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Found 9 results

  1. THE CO-OPERATIVE BANK PLC ran an "Identification: Generic Check" on Experian. Do they do this for all transferred Britannia accounts or should I be concerned? I have not applied for any products from them. The only Co-op product I have is an old Britannia Building Society savings account with a very small balance that was transferred to them during the merger and I haven't even updated the passbook for a couple of years as it's only a few pence interest.
  2. Just checked my credit file (Noddle) and I have noticed that for no apparent reason,Wonga have done a identification check (10.12.2014) This is the first time that I have had anyone do a search on my file in over two and a half years. I have sent an email to Noddle asking for an explanation.As I am concerned about identity theft. Has anyone else had a similar experience. Regards,John.
  3. I had a Wonga loan some 3 years ago, all paid off with no problems. I've had no dealings with the company since, however last month they've carried out an Identification check on my Noddle credit report? Is this usual? Why would they do this???
  4. I'm looking for a VW Golf MK6 fuse box map as I want to now what this particular fuse which blew is for. Has been replaced but power steering not working and battery not charging. I'm curious before it goes to the doctors. I've done some research on line but nothing relevant found. People seem to want to post photos of their fuse box layout without explaining what each one is for. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  5. Some questions: RLP do make reference to the infamous database of apprehended shoplifters (or attempted shoplifters) which they claim to pass on to employers. This is presumably a scare tactic to frighten those into paying the speculative invoice and thus removing their name from this database. Whilst I know due to the DPA the individual must grant authority for a third party to gain access I wanted to query whether this does in fact happen. I know that in certain professions when applying for a job or even to register with recruitment consultants they will ask/mention they will check your details against certain databases for any criminal/cival convictions, ongoing disputes, bankruptcy and a myriad of other situations. Often the prospective employee will have little choice but to grant access (otherwise arouse greater suspicion) or in some cases its implied in terms and conditions and condition is granted by way of exception. So - how possible is it that the RLP database could be accessed and would in fact harm the individuals prospects. My belief is that RLP are an immoral organisation and I am truly glad these forums exist to arm those caught up in their web with as much defence as possible. However it does need to be clear to the individuals any risks involved - great or small and for now or in their futures - to the "ignore or one-line-denial" approach. Second question - is an apprehended individual obliged to give their name and/or show ID to store security. What would happen if they refused - police called I'm sure - but would that increase risk of criminal proceedings from the store themselves (I doubt). But would the police be required to pass on ID to the store - or has the individual the right to ask the police not to tell the store - unless they formally request to press charges. Thank you all.
  6. I realise that there are similarities with other re-claim exercises but do we, or will we, have any templates in the library to cover these later 'mis-sells'?
  7. ok had a bird on the back garden after a little googling im sorta 60% certain what it is anyone any better at identification heres a few (not very good) pictures
  8. Had an interview at a well known sports shop, was offered the job, and had to provide proof of identification. I had to apply for my full birth certificate as part of this as I don't have a passport. Due to the fortnight I had to wait for it to be delivered, the original copies of this, my part birth certificate, paper part of my driving license, and my p45 were all handed into store to send off as this is what they asked me to do. I have now received a letter to say that they have not received this, I have already contacted the store about this, and the manager tells me that I am one of a few who this is happening to with them. He said that he would investigate and let me know what is going on, that was 10 days ago, still no word. I still haven't had a start date, or confirmation that I still have a job there, I have no idea how to go about this, and have been told that I am now at risk of having my identity stolen, any suggestions or advice would be greatly received. Before anyone gets clever and says I should have given copies, I realise that, I did not have the means at the time, and was told that if it was not received by them soon, employment would be terminated, which wasn't an option for me at the time.
  9. Hi all I could use a little help. I'm trying to prove that I held an account with MBNA (obviously I don't have records anymore) and have come across an old credit card receipt. It has the entire 16-digit PAN on it and I know that the first 6 digits are the Bank Identification Number. I've looked up on www.bindb.com and it confirms it's a prefix for a Mastercard by MBNA. The code is 544182 Does anybody else have any recollection/knowledge of cards being issued by MBNA that began with these numbers? The chances are that it will date from the mid- to late-1990s. Thanks all
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