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  1. So I asked Lowell solicitors for a SAR they responded with a copy of all the letters as follows January beg letter to current address January letter of claim to current address February beg letter to OLD ADDRESS February letter of claim to old address March claim form to old address March notice of claim issue old address March notice of pending ccj old address April a ccj has been issued letter old address May ccj arrears old address June ccj arrears old address October (THE FOLLOWING YEAR)notice of ccj arrears CURRENT ADDRESS. So they started off the process
  2. Original creditor said October 2012 So I will go with that now?
  3. Have received paperwork from the court It Is ordered that 1 hearing listed for this Friday be vacated 2 judgement entered herein last year to be set aside and registration removed 3.defendant is directed to file and serve a fully particularised defence supported by documentary evidence With in 14 days 4 directions questionnaires to be dispensed with and the matter be allocated to the small claims track 5 therebe no order as to costs. I contacted Lowell to find some more information of the claim and account They told me who the original creditor was and a
  4. Having not hear a thing from low life or the court ,rang court today they have confirmed hearing not going ahead this Friday Would seam everything is in place for this to be set aside. A fairly easy process so far hopefully that will be the end of this one Cca requests going in once they reply to sar A few defaulted accounts to settle depending on coca No cca will be a low offer for full and final and marked as satisfied on credit file
  5. When my partner sent off the forms for set aside she was able to claim help with court fees as on low income so it's not cost anything to get it this far. Have not heard anything back as yet will still be attending court at end of month unless the court notify otherwise. This must of cost Lowell with the last court claim hopefully they will waste more money in a few months with a new claim
  6. Paperwork has been sent back for them to go ahead with setting this aside Obviously if had received paperwork if defended it or had the opportunity to pay it saving credit file. Put paperwork into court stating that it was sent to old address Never had a chance to defend it or pay Along with the fee requesting it be delt without a hearing. There was no default showing on credit file so fairly sure it is/was statue barred when claim went in. Lowell had been writing to new address. Ccj registered at old address so perhaps they can see their mistake? Will subject ac
  7. Last payment would be early 2012 Never set eyes on the claim form so cant do a defence Only defence is sent to old address for set aside. I expect I will have a few reduced settlement offer letters soon Once get conformation from court I won't be giving Lowell any information unless court paperwork
  8. So If a new claim was sent it would be statue barred? As over 6 years since last payment?
  9. Having looked at partners credit file Lowell got A default ccj last year Paperwork sent to old address moved out just over 6 years ago. Forms filled for set aside hearing date end of this month. Lowell have e-mailed today We refer to the above matter and in particular your application to set the judgment aside which has been listed for hearing on ## november 2018. Upon consideration,our client is proposing to consent to the judgement been set aside and has instructed us to prepare the attached draft consent order for your consideration.we should be grateful if you could sign
  10. The letter did state If you wish to discuss any aspect of this matter please contact our clients collection agents Robinson way on ....who will be happy to discuss this with you. So I rang them the guy on the phone did say congratulations you won this one the balance is zero. I have got every letter received from them over the years.
  11. Had another letter from Howard and Cohen Letting me know thatbthe claim has been discontinued and their client has now permantly closed my account and non further action is required on my part. I won this one lol
  12. Thanks I'm on with the ICO And the ombudsmen as well The bill relates for a so called disconnection fee of a property that I sold and moved out of in 2012 I have British gas deadlock letter and will quote the exact wording that I found very interesting. Ready? Here is is ..........just to confirm,contrary to the information that you've provided from the information commissioner's office,british gas did not break any laws or regulations by placing the marker on your credit file almost three years after you'd moved out. All this for there so called disconnection fee of £
  13. Have recently checked my credit file I have a default from British gas for £69 recorded at old address on 06/06/2015. I moved out of that address in September 2012! British gas were claiming at the time £69 disconnection fee for moving house so I paid them for energy usage and left it at that. Surely they default should of been recorded with in 6 months as 3 years is very wrong. If it was recorded correctly it would of or very soon drop off. I have gone through the complaints procedure with British gas and they claim the default is recorded correctly but they d
  14. Good to see you still here doing a great job I've not been around for a few years now. They annoyed me a little don't think any harm done but should do things the cag way will ignore them and put more effort in being about a little more. Many thanks
  15. Yes you are right time to chill a little and ignore them They got me on a bad day
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