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Found 19 results

  1. I hope I'm posting this in right place. I hope some one can give me some advice. I work in a small hotel. I'm the Head Chef. We have 2 other chefs working in the kitchen. One of the chefs is known to be very lazy. Likes to take time off saying he is ill when isn't, spends more time playing on phone than working etc. Earlyer this week on the Tuesday I was working with him and he started going on about how he had just got a new xbox and the new call of duty game that had just come out. He started moaning that his friends were already much higher level than him and that he need to catch up. He had his days off Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning we hear from him and he has apparently been to doctors and been signed off works for 2 weeks due to stress. He is not stressed, he is only 25, is not married and has no children. He has only just come back off holiday a week ago. I'm sure he has lied to Dr to get time off to play his new video game. He has been playing his new call of duty game for nearly 80 hours straight. And is still online playing at 3am. Would some one who is under that much stress that they can't work be able to play videos games non stop. I am really angry, I have young children and my youngest son is very poorly. He has hospital appointments next week and weeks after. I had booked days off for both weeks, over a month ago. So I could look after my other children whilst my wife takes our youngest to hospital. These hospital appointments are very important. And include Nurosurgery appointments and appointments at eye hospital. We have no family to ask for help, and no friends so my wife relies on me to help. A lot of the hospital appointments are over 3 hours away at specialist hospitals, and a lot they require that my youngest son is bought alone, so it's not possible for my wife to take are other children with her. We are going to have to cancel all appointments as I have now got to cover for this other chef and will have no days off next week or the week after. Its so wrong that he gets to sit at home playing stupid video games and still gets paid whilst I'm left having to pick up the pieces covering for him working my self in to the ground and it will effect my children as they will not see me, and expecially my youngest as he won't get to his hospital appointments. I also feel sorry for my boss as she is a old lady in her 80s and I feel he is taking advantage of her, he lies to her and she believes him. I don't like to see him walking all over her, he laughs at her behind her back. She ended up in a simular situation with a different employee many years ago and she did sack them but then end up being sued for apparent unfair dismissal. Although that situation sorted its self out she is afraid to do any thing or sack any one else. Is there any thing I can do about this chef, how can I get my boss to see what he really is like. I have physical evidence to back up my claims that he wanted time off to play call of duty. Is it worth me mentioning to my boss. Surely as Head chef I should have a say in who works in kitchen. I don't want some one lazy, I want some one hard working who I can trust and who is reliable. If my boss will listen what should be her first step to dealing with this so she doesn't end up in same situation as last time. Any advice would be much appreciated If you wondering why I'm awake posting this at 3.50am is because a neighbours parrot escaped and is sitting in a tree out side my window sqauking like crazy so cant sleep. Thanks in advance.
  2. Monopoly chiefs have set up a Christmas hotline to prevent board game bust-ups over the festive period. The helpline is to open in light of a survey that found 51% of Monopoly games end in a row. The most common cause of quarrels was due to people "making up the rules as they go along". The hotline will open from 24th - 26th December, when families will be able to get mediation on any game-based arguments. http://www.itv.com/news/2016-12-19/monopoly-christmas-helpline-opens-to-prevent-boardgame-bust-ups/
  3. late last year I won on the wheel of fortune in the life of leisure game at mecca bingo.com it came up congratulations you have won £10.000 a month for 12 months and your first instalment has been paid into your account ! I was gob smacked and thought I was seeing things , but there in my account was £10,000. I rang mecca bingo to see how my other payments would be made , immediately the game was removed from the site and they were confused by what I was telling them as they stated "they do not pay prizes in instalments". after several phone calls , they even asked me what I wanted to resolve ? I obviously said my £110,000 and they had to speak with the game makers Ash Gaming who are American based I believe and who it seemed had given Mecca a version of the game with this instalment prize , after a few days of phone calls they came back stating technical error and added another £1000 to my account for the inconvenience and phone calls, I explained I was not happy with their response and was referred to alder hay gaming commission who just sent me an email saying I was lucky to get the £1000 as all they needed to pay me was the cost of my bet back as technical error ! I argued again this was not a technical error this was purely a part of the game Mecca had on their website. Due to financial problems , my gambling etc being a huge problem for my family I never took this any further or told anyone till recently and have been advised that I should have challenged Mecca bingo.com and Ash gaming as the game has never been put back on the site and clearly was not a technical error please can someone help and advise if and how I would go about challenging this , do I need a solicitor , I cannot really afford one unless had a good chance of getting the money I won .
  4. Hello A month ago I posted news about being successful BUT am still waiting for DWP to action!!!! Is there a time-limit for DWP to put this decision through and pay arrears?? (they clear a WCA decision speedily but not a reversal) Even intervention from an advice centre hasn't moved things along. Like DWP don't care and fob off.
  5. Hi all, hope I've got this in the right section. I'm looking for a bit of advice in something regarding ordering online from Game. My missus decided to order a playstation 4 game as a birthday present. (party was sunday 2nd aug, actual birthday is monday 03rd aug) she ordered it online, albeit it was cheaper at other sites, she paid the higher price for the item as it seemed only game was offering it with the option of 1-2 delivery days at the time. she ordered is late wednesay morning (lunchtime latest) after no show of the item on thursday, friday or saturday! she decided to contact them saying something along the lines of "I chose to order my game from you as I could pay to receive the game within 1 to 2 working days. I could have paid less for the game from another site but wanted the game for a present that I needed for the weekend. I am very disappointed that my order had not arrived within the two working days after choosing to pay more just so that I could get the game on time! I now have no present that is needed for tomorrow!! I would appreciate a refund of the £1.50 postage that was paid. It would also be a good gesture for you to pay the difference of me choosing your site to purchase my game, I wouldn't have paid more if I knew it wouldn't have arrived. I would have only paid £41.99 if I had bought the game through Amazon!" they replied with: Thank you for your email. > > Looking at your order I can see that you paid for first class delivery. > > Unfortunately we are never able to guarantee delivery times as we do not deliver your order ourselves. > > I can only apologise for the delay and hope that you order is with you shortly. > > If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us after doing a little research (although she's not actually sure if its right or anything, she tried with the following email: Hi Dan I am very disappointed with the response to my email. I have read through your terms and conditions and there is nothing in there to state that having paid extra for my game to arrive that it is not your responsibility. It is legal that from the moment a customer pays for their goods or service to the second it's delivered, the retailer - not the courier or delivery company - is responsible, as that's who the contract is with. Therefore I would appreciate the compensation that I previously stated in my email. Also compensation for the embarrassment of not having a birthday present! The game did not arrive again today! I look forward to a positive response from yourselves. they replied with: Thank you for your email. As stated in our terms and conditions we are never able to guarantee delivery times as delivering your order is totally reliant on the courier. Unfortunately this is not something that we would look to compensate. Please see our delivery terms and conditions on the below link: http://www.game.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HubArticleView?hubId=690775&articleId=690776&catalogId=10201&langId=44&storeId=10151#https://newhelp.game.co.uk/websuite/en/wt#category=053bd4da-0d24-46c6-816a-a1265e4e4b55&component=faq&brand=game&answer=172121e9-b3db-4c96-859c-2547041be7fb&action=answer&faq_deflection=true&view=answer If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. as of now Monday 03rd August, it still hasn't arrived (5 days later on a paid 1-2 shipping method) I decided to come on here as I've always been an admirer of this fantastic community, one which as helped me out personally before. want to know. if they had paid the difference and refunded the P&P i wouldn't have an issue, but the fact they've been like this and i did have a very unhelpful person the phone earlier regarding this, i feel a little determined to try and make a point. Do we have any right to complain? or argue? refund? money back/owed? or any advice on how i can move forward with this issue? anything would be greatly appreciated and i look forward to any or all of your response. sorry for such a long post. hope you forgive me! many many thanks in advance kind regards Ash,
  6. My 16 year old has just p***d away £1014 on FIFA Ultimate Team and Runescape crap. Briefly, he was left an inheritance of £3000. We took him into the bank where his current account was and helped him open an ISA and put it in there. Unknown to us, he set up online banking and over the space of a month started transferring it into his current account to waste on in game player packs etc. In one single day he blasted over £400 He knows in no uncertain terms that he has been utterly stupid and has vowed to earn it back over the summer with a part time job(s). I know that I'm at fault for not drilling into him the value of money and how important this windfall was for his future and college. He said that he knew it was wrong but he just got carried away. Considering his age and the mass of transactions that occurred in such a short space of time with seemingly no suspicions raised at either the bank or the two companies involved, is there anything I can do to recover any of the money? Can the player packs be sold on? Can the Runescape purchases be returned? Does anyone want to adopt a "stoopid" teenager? Regards, Essemess.
  7. SIGOMA Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities (outside London) within the LGA (SIGOMA) is a grouping of 45 urban authorities in the Northern, Midland and South-Coast regions of England. SIGOMA’s membership compromises of 33 metropolitan districts and 12 major unitary councils with similar characteristics. We are the collective voice across these regions and embody the opportunities and potential of the communities who live there. The combined population of SIGOMA councils amounts to over a quarter of the population of England and its member account for over 25% of English local government expenditure
  8. I received a voucher for CEX for Christmas and used it to purchase some games from CEX online. One of the games was a PC game, The Sims 4. When I tried to install it, an error message appeared saying the serial key had already been used, so I couldn't install the game. The game was £35 and I am unable to use it at all. I have emailed customer services and have had no reply, it's been almost a week now. I've googled this subject and I've seen that people have not had much luck getting refunds in this scenario. Surely they can't sell you a game that you can't use? If I knew anything like this would happen I would not have bought it. Does anyone know what the next step would be? I am not sure if I can take it to one of their high street stores as I bought it online.
  9. i went in to the shop Game, and decided to purchase a game for the nintendo wii, it was marked up as 99p, it was a used game, took to the till and the cashier said thats £7.99 please, obviously i pulled him up and said erm...nope, it clearly says 99p on it, he asked his manager who said the 99p was a offer price, but the offer had ended, and the sticker should not be on there, so they have every right to refuse sale, is that right.
  10. I'm in the UK, specifically Scotland. Where do I stand here? Bought FIFA 15 for PS4 from Asda yesterday, and it's basically unplayable for me, I have a BT Home Hub and the game lags non stop, even in the menus. Apparently the only fix is to disable UPnP in your router settings. On the basis it's not fit for purpose I took it back for a refund, but they refuse to do so, saying it's company policy to only offer exchange like for like on games. Surely this can't apply to faulty products??
  11. Hey guys, really was unsure if I was going to bother posting this, but here goes. I purchased a used iPhone 5 from a Game high street store last July 2013. It is obviously now out of the 1 year warranty they give you. I purchased the phone for the sum of £380 & I was sold the phone as "unlocked". I had been using the phone since July 13, initially with a "giffgaff" simcard (I believe is run on the o2 network, but for the past 4 months or so, I have used a "3" sim card in it. This week i decided to sell the phone & I selected "Erase all content and settings" on the phone prior to its sale. To save myself any hassle, I took the phone to a local highstreet store to sell, but they informed me the phone is locked to Vodafone. I can now confirm the phone will only activate with a Vodafone sim card & will now not accept my 3 sim I had been using in it for the previous 4 months. This has really annoyed me as I paid GAME a premium for an unlocked phone, which turns out to be locked to Vodafone after I had reset it back to factory before selling. I contacted my local game store (not where I purchased it) who were totally dismissive as it was outside the 12 months warranty. Manager didnt come near me but also wiped her hands clean. I phoned the GAME helpline in London & was told "well, youve been using a 3 sim card in it & it was unlocked when you bought it, so contact Apple,, its outside the 12 months warranty. Youve been using it for 14 months havent you?" This is the first time I have had cause to "erase all content and settings" which has bought this problem to light. Personally I belive I have been missold a phone by GAME, I cant belive how dismissive they have been. Should i just put this one down to experience, I don't want to as I feel ripped off, but I believe it will be extremely difficult to go anywhere with. Has anyone any thoughts?
  12. Have PPC's changed the rules? Reading on a couple of other forums, threads where the advice is "PPC's never do court", they have been followed by the first time papers have been issued. The old regulars seem to be sending them out as well. Results to come in yet, but it's a change, and seems across the board, so maybe the BPA is behind it. Even the two recent wins on defended cases have been on technicalities. One was an incorrect witness statement, one was that a "variation of contract" had been given to the customer. Even though the first one is an easy fix, the other one is particularly worrying, that would imply the judge recognised that a contract existed. Costs awarded appear to be very minimal as well, so apart from the principle here, it may have been cheaper to pay, unless you've the time to spare. And now the latest ticket reported is for £25, not the usual £80 or £90, so becoming a realistic charge as well. Maybe we need to keep a closer eye on them.
  13. i brought a new game called "dead island:riptide special edition" for my xbox. what makes it a special edition is that you get a code included with game that gives you additional item for use in the game. it cost me £43 for it, where a normal edition game costs £40. I tried the code but it doesnt work but the game works fine. my wife took it back and they told her they could do nothing as the game had been opened.( had to open it to get the code out.). They said contact microsoft about the code as it is nothing to do with them. i phoned them and was told the same stuff. my point is i have paid extra money for a special edition game, which is not special edition as the code does not work. so to me the item is faulty and i should be entitled to a refund. as for contacting microsoft about the code, i dont see why i should waste my time and money running round after them when it was GAME fault. do i have any rights or is there any imformation i could show GAME to help my case?
  14. I bought a game from 'Steam' so have no disc. Before I bought the game I checked the minimum spec and my PC is more than powerful enough so I went ahead and bought it. After installation I tried to play the game and it is twitchy as hell and has no sound. I told them about this but they didn't seem to care; I asked for a refund and they said they don't do refunds; this item is not fit for the purpose I purchased it for..any advice please? Ripped off £20 by Steam.
  15. First time asking a question so forgive me if I do it wrong! I play an online game using my android mobile conected to O2. I purchased some "premium" content using my phone bill as payment. I at no time received the "premium" content, yet the cost shows on my O2 bill. I contacted the company who suplly the game, they claim not to have received the money. I have sent them a screen dump of my O2 bill showing the amount as due on my next bill I have also forward a copy of the sms confirming payment yet they still refuse a refund. Question: As I am on a post pay contract ie I pay after acrueing charges are O2 as a credit provider jointly and severly responsible for the content. If so can I claim the money back from O2 if I get no where with the company. Sorry if this is hard to follow, I think I have included all the pertinent facts. Thanks for reading
  16. hi,ive posted on here before about the dwp posting my medical files to my ex sister inlaws address for my ESA appeal. i really need advice about who is at fault for this error. i have complained to the dwp but they say it was the CSA who downloaded this address and the CSA are saying the dwp are at fault .im getting nowhere here fast .(reregistered on here because i forgot my login details) .advice please .
  17. I have a Nintendo 3DS. The only game I currently have is Mahjong. Can anyone recommend any similar games please? Also, are any of the Mario games any good?
  18. Hello all, I purchased a keycode for a PC game through ebay/paypal a few weeks ago and it seemed to work fine so left positive feedback. I had already checked the sellers feedback too before purchase and it seemed ok. A couple of weeks ago though, Origin/Dice/E.A.Games cancelled the my account (the part associated with that keycode). When speaking in chat help with Origin they tell me the account is cancelled as the keycode is fraudulant. I open a case with ebay and after some time the turn around and refuse to refund. ebay claim it is an online transaction of good so not covered. Ebay.co.uk's conditions state that they cover buyers and transactions in UK and Germany and they also state that a buyer does not have to return good if the seller sells from one address then gives a different address for returns if a complaint is made. (seller sold from Würzburg, Germany but gave a return address of michael chang 彌敦道733號(振宜大廈), 5F/前座Hong Kong) ebay state that differing addresses are in breach of their t&c's. I have written (via chatmessage help) information from Origin that this keycode is fraudulant and that as such they have taken the goods from me. I have been as helplful and as informative to ebay as I can but I am currently out of pocket. Can anyone advise me on this please? I know the DSR doesn't cover auction sales but is there anything else that might help with this (I am in UK, used ebay.co.uk, seller claims to be in Germany) I really need help as I can not afford to lose our money. Cheers, Darf.
  19. hiya, just a quick one... i bought a kinect game for the kids yeterday and its awful... they cant get on with it at all so i was wondering no its been opened, would i be able to return the item to be swapped..?? or would it be a tough luck scenario..??
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