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Found 3 results

  1. Where are we going with Renewable Energy in Great Britain Just starting a thread on renewables.Just a few articles. Please add articles and comment if you like.I will add some more articles as time goes by. Had to start somewhere, hopefully with your ideas, knowledge and thoughts, posts we can see what is happening in Great Britain and elsewhere. See where we are going, how we are doing compared to the rest of the world. Who wants it who does not. And for what reasons. Is investment falling or rising? How many jobs being created, things like that. Ever since someone gave me an upcycled solar light I thought I have a feeling this is not in everyone's interest. Free power.Perhaps the powerful ones would not like this idea. Do you know? Renewables growth breaks records again despite fall in investment. Falling costs allowed the world to add record new renewable capacity even as investment fell, according to a new report. https://www.carbonbrief.org/renewables-growth-breaks-records-again-despite-fall-investment UK breaks solar energy record on sunny March weekend Amount of electricity demanded by homes and businesses one afternoon was lower than it was during night for first time ever https://www.carbonbrief.org/renewables-growth-breaks-records-again-despite-fall-investment Sustainable Energy – without the hot air.Loads of links to interesting articles. http://www.withouthotair.com/ G.B. National Grid Status Data courtesy of Elexon portal and Sheffield University The meter, you will soon get used to it.For someone like myself it may take a little time but interesting. To see what is happening throughout the day. http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/index.php Well to tell you the truth I do not know that much about renewables, wind, solar, tidal and all the rest. Sustainable energy etc and hope you will add your knowledge, thoughts and add to this thread. I said I would start a thread on renewables etc and have started one as promised. And if you are outside looking in, bursting with information or wanting to say anything you can join and have your say we are a friendly lot in the forums. Link here.http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php Thanks for reading anyway. I wish you a good evening wherever you may be. Tawnyowl.
  2. Lots of other companies come here to help their customers but Npower won't. This is the company which has been investigated by the regulator and which is being regulated again, which has been criticised in court, which has been criticised in the House of Commons, which has been fined by the regulator - which has had its competence to hold a licence questioned in the House of Commons, which has sacked its CEO, which is faced with fallen profits, which is the most criticised Utility company in the UK - whihc has promised to address its problems and its attitude to customers - and they refuse to come to a forum and dela with their customers directly. What a rotten company Npower is. What a crappy shambles.
  3. Brief background... I'm awaiting a delivery, and have been all week. Yodel's first delivery driver had the inability to write, so the tracking number couldn't be figured out. I was actually in that day, and actually the second day also. On the second day the driver decided not to write the tracking number, probably thinking I had skills akin to those working in Bletchley Park to figure out the aforementioned tracking number. A quick attempt at calling their customer service number failed as the hold time was too long, over half an hour. So I tried Twitter. At first they were excellent but then they soon started ignoring tweets and DMs, or at the very least take an absolute age to get back to me. So yesterday they promised to inform me first thing that they would update me and allow me to drive to Lichfield to grab the parcel, of course that hasn't happened; so now I'm off to work and need to items this evening. Oh, I did try to call and actually got through (called first thing) only to met by a script-reading idiot who could only answer my questions with 'I'll send the depot an e-mail'. No wonder all the big players are leaving Yodel and moving elsewhere. /rant Oh, a bit more reading for anyone! http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/aug/24/amazon-complaints-yodel-delivery-service
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