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Found 9 results

  1. I've copied the post I made in another website forum based on the information they gave on their site and the advice given on the forum as well. Up to this point I have only sent in my application to set aside the judgment, I also added at the end to stay the writ and complain about the bailiffs to requesting an investigation into their charges as well. I've no idea if I've done any of it correctly. I was out of time I think and had to have it in the post Friday or so I was lead to believe. I proved my insurance company claim was put in to deal with the case and they did not act within the time scale and gave me no Information or guidance on what to do whilst I was waiting for them to appoint a solicitor which is meant to be part of my insurance cover to get free legal advice regardless of if they are acting for me . Proof the ccj was entered before they even gave it to a solicitor and proof the bailiff arrived before the solicitors had even looked at the case. Proof I made a formal complaint once the ccj had been entered into that they had not dealt with it in a timely manner and not advised me what I need to do while waiting for them. Also Included all the proofs I didn't owe the money and that they owed me and why and how much. A copy of the bailiff paperwork showing the charges and everything. I think that was it. read the post I made on the other site below and tell me please did I do any of it wrong do I need to be filling in and submitting anything else. Do I have a case to request a charge back because they threatened to take my pets if I didn't and never gave me notice they were coming and charged me over the allowed fees. Are they really as bad as everywhere says and will I have to take everyone to small claims court to get my money back . Thanks Don't actually owe the debt. The creditor owes me money. I had legal insurance that was meant to cover this but they messed me about for so long a ccj was issued and the enforcement officer came before they had even said if they would take the case on and now have decided they won't. It was over the sale of a dog. The buyer just didn't want it after five months so sent it back and I said I'd try to sell it for them and get what I could and they said they would pay for me doing it for them he was with me six months and only sold for £1000 which they agreed to the sale price. got my friend an accountant to work out the costs properly for me and it worked out they owed me nearly £500 on top of the 1000 sale price. I said no. Can't send that cut it down to cost so they did which made it something like 250 they owed me still I sent that to the owner and said look my accounts work out what it cost me but have a look and give me a call and we'll have a chat about it and sort something out to suit us both. She never did her mother sent me a load of abusive messages and applied for a ccj straight away. I've got all the defence and have been doing all the paperwork and forms and proofs to apply to set aside the judgement doing it totally off Google help so far but now seriously worried after reading all about dcbl when they came I had not got notice that they had the writ and planed to come. They just arrived at my house stood at my gate and I wet myself thinking it was a police. All dressed in black what looked like a vest and body cam and all sorts. Then he told me who he was and what he was there for. Told him I knew nothing about it and weren't they meant to notify me first if they had got a writ and he said yes we sent a letter and I told him no I never got one or I would have dealt with it then . I asked if I could ring my solicitor who was a waste of time because she could not advise me because she had not decided if she could take the case based on my insurance cover yet. He then told me if I did not pay him there and then that they had a dog van on the way to take my dogs my pets to sell to pay the debt. Also it would then go up by about another 750 on top of the 2200 something. I logged In to my online banking to see what I had and I didnt have enough in my bank I even showed him. I asked if he could come back in a couple of hours and I could get the cash and he said no if he leaves he is leaving with the dogs to pay the debt. went back in the house and searched and managed to find some cash I forgot I'd hidden for emergency. paid in full and he went away happy. I've now found out from my searches learning how to set aside the judgment he over charged fees. Did not send me notice. Then threatened to take my pets which he's not allowed to do either dressed like police and never offered to make any arrangement to pay or to take other items he was only Interested in the dogs my Pomeranians. I actually joked and said I've got a puppy dog you you can have she's a little turd and rubbish guard dog and he said no only the little ones which I found odd he targeted them. He must have researched me first as all over my social media is my dogs and just my dogs. My dogs are my pets not a business I only breed to get more pups for me for breeding and showing and pet home any I don't keep. I'm going to ring my bank for a charge back in the morning but I've been on the forum and seen about all the Complaints about this lot and wondered if there was anyway my complaint and details could help. And also wondered if I should be apply to stay the writ as well or anything else as well and do they all just go to the county court or do I have to do two lots and send the set aside to county and the writ to high court. Thanks in advance
  2. The tribunal was a few years ago and i didnt have the evidence then but i have it now. The employer lied to the court about details which the tribunal took as true and used them to find my dismissal fair. Without these false details the court would almost certainly have found in my favour. It wasnt a case of they made a mistake with the details, the evidence i have shows they knew the correct details and told the court something else. I didnt appeal because i didnt have the evidence then and you only get 42 days to file an appeal. Ive heard of perjury cases being brought up to 14 years after someone has lied in court ie jeffrey archer. If a lie affects the outcome of a hearing then it shouldnt matter if its a criminal court or an employment court. How do i go about getting my employer taken to court for committing perjury? Who do i report him to?
  3. hi, i got this email from cash4unow - do they have a right to say this, can i take them to task for it? Further to previous communications in this matter we write to advise we are currently preparing paperwork to take further action in this matter. This could result in the issue of a COUNTY COURT CLAIM. This matter is being passed to our Fraud Investigation Team as, on current evidence, it seems you may have obtained this loan fraudulently. When you applied for this loan we conducted an affordability assessment to establish your ability to repay this loan plus interest. In the absence of any payment or contact from you it appears you failed to disclose all your current liabilities resulting in you now being unable to repay the loan. Section 2 of The Fraud Act 2006 defines Fraud by False Representation as follows: - Make a false representation - Dishonesty - Knowing the representation was or might be untrue or misleading - With intent to make gain for himself or another, to cause loss to another or to expose another to risk of loss It is our belief you may be culpable of an offence under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 and we intend to pursue this matter through the relevant LEGAL channels. If you are unsure of your position we suggest you contact a SOLICITOR immediately. If you wish to prevent further action we require you to discharge your liability to us in FULL within 48 hours of this email. Regards Cash4UNow cash4unow.co.uk Cashunow.co.uk is a trading name of Novaloans Ltd, Company Number 07639288, Registered Office 7 Limewood Way, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 1AB. Cash4unow.co.uk is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Consumer Credit Licence number 644402). You can confirm our registration on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website http://www.fca.org.uk/ or by contacting the Financial Conduct Authority on 0800 111 6768
  4. Hello, I wrote a huge long detailed post but am aware these can be viewed via google (that's how I found this site) and am so so scared. my husband died in a terrible work accident in 2008 and there was no body. I was left with our 2 small children and you can imagine how awful and difficult it was. We'd claimed TC on his pretty low income (I also had a self employed pocket money job but mainly was stay at home mum), and it was extremely difficult for me to sort out his affairs as I I couldn't easilly get a death cert without his body. It was a horrific time. We got a charitable payout from his work (which didn't count as taxable income) and lived on this, the rolling TC's and kindness of friends/family. in 2009 after some 10 months I got an interim death cert and I also got more freelance work so informed TC accordingly of estimated pay and hours and sent them the death cert. Also around this time my husband's body was found - it was so traumatic I can't tell you but that's not an excuse for my behaviour. I am not making excuses for what I’m about to post next or excuse my actions but I cannot begin to describe the trauma we endured and the effect on me and how really, I didn’t place any importance on money stuff – just surviving. I've also suffered increasing anxities and depression and after years of meltdowns in the Drs, I was recently referred to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with a mental health condition (he says brougt on by trauma) and given medication. Again, this is no excuse but just some background. I think I have committed TC fraud but I don’t know the extent. I began to emerge from the ‘fog’ a bit probably around 2012 and only recently am I realising the whole horror of my potential negligence. So here is what I think I may have done. - Not declared my widowed parents allowance from when I got it in 2009 to 2013 (I am not sure when I told my accountant I got it). I think I have just told TC of my income from 2009 – 2013 but WPA totals about £2800 each year. - Not properly declared all my correct income – this is so irresponsible I CANNOT believe I would ever have behaved so recklessly but I can’t describe how little importance I placed on all this – I just can’t get my head round why I was so laissez fair about it all. I think I have a fuzzy recollection of just doing my annual declarations from memory and the TC person asking “has anything changed?” and me replying casually, “Oh no, it’s all the same.” I just had no idea of the importance of accuracy and guessed at it based loosely on memory of previous years. I started to get my act together a couple of years ago and I do know for sure is that for the last two financial years, my claim has been totally accurate . It may even be 3 years of accuracy but my record keeping has been so slapdash that I have no idea. I rang to do my annual renewal ‘properly’ yesterday and during the process the person said, that something had flagged up that needed checking back to 2012-13. After the call I dug about for any paper work for that period but couldn’t find any so started started panicking about what it could be and whether I had declared my pension. I phoned TC straight away and said I was worried about whether they had had my pension figures for last few years but the woman SO unhelpful and said she couldn’t check and those years had been ‘signed off’ anyway. I kept saying, “But if I’ve done something wrong please can you tell me how I can go about putting it right?” She just told me there was nothing I could do now. I begged to speak to someone else who could help me but she said there wasn’t anyone. I have been sobbing ever since, filled with terror that I have now with that call aroused suspicion on top of these sinister sounding ‘checks’ they tell me they need to do. I’ve read you can go to prison for 7 years. I am trying to take control and have today ordered bank statements back to 2010 and asked my accountant for copies of my tax return s and accounts from 2009 to present (he does my returns not me) and I really need copies of my WFTC award notices from 2010 to see if the figures correspond but what do I do if they don’t? I am desperate to put this right and terrified beyond belief of going to prison and my kids who have already lost so much, losing me too. I can’t eat or sleep and even phoned the Samaritans today as just felt so worthless, ashamed and broken. My poor children are so innocent and look to me to teach them right from wrong but I am so shabby and shameful i don't feel fit to be their mother. I want to ‘own up’ but I don’t know the extent or exactly what I may or may not have done. I keep thinking of all the other knock on implications like the free prescriptions I have got over the years and local authority passes to swimming pool we get in this area if on TCs. My children also get a charitable monthly payment from my a charity related to my husband’s work that is means tested and if I have committed fraud then there is all this to consider too. Since 2009 to present the total WFTC/CTC payments have come to something like £48,500. If I thought selling my house and giving all the money back to TCs would solve the problem I would but I know it is not that easy. Is there anyone who can help me untangle this mess and put it right? Thank you. ps is there any way we can delete threads if we are worried about what we may have publically disclosed?
  5. me and my partner moved in together in July 2014 and i have forgotten to let tax credits know to change to a joint claim (Only realised today) my partner works full time and brings home around 1400 a month. Were in loads of debt as it is My anxiety is kicking in overdrive thinking im going to get fined and sent to prison! I havent phoned tax credits yet as im petrafied. any advice would be great
  6. I think we may have committed benefit fraud! We get pension credit at the moment, both guaranteed and savings. At 12.30pm today we have a compliance meeting at the jobcentre plus office. When we were awarded the savings part of pension credit we had £2000 savings (the only reason we got it). This has now whittled away to just £200! So, without realising it, we have committed fraud because we didn't declare this. Having only just looked into it, not having realised before. Are we likely to just have saving pension credit withdrawn? Are we liable to pay it back? Even more worrying, will we lose pension credit all together? Thus losing support for mortgage interest in the process! This would effectively make us homeless! Please advise?
  7. Hi 12 months ago my wife transferred £14k from her Life Insurance Policy; expected at £8 reduction in benefit but did not hear anything from PC: due to family problems forgot about it until I had a Benefit check last week when I was told by the advisor I was getting £9 per week too much, I phoned PC immediately could not get through so wrote same day explaining (no copy of original letter as hard drive packed up) spoke to someone at PC this monday they had not recieved letter, same day got a Customer Compliance appointment through post for Benefit check, I am taking letter with me, etc can you see any problems
  8. Hello, Firstly, my main concern here is how the investigation is being dealt with as in my opinion, if I have unknowingly done something wrong, then I have to cross that bridge when I come to it but I have SERIOUS concerns.Although I am worried about all of it and am in need of advice. - I receive a call back in April, my benefit had been suspended in March. I knew why and called them got told to call this benefit fraud woman and I did. Gave her my email as I had no fixed abode and emailed her explaining what had happened which in a nutshell; Was renting a room, landlord turned out to be a sub-letter landlord found out and went crazy, everyone got told to be out by the next Day and that our tenancies meant nothing. The subletting guy promised me another room ASAP so I planned to continue claiming while I found another room THEN inform the council of my new address as i was worried about a big gap with starting a new claim. Sent an email explaining this and left it. - I get an email with a letter for interview under caution on JUNE 2012. The date was when I was away at a family wedding and oddly was on a Saturday?! I emailed her on June 27th saying I am sorry I cannot attend can we re-arrange. I herd nothing. I called and left my name and number twice. I left it. - OCTOBER 2012 The leading officer dealing with my case calls me out of the blue and says we need to arrange an interview. I agree and she books it for 3 weeks time and Says that she will send it in letter form to my old address as I can still get my post from there. Letter states its about X address and X problem. I DID NOT seek LEGAL ADVICE because I knew what it was, 3 weeks over payment, failure to notify etc. - Get to interview under caution and she interviews me about the past 4 years of my life, 3 addresses and a number of people for 2 and a half hours! It was exhausting. NOW THE REAL CONCERN She turns up at my middle landlords property, she is looking at 3 claims at 3 address; Address 1: 16 years old, paid straight to landlord Adress 2: 16 - 17 years old, paid to me Address 3: 18- 19 years old, paid to me -She turns up at address 2, unannounced and questioned my 76 year old landlord for over an hour, unrecorded. She tells him I have been claiming at HIS address for 4 years, this angered him. She also disclosed to him that my landlord at address 3 has a criminal record and she believes together me and him are part of a large scale fraud. She tells my ex landlord that I was claiming at 16 etc etc. Makes remarks such as "believe me, ill be prosecuting this girl, every case I get I take them down, I don't care if there OAPs, disabled, I get them, this girls has lied to me on tape through her whole interview" I was DISGUSTED to hear this. By the way, my interview was on the Thursday until office closing time, she turned up here on the Monday. My current partner is the son of landlord 2, we got into an actual relationship when I was living at another property AFTER this date, during my time at his parents he lived in Spain and worked there. So of course we know word for word in all truth what was said, my ex landlord was so disgusted with how she acted that hes retracted the statement and is complaining. Im so CONFUSED. I do not know what im being investigated for or what is happening. We didn't get to finish the interview and I had no time to ask questions, she now refuses to get back to me, meet me again until she has ore evidence etc. I am waiting for my useless solicitors to contact me, I have been waiting 2 weeks for a referral. I want to know how she can act like this, this isnt fair or impartial? How can she lie to my landlord to provoke anger and get away with it. How can she tell me the interview is about one small thing, then sit and interview me for so long. I am worried because I tried to answer the questions so I did not look uncooperative but I cannot remember everything from when I was 16. I was a bit of a tearaway, I had depression and eating problems and I did not really understand my legal obligations to claiming benefits, in all honesty, I didn't care back then. I know I have written A LOT but no one can help me if I do not lay down the facts. Does anyone know if I can do anything about her behavior and; IF they find I done something fraudulent under the age of 18, is this taken into consideration? Any other advice, experiences? THANK YOU Interview info and accusations EDIT: In interview she was suspicious because you can see X benefit going out but Y cash withdrawals that do not add up. I explained my rent was paid in cash, as stated on application and that I received "charitable donations" as I was not in a fit state of mind to work and was too young to claim anything, not that I even knew what was out there. I got say £250 in Charitable donations per month. My rent for example was £90 a week. I used to used the cash I got to pay rent and withdraw the different from my bank, so if I had £50 cash sitting there, I would only draw out £40 from my bank. Then I used what was left in my bank from housing benefit to pay for the stuff that the charitable donations was meant for, food, clothes etc. I said to her, why am I going to take cash to the bank every week, only to take cash back out??? I was terrible with money so I paid for things using card, I said, if I had £20 and only needed to spend £5, id end up spending the whole £20, its what I was like. Firstly she accused me of taking money from my partner or friends and paying rent with it, I don't understand whats wrong with this, money is money, they knew how much money I received every month, its up to me what pot I pay it from, its all still MONEY! Then she said, ok, lets say you wasn't having your rent paid by someone else, then I think you wasn't paying your landlord??? Her accusations were contradicting to say the least. I was honest and just said, look, I was 16-18 during these periods, my life was a mess, I did not keep paperwork ,record monies and quite frankly wasn't bothered about it, I was consumed with depression and that was the least of my worries. Now I am 20, have started my own sole trading company that is going well, I have matured so much am no longer depressed or taking medication and I am supporting myself. I feel like my careless behavior from when I was a minor is biting me in the backside and I understand if I was wrong, I was wrong, I need to face that but I am being treated like I was a completely comprehendable adult that knowingly plotted to [problem] the system because I am organised criminal.
  9. Hi. I'm in a panic. I was unemployed from April to Mid July I claimed JSA and HB and CB. On the day I started work I phoned the JSA In and Out of work team to end my claim. They asked me if I was claiming anything else and I told them. I also posted a letter (non recorded and 2nd class) on the same day, to the council, just to tell them I had started work and I wanted my benefit to cease from x date. I didn't go into any details figuring they'd get that from the jobcentre. My JSA stopped correctly and I believed they shared the info with the council? I've just fetched my bank statement from my old address and have noticed that they've paid me another full 4 week payment since I've started work and I'm stressed now. I don't qualify for the Housing Benefit run on so it can't be that. I plan on writing to them tomorrow and sending it recorded asking them to confirm what this payment was for and stating what I earned in July and my new salary. I will tell them that if it is an overpayment I don't dispute it in any way but I will request that I be allowed to pay it back over a couple of months (the payment was for just over £200 and I'm going to offer £100 a month) as the money is spent from my account. I'm a bit worried about what they are going to do though. I'm hoping the fact I am going to report the overpayment will go in my favour? Should I get into any trouble?
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