to post but my post count is too low! Aaaarrrggghh!
  5. Hey guys, just hoping for some advice. I received a parking ticket for being in residents permit holders. I had displayed a one day visitors parking permit but had stupidly put the number plate of my old car in the license plate section. I wrote to the council saying that fair play should be considered as clearly an attempt to comply was made but a stupid error occurred, they have written back saying that I haven't made grounds for cancellation of the PCN. Do I have a leg to stand on here with regard to contract law, this is clearly a case of them extorting me for the money with no good will added. Would love to hear some feedback and advice, thanks so much in advance. Best regards Marc
  6. Hi Everyone, I got issued a PCN in March around 19:40 hours in Waterloo i was parked somewhere i have parked for years and have never previously received a parking ticket. On this occasion i came back to my car to find a PCN on my car basically Lambeth Council worked out lets try to make some money. Anyway the location on the ticket is wrong as i was parked somewhere that had no road sign's, street name or restrictions like a side loading road or something not sure really what to call it. It is very wide with a drop curb for vehicles to go up and park and as i stated i have been parking there for years. Anyway Lambeth have still until this day rejected my claims of appeal and now want to send me a notice to driver even after i explained to them that i was parked in the Lambeth borough that night but not at the location on the ticket! I then sent a letter back stating to show me proof of me being parked on Waterloo road and that will be the end of it. I then sent in the appeal of "the contravention did not occur" on the basis of the location being wrong but they are still rejecting it and said i should now wait the notice to driver. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? If so what happened? Thanks Rockyuk
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