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  1. It seems a few people have had this problem - do you think there is any chance of them reimbursing me? Thanks for your help by the way.
  2. It is a basic current account with black raised numbers. However, I have spoken to Santander and they have said that there are no restrictions on the card.
  3. I did have a conversation with a rep from the prosecutions unit (for which a number is provided on the letter). He basically just reiterated what was in the letter - although he did agree to send me the guard's report which is being forwarded to me from my parents' address. The letter is dated 6th May 2015, obviously a while ago now, this had to be forwarded to me too.
  4. I had a problem with a card from the same account many years ago, and I did mention this to the guard and the customer service rep on the phone, but they both said that those problems have been fixed. It's a Visa Debit card.
  5. Hi BazzaS, thanks for the quick reply. The document is entitled 'Pre-Court Action' and states that "consideration is now being given to preparing the case for Court. If convicted of any offence, you could be ordered to pay a fine of up to £1000.00 and / or be sentenced up to 3 months imprisonment. The Court also has powers to impose other financial penalties on you, including the Company's costs of bringing the prosecution together with compensation of your outstanding fare". The £166 charge (sorry - it wasn't £168 - I misread) is the £86 full fare for the journey plus £80 admin costs.
  6. Hi all, Can anyone help or has anyone been in this situation? On the 10th April I was in Redruth, Cornwall and needed to travel to Bristol. On arriving at Redruth I found that the ticket office was closed (it was around 5:30pm) and found that there was not a ticket machine at that station. I did not believe this was a problem, as I knew that I should be able to purchase a ticket from the guard, and so I boarded the 18:11 service to Bristol Temple Meads. When the guard came into my carriage, I promptly asked for a ticket from Redruth to Bristol Temple Meads, with a 16-25 railc
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