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  1. At the time I was unloading some goods and my van was stopped in a double yellow line and I appealed saying that it is allowed when those cases happen. I still mentioned that no observation time was made on the PCN left on my wind screen as they say now that the CEO has recorded that the vehicle was observed for 5 minutes and 09 seconds and no loading/unloading activity was observed nor was the driver seen. (for real?) It has been refused as well on the basis that I should had to provided a job sheet with date/time/location... which I didn't In the end and because I didn't get any reply from them and had escalated automatically to £130 they have made a gesture of goodwill to offer me again the £65 to pay. Can anyone tell me if its worth it to appeal on ETA? Do I have some chances on this one?
  2. Hi there, I've been fined on the 16/07 with a contravention code 01 (parked in a restricted street during prescibred hours) while unloading my van as I'm a delivery man. On that day when I arrived home I went to the Lambeth Council website and had filled the form to challenge the PCN which was corrected sent as I received an email back with a reference number and saying they would respond within 28 days. Today I received a "Notice to Owner" to pay £130 and my question is, is this normal? I will challenge again this PCN but they should have send me a letter/email with the result of my 1st challenge right? Should I mention on this challenge that my first challenge wasn't considered and if I lose I shouldn't be paying £130 as the first PCN had just £60 to pay. Grateful for your attention TB
  3. thanks mate ...I will wait for the "notice to owner" and I might keep in touch with you.
  4. Unfortunately I think I have nothing much to say regarding this one :S
  5. Hi guys, anyone can help me? There's an exemption for unloading/loading as Vehicles may only park adjacent to a dropped footway to load/unload for a maximum of 20 minutes, providing that the loading/unloading activity could not reasonably be carried out elsewhere which was the case and the CEO did not add obs time on the PCN notice
  6. Hi guys (again), I hope somebody can help with this. I've just got a parking ticket from Wandsworth Council (again) for being "parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to a dropped footway, cycle track or verge lowered to meet the level of the carriageway". At that moment I was doing a big removal (Ashvale Rd, SW17) and as you can see from the photos there was no chance to park my van anywhere on that road so I parked right on the kerb (it was the only place to do it). I don't feel really confident with this one but just wanted to hear what do you have to say about this. Does anybody have any suggestions for the grounds for appeal? Many Thanks Tiago
  7. Thank you guys I'm really pleased with all your help My first victory from so many PCN's
  8. Sorry to be a pain guys ;\ I've received the "Notice to Owner" should I make my representations in writing as Jamberson said? or online it will be alright? As Jamberson said I will mention that on the first letter they said "...is prohibited from 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm Monday to Saturday." but as they can see from the photos uploaded from the CEO the signage says "7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm Monday to Friday" so the restrictions are not in force as the photos prove as I was unloading on Saturday and as Ford said there's no end/start markings so they are contradicting themselves. Should I ask for more evidence? I think its a bit clear lol
  9. Thanks Jamberson! I will challenge it to the PATAS. So I assume if I don't pay within 14 days I will receive the notice to challenge it? What should I do now?
  10. I've just received the letter from the Council and I disagree as they're assuming the signal was "no loading from Mon - Sat" which clearly it's not
  11. Thanks guys! I will challenge the PCN and update here the result Have a happy new year
  12. Exactly! I don't know how can I prove I was unloading at the time but I will challenge saying that no observation time was made, which is insufficient for the CEO to ascertain whether loading/unloading is taking place plus at the time I was unloading goods to the property on Saturday and the signage on that place doesn't forbid me to unloading/loading on that day.
  13. At the time I was unloading he was passing by and he wrote me the ticket straight away so I suppose he thought I couldn't unload until 10am on Saturday. I came back today to the street I've been fined and I've noticed both signs are now the same. I took a picture from the sign I thought it was different and apparently they put a sticker over saying "Mon-Fri" Assuming that the CEO forgot to take picture of this sign I reckon I can challenge this one as it's not prohibited to unloading/loading on Saturday
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