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  1. Thank you, hopefully it doesn't come to this haha, you've really helped me calm down and I think it was just because of 2k car and a 2k insurance it is a lot of money for me, saved it for a year on a £3.50 apprenticeship until I got my full time job so it was a lot of effort and a big loss if it happened Oh I didn't realise, I thought he could just sell/give the registered keeper to a loaner with the yellow slip since at the top it says 'sell to a trader, insurer or xyz'
  2. Thanks for all the help guys. Ive done the online thing and it says I'll get it within 2 weeks or 5 days usually. Once my logbook arrives with me as the registered keeper, say he kept the yellow slip to try and fool me, with the new logbook in my name, will he be able to do anything with that yellow slip, will it become invalid with the new logbook in my name, or can he still take a logbook loan for example?
  3. How come? I'd think bank transfer is better than cash
  4. So just pretend to be him on the gov website? Also the HPi check I did is all clean
  5. I already got a HPI check from confused.com and all checked out, but I was told by a friernd that even if it comes clean they can still put out for a logbook loan after they sell it with a yellow slip
  6. Hi, I hope you lot can help as I've lurked here but only decided to sign up, I have GAD so this has honestly been keeping me up for the past 3 days. I bought a Corsa from a guy 20 miles away, I don't know if he was an actual trader or a private guy, he said he buys cars and resells them, I collected the car from his house and paid £2150 via bank transfer. Once getting home I only noticed he gave me the V5 full, rather than just the new keeper details. The problem is the registered keeper details don't show his name & address, it's the guy he bought the car from. Okay, so
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