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  1. Hi, just had this arrive over the weekend In order for us to help you we require the following information:- Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Finance UK Holdings Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to. 19th Feb 2019 Particulars of Claim The claim is for the sum of £5xxx.xx in respect of monies owing under an agreement with the account number: 12345 pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974 (CCA). The debt was legally assigned by Hoist Portfolio Holding (EX Aqua) to the claimant and
  2. Hi Guys, I had a Mr Lender loan a good while back, for only £184. I believe it was nearly statue barred. (Screenshot of noddle report attached) However, yesterday I received from ‘Moriarty Law’ (also attached) and today a County Court Claim form (this is also attached). I’m unsure how to proceed and would really apreaciate the groups advice. Many thanks.
  3. My sister has been refused benefits because they think - erroneously - she is earning 130 a week, when in fact she hasn't worked since January. They said they based their decision on her tax return (actress, self-employed). When she asks, that's all they say. She needs to see their detailed calculations and what in the tax return they used to arrive at this wrong conclusion. Can we ask for that? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Back in May, I ordered some fabric from an online store (Tissens) in France which never arrived - the tracking info said there was an issue with the address being incomplete. I contacted Tissens' customer support at the beginning of June and they responded saying they would investigate and asked me to confirm my delivery address. I did this and heard nothing back for a further 6 weeks. When I chased it up, they eventually responded to say the shipment had been returned to them, and that if I wanted it shipped out again I would need to pay 14.5EUR. I asked for them to c
  5. Hi All, Received a county court northampton form for lowell. An o2 contract. I've asked for proof of this from lowell and as it was taken out online, there isnt much they can prove. They said they have requested statements but these will show blank. Contract was not used, only the phone (which they eventually blacklisted) If i'm honest I lived at the address for a month and have no link to it, which was where the contract was set up and sent to. Can I disagree with the claim and ask them to prove it was me who took out the contract? If not, what can I do? Thanks,
  6. Hi Just looking for some advice on this one please. We flew to Hong Kong stopping over in Dubai for 2 hours before connecting onwards to HK. Our flight was delayed in landing due to fog. We landed at 9.26 and our flight was due to leave at 9:55 When we landed, there was emirates staff fast tracking people flying to Auckland and Melbourne through the gates. Upon research today, both these flights were scheduled to leave at 10:10 We proceeded to the gate to find the gate closed and deserted and thought the plane had left. Upon further research, the plane took off at 11:01
  7. I wonder if someone could advise please. I called on 5.1.16. for a DLA application for my child. I completed the application by downloading the form. My child who requires day and night care. He was awarded personal middle rate care and low rate mobility. The first payment was the date they received the application - not the date when I phoned i.e. 5.1.16. and I did enclose the page they sent which stated I called on 5.1.16. and it had to be back by mid February. I have called DLA and said that they have not taken into account the night time care my child needs. He is up
  8. Please help me? I have just received an N1SDT Claim Form Its for a credit card that I defaulted on in 2009 In Feb 2010 I wrote to company and explained I was in financial difficulty and offered a £1 per month I then applied for CCA in March 2010, an SAR in March and a letter titled "Request pursuant to Civil Procedure Rules" in April 2010 Then silence Ive since seen the debt has been passed through form various debt companies who have all tried to get debt repaid Yesterday I opened post to find these court papers Following the last letter I sent in 2
  9. Name of the Claimant ? PRA Group (UK) Ltd Date of issue – . 20th July 2016 What is the claim for – The Claimant claims the sum of £4500 for debt and interest. On 1/06/2004 the defendant entered into an agreement with Lloyds for a CC under ref No. XXXXXX On 20/06/2010 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £3850. On 30/5/2014 the debt of £3805 was assigned to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio who itself assigned the debt to PRA Group (UK) on 21/12/14. Notices of assignment were sent to the defendant in accordance with a 136 Law of Proper
  10. I received a letter yesterday with the following wording: We're reviewing your benefits and circumstances You must come to an office interview. Dear Miss --------- We need to talk to you about some changes that may affect your benefits payments. You must be available for this interview and have all the information listed on page 1 and 2 with you. It asks me to bring something proving who I am which the bank statements will do. It asks to bring my latest bank statements. I saw at the bottom it has a code FESL2T which many people on other forums has said is from t
  11. I received the N1SDT from Cabot/Mortimer Clarke as I have been working away so only saw it yesterday morning, I have already Acknowledged it via MCOL I chose the option Intend to defend all. the Particulars of Claim as follows:- By an agreement between LTSB & defendant on or around 15/10/1998 ('the Agreement') LTSB agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card. The Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 3830.31 At the tot
  12. I have just received a court summons with three options and need a little advise on how to act. On the morning in question I was in a carriage on the Thameslink service from Bedford to Brighton along with 7 people and two kids. We were asked to provide tickets by an inspector which I did so. The inspector took my rail wallet which included my work ID to access my building and previously purchased tickets. I asked for my wallet back to which he refused. He talked to two other passengers before speaking with me and ignored a woman and two kids opposite which I thought wa
  13. I took a loan with Lloyds some years ago and the debt was passed to Lowell last year or so. They have been sending me letters I received court papers early December. I acknowledged them and spoke to them a couple of days ago as over Xmas I received a letter saying they would go for judgement if I didnt respond or pay by 6.1.16. I managed to get through to them yesterday after trying since Saturday. I was inclined to pay all the money ( with a loan from family ) as I have managed to clean up my credit file last couple years and dont want a CCJ. They said I
  14. Firstly, apologies for the long winded detail - I posted this on another website but as I am seeking expertise thought it be good to post on these knowledge boards too I received a Claim Form this morning in relation to BlackHorse via Lowell / Bryan Carter. Firstly, I have not at any point acknowledged the debt. Secondly, I know this is probably not valid - but the default date was issued by BlackHorse. Lowell / Bryan Carter have 'lied'? on the claim form in relation to a default date they issued. My belief is that this is not possible, right? Thirdly, I hav
  15. Earlier this month I relieved a notice of claim letter from a group called BW legal acting on behalf of Lowell portfolio for a catalogue debt from around 2010. I promptly sent a CCA request. Not because I did not want to repay, the debts mine and I work but my finances are a mess but I'm working hard to correct past mistakes and I wanted to negotiate a repayment on my terms that I could afford and not be harassed or bullied into something I could not afford. Now these court papers have arrived I'm out of my depth and don't know what I should do. Please please can someone help me.
  16. Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me with this one. CAB were not much use. I purchased a used Heat Press from a guy in Scotland (i am in England). I asked the questions i needed answering , does the thing do what it's supposed to do. He emailed saying yes it was in perfect worker order. I bought it, it arrived next day, plugged it in and......no heat. I informed the guy straight away and he said he would sort it. I said a repair (at his cost) was exceptable or a refund. He then contacted the manufacturer and emailed a mail saying it was "all sorted" with the
  17. Hi all, Received a PCN today from Parking Eye as l am the registered keeper of our family car which was photographed entering a doctors car park ( Private land ) and leaving again about 15 mins later. The problem here is the vehicle was used to drop an elderly person of at the doctors ( who had that morning suffered a bad angina attack and needed to dropped off at the doctors door ) and then the vehicle went back about 15 mins later to pick the elderly person up again. The point here being that the vehicle did not park up in the doctors carpark for 15 mins but returned back, but the
  18. Please help. I had a parking fine a few months ago, I had been made redundant( I am now working ), I completely forgot. I have a son who is in and out of hospital and a few health problems myself. I came home last week to an anxious son holding an envelope with 'DO NOT IGNORE' clearly visable in the window , it was a letter telling me that I now owed £450. I wote to the bailiffs company stating that due to my circumstances I considered myself a 'vulnerable debtor' and therfore they should have all further communication in writing and asked for the parking f
  19. Hi Guys Could I have some advice please for a claim form that arrived dated 17th Dec? It's for an old credit card with Monument that has been assigned to JC International Acquisitions LLC (whoever they are) it seems early 2011. It has done it's rounds with several DCAs and more recently to LCR who have offered discounts of 60% and 50% and because I have not taken the bait a claim form! I have previously refrained from claiming PPI miss-selling on the account on the grounds of letting sleeping dogs lie. I know I must acknowledge the claim but where could the P
  20. Hi , We have been issued with a window ticket in a free car park of an entertainment complex with lots of restaurant's etc as we where ," observed leaving site". We did leave for 30 minutes on arrival but returned to visit the arcades . I am wondering do we appeal now or do we wait until they make contact with us. I have read several posts on here, but still not sure of the correct protocol for this . The husband is out taking a photo of the signage now to see if that will aid our appeal. Also if someone watched us walk away, would
  21. In October last year I apparently over stayed my welcome in what I thought was a freecarpark, that's what it says on the way in. In the post came the parking charge notice which I have ignored, then I received what I thought was the red reminder about a month late, but on closer inspection it was from another company about another pcn. Well with that one I had no initial notification. Now I have had the next letters demanding payment or further action. Please can someone help me with what to do. I find some of the threads confusing
  22. I'm sorry I'm not sure where to post this - I've arrived home to a letter 'Judgment for Claimant' N30. Claimant is Marlin Europe with the name and address of a solicitors. How do I find out what this relates to? Who should I call to speak to? It says I must pay '£xxxx forthwith'.. I just don't know what to do or who to speak to!
  23. Hi everyone, I've bought a pair of headlamp bulbs, but only one was in the packaging when it arrived. The packaging hadn't been tampered with and it looked like initially, only one was packed. Despite 3 emails in the last week, the online retailer is not answering my calls or emails. What can I do about this? Any help will be appreciated. Paul.
  24. Hi, I am hoping for guidance or help in starting to fill the ESA50 form out. But I have three problems, my main consultant is on holiday for two weeks, my welfare advisor has a signed mandate to contact my Consultant ( my current GO knows little about me - just issues prescriptions) and finally I am supposed to go on holiday to my sister at her caravan on Isle of wight for next 2 weeks. The form has to be sent back by 28th Sept and I do not come home until 21st Sept - my sister feels there is no point staying at home worrying when my hospital consultant is also away. My disability / illn
  25. Hi All, First post so Hello to all. I have ( had ) an Egg account that I opened in 2003. In 2008/2009, I had financial difficulties and all creditor apart from Egg played ball and accepted F+F offers. Reading this forum it seems this is the norm. Egg accepted my token payments of £1 pm as advised by the CCCS. At some point, Egg decided my £1 wasnt enough and told me they were going to pass on my debt. Im not sure exactly how or when that happened. ..Im getting old and my memory isnt what it was and also, I cant find some of my original paperwork. To cut a long
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