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  1. Thats the problem. If they know it's me. Remember I've only been known or registered with anything previously as Joe Smith. Like Martin requested, I'll check for an arrest warrant on Yux Smith tomorrow.
  2. Well (good assumptions) yes I was caught out & couldn't afford to pay the amount at the time. The name Joe Smith (fake name), which I commonly use with anything that doesn't require a legal prove of identity, is what was provided (instead of Yux Smith) when the inspector demanded the details. Several months forward, a summons notice was mailed (to Joe Smith) which was never replied to, though I've moved from that address & have never used the name Yux Smith for anything such as electrol entries, billing, insurance or payments, for any previous current or p
  3. Hi Martin, I would highly doubt this, but to be vigorous, I'll definitely check and update you on the status of this possibility tomorrow.
  4. Hi Martin, No, it wasn't fraud related. Actually it was a minor offense relating to transport. For example, from TFL or DVLA
  5. Hi Martin, it was a financial matter (with a large company) which carried a criminal conviction, in Essex — as stated on the court summons.
  6. Hi Martin, thanks for your help. Unfortunately the creditscore checking methods weren't able to find nor identify me using my legal name. But for those of you who are still seeking further information regarding this matter, I'll update this thread once I've completed a DBS check.s
  7. Well I wish I could but I don't own any sort of debit/credit cards (for now). The only name I've ever used is Joe Smith. whereas my legal name is Yux Smith.
  8. I'm glad to hear this. I guess I thought Joe Smith is more than likely would have been convicted, and it may have been corrected to Yux Smith by some other form of authority for example during a DBS check
  9. Several months ago I received a court summons for Joe Smith, my name is Yux Smith — apart from the name, everything else is correct. I wrongfully ignored this summons and have since moved from this address. Could I face any repercussions for acting this way?
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