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  1. From May 20th 2018 - TL and GN started running a new timetable which was much publicised. However for 2 months they had severe operating issues which fell below the usual standards of service that is expected. A statement can be found below; Millions of people will have been affected by this - Whether you are a tourist or a regular season ticket holder then you will have had to endure persistent overcrowding due to cancelled trains / revised trains, lack of rolling stock / trained drivers, etc. Thameslink and Great Northern are offering up at a maximum of 1 months season ticket financial compensation for the poor service. More info can be found below; If you have been affected the the scheme will run in 3 phases... This is correct as of the 24th September 2018. A further scheme for Northern will open soon and people should keep an eye out for that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would appreciate to hear anybody else's experiences.
  2. Graves of 2 north west soldiers killed in the great war rededicated a century later READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/graves-of-2-north-west-soldiers-killed-in-the-great-war-rededicated-a-century-later
  3. The Great Repeal Bill – which does the opposite of what it says http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/theresa-may-great-repeal-bill-parliament-brexit-negotations-deal-a7837616.html One of the key points in the Brexit referendum and since has been the returning of power to the elected British Parliament YET the great repeal bill - includes a part which effectively gives absolute power to the PM and a handful of her senior ministers COMPLETELY bypassing the British democratic process. "The Great Repeal Bill proposes to delegate power to Government in the form of a Henry VIII clause which will enable Government to change all EU-derived primary and secondary law by means of a secondary act (usually a statutory instrument) with limited or no Parliamentary scrutiny or oversight. In the second of her two posts on the Bill, Joelle Grogan argues that this runs counter to democracy, legal certainty, the rule of law and the ultimate supremacy of Parliament itself." http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2017/06/05/the-not-so-great-repeal-bill-part-2-how-henry-viii-clauses-undermine-parliament/ This should be opposed with your every breath whatever your beliefs on Brexit or ANY other subject. I have no real issue with the main part - bringing required EU legislation into British Law, ONLY with the complete negating of British democracy which May has bolted on to it - Which I unequivocally oppose.
  4. Where are we going with Renewable Energy in Great Britain Just starting a thread on renewables.Just a few articles. Please add articles and comment if you like.I will add some more articles as time goes by. Had to start somewhere, hopefully with your ideas, knowledge and thoughts, posts we can see what is happening in Great Britain and elsewhere. See where we are going, how we are doing compared to the rest of the world. Who wants it who does not. And for what reasons. Is investment falling or rising? How many jobs being created, things like that. Ever since someone gave me an upcycled solar light I thought I have a feeling this is not in everyone's interest. Free power.Perhaps the powerful ones would not like this idea. Do you know? Renewables growth breaks records again despite fall in investment. Falling costs allowed the world to add record new renewable capacity even as investment fell, according to a new report. https://www.carbonbrief.org/renewables-growth-breaks-records-again-despite-fall-investment UK breaks solar energy record on sunny March weekend Amount of electricity demanded by homes and businesses one afternoon was lower than it was during night for first time ever https://www.carbonbrief.org/renewables-growth-breaks-records-again-despite-fall-investment Sustainable Energy – without the hot air.Loads of links to interesting articles. http://www.withouthotair.com/ G.B. National Grid Status Data courtesy of Elexon portal and Sheffield University The meter, you will soon get used to it.For someone like myself it may take a little time but interesting. To see what is happening throughout the day. http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/index.php Well to tell you the truth I do not know that much about renewables, wind, solar, tidal and all the rest. Sustainable energy etc and hope you will add your knowledge, thoughts and add to this thread. I said I would start a thread on renewables etc and have started one as promised. And if you are outside looking in, bursting with information or wanting to say anything you can join and have your say we are a friendly lot in the forums. Link here.http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php Thanks for reading anyway. I wish you a good evening wherever you may be. Tawnyowl.
  5. Continued from here.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?398262-The-great-interest-rate-rip-off-part-9
  6. I guess there is always the telephone book? I have Yellow Pages and a local directory delivered every year. For the full story :- http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/great-118-rip-could-end-10410058
  7. fantastic site for finding all different cases and consumer rights
  8. Hi I have received a letter today from Rundels enforcement agents, on behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, for a claimed debt of £1,600. The only money I can remember possibly owing was for rent, but not for that much, in 2005. Is a rent debt of this age enforceable or is it statute bared? Who do I write to to tell them I don't owe it? Many thanks
  9. Hello, I am unable to purchase a ticket at the railway station as the ticket machines are card only and the ticket office is permanently closed. I approached the guard before boarding the train and asked him if I could buy a ticket. He said yes and told me to board. When he came through the train, he told me that the battery on his machine had died, so I would have to buy one when I changed at the next station. When I went to buy a ticket, I was confronted by a member of staff who told me that I would have to pay a penalty fare for travelling without a ticket. I explained how it was not my fault because there were no facilities to buy a ticket at the station and the guard's machine wasn't working, but I was told that it wasn't relevant because it is an offence to travel without a ticket. They took my details and told me that, if I wanted to continue my journey, I would have to pay a penalty fare on top of a full price ticket for my journey, with no railcards allowed. I was told that I could appeal against this. Can somebody help? Am I likely to get my money back? Will I be able to get the extra money I had to pay for the ticket back as well, or will it just be the penalty fare?
  10. I end up in some strange places when doing a little research. Recently I came across this Debt Clock. Good heavens I thought, prodded myself a few times to check I was not having a nightmare. Then got hypnotised for about ten minutes till I had to lie down for a while to recover from the shock. Now I am certainly not an economist but wonder if this debt is true.And I know there are wise ones in these forums that can answer difficult questions. I looked elsewhere as well but for now this post will do. Just a couple of questions. 1-What would happen if we took the batteries out of this clock and said we cannot pay back this debt. 2-I see many towns sinking into debt and struggling like never before. Cutting back till they can cut no more. Absolutely skint to put it mildly. What would happen if a town said Thats it we are bust, we can do no more, it is affecting our town and its people far too much. 3-A silly question possibly, would a Government knowing that they are skint risk the health of a community in the outside hope that something like Fracking half the country away would possibly reduce this debt.Kind of desperation thought. I know at the moment to some reading my threads elsewhere possibly think I am obsessed with Fracking.Certainly worried for sure. Just another thought out there for people to have their say. Oh yes a link-That clock that is driving me mad possibly.Someone whip the Battery away. The UK national debt grows at a rate of £5,170 per second! http://www.nationaldebtclock.co.uk/
  11. I have been lurking and reading the forums for sometime , I thought it was finally time to sign up and say Hi ! and thank you !!!
  12. Hi guys, Firstly I know I've done a ridiculous thing, but here's my story, hopefully you can help: When I was travelling from a station the ticket office was shut and the ticket machine was 'out of order' So I boarded the train. The train conductor went to sell me a ticket, when I opened my wallet i realised I had left my card and cash at home. He said I could get off at the next stop without a fine, however I stayed on as I had a really important meeting. He proceeded to give me £20 increased fare, however, out of pure desperation and panic I gave him my old address and a false name. He did not say the details wernt validated so shall I proceed to pay the fine at the station and not mention the details were false or should I confess in an attempt to settle with no criminal conviction? As I said before, I know this was stupid but we all do crazy things when we panic. Hope someone can help, Adam
  13. Hi Guys, I haven't got a clue where we stand, but surely we have some rights. We have been renting our house for 10 years now from a Private Landlord. I say Private, it is in fact a man who owns a Property Company, and owns around 250 properties. We have paid around £66,000 pound in rent without missing a payment in all those years. I don't even think the house is worth £66,000 but there you go. For the first 7 years, we never asked the Landlord for anything whatsoever. However, over the last three years, things outside the house have suffered wear and tear, as would any property. The main problem we have is our back yard wall has fell down (well, half of it has anyway). The other half is loose and could injure someone if it fell on them. We reported this to the Landlords office 16 months ago, along with other less important issues. They sent somebody out who took a list of repairs to be done, and told us they would start as soon as they could. Well, to cut a long story short, 15 million phone calls (and being told that someone would get back to us) later, the repairs are all outstanding. They have even promised us a fresh lick of paint outside as we have decorated the inside ourselves on numerous occasions. We told them that we could maybe use the rent, and get a Builder etc to carry out the repairs to save them bothering, but they said 'no'. We cancelled the standing order on the rent last week because we knew that was the only way to get them to ring us, and they did. They asked about the rent, and we asked about the constant promises of repairs. They didn't want to talk about that, and said that nobody would come near the house if the rent wasn't paid. So, reluctantly we paid over the phone by card. they then promised that somebody would call out again to see the damage last Friday, and as expected, nobody turned up. Moving at this moment in time is really not an option, and we have invested a lot of our own money on the inside to keep it nice. I also cannot remember the last time we signed a contract. Surely they must regard us a decent tenants after 10 years, yet they treat us as if we are the worst. I'm just looking for some general and professional advice on what we can do. Or things we can say to the Company, that would make them realise we have some sort of right to have these repairs done. Hope somebody can help, and thanks in advance. SOD'EM
  14. Allah is great posters to be advertised on London buses from 23rd/May. Discuss..
  15. The weather and how it affects us here in Great Britain. I must admit having worked in construction and now roaming the beaches each day collecting driftwood i tend to keep one eye on the weather forecasts and one eye on the stormy seas and the other eye on what i am collecting. This winter the Atlantic has in my mind spoilt the fun for those of us who could be called coldies. Snow has been forecast week after week only to be blasted out of the way by the jet stream and its warmer air. However for the first time this winter models are suggesting and seemingly agreeing at the moment for a dumping of snow for many places even the South towards next weekend. Could change but the first time things seem to point this way. Well i will leave that bit now,forecasting has been very tricky this winter, a few degrees out and everything goes pear shaped.And has.And makes you look stupid when you warn all the neighbours get your sledge out,best bearskin coat and huskies ready for action.Only to find you need your boat instead. Or tea shirts and shorts and barbeque as it is balmy. Now when i was a kid winters were winters,icicles hanging from the gutters of the house,sometimes a foot long or more.About 30 centimetres for you youngsters out there. You went out of the house very carefully,tending not to slam doors. In case a avalanche of snow landed on your head sliding of the roof. or worse.Snow lay for weeks,and this was on low ground not elevation. Frost on the ground and in my house on the inside of the windows never mind outside. Used to write names and draw on it first thing in the morning. As you breathed out the breath used to freeze as you exhaled landing on the floor with a tinkle as it broke into pieces. Enough of that,why have i written this.Well i am sure some of you are coldies,looking out sometimes when it snows, Perhaps watching the lamp post light to see the snow drifting by. Enjoying the countryside and towns when things are suddenly transformed into a winter wonderland. Have you ever been caught out by the weather as i did late Autumn. On the Shoreline,nice enough ,all of a sudden no place to hide,spotted the sky darkening.wind got up and hailstorm from hell arrived,all in minutes. Horizontal wind and ice pellets that stung worse than the pea shooter my brother used to fire at me when a kid. Have you ever been caught in a weather event ,perhaps the thunderstorm,lightning from hell, a blizzard,seen a unusual event. Are you a coldy hoping for some snow before winter fades away.Or looking forward to the first real warm day of spring soon. Next weekend perhaps.
  16. The Great British Benefits Handout: Outrage as family buys PLAYSTATION after £26k freebie Next episode Tuesday, 16th February 2016 http://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/642660/The-Great-British-Benefits-Handout-Outrage Now did Channel 5 choose people who would make the most of this opportunity or did it deliberately choose people who would squander the funds in order to provide further fuel for those who criticise Benefit recipients ?
  17. Why do car insurance firms increase policy premiums for people with poor credit history? I just went online to check out my renewal costs on go compare - my new premium would be £520 - thats with 9 years no claims and 1 accident So I entered exactly the same details again and the only detail I changed was the name of the driver (made up a name) the address, car, annual mileage etc all stayed the same and the new quote came in at £380 As a previous discussion I had with an insurance firm the person stated that they only do a CRA check to confirm your details - but its quite clear they are using a poor credit rating to up the costs
  18. What do you think. Are some children missing out on the great outdoors and what it offers. Do you think perhaps as technology came in things changed. Do you really think computers help children learn or do you still believe in the old ways. I myself am obsessed with the outdoors ever since a child.The smells as you walk through woods. The crashing waves,and things you can learn on the shoreline. A walk through a forest. The unexpected nature you come across.That never fails to amaze you. First forest i came across was Grizedale Forest in the Lake District.Still think of it to this day. Castles and places like that where you can tell some stories,sometimes tall ones if you feel so inclined. Or your local park,a exciting place to visit. For myself it started when i went looking for a Dipper(a bird) in Wales.With a chap called Cluellyn Magnus Jones in Denbighshire.Way back in the 60s And came across hundreds of rabbits in a field unexpectedly. Just wondering what you out there think of things. Only problem i find as you get slightly older is the fresh air puts you out when you get home. No harm in that and the youngsters sleep well as well. All that fresh air. Just not keen on some questions like-"In your time was everything black and white". With research suggesting that children aren't spending enough time in the great outdoors, Caroline Fitton of the local Wildlife Trust explains why we should be doing more to nurture their love of all things natural. From a falling leaf to a cloud in the sky, nature captures every child's inquisitive sense of wonder. Spending plenty of time outdoors and engaging with nature and wildlife is one of the best things for any child, helping to develop fertile imaginations and bestowing a lifelong appreciation of the natural world. For many of us, spending time outside when we were young was a large and very valuable part of our childhoods; new technology and increased 'screen' time now bring concerns that the new generation are increasingly missing out. Much more on the link. Read more: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/kids-engaging-nature-little-help-Wildlife-Trust/story-28183303-detail/story.html#ixzz3rgNi1XGr
  19. My daughter has received a pre-court action letter from First Great Western. It states that she is in breach of the Regulations of Railways Act 1889 and requires a payment of £84.70 within 21 days. £80 of this is a charge towards costs incurred. I am rather upset at this as she did try to pay at the station she departed from and was unable to as no staff were manning the ticket office - they had put up a sign - and no one came through the train during her journey to enable her to buy a ticket. Also just to confirm – she waited in the queue with 4 others until the train arrived into the station, and then there was a run for the platform. When my daughter arrived at her destination station – she was stopped and did not have a ticket. My daughter explained she did not have a ticket and the reason. She was not given an option to purchase a ticket, but instead the ‘Inspector’ took her name and address and this letter entitled Pre-Court Action is this next communication we have received. I am happy to pay the fare, and do not understand why this option was not offered to her when she explained about the unmanned station which has no ticket machine. I do have an issue with paying £80 for a template letter. I have a photo of the sign that was displayed at St. Erth station (where she got on), and records should show that a conductor had not gone through the train in the 3 stops she was on the train Do I have any hope of fighting the admin charge – I feel it is not representative of the time/effort of sending a template letter? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi Folks Now this is one of the few times where I end up giving some good praise about a bank / building society. After the terrible (And i mean Terrible) Problems I had with Natwest & RBS, I decided for a change. In Feb of this year I ended up going to NAtionwide (Out of choice) (Wasn't Pushed) I signed up online and for some reason it gave me a Flexone, which is a child's account. They asked to see ID so I went into branch and they had realised that they had mucked up. They went through the process and I ended up complaining to the Complaints office because clearly their system had mucked up. They asked me what would i Like? I said Id like to Join Nationwide on a long term basis. They then said well... What account do you want. I said Flexaccount at the time, and with in 30 seconds, it had been changed. I had now completed my switch and fully left the incompetent bank known as RBS Group. Well there have been a few niggles as to be expected but they were minor. Well as off Thursday this week, NAtionwide said they have authorised an overdraft of quite a substantial amount for me. Naturally I havent taken it but its so nice when someone actually Says yes and doesnt say NO! Their service is phenomenal and they treat me like a proper customer and not just like another customer. They are someone I would recommend based upon just how quick and reliable they are/
  21. Hi all, Can anyone help or has anyone been in this situation? On the 10th April I was in Redruth, Cornwall and needed to travel to Bristol. On arriving at Redruth I found that the ticket office was closed (it was around 5:30pm) and found that there was not a ticket machine at that station. I did not believe this was a problem, as I knew that I should be able to purchase a ticket from the guard, and so I boarded the 18:11 service to Bristol Temple Meads. When the guard came into my carriage, I promptly asked for a ticket from Redruth to Bristol Temple Meads, with a 16-25 railcard discount. The price for this was around £30-35. When I attempted to pay with my Santander visa debit card, it was twice declined by the guards card machine. As a result, the guard told me that I could either get off the train at the next stop, or be questioned under caution and pay the fare at a later date. I took the latter option as I was fully prepared to pay the cost of the fare at a later date (I had been expecting to anyway), and he provided me with a zero fare excess ticket. However, the amount detailed in the letter I mentioned above is £168 - which is obviously far more than I am prepared to pay for the journey. I found the guard very helpful but he did not explain to me that I would have had to pay this extortionate price; for the same money I could have easily found somewhere to stay and travelled back the next day. I understand that there may be some doubt as to whether the card I tried to pay with was working, or had money available on it. As a result I obtained a mini-statement from my bank showing that there was available balance on that day, and showing that I used the card in the days following the incident. I have also checked with my bank who say that there was no attempt to access my account on that day. I firmly believe that there was in fact a problem with the card machine. This is why I believe that I should be given the chance to pay the original off-peak fare (the same train today would be £30.45). It is plainly unfair that I should have to pay a far higher fare through no fault of my own. Does anyone know if it is worth taking this to court? I am being asked for the £168 fee by the 27th May, so I am running out of time. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards
  22. Hello there, I hope you lovely people can help and offer some advice... I received an 'unpaid fare notice' from First Great Western exactly 7 months ago because I didn't have my young persons rail card with me (it was stolen on the train). They treated me badly and the experience was very distressing (lady made me cry), I disputed the notice within the 10 days given, and sent a long letter as well as all my original documents to their address (tickets, notice, etc.), asking to be pardoned from the fine due to the bad treatment and the fact that the fine was too large and unreasonable for the situation (there was theft involved, and the treatment was bad). The problem that I have is that they have not been in touch, I have not received any letters, and they have not even informed me that they received my letter (it was sent via recorded delivery). Unfortunately (stupidly) I didn't scan anything and I have lost the letter I wrote as it was so long ago. I only have proof of ticket purchase on email. What should I do? Can they prosecute me later, even though I had no warning or letters? Is they haven't done anything within 6 months, doesn't that legally mean that time has expired for them to prosecute? It was all sent to a Reading address that was on the notice. I wish that they would have at least sent a letter in response, saying something to put my mind at ease. Thank you very much
  23. I took a train from Paddington to Castle Cary back in June, and realised upon arriving that I had forgotten to bring my Young Person's rail card. This was a genuine mistake, and I hold a valid rail card. I was asked to pay for a brand new fare on the spot, which was £100. As I couldn't afford to pay at the time, I was later sent a letter asking me to pay a penalty of £152. My original ticket cost about £23 as it was both an advance fare and reduced further by the rail card. I have sent two letters admitting my mistake and providing evidence of my valid in date rail card, but they've rebuffed my attempts to reason. I understand that it is my responsibility to be able to present it at the time and this was a fault on my part. However, what I don't understand is how not showing my rail card invalidates the 'Advance' part of my ticket. I feel that the penalty is grossly unfair and I am genuinely unable to afford it. I'm being put into the same category as somebody who never purchased a ticket in the first place, which seems absurd. What, if anything, can I do next?
  24. Motorists could demand the refund of more than £100m in parking fines, after what experts described as an “explosive” tribunal ruling left local government traffic officials in “absolute panic”. Councils have handed over parking management to private companies, but in many instances have also asked them to handle any appeals against penalty charge notices (PCNs). This process is supposed to be handled by councils, partly because it would be a conflict of interest for a company to examine its own possible mistakes. The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is the second point of appeal and an adjudicator, Christopher Nicholls, has spelled out that council contractors must not be left to process PCN objections. His ruling stated: “I find that no reasonable local authority could have concluded this contract met the terms of its regulatory and public law duties.” As a result, 13 motorists in Gloucestershire were awarded their parking fines and costs after their initial appeals were turned down by the county council’s contractor, Apcoa. The motorists were repaid sums ranging from £42.50 to £155.67. The decision has widespread implications for people who may have been incorrectly fined. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/drivers-may-reclaim-millions-in-unfair-parking-fines-9746466.html
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