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Found 27 results

  1. Hello all I wondered if someone could help me out. I have been instructed by the ET to provide the Respondent with a Schedule of Loss or specifically "set out in writing to the Respondent what the Tribunal is being asked to award, inc. evidence and how it is calculated" so that sounds like a Schedule of Loss to me? (Pls correct me if I'm wrong) The claim is only for a deliberate deduction of 2 days' wages so for the month in question I received my normal salary minus 2 days. The claim is that I am entitled to the 2 days. There is no other claim. So I need some advice re: preparing the SoL. Can I break this down into a Basic and Compensatory award or does this breakdown only apply to unfair dismissal cases? If it does apply here too, what would be a reasonable Compensatory award in this instance or what could I use as a guide? Can I claim interest from the day of the deduction until the day of the ET hearing and if so, does this have to be at 8%? Would I be entitled to claim for anything else such as an uplift for failure to follow ACAS guidelines? (Since I made a formal complaint and the Respondent did not conduct the process as prescribed by its own policy or ACAS guidance) Thanks for reading
  2. I have no legal rep apart from my union rep who really does not seem to be helping at all. I received confirmation of a tribunal hearing date and three deadlines to supply information to the respondent. One was the 6th just past which asked me to explain my losses which i did......but that was not correct. It wasnt until i delved deeper i learned that i had to submit a schedule of loss. Now i filled this in with what i believed to be my losses, but my previous emplyers legal team have said that this was not correct as it does not contain any information on steps taken to reduce my loss (including any earnings or benefits received from new employment) now when i was dissmised (firstly simply because "it was not working out" and then when i challeneged this it was changed to gross misconduct) i was unempoyed for three months before i took my new job, i wasnt aware that that could be a loss. Please please can someone assist me on how to complete properly a schedule of loss...... ..their team have also said that my original email could not be accepted as the heading was "without prejudice" this was there because i simply replied to their email and that was in the heading. Now i sent this on the 6th and they have only responded to me today and said they may now not be able to meet the next deadline of the 10th because of this. Do you think it would be possible for me to ask them to grant a day extension to cover this. Hopefully someone can help as this is really stressing me and i have no legal knowledge.
  3. I have about £1400 of student debt from loans I had in 95,96 and 97. I've always been able to defer. Given that Erudio are taking housing benefit, maintenance, etc. into their calculations that takes me over their income threshold. I sent back the old style SLC forms with a letter stating my concerns and requesting clarification over the new form. They ignored the letter and just sent me another copy of their form. My deferrment period is now up and they've since begun to take payments from my account - without any notice of how much and for how long. It appears they've worked out that I need to repay them back over the year and have taken about £110 this month. From what I'd read about repayments I was expecting repayments to be related to a 60 month period. What will happen if I cancel my direct debit? My credit report has only just got out of the red and I don't want them to ruin my credit rating again. Can they really take my housing benefit etc into consideration in their calculation of eligibility for repayments? I'm currently not working so I have no earned income. I always understood that to be eligible for repayments I had to be earning a wage in excess of £20k In the past when I was working part time I never earned enough to have to pay my student loan off. Even so, following a divorce settlement I paid over £3000 of it off when I didn't have to. So I feel really gutted now that I appear to be being forced to repay money to a DCA. I'd like to just cancel my direct debit and just forget about them. Is that possible?
  4. Hello good people I hope this is the right thread to post this query... I need assistance as to how to go about filing an appeal against the ET judgment i lost for ''unlawful dismissal''... ..This is an NHS matter ..the judge was bias. ..her written judgement even shows her helping the other side to clarify their case.. My question is... . in a situation where it can be easily be shown and proven that the accusations which led my suspension and later dismissal was NOT properly investigated ..can a judge still get away with using points of law like (Post Office v Foley and also HSBC v Madden (Iceland Frozen Foods v Jones BHS v Burchell case, As reasons for ruling against me?.. .I was under suspension for 6 months and virtually NO investigations was carried out. ..for exp..the main Charge nurse who leveled the accusation which led to my suspension was not questioned. .in fact she refused to give further statements. ..persons whom i identified as being involved in the situation were not questioned for 4months. ..it was only AFTER the appeal which was 7 months later that statements were sought from these people. ...and one of them claimed he was in Australia when i saw on FB that he still living in the UK... . I brought these facts up throughout the whole process ... and even in court and judge noted this. ..my Solicitor didn't really do much... there is so much more i can go into. .but this ET judge's decision and reasoning is the most ridiculous i have ever read... I was fired under capability rule... I dont know how to make heads or tails on this matter as it has been going on for a year. ..i do not want to waste money on consulting a barrister if i am going to get screwed around like my current solicitor did... thank you.. This is my first time on here and i will clarify if need be for anyone who can help.. .I am at a loss and i am willing to take this case far as i can.. .as i did nothing wrong ..i was ganged up on an bullied on the job. .then set up... I am from America and i am not familiar with UK employment laws... If need be.. .i can email the Judges decisions to anyone who wants to read..
  5. Hi, I am in the midst of a complex Employment Tribunal. A bit of background: - I am claiming discrimination - Failure to make reasonable adjustments and Discrimination arising from disability - I am self representing - I originally submitted my ET1 with a 'headlines' version of allegations (to fit in the box) - I was asked to expand on my allegations by the Judge at my CMD. I did this and the resulting ET1 clarification is 15 pages long - The Respondent has now conceded that I am disabled The Respondent has asked for a Scott schedule to be drafted, with explanation of which PCPs were applied to me and how they substantially disadvantaged me. I have agreed to do this. My query is : Given the amount of detail that has already been lodged in my ET1, how detailed does the Scott schedule need to be? Do I need to go into detail about how each PCP affected me, and why, or do I keep it brief? I assume that the ET1 is still looked at and is not superseded by the Scott schedule. Is that correct? Thank you for any thoughts.
  6. My husband has a disciplinary meeting next week. Another worker claims he was rude/bullying. Since her complaint, her boss has claimed she witnessed a similar incident "about 6 months ago" but didn't do any thing about it at the time. He has received their statements, however, they have not taken a statement from his colleague who was there nor have they requested CCTV of either incident. They are saying it could be classed as Gross Misconduct but he has not been suspended. Can they use a statement from someone with no evidence other than her recollection of something approx 6 months ago that was not reported at the time? Should they have asked for a statement from the other person there? Can my husband ask for this to be done before the meeting?
  7. Much has been spoken of this. I have not (yet) done any detailed analysis but the ball needs to start rolling. So I 'kick off' with these two (extremely) cursory observations:- 1) 104 (2) means that the Act bites for parking tickets viz:- “judgment debt” means either of the following— (a) a sum which is payable under a judgment or order enforceable by the High Court or a county court; (b) a sum which, by virtue of an enactment, is recoverable as if it were payable under a judgment or order of the High Court or of a county court (including a sum which is so recoverable because a court so orders); Specifically the "as if it were payable" part of (b). I am assuming that we are all familiar with the "as if" nature of the regulations around the TEC and CPE enforcement. and (on the assumption that Schedule 12 does bite) 2) Schedule 12 51 51 (1) A purchaser of controlled goods acquires good title, with two exceptions. (2) The exceptions apply only if the goods are not the debtor's at the time of sale. So, paradoxically the EA's do not want Schedule 12 to apply to hire purchase vehicles taken for CPE debts. Of course there are many amendments to this portmanteau Act that I have not (yet) read. There is also much case law on this subject, how much of that that still applies is open to question of course. Anyway, the ball is rolling
  8. Is there a way of stopping or challenging this from being renewed at the end of its 5 years (before the actual debt is cleared)? Original debt: Nationwide Overdraft back in 2004 of £3500 Nationwide refused to deal with Christians Against Poverty who were sorting out a repayment schedule at the time and as soon as they were involved took me to court. They had been phoning me in the evenings to try and get me to repay the overdraft and had offered if I could pay the overdraft of £2000 - they would waive the £1500 over that but I was pregnant at the time and about to come off on maternity leave soon and did not have that amount of money available to me then. The guy I was speaking said that in that case they would take me to court and take my house away from me. Decree was granted in April 2005 and Order of inhibition on any property I own after that. Was renewed on expiry in 2010 and due again to expire in May. Have £1900 left of balance. Have not received any statement of the account since the decree in 2005, so have no idea of interest and charges that have occurred or how much I have actually paid back. First was passed to Morton Fraser solicitors and now with Aberdein Considine. I have tried to put in a claim for unfair fees and charges that were added to the account - the overdraft was £2000 and the fees and charges the rest. Morton Fraser said I was not allowed to contact Nationwide Building Society to do this. Never got a reason why they would not look at the fees and charges - on the one hand Nationwide were saying to contact Morton Fraser with a settlement offer and they would consider it through them but Morton Fraser said they received no such instruction from Nationwide - so just kept going round in circles. This was a few years ago and I had too many other things going on in my life to fight with them about who said what so just left it. However, I want this inhibition removed so I can move on with my life. I could possibly just about manage to settle the debt before May, but it would be a struggle (we are a family of 7 so every penny counts). I do still have some other outstanding debts that I still am paying that defaulted at the same time. Any advice on how to go about this one?
  9. Hi there, I need help composing a Scott Schedule structured in the following manner: 1. Allegation 2. Date of said act/s, 3. Descriptions 4. Person/s performing said act/s, 5. Type of complaint/s, 6. Response from respondent. I'm really stuck how to go about this. I've looked on the internet but cannot find any complete ones to work and adapt from and get hints. Any advice &/or links regards to what the respondent & tribunal may be looking for? It's regarding a disability and unfair dismissal claim. I'm self representing and so it's all new stuff to me. I want to frame it in 'legal' jargon Many thanks for your support,
  10. I have lodge a cse at the tribunal and have hearing coming up in two weeks. My employer discriminated at me sexually. They are willing to settle out of tribunal and Acas has ask me to provide them a schedule of loss. I am totally clueless how to go about this and what sort of compensation to seek. Can some1 advice me please.
  11. If a DCA offers a small monthly repayment on a relatively large credit card debt ( previously defaulted ) is there any way of making this legally watertight so that they ( nor any future debt purchaser ) can ever ask for more than the agreed monthly amount ( assuming the schedule is adhered to ) ?
  12. Hope you can help, I was served with a schedule of inhibition after l was given a time to pay order with RBS. The debt was in my name, however l am now married. We have a joint mortgage.(which l had before my debt) We are now looking to sell our house and buy a new one but will need to borrow another 20K, which we can afford. In fact my husband could afford it himself, without considering my income. We have lots of equity in our house. So, l am wondering, will his credit rating be ruined because of me? Is there a high chance we wont be allowed more money, even though he could afford it by himself. Could he take out a new mortgage in just his name? In hope, HH
  13. Ive came home to the above. Luckily its been sent to my older employer for arrestment so maybe it buys me more time. In December an arrangement was made but when I went to pay online my installment it failed without my knowledge. If on friday I pay the missing payment and this months amount will the cancel the arrestment going ahead? I will call them tommorow. Im just worried sick tonight as this will ruin me. They already know im in rent arrears.
  14. Hi I am looking for some advice on a schedule of inhibition which I received on my property 17th October 2008 for an outstanding debt of £2978 owed to a nationwide credit card, I have just ignored this since it was issued and have since moved out of the property, my ex partner still resides in the property and pays the mortgage which I presume I am still on as I have not heard any different, my ex and I are not on speaking terms and I would now like to cut all ties with this property if possible and get bought out of my share in the property but I'm not sure if this inhibition still stands as I was told that after 5 years it gets wiped out but how true this information was I don't know. I was also told by a friend that if my ex partner has had no contact with me regarding the flat after so many years he will now have sole ownership, we both placed a £10000 deposit each for the property and I would like that back and I am happy to lose out on half the value of the property when I left in 2008 and stopped contributing to the mortgage, I have a lot of debt from around 2005_2008 but have know idea of finding out exactly how much and to whom, what can anyone advise I should do now to sort my mess out, it might also be of interest to know that I live in Scotland and so is the property in Scotland. I hope iv explained this clearly but can go in to more detail of needed.
  15. Hello. I have come to this forum as a result of already having gleaned a lot of useful information from other posts on this website. I am seeking advice from anyone who is or has had trouble with Sherrif Officers due to unpaid parking fines. Before I ask for specific adice though, I will provide a background to the situation. My girlfriend (Sue), or rather her address, is getting targetted by Sherrif's Officers working under the jurisdiction of Perth Sherrif court (Scots Law). They are chasing after her ex-boyfriend (Tom) for an unpaid parking ticket and have served an 'Attachment Schedule', threatening to uplift a vehicle, which is now owned and mainly driven by Sue. Although Tom still has contact with my gf, he is obvioulsy no longer with her and the car in which he incurred the parking ticket, was passed onto Sue quite some time ago. The story behind who the registered keeper is, who the owner is, and who insures the car, is convoluted, but: Tom was the owner, and the driver of vehicle when ticket was issued. Sue has been the owner of the vehicle for some 8-9 months. Tom is still the main insurer of the vehicle, with Sue as named driver (for Sue to insure herself it would cost twice as much). The vehicle was registered in Tom's name until (surprise/surprise, oh what a coincidence) just a few days before the 'Attachment Schedule' when his mother became the registered keeper of the car. Tom has never permanently lived at Sue's address, but somehow these (Edit) have tracked the car down to her home. The first visit of the Sherrif officers, was dealt with by Sue. They issued her with the 'Attachment Schedule' addressed to Tom, threatening to uplift the car if the fines + add-on expense are not paid. She relies on the car for everything (lives in the countryside) and in typical female fashion, feels so intimidated by the Sherrif officer's authority, that she is wanting to pay the fine plus all additional costs, some 350 GBP by now! I am of course absolutely shocked and disgusted by this prospect and know for a fact that since the vehicle does not belong to Tom, there is no way that the Sherrif's men have the right to do this. Tom was contacted, and he duly got his mother to write a letter, countersigned by him, stating that the vehicle (very recently registered in her name even though she dont even drive), is her property and that any attempt to uplift the vehicle would be unlawful....property, 9/10ths of the law n all that. Yesterday however, i answered Sue's front door to greet a couple of the Sherrif's men. My personal policy when dealing with these people is to give them absolutley no information whatsoever. This is what I done yesterday in addition to being pretty rude towards them (the least I could do). They clearly believed that I was Tom, and served me with another brown envelope with 'Tom' written on the front of it. I refused the envelope and threw it back in thier faces. I found it this morning laying sodden wet next to Sue's front door. I am therefore wondering if anyone could fill me in on what the correct moves to make here would be. My instinct tells me not to open the envelope to find out what the Sherrif Officers next move is. So could anyone tell me what this would likely be? If my girlfriend has already told the Sherrif's officers that Tom does not live with her, and Tom's mother has sent them a letter stating that she owns the vehicle, could the Sherrif's mens persistence in visiting Sue's address and issuing bits of paper to people who do notlive there, not be construed as 'Harassment'? I know that according to the written letter of the law, that the Sherrif's men have no right to uplift Sue's car. But I also have zero faith in Scottish justice and suspect that they may well go ahead and do this. Could anyone suggest any measures, which in the event that the Sherrif's men did unlawfully execute the Attachment Schedule, would provide a very strong case for the owner and the registered keeper of the car in the subsequent civil court case? THX.
  16. Hi All, Am just preparing my schedule of loss for my unfair dismissal tribunal and have a quick question. Under future and pasts lost I have been advised to put my pension losses. Would this be the amount I would have paid into my pension should I not have dismissed? ie) dismissed MARCH Tribunal JULY pension would be my contributions between March and July. (That is only an example and not the correct dates btw) Ignore the bold above. Have realised that I am on a final salary scheme and that the calculation is very complex. I will most probs phone the pension team and ask for help. If anyone has a guide to calculating it would be helpful.
  17. Hi, this is the first time I have posted on here so please be gentle with me! My partner is going to tribunal against RM and has a date set for early next year. He had a case management discussion 2 weeks ago and has been ordered to do a schedule of loss by 22nd October. We have drafted one (below) and just wanted someone to cast an eye over it and see if its correct? He is claiming for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination on the grounds of Section 47c Employment Act (treated detrimentally on grounds of paternity). The bits we are uncertain about are - Do we need to claim for statutory payment for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, or just sex discrimination? Do we claim interest on compensatory award only for both unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, or the whole thing? Any other advice?!?!? would be gratefully received! UNFAIR DISMISSAL BASIC AWARD EffectiveDate of Termination (EDT) X Ageat EDT X Numberof years service at EDT 5 Statutoryweek’s pay £372.10 5weeks x £372.10 £1’860.50 COMPENSATORYAWARD PAST LOSSES Netpay: £322.35 per week Amountof time Mr. X had no income, between statutory paternity pay period(X), to proposed career break start date (X): 5 weeks. 5x £322.35 £1’611.75 FUTURE LOSSES Noclaim for future losses submitted, as Mr. X is not available for workuntil X and it is reasonable to expect that he may have gainedemployment during this period, even when taking his reference into account. LOSS OFSTATUTORY RIGHTS Mr.X will have to work two years to regain protection from unfairdismissal and it is submitted it would be appropriate to award £500 to reflecthis loss of statutory rights. £500 TOTAL COMPENSATORY AWARD £2’111.75 Upliftfor failure to follow the Acas code TheClaimant argues that an increase of 25% should be made to the compensatoryaward for the Respondent's failure to follow the Acas Code of Practice. TheRespondent did not deal with the Claimants Grievance about the allegedprocedural errors which occurred during the Respondents investigation into theallegation against the Claimant. Total increase £527.94 TOTALCOMPENSATORY AWARD £2639.69 SEXDISCRIMINATION BASIC AWARD EffectiveDate of Termination (EDT) X Ageat EDT X Numberof years service at EDT 5 Statutoryweek’s pay £372.10 5weeks x £372.10 £1’860.50 COMPENSATORYAWARD PAST LOSSES Netpay: £322.35 per week Amountof time X had no income, between statutory paternity pay period(end date X), to proposed career break start date (X): 5 weeks. 5x £322.35 £1’611.75 FUTURE LOSSES Noclaim for future losses submitted, as X is not available for workuntil X, and it is reasonable to expect that he may have gainedemployment during this period, even when taking his reference into account. INJURY TOFEELINGS Theclaimant alleges that a discriminatory act of a less serious nature, which ledto the termination of his employment, took place. Although the alleged act wasnot of a serious nature, it had a large impact on X, causing him toX. £6’000 TOTALCOMPENSATORY AWARD £7’611.75 Upliftfor failure to follow the Acas code TheClaimant argues that an increase of 25% should be made to the compensatoryaward for the Respondent's failure to follow the Acas Code of Practice. TheRespondent did not deal with the Claimants Grievance about the allegedprocedural errors which occurred during the Respondents investigation into theallegation against the Claimant. TOTALINCREASE £1’902.94 TOTALCOMPENSATORY AWARD INCLUDING INCREASE £9’514.69
  18. HI, Quick question regarding Schedule 4 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2012/9/schedule/4/enacted Section 9 i) states the following (i)specify the date on which the notice is sent (where it is sent by post) or given (in any other case). Given Schedule 4 is for 'recovery of unpaid parking charges' I assume its for correspondence after the initial ticket? I received a ticket for parking in a disabled spot without a blue badge at a local retail park. I ignored the ticket and the first letter where they provided a picture of my car in said spot. The next letter I received from Debt Recovery Plus did not have a date stamp on it, despite asking for funds 14 days of the date of this letter. Still have letter. Is everything now null and void as they didnt adhere to Schedule 4 procedures? I have since received a Note of Intended Litigation from DRP and more recently a 'Notice of Debt Recovery Assignment' from Zenith, who are now offering a reduced fee or £80 if paid within 14 days. ha On another note are they allowed to try and claim £150 if the original ticket was £80 given... Paragraph 4, Point 5 of Schedule 4 states The maximum sum which may be recovered from the keeper by virtue of the right conferred by this paragraph is the amount specified in the notice to keeper under paragraph 8(2)© or (d) or, as the case may be, 9(2)(d) (less any payments towards the unpaid parking charges which are received after the time so specified). Thanks!
  19. Just putting together one and am self represented so wondered, as was dismissed for alleged GM, can I ask for future losses for 26 or 52 weeks? Some advisors seem to state 52 but 26 seems to be what's rewarded?
  20. Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I did search the forum but couldn't find I have sumitted an ET against my current employer which has ended up including direct sex discrimination, indirect sex discrimination, breach of contract, and most recently, victimisation. At the case management discussion the judge asked for me to make a scott schedule, and gave the column headings. I'm fine with most of it (eg 'date of incident', 'nature of incident' etc), and the judge did explain it to me at the CMD (I am unrepresented). However, when I received the notes from the tribunal, it asks for an extra column that the judge didn't mention at the time (or I would have questioned it) called "jurisdiction". So - what does this mean? What am I supposed to put in this column?
  21. I have been asked to update my Schedule of Loss as I am due to start a new job very soon. for Judicial mediation. The new job is for far less money and on a fixed term basis, so I will have to start looking again in a year's time. How far into the future can I claim for loss of earnings?
  22. Hi there, I have a number of Tribunal Orders coming up over the next few weeks but this one has proved to be the most difficult to work out. Does anyone know how to calculate the schedule of loss for an ET - my case is harrassment due to disability? As always, thanks for your time. Jon
  23. Hi, I need some advise regarding the employment contract. I have a potential job opportunity with a company in which I can work from home for them. I would be their employee hence on their pay system, but I would be only working 2 - 3 hours per week. I do not want them to pay me for 2-3 hours/week or 8-12 hours/month. I would rather get paid when I have exceeded like 36 hours or so that can take up to 3 months. My question is: Is there any legal pay schedule set by the government that an employer has to stick to it or depending upon the contract the pay day can be after 3 months or 6 months etc. I would ask the company but I thought I would ask at the forum first to know what sort of answer I can get from the company. Best Regards
  24. Hi there I have submitted a Schedule of Loss however Respondent has stated that it is "deficient" due to the fact that I have not entered amounts and instead have entered "to be assessed". This is because I have no knowledge of how to calculate a schedule. My claim is a disability discrim claim (currently 25 separate acts of discrimination) I am still employed however currently on sickness absence purely due to work related depression and aggravated M.E/ CFS symptoms as a result of harassment/victimisation etc. I am on half pay and my salary is due to end next month as I will have been on sick for 12 months and will therefore be on zero pay. Hearing is listed for 22nd July (10 days). Lots of documentary evidence of discriminatory acts and also fraud/corruption and more recently perverting the course of justice (submitting forged docs as evidence and destruction of original scoring docs) The following are what I have stated on my schedule : Loss of salary due to work related injury; Net loss from 19th October 2012 to 22nd July 2013: £to be assessed interest @ 7% Injury to feelings/Injury to health In line with the DaBelle guidelines £to be assessed Injury to health (psychiatric/psychological/physical) £ to be assessed Aggravated damages £ to be assessed interest @ 7 £to be assessed My questions are: 1) Should I be claiming for future losses for a lengthy period of time or should I stick to up to the date of the hearing ? Whilst I am still employed, It is very unlikely that I am going to be fit for work for a very long time, if ever. 2) If so, should I also claim for loss of pension ? 3) Can I provide 2 separate schedules i.e. one as an alternative? There is a possibility that I may not be employed soon either due to the Respondent dismissing me for capability or if I am forced to resign therefore it is impossibe to submit an accurate schedule due to the many variables which may occur in the near future. 4) Can the Respondent force me to provide figures instead of "to be assessed" I am aware that compensation is uncapped in disability discrim cases therefore how can I possibly be expected to provide any figures? Hence I have stated "to be assessed" as in assessed by the Tribunal. Both parties have agreed to enter into Judicial Mediation which will probably take place around November. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks very much in advance
  25. Hi, I have an ET for a couple of things, including an equal pay claim (I still to this day do not earn what my predecessor did), and some contractual maternity pay that they refused to pay (not acknowledging TUPE). I need to do a schedule of loss, and have a few questions, hope someone can help! Are there any special rules about format? I was going to use Excel with totals at the top and then all the calculations etc below. With the equal pay claim, my predecessor received a company car and fully expensed fuel card. How do I work out the financial value of this? Obviously the equivalent car allowance award (£6300) is not enough, in my view, because if you take in to account maintenance, tax, insurance etc then the car is worth much more than the allowance. And fuel is obviously variable so again how do I put a figure on that? My calculations will include 2.5 years of a significantly lower salary - can I include overtime and pension contributions (matched by employer) within that? EG by calculating the difference - what they would have been if I had been earning the higher salary. My ET is (mostly) for sexual discrimination (as well as some breach of contract), and I have subsequently filed another ET for victimisation, which is to be heard at the same time. As the claim is, in part, for sexual discrimination, I understand I could possibly be awarded more than just costs - there could be damages on top. Do I put damages in my schedule of loss? If so how do I calculate this? I don't really understand how that side of it works at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and I'm not represented, I have a friend who is a self-employed HR consultant who has given me a hand with things, but no legal representation. I cannot afford legal help, but do not qualify for legal aid.
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