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  1. I didn't send a payment as the template i found here stated something along the lines of 'as per your updated t&c's i have not sent payment as you state this is now not required.' However, surprise surprise today i received a letter in response to my chaser letter dated 21st november advising they did not receive my original request, and asking for a fee of £10. So i am guessing this is required and will send promptly. I sent both letters recorded, and cannot find the receipt for the original one, which is typical!! However it looks as though they are listening now so hopefully i
  2. Hello I sent Vanquis a SAR from a template on here on19th September 2012 by recorded delivery giving them 40 days to reply.. I hadn't heard anything by 8th November so sent a failure to respond letter threatening court action by recorded delivery on 8th nov asking for a response within 7 days . (Also from a template on here) It is now 21st November and i have not heard a peep out of them. What happens now? Many thanks Hayley
  3. Good afternoon I have a bit of a situation going on with Npower currently. I switched to them for electricity after a sales person coming round and pressuring me into it. My payments were £50 to start off with which was about right for my 1 bedroom flat (I live on my own). However over time the payments were going up and up until i was paying £70 a month. Unfortunately last year i became ill and had to leave my job. There was a period of a few months where i could not afford to pay them anything so i built up a bit of a debt. Then i set up a payment plan wi
  4. When i took out my Vanquis card i was in full time employment and i do vaguely remember the advisor talking about the repayment option plan so i don't really have an issue with this. What i have an issue with is in July last year i was diagnosed with a chronic illness and as such had to leave my job. Since then i have been on benefits. When i became unemployed, i wrote to vanquis outlining my situation and asking to go on a repayment plan to which they agreed to at around £7 a month. However, i have been paying this regularly by standing order, but i am shocked to log into my online
  5. Also i have their 'repayment option plan' on my account which is showing on my online statements... is this not designed to freeze interest when you are in financial difficulty??
  6. Thank you, i will do. better still i may just change my number, see how they like that!!
  7. Hello Well to cut a long story short i took out a Vanquis card around 18 months ago whilst i was in full time employment, to build up my credit history as i was 23 and hadn't previously had any history. Unfortunately last year i was diagnosed with a chronic illness and had to leave my job, since then i have had to live on ESA benefits for my poor health. I advised Vanquis of this straight away and last year i set up a payment plan with them. However even though i am paying this every 2 weeks by standing order they are still adding charges and interest on top, and constantly calling m
  8. Thanks for your reply sillygirl1 i will definitely use one of these options then asmilecostsnothing - The charges are for 'rolling it over' but they happily ignored my emails/letters from back in december and just kept adding the roll over charge and interest on. They are leeches and happy to ignore you but as soon as you are late paying it's 3/4 calls a day and numerous texts. I think it's because i mentined i a 'leaving the country in april' - only to visit loved ones but they don't know that!!!!!!!!!! Why aren't cheques a good idea? I'll go down the standing order or tranfer route.
  9. Hello Thanks for your reply. So what option do you think i should take out of the above? I will definitely be complaining!!
  10. Hello, To cut a long story short i was forced to leave my job on medical grounds last year, at which time i had an o/s loan of £250 with payday express which i had been rollling over for months paying £50 a time. In November i emailed advising of my situation and asked them to consider a repayment plan. I received a message advising they needed proof of illness, benefits, bank statements etc. I sent these but my countless emails got ignored, plus my letter sent by recorded delivery. I just kept getting the same automated message asking for the info again, so was going round in circl
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