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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there! I know this thread is old https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?468641-Gemini-Parking-Solutions-PCN-Queen-Elizabeth-Olympic-Park-On-a-motorbike&p=5153731#post5153731 but yesterday I got a parking ticket by Gemini on my motorbike for parking exactly at the same spot than you did. I am curious to know what happened and what I should do. Thanks!
  2. Hi. This has become a talking point between me and my biker mates. Why are we asked to pay pillion insurance? My full bike licence entitles me to carry a pillion, and I do not need an insurance company's further permission. Car drivers are not asked to pay for passenger insurance. Several of us have asked our insurance companies, normally at renewal, what this is for. Answers range from "It's illegal to carry a pillion if they aren't insured seperately" to "It's so we can represent the pillion if they are injured." The first is obviously wrong, the second raises so many
  3. Hi folks. Much the same as many people here I suspect, my first post is about a Parking Charge Notice I received. I'm aware this isn't a penalty charge notice. I have read many different stories about Gemini but I believe mine is a little unique. I and my motorbike (yes, my motorbike) received a Parking Charge Notice, stuck onto my petrol tank at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Date/Time - 11/08/16 16:50 The Issue reason is "Parking in a No Parking area". I have not appealed yet. All excuses aside - those being that I was attending a job interview and could
  4. Hi I know there are lots of articles on here and other sites about this with conflicting information, and the laws have changed a bit in the last year but I was hoping for some help for where I stand. Just moved into new flat and parked my Motorbike on some empty ground opposite so as not to use up any of the residents minimal street parking spaces. This morning I came out to find a Contractural Breach Charge on my seat (not stuck on). I looked around and EPM have put some signs up on the back wall but with no lighting and I couldn't see them when I got there last night. There are no ba
  5. I sold a motorbike on Ebay yesterday, the buyer messaged me and asked for the Reg Number and Chassis Number which is fair enough as he wanted to do a HPI check before arranging collection. He messaged me earlier to say thanks for those details and the search has requested the following: V5 registration document serial no and V5 registration document issue date. I wanted to check that he actually needs this information and why that information is requested before giving it out to him. Just making sure it's genuine info that's required as when I've done them in the past I've
  6. Won a motorbike off Ebay on 30th May, paid via bank transfer the next day as Paypal doesn't offer protection on motor vehicles. Was described as fully working, just had an MOT. Got a courier to pick it up and deliver it, received it yesterday, wouldn't start, had to buy a battery charger, discovered battery is knackered so will need to be replace, there may be other issues but hopefully not. Where do I stand on this with it not being as described? Can I make the seller reinburse any repairs I have to pay for? Or if I really wanted to could I return it? Thank you.
  7. Hello everybody, I'm writing to ask you what you think I could do in this situation. I apologise in advance for the long post, but it's a very long story with many details so I thank you for your patience in reading this. 1 months ago I bought a motorbike from an official Peugeot dealer, that was the beginning of the nightmare. 1) the bike arrived several weeks later, there were always delays and I had to chase them because they did not inform me 2) once the bike arrived, the wrong number plate was put on - I was asked by the dealer 2-3 days later to take it back for num
  8. Back in September 2013 i recieved keys to a new flat 1 month before i actually moved in. 2 Days after getting the key (17.09.13) the contractors working for my landlord managed to knock my motorbike over off its side stand, whilst trying to access the bins. I didn't know for sure at the time that it was them that knocked it over. I was getting the bike ready that day for long ride to visit family for a weeks holiday. So i had to ride the bike damaged. The landlord sent me a text the following week confirming it was his contractors that did cause the damage. i suspected the damage
  9. Hi all New to the forums here. Back in march this year I parked my motorbike in the Cardiff NCP car park overnight without purchasing a ticket, and came back the next day with a penalty charge notice on my wind shield. Now when I got to the car park originally, I hopped off my bike, read through every sign that they had up, looked around for an attendant and there was none - even at the office. I was looking for any sort of information on parking motorbikes (they had no designated bike area) but there was none. Being anal about it I called them on the 0845 customer services
  10. My son, rather stupidly, allowed his friend to ride his motorbike and he was involved in an accident with a car. My son was devastated, the bike was his pride and joy. The police were called and his friend is likely to be prosecuted. The bike, which was in my husbands name, has been repaired and sold to a colleague who is fully aware of what happened. Today my husband has received a letter from Privilege Motor Claims saying their customer has reported the incident to them and given them my husband's details. They have been in contact with his insurance company and
  11. Hi guys, First post here. I found the forum while on google. I don't have any paperwork infront of me so I will just give you the basic outline of my story minus all the road traffic act BS etc. My motorbike was up for sale, so I put a full MOT and 12 months TAX on to help sell it. It didn't sell and it just sat in my shed. A few months went by and I got a demand from the DVLA as my bike was no longer insured. I had to insure it or sorn it. I could return the tax disc for a refund. Failure to do so would end up with penalty or court. Being disorganized, I had lost the new tax di
  12. Hey. I recently crashed into a car as it pulled out from a side street without seeing me. Long story short, my insurance company have requested a copy of my CBT certificate which i have provided, however the date on my insurance says i passed 10 days before i actually did on my certificate. My insurance was purchased in March and the CBT dates refer to January, so i had a CBT cert when i applied for insurance and i was wondering if this could affect my claim. Also on my documentation i state i have a provisional license, (which is true) however right next to that box on the docu
  13. A few weeks back i needed a mot and rear pad change. Whilst doing the pads the guy said the head race bearings needed replacing and there was no steering stop so that needed to be done to pass. he recommended a local garage to do the work. Took in on a Thursday and was told 2-3 hours for front and rear brakes, steering race and stop. Off i went to sit in catford and wait. 3 hours later i call and am told there is a delay for the steering stop and will be another 2 hours. I wait 3 hours and then getting wound up i walk back to the garage. I ask if its finished and am told they are j
  14. Hi all, First time poster here. Looks like a great site, so hoping I can get some advice on here. Here goes..(!) I've been a driver for a few years and just bought myself a scooter for commuting to work. Got loads of quotes online and chose Bennetts motorbike insurance, which was expensive at £185 Third Party fire and theft, because of a previous claim on my car insurance, but just about the cheapest I could find online. Everything went through fine and I received all the documents. A few days later, I get a letter from Bennetts saying they'd been notified by their underwrit
  15. Hi, I received a parking ticket from UKPC Ltd in High Wycombe Retail Park for parking out of the marked bays on my motorbike. I ignored them at first because I've heard that the private parking tickets are a con. I then received another letter saying that it had gone up to £90. I work away from home sometimes so when i get back to check my mail the 14 days they'd given me would have been up by the time i come back between jobs. On returning home this week I have received another letter this time from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd, saying outstanding amount is £150 and i have to pay
  16. I received a conditional offer of fixed penalty notice in May 2012 - 76mph in a 60 limit. The registration was for my motorbike (which has a private plate). I completed the Section 172 decleration as the owner, but pointed out that I didnt believe I was on the road that day (13th May) and asked for copy of the photographic evidence. I then received two photographs showing a BMW motorbike, but no picture of the registration plate. I responded reiterating that after reviewing the information that I cannot recall being on the road that day (Sunday) but that I did however travel on the road t
  17. Hi Hoping I am in the right forum here. My motorbike was stolen and then due to fingerprints and blood being found on the parts left behind when they dropped it, 3 youths were taken to court. Unfortunately on the day, the prosecutor told me that police had not correctly marked up the fingerprint evidence and no statement had been put in with the blood evidence, the judge would not allow a delay and threw the case out of court - which leaves me well out of pocket even with insurance! Is there anything at all I can do to try and claim some money back - I know even if it hadn't been thrown out o
  18. Hi, I've got a notice for £80, which is the second notice. I wasn't aware of the ticket - possibly someone took it off the bike. Is it possible to anything with it? Send them a letter, that I've never received the first one and ask them for opportunity to pay the first notice? It was a bike parking in West End, I was about 10 minutes outside the hours for free parking. Thank you in advance, JJ
  19. My husband bought a motorbike from a website. It's a Chinese import and is brand new. He paid the deposit and it was imported and built for him. It was delivered today and he checked it over and paid the remaining balance. But once he'd signed for it he was given some paperwork and then told he'd have to register it himself, and pay duty to the DVLA - which he was not told about. We're looked all over the website and it says nothing about this anywhere. At no point did the guy he was dealing with mention that he would have to register the bike himself in order to get a reg plate and insure
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