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  1. Have forwarded the email. Have I understood correctly that it is the claimant that would have to enforce the debt and not the court, so I shouldn't have any issues in that department? Thank you
  2. I mentioned this to the court and they just said its not up to me to let them know that it has been settled - its up to the claimant. I have an email address anyway so Ill send it as it wont do any harm. If a CCJ is registered can I have it removed if I prove I paid before 28 days? Thank You
  3. Hi Me again. DX I have re-started the irresponsible lending claim with Lending Stream, thank you. no claimant solicitor on the claim form. Telephoned Asset Collections and tried to pay them. First they tried to charge me more than the amount on the judgement. I explained again to the guy on the phone that I have had a judgement against me and Im trying to pay it within the 28 days so as not to get a CCJ. He goes away to speak to a manager. Comes back and gives me a lower figure than what I have on the claim form. I explain that Im pretty sure I have to
  4. I will have the money to pay them in full by Monday/Tuesday at the latest Who do I pay? Does this mean I avoid the ccj altogether? I'm not sure how the 28 day thing works .... Or do I have to apply to have the ccj removed? Also having an appointment with My doctor and CAB next week to hopefully start moving forward positively
  5. I don't get any benefits as when I was made redundant I had too much in savings. Now I have less they say I haven't made enough contributions to get anything and living out of my car on and off for months has made it harder. I'm trying to reconcile with my ex but I'm scared I'll drag them down .... This all happened spring last year and I've been trying to live off my savings since. I've not really known what to dO to be honest. Sorry to be a drain, I'm trying to find other sources of advice but it's quite conflicting out there. And obviously - thank you
  6. Doesnt look as if I can get help with the fees as I have £3500 exactly in my savings account. I have £16 in my current account ..... I move money over as I need to pay car insurance etc I dont get any benefits. Am I correct in thinking I have to pay the fee? And is it £50? Thank you
  7. I owe them around £2000 I have around £3000 in my savings account I am using this to live at the moment due to having no job Can they force me to give them this?
  8. Sorry what do you mean there is nothing further they can do? Will they just accept that I have no job and that I can only afford a small amount per month? I'm really sorry to keep on mithering I'm absolutely doing my nut here. I honestly wasn't expecting this ... I'm so scared they will try and send somebody round to my old address which is my ex partners mums house and I'm worried it will affect me seeing my kids
  9. I'm trying to get a job I've just about managed to get through xmas without doing some real stupid things and now this. What's the point?! I'm going backward instead of forwards
  10. No general form of judgement or order The date on the letter is 6/1/18 which I have just got Yet it states the above sums totalling £2323.79 must be paid by the defendant to the claimant by 4pm Jan 4th 2018 I'm crying here, if no home no job don't know what to do now will they take my car I'm not working due to anciety and depression I don't know what to do
  11. They won! They have a judgement ..... I didn't even think that was possible? What happens now?
  12. This is being heard today, I feel really ill. Can anybody advise what happens once a decision is made. Like how long it takes to find out etc. I have had to send a new address for correspondence to the court and I'm hoping they use this. I currently have no job but have a car worth a little bit and a little bit of savings will I be made to pay up immediately? I am relying on my savings at the moment to live as I can't claim anything. I'm so so worried with all this being over Christmas. Sorry for rambling I literally have nobody to turn to.
  13. Excellent, thank you for looking over that for me. Much appreciated as always.
  14. Thank you for your time and guidance as always. This is the main body of my letter ... I think it is ok? 'I write regarding the above case and the hearing which has been listed for the*21/12/2017* at pm * The Defendant respectfully begs your Honour to excuse the Defendant's non-attendance in person and kindly ask your Honour to accept this letter as written notice of non-attendance in accordance with CPR Rule 27.9 1(a). * I would like to add that no disrespect is intended by my non-attendance. I ask the court in accordance with CPR 27.9 (1) © to deal with this case in my ab
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