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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I got a PCN from CPS Midlands Ltd, I looked and they are not registered with the BPA (British Parking Association) and they also not registered with the IPC (International Parking Committee). I checked through their members today (17th of July 2018). I paid £2 initially for parking and got a machine error and the machine did not accept any more change. And it does not accept cards either. I then paid £5 and got my parking ticket which I displayed on my dashboard. There were two machines at their premises with the same tariff sign next to each. One of their machines were inaccessible as it was fenced off by a building company, hence I used their other machine. I wrote a complaint to them by signed for post, but they wrote back to me requesting my full details including full name, phone, and e-mail. I believe I do not owe them anything and I believe they are trying to scare me into paying. This was an interesting read: www parkingcowboys . co . uk / independent-parking-committee, how they can even allow a non-independent investigation (IPC). I read on other forums, I read that IPC does not seem to be a fair association, rejecting all appeals, hence probably they don't want to be transparent www knowyourparkingrights org / News / faq The following link is also interesting www appealaparkingticket . co . uk / cps-midlands-ltd. But in my case, I am not only totally innocent but I overpaid their parking fees by 40% due to their machine error and this company charged £25 for help so they are not for me. If anyone knows more about "manage parking on private land knowyourparkingrights . org / News / faq If anyone knows what I am entitled to obtain from CPS Midland Ldt legally and what legal phrases to use to finally get them off my back, please help. Thanks. Newmosses seem to have a good success rate. Best K
  2. Dear All, I need some advice for my wife. We have had a terrible postal problem; after reporting our postman for an incident over a year ago some of our mail seems to simply go missing - I wonder why? My wife received last august a witness statement for a court date for speeding and failure to provide - we had received no NIP, no reminder and no summons. We contacted the ticket office and explained about our post, and they agreed to fine her and give her 3 points for the speeding, but drop the offence under 172. Later on in 2016 a neighbour brought round a summons for, wait for it, failure to provide and speeding. We initially thought that this was for the ticket earlier on in the year but realised it was a separate incident at exactly the same GATSO! This time, we hadn't received the NIP or reminder, and the Summons clearly addressed to us at No 14 was delivered to no.29 round the corner, and the lady asked around and found out we lived at 14 and brought it round. Guilty of the speeding or not, my wife couldn't keep accepting points and a fine like this, so we decided to plead not guilty and to explain to the magistrates. We have had a letter drafted and signed by our neighbours confirming the above, and have had Royal Mail conduct an investigation into our mail not being delivered. The investigation is ongoing, but they have found no wrong doing at this moment in time. However, what they have said is that the Courts use proof of posting only, whereby bulk mail is signed for by the postal service as collected and therefore "posted". But they have also stated proof of posting IS NOT PROOF OF DELIVERY to the recipient, and that the recipient has NO CONTRACT with Royal Mail, their customer is the Court in this case and it really should be them that complains if their mail that they have PAID FOR is not delivered. They have looked at our complaint only on the basis that several items of our mail have gone missing over time and that there may be an issue. So we were going to go to Court and to state that the NIP etc was not delivered within the 14 days allowed, arguing that the post is the Court's responsibility, therefore both charges should be struck out. I know that there be many cases whereby someone simply states they didn't receive the NIP, and that the Court "get around this" with their proof of posting as is taken as papers are deemed served, end of. But surely if there is a genuine doubt if the NIP has not been delivered then this should be listened to? Whats thrown me today is that the CPS have written to us (again similar to last time) offering that the charge under 172 be dropped if we change the speeding offence to that of guilty and accept points and a fine? Really don't know what to tell my wife to do? Suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. I parked in West Quay Retail park today 16/10/14 at 11:10. as I intended to shop at Maplin that is situated at this place. I parked right under the sign where the parking regulations where stated tho I couldnt read the small print as the sign is about 12 feet high and i wear varifocal glasses meaning i have to look through the bottom of them to read small text and I could not bend my neck far enough back to do this because of the height of the sign. in large print it clearly states 1 hour maximum stay with no return within 2 hours. I walked out of the car park at the back looking for a cash point and and then around the front into maplin, left to do more shopping in the town as I was well within the 1 hour, on returning to my car at 11:45 i had been issued a ticket with a time of 11:33 with reason for issue being Driver/passengers observed leaving site! The issuer was as I noticed the ticket issuing a ticket to another car, I informed him i had shopped at Maplin and showed him proof. he refused to cancel the ticket and actually informed me he knows of other issuers that have been sacked for such actions. I had misplaced my receipt from Maplin so went back to see if I could have a copy but purchased another item STILL WITHIN my 1 hour and returned to my car. At this point the issuer returned to me saying he had phoned his boss and I was instructed to follow PART 2 of my ticket. This is the story thus far. on returning home I phoned Maplin and informed them of the ticket saying I will no longer be shopping there if tickets are issued in such a manner. I dont believe I should have been given a ticket for the following reasons, I could not read all of the sign, I shopped on site and was well within the 1 hour!! Do I stand a chance of winning if I appeal? I have uploaded a photo of the sign from the car park. ticket was issued by UK CPS Ltd
  4. Action Fraud has issued a warning about [problem] emails claiming to be from the Crown Prosecution Service doing the rounds. These messages state that you have to appear in court and instruct you to click on a link to view your start time/case details. Action Fraud says clicking on the link is likely to lead to malware infecting your device. However, the CPS says it would ‘never email witnesses in order to summons them to court.’ https://www.lovemoney.com/news/56317/is-this-court-summons-crown-prosecution-service-email-a-[problem] -emails-oct16"]http://www.cps.gov.uk/news/latest_news/alert_-_fake_witness_summons_emails/
  5. Hope someone can help here. On Saturday I was out with my brother getting fuel and he asked if he could drive my car quickly. I very stupidly said yes and drove to an area I know to have very small amounts of traffic. We swapped seats and I told him to just leave the car park and drive 100ft or so pull into a side road and turn around and come back. He took a wrong turn and ended up on a main road and I told him to just be as sensible as he can and get to the safest place to stop which entailed driving to a roundabout 100m away and taking the first exit, which is a closed road. As he did a police van slowed down to see what was happening because we were stopped. They then approached and I got out the car and explained that my brother was still a learner driver and I let him drive very briefly because he is buying the car from me in a few months time. I then said to the officer "He took a wrong turn and I told him to carefully drive to here because it was the safest place to pull over." The officers took our details and told my brother he was being reported for driving without L plates and without insurance, and I was reported for not having him on my insurance and not being old enough to supervise him. I'm 20. I asked what would happen next and the officer said that it would go to the CPS and they would decide what to do. I was issued a HORT1, with it saying to give in my insurance papers, and the officer said they had been lenient as they could of seized the car. I thanked them for that and headed on my way. This morning I went to the station with the papers and the slip and the woman thought it was strange i'd been issued one when my details were on the database. When I asked if anything more will happen or if I will get anything through the post she said "No that's it. The form will go to the officer and that's that". My Mum and Step Dad seem to think we have both gotten off lightly but i've read online that I might get something through the post still. So my questions are; 1. Who will get it worse for the offences mentioned? 2. Will my brother be unable to get a license because of this? 3. Is it possible that we have gotten off lightly here and they have been sympathetic? 4. When should I expect something through the post? 5. Should I have been issued some sort of offence code because I've had nothing and nor has my brother. And lastly, yes it was a very stupid thing to do. We are both shaken up and wouldn't dream of doing something like that ever again. It put ours and others lives in danger and it's eating me up thinking about it all.
  6. Good Evening all, I'm looking for some advice for my 18 year old son. I have just come across this website after searching many many threads and webpages. And it seems there is a lot of recent comments and posts about the company: UK CPS Ltd My son went to ******** at the weekend in his car and parked in a 24hr car park. The charge was £4 for 24 hours. He paid for a ticket and put it on the dashboard on the drivers side. The ticket was time and date stamped: Paid Until 17:28 5 Dec 15 P03 £4.00 **** ****** Then in text on the bottom it states 17:28 151204 (which i am presuming is the date of the ticket scrambled?) Today at work, he noticed a Parking Charge Notice tucked under the windowscreen wiper on the passenger side. He has come home quite distressed that this as happened as he paid for the ticket and is very concious about his self funded car and lack of funds to pay the charge. The notice sounds like a typical UK CPS Ltd notice, £60 rising to £100, registered office (Leeds), no VAT details etc. It was issued with the following details: 04 DEC 15 1811hrs first observed at 1806hrs. Without a valid permit or authority. The site is about 50 miles away from our house so getting photos etc, will be difficult but if needed I will drive across there and get them. It looks like a small car park with very basic signage around the entrance (as far as streetview will show) but i can't see the actual site. Now my heart wants to tell me to get in touch with the PPC and tell them he had a ticket and send them a copy, and that would be the end of it. But after doing some research, my head is now telling me it may not be as easy as that. And that will be taken as some sort of admission. It would appear they are members of the IPC and from reading other forums the appeals process may be more complex. I have told my lad not to worry about it and taken that pressure off him. If it needs to be paid i will sort it, but it just seems so wrong that they can do this and put the pressure on drivers to prove something in our defence. Especially as he complied with buying a ticket, displaying it and left within the paid time Any advice on what my best course of action would be?
  7. My sister got a pcn from CPS Midlands so I challenged it.Here is their reply:-[ATTACH=CONFIG]58213[/ATTACH]
  8. I went with family to a very busy retail park this evening to celebrate a birthday. I am disabled and a blue badge holder. We managed to park right outside the restaurant in a disabled space and I put my badge on the dashboard. When we returned we had received a £100 parking charge notice! My blue badge was on the floor!! The vehicle(not mine) is a 7 seater people carrier and was full, I presume the badge had been shaken when everyone was scrambling out!? What can the driver do? Ignore the notice or appeal?
  9. Hi , We have been issued with a window ticket in a free car park of an entertainment complex with lots of restaurant's etc as we where ," observed leaving site". We did leave for 30 minutes on arrival but returned to visit the arcades . I am wondering do we appeal now or do we wait until they make contact with us. I have read several posts on here, but still not sure of the correct protocol for this . The husband is out taking a photo of the signage now to see if that will aid our appeal. Also if someone watched us walk away, would they have been permitted to take a video/photo to support their ticket? or does it come down to their word against ours? and finally how do I go about finding out who owns the land that UKCPS work for?. Please feel free to point me in the direction of a past post that may cover all my questions. Thanks for your help in this matter
  10. Hi all, Need a bit of advice on this one, I'll try and be as brief as possible. Received an NIP July last year saying my car had been flashed speeding 40mph in a 30mph. It wasn't me driving at the time, so I filled in the required details and sent it off.... . Didn't hear anything for months (not even a reminder) until I received a court summons for the charge of failure to provide info. Needless to say I was shocked and upset..... I didnt have any proof of postage so it was their word against mine. Went to magistrates court for the hearing which I was further shocked to find out theyd added the speeding charge to the charge list (which didn't make sense to me). I plead not guilty to both and received a new trial date for end of January. Just received a notice of discontinuance regarding the speeding charge saying there is not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction. However I'm still having to go to court over the failure to provide information....... Is this right? How can I defend or be prosecuted for failing to provide information regarding a speeding offence they are no longer pursuing? Its all very confusing and a complete farce really (plus waste of taxpayers money) Also if the speeding charge is dropped what does this mean for points and fines? Many thanks for your time.
  11. Hi there! I received a fine about a week ago in an outlet centre car park. It's a long story but basically there were four of us in the car. One passenger is disabled so we dropped them off as close to the outlet centre as we could and then parked up. We were about to follow when I received a phone call from my friend (who works literally round the corner) to meet her at the bus stop outside her work place as she had something to give me. I ran to get it and ran straight back. They must have seen me leave and assumed it was me driving but still this is unfair, the car park was empty anyway. Unfortunately, I panicked and messaged them straight away admitting that I left the vehicle but not that i was the driver (because i wasn't) What do I do now? Is it too late to ignore ? Should I pay up because im not likely to win because I have responded ? Thanks.
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