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Found 18 results

  1. Well it seems it is going to be one of those days.Already i have put two threads out and it is only 8am. This one has caused by blood to boil.But everyone has a view,what is yours. Here is my answer to the news that - Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/23/north-yorkshire-council-approves-fracking-plans/ Well everyone will know what i feel about Fracking just in case it is Lancashire next by fair means or foul. Our council and people have said No quite clearly.I am now catching up with local views just in case. My video of how i feel.When i went on a protest to learn more.These people are protectors not protesters. Could be on your doorstep next.
  2. Hi All, I hope someone will be able to help me, as we got ticket and I am refusing to pay it, as we did nothing wrong. Back in May, 5th of May 2018 we went to Willen Lake (this is somewhere where we go at least once per week, this time, for some STUPID reason, we have parked at Napier Willen Lake, North Car park, which is a new carpark and not our usual parking spot. we drove in, went to pay, but seen that at this particular car park we need to pay on our way out, as such. we went to park for just under 3 hours, came back, went to the ticket machine, entered our car registration, got the fee, paid with card, and machine just went blank after that, which didn’t bring any suspicion as the machine was working fine (so it appears), 2 weeks later we’ve received the £100 FCN, but if paid within 14 days then we “ONLY” need to pay £60. Well, needless to say, we refused this and have put in the appeal, stating the above and also adding that they can probably check their cameras at the machine, and see that we have paid (our opinion at the time). Our appeal was turned down. After that first letter we have received the second letter that says “Final reminder” on it and yesterday we have received the letter stating that our account has been passed to their legal team. I have attached the mentioned letters to this “cry for help/advice” thread. I hope I have hidden all private information, I did check it 5 times.  Many thanks for your help in advance. Napier.pdf
  3. Graves of 2 north west soldiers killed in the great war rededicated a century later READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/graves-of-2-north-west-soldiers-killed-in-the-great-war-rededicated-a-century-later
  4. Hi all. Just after some advice on this one for my brother as he's now in disneyland in florida for 3 weeks with his family. He parked at broughton park in north east wales while he went for a meal with his partner and child at frankie and bennys. The only bays available that were anywhere close to the restaurant were either disabled bays or bays right across the other side of the park near macdonalds or near specsavers. Not really the kind of walk you want to do when its raining hard and you have a 7 year old tired kid in tow. he chose to park in a disabled bay as it was the most logical place. Bear in mind, he parked there at 7pm and every single one of the 2 rows of disabled bays were empty . The rest of the park was full. He left the restaurant at around 9pm to find out he had a PCN issued at 8.33. By this time, the park would have been pretty empty as people would have left the restuarants and shops there. The only people around would be late night eaters and cinema goers. Google maps shows the park at 53.167590, -2.975015 He parked in the bays to the right side of prezzo. He wants to know how he can get rid of this PCN i thought i'd ask you guys for him. I know a fair bit about PCN's, but i don't want to make a mistake for him. Also, regarding signage, if you look where the red barriers are on the empty car park by prezzo, thats the signage thats there now. Theyre sporadic around the park, but thats the only signage around. I can get signage if needed. PCN and NTK are below: And: 1 Date of the infringement - 25 Aug 17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 25th Sept 17 3 Date received 27th Sept 17 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? No 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] No Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N/A 7 Who is the parking company? Park Watch 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Broughton Retail park 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf 4.pdf
  5. I know Chris very well and have done for many years. Sadly it seems I'm another one of his victims. I paid Chris £600 upfront in January this year to repaint my mk 4 golf anniversary. He stated that as the body shop side of his business was quiet over winter he could do mine between other jobs and it would be done in 3-4 weeks from then. Nearly 6 months later and I'm still waiting. The car is sat in the same place I parked it back in January. Last month (April) I had a talk with him and told him I wanted the car and cash back and that i would get the work done elsewhere. He promised to crack on with it and days later the bumpers, lights etc were removed, now we are back to square one with my car sat rotting away. It's been there that long there's 3mm of tree sap caked on the car. Chris avoids replying to my texts. I've been told by a very good friend of Chris's that he has over 40 cars waiting for extensive restoration work the majority of customers having paid upfront all to lavish Chris's lifestyle. His friend admitted he doubted any of the cars would ever get done and that it was only a matter of time before he 'Did a flit' back to his belovied Cornwall. His working week consists of 3 days now. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday evening he travels down to Cornwall returning Tuesday. He's well aware of the comments on this forum and reckons most is liable and that he's tried several times to get it taken down but to no avail. Posts claiming people have served court papers on him are also false according to him with most of the negative comments coming from a disgruntled ex member of staff that was sacked - the guy lives in fairy land. I don't know how the guy has the brass neck to continue taking money off people.
  6. The snoopers charter which ALREADY allows the most extensive spying on its own citizens outside of China or North Korea (and possible actually worse given the higher levels of connectivity here) is intended to be increased by the Tories. Much of the justification is these 1 man in a van attacks which horrendous as they are, are no more than occurs on a daily basis in most major cities by alcohol or mentally ill people. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/19/technology/britain-encryption-privacy-hate-speech.html?ribbon-ad-idx=15&rref=world/europe Given that the existing snooping powers in the UK "Recent legislation already gives Britain’s law enforcement officials some of the world’s strongest powers to read and monitor online chatter" have done NOTHING to stop these man in a van or man with a knife attacks, DESPITE a number of them being on international watch listsm it beggars the question of How would increasing these powers actually make a difference given that even the attacks by KNOWN Islamist extremists on UK and international watch lists were not affected in any way ? How is policing and monitoring of those spying on UK citizens going to be carries out and reported and properly policed - including reporting to the public what is occurring or has occurred? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2016/25/contents/enacted Worth noting: In the US spying on the nations OWN citizens is treated differently to foreign nationals. Do we really want the UK to be the envy of North Korea - for all the wrong reasons?
  7. Hi all Looking for some advise with regards to PNC This is on behalf of a friend. He parked in the Auldi car park to do a shop. What he did not do was punch in his reg number. He was there a total of 29 mins (according to PE) He has now received a Notice to Owner, an invoice for £70.00 reduced if paid quickly. He said he is going to appeal. any advise would be gratefully appreciated. Leakie
  8. Dear All, My daughter back in May received 2 Parking charge notices from parking eye for her car being parked at Charnock Richard Services on the m6 north, she checked the dates when her car was parked and being that i am the only other person to drive her car and plus the fact she rarely drives on the motorway it was clear that it was in fact me driving the car at the time, when she called parking eye she gave them my details to which i do not have a problem with. Now i have the 2 parking charges and they are asking me to pay £100 for each of these or £60 each if i pay within the 14 days of this order being sent to me, i spoke to parking eye this afternoon and they have said it has been put on hold for 14 days to allow me to appeal and after that they will pursue it further, i have seen a few appeals have been won by not clear signage and parking eye not being the landowner etc i am wondering if this is the case and how do i go about it. I would really appreciate it if anybody could help me with this.
  9. Hi, I have just received a claimform from Hadfield & Co Solicitors on behalf of my old Uni. It is over an extra module that I had taken but didn't complete due to dropping out of Uni entirely due to personal reasons. I accept that I owe the module amount, which is £578 but they are claiming an amount of 726.11 plus a £60 court fee and £70 legal representative costs - £856.11. They had assigned a debt collector, who I was about to enter into an agreement with around September 2015. I can't remember the name of the company after one phone call, they sent me an income/ expenditure as I proposed £20 per month (I'm not earning much at all!) I filled in said I/E and sent it off but heard nothing thereafter. After a lot going on in my life, I have to say I didn't really give it too much thought until a Claim form came through the post. Surely they are supposed to send letters? Like I said I have had one phone call and I was happy to make an arrangement, I really can't afford a CCJ against me! The particulars are as follows; The Claimant claims £578.00 in respect of 1. University Tuition provided by the Claimant at the Defendants request, full particulars whereof having been supplied by way of Claimant's invoice dated 23 October 2012 to 23 October 2012. 2. The Claimant claims the further sum of £148.11 pursuant to S.69 of the County Court Acts 1984 at the rate of 8.00% from the date on which the invoice(s) were due to date. 3. The Claimant also claims statutory interest at the above daily rate of £0.13 from the date hereof to payment of Judgement, whichever is the sooner. 4. Costs I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but I have already acknowledged the claim online and I refuse to bury my head in the sand any more! I already have one CCJ registered against me, which I have been told from a friend that had I defended it, I could have had it dismissed! Thanks in advance!
  10. My Council (North East Lincolnshire) obtained a liability order on 30 October 2015 to enforce whatever sum it considered was outstanding at the time of the court hearing. In a letter received 13 November 2015 the council proposed the following payment arrangement which included an amount which I dispute (£120) and am not willing to pay: The following was sent to the council on 10 November and although the council aims to respond in 10 working days there has not yet been a reply. I have not agreed to the council's rescheduled instalment plan (01-Dec-2015 – £100.66) and continued making payments as per usual. It looks as though they'll be sending the bailiffs round as I have no income to which they can attach deductions. However, I have had no further communications from the council regarding this and wonder if they see the futility in appointing bailiffs when they know they have no possibility of obtaining the disputed outstanding sum.
  11. Hi, i was speeding on the motorway and wish t plead guilty and pay the appropriate £100 fine and take the 3 points. I have been waiting for the [/b]conditional offer of a fixed penalty notice[/b] It never came on the post?! Then I receive a postal requisition to be heard in court. Can I not contact NYP and state that i did not receive the offer of a fixed penalty notice? surely this is unfair to go straight to court if I haven't received the offer to pay via the fixed penalty notice. Any tips or forms or letters i can send as my response guys would be most appreciated? i want to pay plead guilty and have done with this but haven't had the bloody chance. We also live at a new house and our address is proving really hard to locate for many org/co. Lots of mail goes to another house half a mile up the road! Genuine reason and I want to clear this up and pay.
  12. Hi all, I've finally got around to posting on here after reading up that new advice is to NOT ignore PCN's as I have done in the past. I've received a parking charge from Parking Eye for being in an "NHS Vehicles Only" part of the hospital for 36 minutes. This area has a 20 minute free allotted time. I've been in there in the past many times to pick up my other half who works at the hospital and I'm normally out within 20 minutes however he was late coming out on this occasion so therefore I've overstayed the time and they've clocked me on the ANPR camera going in at 19:49 and coming out at 20:25. I don't know if its worth mentioning that I wasn't parked in a bay whilst waiting, I was stopped on a double yellow line outside the staff entrance/exit. Also, I moved from Hartlepool to Ingleby Barwick 5 years ago and notified the DVLA so they sent me a new driving licence, but apparently this did not update the records of the car I was driving so the car was still registered at my old address in Hartlepool at the time of the offence.... which is my parents house so therefore I still received notification of the parking charge, dated 16th May. I ignored it, as I have done many times in the past for parking charges. At the end of May I bought a new car and when trying to transfer my private plate to my new car the whole address mis-match came to light so I've had to sort that out so that my old car is now registered to my Ingleby Barwick address. I received a "Letter before county court claim" dated 4th July to my old address in Hartlepool. I've since moved to Newcastle as of the beginning of July however I have not updated the DVLA with my new address yet, but I've set up a redirection request with the royal mail. I received a "Outstanding parking charge" letter sent to my old address in Ingleby Barwick which has been redirected by the Royal Mail to my new address in Newcastle, dated 20th July saying that Parking Eye have previously written to me at an old address that I had registered with the DVLA however it has come to their attention that I've moved so they have now wrote to the address they believe I am at and are willing to accept the £40 initial reduced charge if paid within 14 days of this new letter. That's the last I've heard from them but I've since realised that I shouldn't have ignored it in the first place like I have done with other company's in the past. Is my best course of action to submit a standard appeal, even though its outside the 28 day window for appeals? Many Thanks
  13. In 2007 i guaranteed a limited company's hire agreement said on the face of the document to be none regulated. Total payable with interest was £26,903. The finance company are now suing me under the guarantee There is a dispute about how long the guarantee was for But that is not why i am on here posting The Company claims the Agreement was signed at a dealership - whereas it certainly was not. Im just trying to find out if they are saying that because for it to be a genuine none regulated agreement the agreement needed to be signed on trade premises. As it wasn't, does that change things and if so how? Might it give me more of a defence Might it mean the agreement is instead regulated If so, is that fatal to the claim or does it just give me more options - like rights to cancel, which seems academic, some 7 years later.. Wonder if anybody out there can please help. Thanks in advance.
  14. http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/north-tees-hospital-parking-tickets-7960607?ref=BreakingNewsTeesside&utm_medium=facebook
  15. Playing portugal. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/football-fans-north-korea-told-3849292
  16. Hi All Like many people my partner has fallen into arrears with her mortgage. She gets help via he DWP, but this does not cover the full payment and the arrears are over £6000. To cut a long story, they wont allow her to go onto interest only, even though this will stop her getting repossessed. They have offered part and part but wont specify. Anyway I wrote a letter of complaint and they still wont go to interest only, but have refunded the fees on the account, which they are crediting to the arrears. I have heard that if it goes to possession hearing then they might have to put the arrears onto the term of the mortgage and maybe interest only. Any ideas
  17. I have a bit of a conundrum with regards to a missing PCN and NTO, plus their website showing the wrong car. I will give you the run down, please be patient I have a motability car and I have a designated driver to ferry me about when Im not well enough to drive it myself, They take the car home which they are allowed to do with in a few certain radius which is ok. This particular driver lives in a permit zone, so he calls up Parking Partners and lets them know, they tell him that its fine to use his own permit and that they will inform the local Traffic enforcement team that this is permitted. No problems, I am now able to drive myself so the car is back with me. I get an NTO yesterday basically telling me that I now owe £50. Im a little confused at this as I wasnt aware and neither was the driver aware that a PCN was placed on the car, this was in the road where the driver lives and was issued at the time the driver had the car. I can make representation with regards to this NTO on line via their website, so I did. It shows photo of the car and where the contravention happened. When I looked at the photos, it wasnt my car, the reg was no where near what mine is and the car, although the same colour as mine is a totally different make, plus the car is parked in a different road, two roads down to where my car was parked. It showed the tax disc of this car, plus a CD on the dash and a photo showing that a PCN had been placed on the car. There are about 7 photos and one is of the sign stating it is a permit area, but this was also in a different road to where my car is parked. However the last photo is my car but taken at a distance where a permit can barely been seen in the front screen on the drivers side where it is meant to be. No PCN on the car showing at all. The car was not parked there unlawfully. I have made the representation, but Im not quite sure if they can make me pay the PCN at the £50 or if at all based on them showing the wrong photos. Can anyone throw any light on this please. This parking company is council run and not a private firm, however they have been making many mistakes lately.
  18. Hello! Everyone! I saw many threads about several parking companies but nothing on Parkrite. I live in a block of apartments that is also connected to a block of offices and a gym. Although the lower level spaces are free for us(the residents) to use, the upper level office spaces are for permit holders only and only one space free for the gym! I parked upstairs as there was a traffic jam to get through to the lower level without thinking twice about it. In the morning when I went to go to work I found a ticket on my windscreen.On this ticket it says PARKING CHARGE NOTICE. It claims I must pay 100 pounds but if payment is received in the first 14 days it will be reduced to 50. I called the office in the morning stating that I am a resident(did not tell them which flat) and a member of the gym and that I was no obstructing anyone's parking as it was empty and I left early in the morning when the offices were not even open yet! I said I did not realise that that in the same block of parking spaces some are free to be used and some not!They said there is nothing they can do as I was wrongfully parked. Should I bother communicating any more or pay or should I just ignore? THANK YOU!
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