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  1. Hello all. My daughter contacted GWR and discussed her case - they requested she send them by post the photograph to demonstrate that the ticket office was not available. However, in their return letter they noted "It is your responsibility; knowing that were not in possession of a valid ticket after the train left St Erth, to proactively seek out the Train Conductor on the train." This is true and we are paying the pre-court action fine/costs as recommended. Still think the costs are not representative of the template letter they sent out; it has been a learning
  2. Thanks Andy. We will try the department on the letter and if all goes pair shaped, then give Transport Focus a go. Appreciate your advice, sharing of knowledge and the amount of time all of you give.
  3. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria, just logged on and seen this comment - you are quite right. She was 18 last month and FGW refused to deal with me. A learning curve for both of us!
  4. Thanks Dx I will see what response I get from the company today as rang and left a message yesterday. Appreciate your help and advice. Will post results once known. S
  5. Thanks firstclassx - unfortunately we arrived at st.Erth with 9 minutes to spare. The station staff didn't come in after the arrival of the St.Ives train but went straight to the next platform. Often the staff return to the office between trains, but it was not the case on that day. I was not aware that she should go looking for the train conductor, so will ensure that if this occurs again she doesn't wait in a seat. Thanks you for your assistance.
  6. Thanks Andydd - The staff were not at the desk and I have attached a photo of the sign they put in the window - its used quite often. I have not seen a ticket machine at St.Erth, but did a check online to double check - which confirmed there are no machines. UncleBulgaria - My daughters bus leaves 4 minutes after the train arrives from outside the station - I suspect she probably did make a dash for the bus, but will need to have another chat with her. She said she was stopped inside the station - so I am not sure on this point. Thank you both for
  7. My daughter has received a pre-court action letter from First Great Western. It states that she is in breach of the Regulations of Railways Act 1889 and requires a payment of £84.70 within 21 days. £80 of this is a charge towards costs incurred. I am rather upset at this as she did try to pay at the station she departed from and was unable to as no staff were manning the ticket office - they had put up a sign - and no one came through the train during her journey to enable her to buy a ticket. Also just to confirm – she waited in the queue with 4 others until the
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