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Found 9 results

  1. I've copied the post I made in another website forum based on the information they gave on their site and the advice given on the forum as well. Up to this point I have only sent in my application to set aside the judgment, I also added at the end to stay the writ and complain about the bailiffs to requesting an investigation into their charges as well. I've no idea if I've done any of it correctly. I was out of time I think and had to have it in the post Friday or so I was lead to believe. I proved my insurance company claim was put in to deal with the case and
  2. The tribunal was a few years ago and i didnt have the evidence then but i have it now. The employer lied to the court about details which the tribunal took as true and used them to find my dismissal fair. Without these false details the court would almost certainly have found in my favour. It wasnt a case of they made a mistake with the details, the evidence i have shows they knew the correct details and told the court something else. I didnt appeal because i didnt have the evidence then and you only get 42 days to file an appeal. Ive heard of perjury cases being brought up
  3. hi, i got this email from cash4unow - do they have a right to say this, can i take them to task for it? Further to previous communications in this matter we write to advise we are currently preparing paperwork to take further action in this matter. This could result in the issue of a COUNTY COURT CLAIM. This matter is being passed to our Fraud Investigation Team as, on current evidence, it seems you may have obtained this loan fraudulently. When you applied for this loan we conducted an affordability assessment to establish your ability to repay this loan plus interest. In t
  4. Hello, I wrote a huge long detailed post but am aware these can be viewed via google (that's how I found this site) and am so so scared. my husband died in a terrible work accident in 2008 and there was no body. I was left with our 2 small children and you can imagine how awful and difficult it was. We'd claimed TC on his pretty low income (I also had a self employed pocket money job but mainly was stay at home mum), and it was extremely difficult for me to sort out his affairs as I I couldn't easilly get a death cert without his body. It was a horrific time. We got a ch
  5. me and my partner moved in together in July 2014 and i have forgotten to let tax credits know to change to a joint claim (Only realised today) my partner works full time and brings home around 1400 a month. Were in loads of debt as it is My anxiety is kicking in overdrive thinking im going to get fined and sent to prison! I havent phoned tax credits yet as im petrafied. any advice would be great
  6. I think we may have committed benefit fraud! We get pension credit at the moment, both guaranteed and savings. At 12.30pm today we have a compliance meeting at the jobcentre plus office. When we were awarded the savings part of pension credit we had £2000 savings (the only reason we got it). This has now whittled away to just £200! So, without realising it, we have committed fraud because we didn't declare this. Having only just looked into it, not having realised before. Are we likely to just have saving pension credit withdrawn? Are we liable to pay it back? Even mo
  7. Hi 12 months ago my wife transferred £14k from her Life Insurance Policy; expected at £8 reduction in benefit but did not hear anything from PC: due to family problems forgot about it until I had a Benefit check last week when I was told by the advisor I was getting £9 per week too much, I phoned PC immediately could not get through so wrote same day explaining (no copy of original letter as hard drive packed up) spoke to someone at PC this monday they had not recieved letter, same day got a Customer Compliance appointment through post for Benefit check,
  8. Hello, Firstly, my main concern here is how the investigation is being dealt with as in my opinion, if I have unknowingly done something wrong, then I have to cross that bridge when I come to it but I have SERIOUS concerns.Although I am worried about all of it and am in need of advice. - I receive a call back in April, my benefit had been suspended in March. I knew why and called them got told to call this benefit fraud woman and I did. Gave her my email as I had no fixed abode and emailed her explaining what had happened which in a nutshell; Was renting a room, landlord turned
  9. Hi. I'm in a panic. I was unemployed from April to Mid July I claimed JSA and HB and CB. On the day I started work I phoned the JSA In and Out of work team to end my claim. They asked me if I was claiming anything else and I told them. I also posted a letter (non recorded and 2nd class) on the same day, to the council, just to tell them I had started work and I wanted my benefit to cease from x date. I didn't go into any details figuring they'd get that from the jobcentre. My JSA stopped correctly and I believed they shared the info with the council? I've just fetched my bank stat
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