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  1. Sorry I think what I'm asking this time is a different question. It's nothing about he actual loan itself or repayment of it or anything I've asked before. It's simply whether they fact they've described it as secured when it isn't is a problem or not? Not everyone is an expert in this bit i think hats a completely different question
  2. Hi all I am have a large natwest graduate loan that I took in 2011. I wasn't actually a graduate at the time but the guy in the bank said they'd just changed my student account to graduate so I could get one. Also wasn't working at the time but had conditional job offer. Was given the loan but later didn't get that job and so couldn't pay. Used loan to pay loan. Now paying through DMP. I've just seen some letters they'd sent as I'm sending a cca request and theyvelines described my loan throughout as a secured loan and a mortgage which is definitely wasn't. Was just a simple graduate loan. What can I do about this? Is there a complaint I can be making? Thanks all
  3. Ah ok thank you! The reason I thought it might have been mis sold was that I hadn't graduated at the time due to illness. I didn't graduate until the following year but he changed my account to a graduate account so that he could give me the loan. He also accepted a conditional job offer as proof I'd be able to pay despite me having no money and being in my over draft with my account with them. He said he couldn't accept a conditional offer then called me and said he could.
  4. thanks for your help. just checking as i want to do it all right.. .i dont have every letter theyve ever sent me regarding charges but i know ive had them many many times. Im not over my credit limit and i think the charges would come to at least half of the outstanding debt which i now have a default on my credit file for. Can i just send them the letter from the bank charge library first thing before doing anything else? Thanks!
  5. I took out a student bank account with natwest when i went to uni. I took longer to complete my degree as i was ill however, after 3 years my bank upgraded my account to a graduate account even though i hadnt asked and hadnt graduated. They offered me a graduate loan which i wanted to take. The guy at the bank told me that if i took out a higher loan it would help me get a mortgage in the future and would improve my credit rating. I stupidly believed you and took out the higher loan which they accepted with a job offer letter which was conditional of me passing the probation period. the payments were set up for £270 a month. I kept some of the loan to pay the first repayments back and then carried on paying for about a year. then i fell ill and into financial problems. I told the bank straight away and filled out an income and expenditure form. They agreed to let me enter into a 12 month agreement to pay less. I was paying perfectly when i got a letter saying it had been passed to a debt collector. I called and they said it had accidentally been passed and they were trying to get it back and i couldnt pay anything as they no longer held the account. It took them 6 months to get it back. 12 month of the agreement plan was spent waiting for them to get my account back from the debt collector and so i couldnt pay. but they said my 12 months was up even though i couldnt pay for 6 months because of their mistake. They literally harassed me with phonecalls and letters everyday and calling my parents house even though id told them i didnt live there any more. I have a massive default of my credit rating for a huge loan i never would have taken if it wasnt for there misrepresentations. Is there anything i can do?! Im now paying it through a stepchange plan but it wont be paid for ages.
  6. I have a natwest Credit card that came with my student bank account. I was paying it regularly but then had problems with paying it. I never went over the credit limit and kept the bank aware of everything at every stage. Ive had a look at some old statements and i've received at least 6 late payment fees of £12 but i definitely remember there being more than this. Is there anything I can do about these?
  7. Sent postal orders in the letters and they're saying they can't accept them because they're nit named to them specifically. The other places I sent cca/SAR requests to accepted them just the same way! Are they stalling? Do I need to get all new ones?
  8. I've received the SAR response from very, so confusing with all these codes. Basically just a print out of what they see on their screens. I can only make out a couple of charges but I know there were more! Not sure what to do
  9. Life happened and never got round to sorting this. Now getting back to it. Is the best thing still to send the ID? does this mean you acknowledge a legitimate debt? Is there any ombudsmen etc to complain to? This loan was so dodgy!
  10. still confused about this one. I'll be paying it off for years and years and don't think it was right in the first place. any ideas?
  11. sent a sar to very. they've sent the information back and it's so confusing! think I might have to give up on this one as I just can't figure it out!
  12. hi thanks for your post! I hate to sound thick but I don't suppose you could just explain the letter to me a little. it sounds good but I just wanna understand exactly what I mean before we send it. thanks!
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