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  1. Hi, I hope you lot can help as I've lurked here but only decided to sign up, I have GAD so this has honestly been keeping me up for the past 3 days. I bought a Corsa from a guy 20 miles away, I don't know if he was an actual trader or a private guy, he said he buys cars and resells them, I collected the car from his house and paid £2150 via bank transfer. Once getting home I only noticed he gave me the V5 full, rather than just the new keeper details. The problem is the registered keeper details don't show his name & address, it's the guy he bought the car from. Okay, so at this point I assume he just didn't register it in his name to avoid adding another keeper. HOWEVER, the section 9 aka 'yellow slip' is missing, is this a logbook loan or something? I rang him today and he said he's just posting the yellow slip and told me to fill in section 8 and just only sign my bit, and leave the registerekd keeper signature blank and they will process it as normal. I'm really scared as this is my first car, which he knew, and I feel like perhaps I've been [problem]med and about to loose my 2 years savings? My take on it is that he didn't register it to avoid adding another keeper, when I left he posted the section 9 / yellow slip to unregister the previous keeper so that I wouldn't need a signature when it arrives at DVLA? I mean I know nothing about all of this so I'm probably wrong, the interesting part is I thought the yellow one was for traders, and not someone who just buys/sells, I noticed this because I looked his name/company up on the company house and it's dissolved a few years back so surely he can't be a trader? Sorry for the wall of spam but at this point I can't even sleep, I feel like I'm waiting 4-6 weeks to hear back from DVLA saying I can't do this and that I've been [problem]med / a loan company sending a letter saying I owe them xyz.
  2. Tried to do IR lending compaint with Quick Quid. They said No as loans are over 6 years old. Its not much but its a lot to me right now. Also I didnt pay back one of the loans but it has been sold on, to PRA Group I think .... Should I bother sending to Ombudsman? Or write this one off? Have included the statement Thank you all. QQredact.pdf
  3. hi, very odd situation. last night i emptied alot of rubbish in 4 black bags from the shed. folding chair, few wood handles for spade and broomstick, dinner plates, curtains. this mornig everything was gone. including the black bags with alot of old letters etc. about 30 minutes ago some dude with council clothing came and said he went through the black bags, found my letters and someone from the council will be in touch for fly tipping. i said i had the rubbish here, in my drive way. often people take rubbish espically old pc, monitors or metal items. i said on saturday or sunday we were going to visit the depot as i have done 4 times last week for household rubbish. he said he cant say much however i was going to get fined. so i asked where did you find my items. he said on next road by a tree. Right on the main road. i said i had one black bag with letters etc however rest of the items are not mine. as he metioned tables, chairs, matress, bed etc. he said he dose not know but it was his duty to tell me. i am confused and angry. i think whats happned is some people took all my stuff asumming it was something they could sue, saw the bag and realised old letters and dumped it. i asked him if he saw a chair or broomsticks or old pc box and he said no. i am confused. what shall i do. wait for the council to get in tocuh? Ali
  4. Hi, today I received a letter from Howard Cohen & co. Solicitors re a credit card debt from Barclaycard. (enc) I sent off a CCA request in October 2015. They sent back a copy of term and conditions and a covering letter. Since then they sent letters from Robinson way requesting payment then there was a Notice of Pending Legal Action letter from HC solicitors in August 2016 Nothing since then until todays letter for settlement offer. I'm guessing this is because they can't provide the CCA I requested? I can't pay what there asking anyway....should i just ignore this? Thanks PB Barclays.pdf
  5. I received an overpayment letter in november 2016 saying hmrc confirmed my income had increased between dec 15 to oct 16. it was originally over £1000 but they had my earnings wrong and i had an underpayment and my overpayment was reduced to £212. how long did it take for you to receive your IUC letter after your overpayment one? i just want this over and done with and i can't afford a solicitor.
  6. I think I may have been scammed .Yesterday I filled out a survey for Lidl, the usual questions how did you find the checkout process etc After I had filled it out it said congratulations you have won a prize, so I followed the link filled out my name & address etc then it said I had to pay for delivery £4.99, this is when alarm bells should have rung but it showed supposedly feedback for the product, so I decided to go ahead and give my debit card details, idiot I know. After the thank you etc I checked my email inbox & it states that I will sent further goods & will be charged monthly which I do not want & it showed a cancellation link which I followed I tried to cancel but they want £28.00 for the goods or I have to pay return postage. I am worried that even if I do return the goods they still have my card details?? Please help I have had two strokes & this stress is not helping, I feel so stupid now. Any help or advice will be very much appreciated Hilary
  7. Hi, I'm typing this from a tablet so it will be to the point. I got several texts from this company trying to bluff me into ringing them so I googled them, saw what they did and decided to ignore them. Next arrived 2 letters saying that I owed them £24,000 for an account they bought from HBOS! I've never had any accounts with HBOS and I do not know what the heck is going on! I've read that these parasites are in the business of phishing for debts etc. What can I do? Is there a letter I can sent them to get them to feck off? Thanks! Norm
  8. I have a letter from CSS.. They want money for DWP, not sure what it could be, I had a DRO that went through and i think it could be related to that? I know that it's best not to call them or speak on phone, what do I do now? Could they be potentially messing my credit score up (what's left of it)?? Thanks.
  9. July7th 2016 Back in April 2011, I issued through Bailiff Studies Centre a discussion document (number three in the series) entitled "Do we need an enforcement services ombudsman?" The query was met with enthusiasm from some and wariness by others. Since then, of course, matters have moved on considerably. At the time of writing it still appeared likely that the Security Industry Authority would have some regulatory role in the sector and that the introduction of the reformed regime of bailiff law would lead to a considerable strengthening of the procedures for licencing and monitoring individual agents. None of that happened. The SIA dropped out of the picture and the rejigged certification process brought in to the Civil Procedure Rules in 2014 is very far from comprehensive or robust. We were promised thorough training for county court district judges; there is little evidence of this. A recent issue of Bailiff Studies Bulletin highlighted some of the problems with the qualifications upon which certificates are issued and there is, of course, no regulation of agencies, only individual agents- a bizarre result in the early 21st century. We still lack any sector overview and any industry wide maintenance of standards or best practice. It seems to me that there is still a very strong argument for some for of regulator (the commercial body Ombudsman Services were interested in the function five years ago). I would propose, too, that this regulation is not limited to enforcement agents and agencies. I suggest that there would be a useful function for all parties (not just debtors) for those offering advice on bailiff law also to be regulated. With the proliferation of web based advice and consumer forums, I believe that there may be a role in setting and maintaining standards wherever consumers are asked to pay for advice on dealing with debt enforcement. John Kruse debt & money trainer & consultant, author
  10. My house Insurance company has charged me £30 for an unpaid direct debit. the payment was due on the 28th and I had forgotten about it because of a hectic work schedule of working night shifts. I had a notification of a failed Direct debit payment of £14.30 I phoned them up on the 30th on my day off and paid in full and asked if they would waive the £30 fee and he said he cant do that. I said I thought companies were no longer allowed to charge this much and he replied the company can charge £30 for unpaid direct debits and there is nothing I can do about it. I said Im going to look this up I dont feel its fair. he said look it up all you want im right and theres nothing you can do about it and then hung up.
  11. Ok. I'll keep this shortish. In 2014 I had a CCJ against me for £1320 including court fees this ended up with a bailiff visiting and making an enforcement of goods order. I made a payment plan and have been paying £100 a month ever since for a debt totalling £1660. I paid £400 in June 2015 for a missed payment and to stop them threatening me. Missed payment due to changing bank account. They have charged me another £495 pounds saying that the enforcement went to stage 2 even though no one visited the house. I received no notice of this upgraded enforcement. Also I have discovered they have charged £90 fee initial fee when challenging them today they have added 20% VAT to all fees is this allowed? As far as I'm aware I have paid this debt in full plus some. The Bailiff has been very aggressive and threatening on the phone. I am going to stop them taking anymore money from my card as I believe they are now taking money they shouldn't have . Help please anyone!!
  12. I have been at the same company since it started 3 years ago. I have been presented with around three contracts, all of which I refused to sign due to mistakes in the badly written contracts (out of date law references, conflicting information etc). I have heard that if you continue to work more than 30 days and receive regular payments, then you automatically accept the contract. How does this work for someone like me that has expressively and with reason rejected the contract?
  13. Hi, I work in a call centre for this company and I think they may be targeting myself to try and resign or look at anything to sack me in a unfair way, I"ve been with my Employer for 12 years now in a customer advisor role which I love doing. I have maintained high stats and high sales consistently since I started the job and earning a fair bit of commission. Over the past year things have changed in the employer with management shifts and the usual staff turn over, About 6 months ago I was Alleged I committed a action of Gross Misconduct for Call Avoidance but in the disciplinary the actions got explained and they found me to not do anything of the sort and the charge was dropped. Two weeks ago I was informed by my line manager that I am under a Investigation for Allegedly transferring too many calls which is a main part of my job role, When a customer rings in to be transferred to a different department, let's say to payments for this case, Then I will be unable to do such thing if I don't have access to that part of the system! One week ago my manager brings me into the meeting saying "Don't worry nothing will happen there's no need to worry" I got suspended while more investigation is done, For which I received no written notice only than a informal email on the internal system, As of this time I still have not received a letter of suspension reasons, I'm not sure if they are required if they have told verbally. Three days ago I was informed when a 'Hearing' would take place and my Unison rep seems to THINK it is a Investigatory meeting but will find out some evidence shortly, They informed me that they would be sending a letter to my email on thursday about this but as of this time they have still not sent any email and I have received no Written notification so I do not have reasonable time to prepare for a stressfully physically and mentally issue My Unison rep doesn't seem to be that helpful and I feel they could do more but I could just be stressed, I'm wondering do you have any advice which can hopefully make me feel less stressed before this 'Hearing', I've asked the rep to clarify what sort of hearing it is as I still haven't got a written notification of anyone Thanks for your help in advance!
  14. Hi All I applied to a lender this morning for a loan. I specifically clicked the "Do not pass my details to 3rd parties if unsuccessful". Well I click submit and they declined me which is fine BUT... All day, I have been receiving SMS and Emails etc as well as a few phone calls, about Loans, Credit Cards Blah Blah Blah... They all started the second (And I mean the second) that I was declined. I have complained to the lender (As per usual I went to the top, Its not a big lender) and specifically stated that I didnt want my details passed on but they still did it. What should I do about the complaint? Should I request compensation and refer it to the authorities? Or just leave it be?
  15. Let us imagine.I hear many things. In my day,when you bought a house you did it up over time and that was that. Looked for a cheap house perhaps a little run down and bought it. Then spent many years saving a little and spending on your home. But i hear whispers,ok cannot be proved and i have not the time to delve to deep. Many landlords may have contacts and when a cheap house comes up puff,it is bought as quick as that. The first time buyers have no chance.Does this happen,perhaps you can tell me. I am not in a big town but i spoke to one landlord who had one hundred properties. And another who together with a few others connected to estate agents had 400 properties. Rents for some of these properties make me laugh,and because these are so high i have heard some landlords get ripped off,take anybody who says they will pay the rent. Instead of lowering it a touch and getting decent tenants. When finally many weeks later and the house is wrecked,just brush it off. Has many properties so perhaps expected. And if what i have heard is true,word gets passed round and the same happens again. And one is doing this over and over again.Now this part i can not understand at all. Maybe he is just stupid. So many will hopefully read between the lines of this short thread and say what you think of modern day living. And first time buyers and landlords in general.And tenants and rents that many must find it is hard to pay. And if first time buyers who deserve their chance in their local towns and cities are losing out through underhand practices this should be sorted by some sort of law,or changes to how houses are sold.Do you think this is reasonable. What can be done. Something seems to be building. Do you know strange things that are going on in your town,city. I will be very interested on what you will say i hope of your experiences in your place you call home. If renting for six months perhaps.You never know. Some places i believe in France have 10 year leases.At least you would feel secure. And am i imaging how run down the outside of many tenanted properties are. Inside maybe ok,or maybe not. But outsides that many you see are clearly not maintained. Not the gardens the properties themselves. Do councils have to check these out when let. Have a team to check this ,the property is in fair shape for letting out. Independant people.And teams. Things need improving. But that is my view,and expect some reaction. I feel some thumping at the door. Come on in and introduce yourself.
  16. What do you think. Are some children missing out on the great outdoors and what it offers. Do you think perhaps as technology came in things changed. Do you really think computers help children learn or do you still believe in the old ways. I myself am obsessed with the outdoors ever since a child.The smells as you walk through woods. The crashing waves,and things you can learn on the shoreline. A walk through a forest. The unexpected nature you come across.That never fails to amaze you. First forest i came across was Grizedale Forest in the Lake District.Still think of it to this day. Castles and places like that where you can tell some stories,sometimes tall ones if you feel so inclined. Or your local park,a exciting place to visit. For myself it started when i went looking for a Dipper(a bird) in Wales.With a chap called Cluellyn Magnus Jones in Denbighshire.Way back in the 60s And came across hundreds of rabbits in a field unexpectedly. Just wondering what you out there think of things. Only problem i find as you get slightly older is the fresh air puts you out when you get home. No harm in that and the youngsters sleep well as well. All that fresh air. Just not keen on some questions like-"In your time was everything black and white". With research suggesting that children aren't spending enough time in the great outdoors, Caroline Fitton of the local Wildlife Trust explains why we should be doing more to nurture their love of all things natural. From a falling leaf to a cloud in the sky, nature captures every child's inquisitive sense of wonder. Spending plenty of time outdoors and engaging with nature and wildlife is one of the best things for any child, helping to develop fertile imaginations and bestowing a lifelong appreciation of the natural world. For many of us, spending time outside when we were young was a large and very valuable part of our childhoods; new technology and increased 'screen' time now bring concerns that the new generation are increasingly missing out. Much more on the link. Read more: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/kids-engaging-nature-little-help-Wildlife-Trust/story-28183303-detail/story.html#ixzz3rgNi1XGr
  17. I like going out to markets.Having a look around. Listening to what people are saying. The banter ,the friendship,feel the atmosphere of the market.The massive variety of goods. A special place. I have noticed in our local market some are struggling. In fact a few are leaving in trouble,owing rent etc. Some have done moonlight flits.Perhaps to scared or embarrassed to face things and certain people. After trying so hard. Perhaps many are just scraping through not making much at all for the graft they put in.And hours worked. So if you are a market trader or know a market trader in your town or city how are things going. Do you think the pound shops,the low cost supermarkets that sell everything that have arrived in the last few years have affected you.Do you think anything lately has affected you. Is your rent fair or do you feel to steep. Choking any hope of profit for you. Did you have a dream that came true. Or did your dream turn into a nightmare for you. Do you think your rent is to high.For the space you have. Are you tied into a long contract,years perhaps. And after a short time you realise it is not going to work and can not get out of the situation. What help and advice was given to you.Before you signed papers,contract,rent agreement ,things like that. If someone before you has tried the same products and failed are you told this may not be a good idea. Maybe you are doing well. Good on you if you are. How are the people next to you doing. Do you feel like changing what you are selling but not able to because of rules. Are you being chased for rent by the market manager. Dreading the day off the week he or she comes round. How do they try to help you if you have found yourself in this situation. He or she obviously knows what is going on. Do you know anybody who has fled,overnight after trying so hard. Just wondering what is going on in your market.In your town or city. Is your market busy or have things gone quiet for the last year or two. What do you think caused things to go quiet. What would you like to change in your market. To help you perhaps.Advertising more,improvements to the market,painting,appearance anything you can think off. Is your market thriving,booming. What do you think made this happen.And why.What caused the upturn. Help others with your experiances Have the Bailiffs ever been in your market to a stressed,worried trader and possessed everything. The dream of being a entrepreneur gone. How has it affected your household,are you in trouble but keeping quiet,just holding on by your fingertips. Do you think if your rents are to high it is time for you to group together and say enough,give us a chance. A united front. Just wondering that is all. Wondering how something that has been in Great Britain so long is doing. From the people that matter the Traders.. If you are a customer of the markets,feel free to pop in and have your say. Without your support the Traders would really be in trouble. Get in there and support them.Feel the atmosphere,check things out. If you are outside looking in a link for you to have your say.Only takes a minute or two. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php 2.14AM Time to fly. Bye for now Tawnyowl.
  18. I'm not sure if I have a case? I was a first time buyer if that helps to say in my case? Just looking through my files, the first year (aug 2001) of my mortgage for PPI all I can find is the Halifax mortgage letter saying thank you for applying for a mortgage "As the loan amount you require exceeds our basic lending limit it is necessary for us to arrange additional mortgage security. you will be advised of the fee in due course. Please note that if you are borrowing less than 90% of the lower of the valuation or purchase price we are currently paying this premium." Then on the mortgage offer letter At the end of the letter it says (oct 2001) SPECIAL NOTE We strongly advise you to consider arranging insurance cover to protect your ability to keep up your mortgage repayments if you become ill, lose your job, etc. You can obtain details of such mortgage repayments insurance from from any of our branches or your financial adviser... Then a few weeks later the halifax letter of acceptance for my mortgage says an additional mortgage security fee of £419 is also due. We will pay this fee. (explaining that they are lending me more than they normally would and additional mortgage security is required) But exactly one year after my mortgage I started paying PPI monthly for the next 12 years to St James Place. So who do I apply to and how do I explain the first year? Very confusing. By the end of the first year I must have believed I needed it but £419 per year is extortion, so I must have shopped around. I've never been in debt, ill, lost job or took out life insurance. any advice gratefully accepted thanks
  19. Basically I had a hsbc business account which I shut due to the fact I slowed trading for for a while. Started to use my personal account for a bit and then a lot of business subsequently got asked to leave for breaking t&c. Left me without an account, 7 defaults and 3 arrangements on my credit history in the last 6 years. Ive put in an application with Coop for a cash minder, they seem to of lost my application in branch which is a pain. Had a look at the bank groups and basically hsbc aside I had history with all except Santander, figured I had nothing to lose by putting in an application for a business account. Went basic no overdrafts, loans etc. Had an email off them yesterday with a questionnaire which I completed honestly, emailed it back then today received this. "Thank you for choosing Santander Business Banking. We’re pleased to let you know that your Business Current Account is now open and ready for you to use. What’s next? In the next 7 – 10 days we’ll send your card, card PIN, Online Banking passcode and registration number separately (for security purposes) to the home address you gave us." Is that it?, I've been accepted?, can I have a beer to celebrate? or is there something that can go wrong from here?. Other than my credit history I have no other skeletons in my closet or anything. I know all banks are as bad as the other but I did not expect to get a highstreet account in a million years with my account history. I was thinking best case I get a cash minder and a pre pay. I had a large loan and Credit card with Abbey national which were paid in about 2007 but did reclaim a lot of ppi.
  20. For years, Mac users have been fooled thinking they are safe in the knowledge that their platform was relatively safe from malware. A combination of the lower number of users on the platform, less attention from security researchers and, in general, fewer security holes in the operating system than Windows has led to a history generally free of damaging viruses and malware. So proud has Apple been of its security that it even ran several spots in its Mac vs PC ad campaign dedicated to the idea that Macs don’t get viruses. But in quick succession, two new serious vulnerabilities in OS X have introduced Mac malware back into the conversation. One exploits a weakness first confirmed in mid-July, which allows a malicious program that gains access to a Mac to run as though it is the administrator of the computer – a vulnerability known as “privilege escalation”. In doing so, it can bypass a lot of Apple’s security features, which rely on appropriately limiting the ability of downloaded code from affecting the deeper functions of the operating system. Stefan Esser, the German coder who discovered the exploit, heavily criticised Apple for having already patched it in the beta versions of its next operating system, Mac OS X El Capitan. The company, which did not respond to a request for comment from the Guardian, still has not fixed the flaw in the latest current version of Mac OS, Yosemite, nor in the beta for the next Yosemite patch. “At the moment it is unclear if Apple knows about this security problem or not, because while it is already fixed in the first betas of OS X 10.11, it is left unpatched in the current release of OS X 10.10.4 or in the current beta of OS X 10.10.5,” Esser wrote. Later, he tweeted that “Apple was informed about said bug months ago and as usual did the irresponsible to fix it for some beta half a year in the future only. “That means Apple released the bug via a patch … 4 months before they want to ship the ‘fix’,” he added. Now, Esser’s bug has been seen in the wild for the first time. Researchers from Malwarebytes discovered a new adware installer doing the rounds, which allowed the adware to embed itself into the operating system, and – crucially – allowed the adware to install itself without requiring the user’s password. Malwarebytes, which also criticises Esser for releasing the exploit without giving due notice to Apple, says: “This is obviously very bad news. Apple has evidently known about this issue for a while now … Unfortunately, Apple has not yet fixed this problem, and now it is beginning to bear fruit.” At the same time, a very different exploit is about to be revealed to researchers at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. It uses a bundle of weaknesses in the firmware of a computer, the embedded operating system which runs the lowest-level functions such as fans, power supply units, and USB ports, and lets the researchers overwrite that software with their own code, and five of these six weaknesses are present on Macs as well as PCs. The researchers notified Apple, which has patched two of the vulnerabilities, but three remain unpatched. Worse still, researchers managed to write a proof of concept attack which uses the weakness to create a “worm”: a virus which can spread from MacBook to MacBook directly. A deliberately infected email can infect the first MacBook, which then automatically attempts to infect any other hardware physically connected to it, such as Apple’s ethernet adapters. If that hardware is later plugged into an uninfected computer, the worm spreads further. “People are unaware that these small cheap devices can actually infect their firmware,” researcher Xeno Kovah told Wired. “You could get a worm started all around the world that’s spreading very low and slow. If people don’t have awareness that attacks can be happening at this level then they’re going to have their guard down and an attack will be able to completely subvert their system.” The worm, called “Thunderstrike 2”, bears a similarity to a previous proof-of-concept attack called BadUSB, which let attackers reprogram almost any USB device to attack hardware. But even that attack hadn’t been turned into a worm, limiting the potential damage.
  21. A report by Citizen Advice found that people were tempted into free trials for slimming pills or similar health supplements, often by online pop-up adverts or across social media sites featuring celebrity endorsements. People thought they were simply giving their debit or credit card details to pay for the £5 postage and packing. But, if they’d read the extremely long small print, they would have discovered that they had signed up to a monthly subscription for these products unless they cancelled within a set period of time. What can you do to about it? Always read the terms and conditions of any agreement and be wary of any ‘free’ trials that ask for your debit or credit card details. If you do find yourself unwittingly signed up to a CPA the law says you can withdraw your consent and stop a future payment at any time up to the end of business on the day before the payment is due. You can do this by contacting your card issuer. Don’t be put off if they tell you to contact the retailer. It is your right to cancel with your card issuer, and in the case of subscription traps the companies involved are often based abroad and are hard to contact. https://blogs.citizensadvice.org.uk/blog/think-youre-getting-a-free-trial-fat-chance/ s...jpg"]
  22. Beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners http://www.theguardian.com/science/2005/sep/13/medicineandhealth.china
  23. Hello, I wrote a huge long detailed post but am aware these can be viewed via google (that's how I found this site) and am so so scared. my husband died in a terrible work accident in 2008 and there was no body. I was left with our 2 small children and you can imagine how awful and difficult it was. We'd claimed TC on his pretty low income (I also had a self employed pocket money job but mainly was stay at home mum), and it was extremely difficult for me to sort out his affairs as I I couldn't easilly get a death cert without his body. It was a horrific time. We got a charitable payout from his work (which didn't count as taxable income) and lived on this, the rolling TC's and kindness of friends/family. in 2009 after some 10 months I got an interim death cert and I also got more freelance work so informed TC accordingly of estimated pay and hours and sent them the death cert. Also around this time my husband's body was found - it was so traumatic I can't tell you but that's not an excuse for my behaviour. I am not making excuses for what I’m about to post next or excuse my actions but I cannot begin to describe the trauma we endured and the effect on me and how really, I didn’t place any importance on money stuff – just surviving. I've also suffered increasing anxities and depression and after years of meltdowns in the Drs, I was recently referred to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with a mental health condition (he says brougt on by trauma) and given medication. Again, this is no excuse but just some background. I think I have committed TC fraud but I don’t know the extent. I began to emerge from the ‘fog’ a bit probably around 2012 and only recently am I realising the whole horror of my potential negligence. So here is what I think I may have done. - Not declared my widowed parents allowance from when I got it in 2009 to 2013 (I am not sure when I told my accountant I got it). I think I have just told TC of my income from 2009 – 2013 but WPA totals about £2800 each year. - Not properly declared all my correct income – this is so irresponsible I CANNOT believe I would ever have behaved so recklessly but I can’t describe how little importance I placed on all this – I just can’t get my head round why I was so laissez fair about it all. I think I have a fuzzy recollection of just doing my annual declarations from memory and the TC person asking “has anything changed?” and me replying casually, “Oh no, it’s all the same.” I just had no idea of the importance of accuracy and guessed at it based loosely on memory of previous years. I started to get my act together a couple of years ago and I do know for sure is that for the last two financial years, my claim has been totally accurate . It may even be 3 years of accuracy but my record keeping has been so slapdash that I have no idea. I rang to do my annual renewal ‘properly’ yesterday and during the process the person said, that something had flagged up that needed checking back to 2012-13. After the call I dug about for any paper work for that period but couldn’t find any so started started panicking about what it could be and whether I had declared my pension. I phoned TC straight away and said I was worried about whether they had had my pension figures for last few years but the woman SO unhelpful and said she couldn’t check and those years had been ‘signed off’ anyway. I kept saying, “But if I’ve done something wrong please can you tell me how I can go about putting it right?” She just told me there was nothing I could do now. I begged to speak to someone else who could help me but she said there wasn’t anyone. I have been sobbing ever since, filled with terror that I have now with that call aroused suspicion on top of these sinister sounding ‘checks’ they tell me they need to do. I’ve read you can go to prison for 7 years. I am trying to take control and have today ordered bank statements back to 2010 and asked my accountant for copies of my tax return s and accounts from 2009 to present (he does my returns not me) and I really need copies of my WFTC award notices from 2010 to see if the figures correspond but what do I do if they don’t? I am desperate to put this right and terrified beyond belief of going to prison and my kids who have already lost so much, losing me too. I can’t eat or sleep and even phoned the Samaritans today as just felt so worthless, ashamed and broken. My poor children are so innocent and look to me to teach them right from wrong but I am so shabby and shameful i don't feel fit to be their mother. I want to ‘own up’ but I don’t know the extent or exactly what I may or may not have done. I keep thinking of all the other knock on implications like the free prescriptions I have got over the years and local authority passes to swimming pool we get in this area if on TCs. My children also get a charitable monthly payment from my a charity related to my husband’s work that is means tested and if I have committed fraud then there is all this to consider too. Since 2009 to present the total WFTC/CTC payments have come to something like £48,500. If I thought selling my house and giving all the money back to TCs would solve the problem I would but I know it is not that easy. Is there anyone who can help me untangle this mess and put it right? Thank you. ps is there any way we can delete threads if we are worried about what we may have publically disclosed?
  24. THE ONLY THING WRONG WITH THE GOVERNMENT'S CALCULATION OF AVAILABLE PENSION IS THAT THEY FORGOT TO FIGURE IN ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DIED BEFORE THEY EVER COLLECTED OLD AGE PENSION. WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO? Remember, not only did you and I contribute to our Pension, our employer did, too. It totalled 15% of your income before taxes. Read some More
  25. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me to quote the right legislation to the Employment Tribunal? I am asking the ET to confirm that I should be administered as an employee rather than self employed. I am paid the same rate per hour as the employees but they get statutory holiday pay and SSP. We all do the same job and report to the same manager. The only difference is the way we are paid. Would there be some claim under the equal pay provisions? I would like the ET to confirm that I am an employee and I would really like backdated holiday pay! Can I claim that and if so can I claim it from the start of my self employment with them? Very many thanks!
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