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  1. When I was caught using my mom's freedom pass, 'the caution' was read to me AFTER I answered all the questions and was asked to sign the notes. I was NOT asked to review the notes just to sign. Is it how it is supposed to be done? After the questions and my signature the caution followed and I just felt sick. The officer offered free legal advice but I refused because I was mentally and physically unable to continue. Can I still request free legal advice should I go to court? I think I wasnÂ’t informed that I DID NOT have to answer the questions WITHOUT legal adviser. My mind is pretty fuzzy on the above but this is what I remember. In hindsight I would have answered everything with a free lawyer but to be honest I think I answered everything truthfully anyway... but: Was the caution read to me legally in this order? Should I mention it in my apology letter? With a case number saying to fill in the form on the reverse of the letter with plead guilty or not guilty within 10 days – no intention to prosecute yet. I intend to plead guilty because I did commit this offence. If I accept committing the offence I need to provide any exceptional reasons as to why they should not prosecute me. They stopped me just after I crossed the tube gates at Northolt station so I didn't have a chance to actually make any journey. After all the questioning they let me out and I went back in using my credit card. I only have 4 days to reply as I only received it today (I was checking the post ever since the incident – it took them only 4 days to write it to me – is it a bad sign?) so I only have a week to reply L. So please can you help me understand: What the legal consequences will be? I am talking about worst case scenario. I am pretty sure I will be prosecuted, will be given a criminal record, huge fine (how much do you think?) but will not be jailed as this is my first offence? Or am I wrong and can get to prison? Will my employer need to know? Will I get fired? If this happens can I appeal and how? [*]My exceptional reasons (I guess these are the mitigating circumstances) is my mental illness. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, associated disorders and side effects caused by being on antidepressants for about 10 years – all is GP documented. As a result I have suffered from frequent serious disorders – just imagine the worst for a depressed person as I donÂ’t feel like providing such details. In addition I recently started a therapy to stop smoking and the side effects of the medicine are severe and are not helping my mental state. Especially the last 2 years have been very hard for me, I lost my job, my person life crumbled, I had difficulty getting out of bed and so onÂ… and finally 3 weeks ago I found a job (which again added a lot of stress as I want to keep it at all costs) and I was caught only after 2 weeks of working. [*]I was asked if it was my first time: I honestly donÂ’t know and this is what I answered. My mom and I keep exchanging bags and stuff and I have been too stressed out to check which card I had in my bag – they have the same cases. So the worst case scenario is that I have been using it since January/February this year but irregularly like 1-3 times a week or weeks of not using it at all. [*]‘the cautionÂ’ Was read to me after I answered all the questions and was asked to sign the notes. I was not asked to review the notes just to sign. Later came the caution and I just felt sick. He offered free legal advice but I refused because I was mentally and physically unable to continue. I think I wasnÂ’t informed that I didnÂ’t have to answer the questions without legal adviser. My mind is pretty fuzzy on the above but this is what I remember. In hindsight I would have answered everything with a free lawyer but to be honest I think I answered everything truthfully anyway but: Was the caution read to me legally in this order? I.e. after I answered all the questions and was asked to sign the notes without reviewing them? ​ [*]Apology letter I intend to write everything that happened, the card/bag mix up, my mental issues, plead guilty, apologise, ask not to be prosecuted, not to get a criminal record, settle out of court, offer the payment of all the associated fees and penalty etc. Does it sound right? Should I add something about the caution that to me should have been read at the beginning? Should I add anything else to help my case? ​ Thank you very much for reading this! As you can imagine I am losing my mind, I am scared, terrified I overmedicate so that I donÂ’t have to thinkÂ… any words of wisdom will help so please, I am begging you help me if you can.
  2. 2 years ago i bought a motorcycle and titles never changed to my name .seller called me now and told me that 1 year ago supposingly someone took my bike and failed to stop on police signal in the night. the police contacted previous owner as it was still registered to him, went at the police station but he didnt remember my details to contact me. now,after 6 months, he remembered my details as he stands a court for failing to transfer the titles and he said he is going to mention me in the court. ofcourse it wasnt me. by the way i have transferred the titles to my name today. i dont want to blame the previous owner as the truth is that i had the bike but didnt commit that offence. as i checked my messenger i was talking to my gf that night from home so i can prove that and from my ip. how can i prove it and what can i say if called to court after all this time? what are my liabilities? more over will i be the keeper in law's eyes? best regards
  3. last year I helped my grandmother switch from EON to Scottish Power to save some money on her energy bills, in October of last year when they requested meter readings we noticed that the previous meter reading showing on their website was in the region of 6000 units lower than the reading we had just taken. We contacted Scottish Power using their online contact form and explained the situation, they requested a photograph of the meter showing the serial number and current reading, then confirmed that the serial number was correct and that the meter read was indeed anomalous. At this point they requested we take photographs of the meter reading every day for a week to check if there was an issue with the meter reading too fast, we provided these at the end of the week the usage seemed normal, Scottish Power determined that the previous supplier had given them an incorrect opening meter read. On 2nd November Scottish Power advised that they would go back to the previous supplier and request that they amend their final meter read to a correct one and that within 28 days the opening meter reading on the Scottish Power account would be corrected. Shortly after my grandmother received an amended final bill from eON for £90 which showed they had amended their final meter read to the one specified by Scottish Power. After this was paid we just assumed that the issue would be resolved. Come late December Scottish Power sent an automated mail requesting meter readings so we took these, upon logging in to the website again we found that the online account still showed a meter read 6000 units too low. I replied to Scottish Power's e-mails on the matter on 25th December and received a response on 2nd January apologising and stating that they would once again get in touch with eON to have them amend their final meter read and that the issue would be resolved within 28 days. I immediately replied to this e-mail on the same day, advising Scottish Power that the previous supplier had already amended their final meter reading and that the issue was with the Scottish Power opening read, and that any changes needed to be carried out by Scottish Power. I never received a response to this mail. I sent another mail reply on 13th January, beyond the automated "We will respond within 48 hours" there was no reply forthcoming, and the online Scottish Power account still shows a meter reading 6000 units short of what it should be. As far as I can tell what's happened is that either Scottish Power have made a mistake when opening the account, as it appears from the amended final bill that eON did provide a correct final read originally, or shortly after opening the account a Scottish Power meter reader came to the property and read the meter, because the meter is at floor level they mistook a 6 for a 0 and then amended the meter read downwards themselves. We just want Scottish Power to amend the meter read on their system so that we can submit accurate meter readings without running the risk of being charged for 6000 units of usage that has already been paid to previous suppliers. Long term this issue also prevents switching providers as the new provider will be given the incorrect meter reads and the problem will start all over again. All communication with Scottish Power so far has been in writing via e-mail and we'd prefer to keep it that way so that everything is recorded/documented. I was planning on following the Scottish Power official complaints process this weekend, before that I was wondering if anyone here had an e-mail address for the Scottish Power CEO that I could try and contact on my grandmothers behalf and see if they can get this issue sorted out faster.
  4. You just couldn't make some of this stuff up, Why is this man who is also 60years old and registered Blind even being mandated to submit to the F2F farce WCA ? What is the point in it, He is extremely unlikely to ever regain his sight ,? So apart from it benefiting Maximus in another fee they can charge the DWP it's a waste of tax payers money this is an example of how flawed the system in place is http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/blind-man-benefits-axed-after-9380033
  5. Hi, folks I recently had a PIP assessment and was shocked when the HP admitted that she hadn't bothered to read either the form or the supporting evidence, prior to the "assessment". I was wondering how this will play out at a tribunal? I recorded the whole assessment on my wife's phone
  6. This was posted earlier today in the Media Section of the site http://renegadeinc.com/the-bailiff-racket/
  7. Landowner defending their agent because it's all about the money.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3284772/Driver-gets-100-fine-stopped-double-yellow-lines-just-23-seconds-ask-directions.html
  8. Third Special Report The Work and Pensions Committee published its Fifth Report of Session 2014–15, on the Benefit Sanctions: Beyond the Oakley Review, HC 814 on 24 March 2015. The Government’s response was received on 22 October 2015 and is appended to this report. In the Government Response, the Committee’s recommendations are shown in italic text. The Government's response is in plain text. For the full report this can be found here http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201516/cmselect/cmworpen/557/557.pdf What are peoples thoughts on this document please?
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/10/01/russian-embassy-_n_8225676.html?utm_hp_ref=uk
  10. From my favourite Consumer site in the whole world... Look carefully.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]58202[/ATTACH]
  11. PLEASE READ IN FULL!!! [not really necessary usual fleecing tactics by the loan finder companies and debit card draining - dx] I know this message is very, very long but I felt I needed to detail in full my recent experience with this 'company' in order to help those who have suffered (or are suffering) at the hands of Loans Direct. Like myself, you probably turned to the ever enticing lure of the pay day loan in order to give your family treats you felt they deserved at Christmas time. I have a poor credit rating so I was redirected to this site. It wasn't until I had stupidly entered my details and clicked the button that I realised what had happened. Stupidly my own fault for not reading the small print, but if you are reading this then you are obviously aware of how grossly misleading this website and the company are. I emailed them immediately (December 10th) to cancel my 'membership' as the online facility did not work. .. then I google searched them. The sheer horror I felt for realising how silly I had been and what a mess lie ahead of me. I emailed them again after picking up some hints from other discussion boards with the attempt to sound a bit 'heavier': December 10th: Hello again, Due to my concerns after visiting your website I contacted the Financial Ombudsmen straight away (thank goodness they were open till 8pm!) who informed me that as I had attempted to contact you immediately and coupled with the misleading nature of your application process (funnily enough, they are all too aware of your dealings) I should expect no funds to be withdrawn from my account. I was helpfully informed by them that if you have not actioned the cancellation outlined in my first email and do indeed go ahead and collect the £69.75 from my account then I am to contact them immediately and they will investigate the matter further on my behalf. I shall also inform you that I expressed to them my concern that I have already attempted to cancel via your 'transparent and simple cancellation process' without success; this too, they informed me, is a very common complaint and should be actioned by yourselves immediately by removing all of my details from your database. I have also been told to monitor my statements in case you or any of your affiliated companies attempt to take further funds from my account. I will not attempt to call you as it would seem all attempts at this are fruitless. Please feel free to contact me via email or on xxx if you wish to discuss this matter further. I have been directed to forward a copy of this email to the Financial Ombudsmen should I not receive a reply. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, Kind Regards I hadn't, in fact, spoken to anyone and I'd hoped this would work. From 4:00am my phone was constantly buzzing with messages offering me loans. The next day at work I was bombarded with telephone calls from countless numbers, some offering loans and some just hanging up. I felt exhausted. I tried to call them over and over, but as you are all too aware this is pointless as you can never speak to anyone. I kept a close eye on my bank account and thought I'd had a lucky escape when only 10p was taken out by Loans Direct on December 12th... that was until the evening of December 19th I'd noticed that a company called Credit Cleaners had taken £9.99 from my account. I felt at my wits end. Everything I had read on other discussion boards, about how they clear people's bank accounts and there is little you can do about it felt like it was just beginning for me. I couldn't tell my partner, I felt so ashamed of myself and my stupidity. We were arguing lots and I was snapping at him... he could tell something was up but I couldn't bring myself to tell him how silly I had been. I emailed them again that night: December 19th: You have now not responded to my request to remove my details from your data base. I have now been charged 10p from yourselves for 'signing up' and have received countless unwanted calls and texts from loan companies. I have now been charged £10 from my bank account by an unknown credit card company and have an email from a company called Trakkit who are also now going to charge me for their 'services'. I have sought advice and your activities are misleading and seriously questionable. I will attempt to call you again or give you the chance to call me on xxx to discuss this matter further. You have until Monday 4pm to do so. If not I will recontact the Financial Ombudsman to pick up this case as promised and you will then have to deal with them. And I will seek further legal advice as you should not be allowed to continue with your near on-fraudulent business activities. Regards Again, no reply... even with my threats of action. You must remember they hear this stuff all the time. That night I could not sleep a wink. I was sweating and the sheer anxiety and panic I was experiencing made me feel as though I was going to pass out or have a stroke. The physical and emotional strain was unbearable... and my partner was suffering too. The next morning was his birthday and I was forced to tell him what was wrong. I felt terrible, like I had ruined his birthday and the previous two weeks with my recklessness. But he was so understanding. I can't urge you enough to face up to the reality of what has happened. He told me to call the Financial Ombudsman to set the ball rolling, and not just use it as a threat... and I did, and they were so helpful and understanding. And I sent Loans Direct another email: December 20th: To keep you informed I have now passed this issue to the Financial Ombudsmen who will now be making contact with you. Again, I have attempted to call you numerous times to discuss this matter but I am unable to go further than an automated service. I am urging you to take my details off of your data base as other companies are now removing funds from my account and they have also been reported. I understand that I have signed up for a service but I'm sure you are aware that it is grossly misleading and I have attempted to contact you through your given means without any luck in order to cancel 'membership' in the period outlined in your terms and conditions; now my details have been passed to third parties during this period I have attempted to make contact leading to them taking money from my account which I have not authorised. I will also be making contact with Action Fraud to report the activity on my account. Regards, However, the Financial Ombudsman could only deal with the money that had been taken... so this now left me with the tricky situation about any further attempts to withdraw money from my account. I had read on so many other discussion boards that the banks were refusing to help people as they had given out their card details themselves, and this I could totally understand; this was my fault after all and I hadn't read the small print. But I still felt that the means by which these companies obtain this money is through misleading advertising and deception, but I really felt after reading other posts I would be offered no help. I called my bank as I felt face-to-face interaction would be too embarrassing as I felt rather foolish for getting into this mess in the first place... and the people on the phone weren't too helpful. But it wasn't until my partner near on booted me out of our front door to go to the bank and face up to my responsibility that I made the trip to the bank... and I'm so glad I did. I'm so shy and the thought of going to the bank and recounting to them what I had done and the position I was in filled me with utter dread. .. but they were amazing! I bank with Natwest and the gentleman I spoke to told me he had literally just finished with someone who had the exact same thing happen to him, except EIGHT other companies affiliated with Loans Direct had totally cleared his account in a matter of days! I felt so lucky... he told me Loans Direct had attempted to take £70 from my account SEVEN TIMES A DAY for the past 10 days!!! But luckily it had been refused by the bank. He cancelled my card there and then and put me in touch with the Natwest Fraud Team who were so helpful and I was given a refund... even the 10p Loans Direct had successfully taken! Remember when you put your details into the Loans Direct website? Did you put in the long set of numbers along the front of your card? That's because these transactions work like shop or telephone transactions, they are not like direct debits, and that is how they are able to take whatever they want from your account whenever they like and these details are easy to pass on. Even if your bank isn't very helpful in your plight the worst case scenario is that you explain to your bank that you would like to cancel that card as you feel its security has been compromised and you would like a new one so those details you initially gave will now be void. If the companies then contact your bank telling them that you owe them money then report them to your banks Fraud Team as questionable and unauthorised transactions as that card is no longer in use and you have not authorised for those companies to take money from your account ... then carry on down the Financial Ombudsman route. Tell the bank you are currently dealing with these companies through the F.O as even though you did pass them your details you did attempt to cancel membership to them during a cooling off period which they made neigh on impossible to do and in that time passed on your details on to other companies... that should work. Then they will no longer be able to touch anything in your account and the F.O will help you in receiving a refund. I also read many comments from people on discussion boards about how this is your own fault and you are wasting the time of people such as Citizens Advice or the Financial Ombudsman, etc... and how you are taking up their time in helping those really in need... but don't be bullied into feeling bad. If enough people complain and these helplines and services do feel their time is being taken up with this issue then they will highlight to the relevant people and bodies that this is a serious issue. Yes, I felt stupid for what I had done, but if I hadn't faced up to it and accepted the mess I was in and acted quickly and dealt with the embarrassment then I wouldn't have got this sorted. I admit I have been lucky... but if you attempt to tackle them on your own or leave it too long you are going to find this already difficult situation even more so. There are people there to help you and you have options, don't feel ashamed or keep quiet about it. I finally heard back from Loans Direct: and very quickly too after my last message to them! : Thank you for your email, please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you. Having looked at your account history, I can see that you did not fully complete the application process for membership to Loans Direct - this is why you haven't been able to cancel an account. Although you completed the £0.10 validation check, you did not continue with the application. As such, your bank account will not be charged any subsequent fees by us, although the validation fee may still be collected. If an amount has been debited from your account, you will need to contact the company name that is showing on your bank account statement. I trust this clarifies matters, however if you do have any further queries, please do not hesitate to respond and I will be happy to answer them for you. Kind Regards Loans Direct Customer Service ABSOLUTE CR*P!!! As you know, they had in fact attempted several times a day for almost two weeks to take £70 from my account, but I was lucky. But trust me... they will try every trick in the book to get (and keep) your money, so don't give up and don't do it on your own. I wasn't rude or threatening in my messages... they don't care what situation you are in, they just want to get to that money and will try all means available to them. I did, however, have £8.99 taken from my account by a company called Trakkit after I had cancelled my card... I'd assumed that an email from them detailing the end of my free subscription was spam as I'd attempted to login to my 'account' without success so I forgot about it. However, they did have a pending transaction on my account so do ask your bank to check any transactions pending that you may question once your card has been cancelled. After google searching them too it would appear they charge £8.99 a month plus £1 every day the account is open, charging almost £40 on any given month!!! I also wrote to them: December 29th: I have not subscribed to your services and attempts to log in to my 'account' have failed, which is not surprising as I have not signed up for it. Your company has been passed my details by either Loans Direct or Goldfish Finance who also have acquired my details fraudulently. I shall urge you to remove my details from your database and cease removal of funds from my bank account as the Financial Ombudsmen is now dealing with these two companies and both have been reported to Action Fraud, and unless you would like me to pursue this route with you I shall expect no further financial dealings with your company. I do not require your services and I have not signed up for such. I am in contact with my bank's Fraud Team and I have reported you to them and requested a charge back, which I have successfully received from the other two aforementioned companies. I thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact me on the email address supplied if you would like to discuss this matter further. Kind Regards They too rather swiftly replied: December 30th: Thanks for your E-mail. Trakkit is often offered to people who have been looking for finance and may have been declined. As a result, you may have opted to sign up for a subscription to Trakkit when you applied for a loan with another company. We can however, confirm that your account has been cancelled and a refund has been processed. Please allow up to 7 working days for the payment to appear in your account. Many Thanks Customer Services Trakkit Again, I am sorry for how long this message is, but I really felt I should go into as much detail as possible in order to help those who were trapped like myself... there was so much different information online I was so confused... I almost kept it to myself and thought I could deal with it, but the truth is you have to face up to them head on and with the help available. Don't let them win and don't attempt it on your own. I've not lost a penny and they have not gained one! DON'T do this on your own. There is help. DON'T feel embarrassed or ashamed. You made a mistake and I felt so foolish... but they prey on this fact hoping you will try on your own and they will make it almost impossible for you to win. This took me three weeks to sort... I've read about people waiting more than 6 months and still without success. DO share your experience. Go to your bank. Contact the Financial Ombudsman. Report them to Action Fraud. Share your experience on message boards and review sites. For crying out loud! Even take it to the local news... national news... Watchdog programming! Petitions! Do whatever you can to stop these people. Some people I came across on various sites were making out this was totally my fault, I only have myself to blame and there is nothing I can do about it so I should stop wasting valuable time. I am accepting partial responsibility, but I'm not stupid, and I'm not assuming you are too... I'm just terrible with managing my finances! I felt in need of money and stupidly fell for a cleverly deceitful and well orchestrated 'service' which should be illegal. The more you shout the more difficult you will make it for these thieves... as that is exactly what they are.
  12. Hi all just thought this would make a topic for discussion please follow the link read then comment http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/charities-very-worried-after-leak-suggests-tories-plan-to-tax-disabled-benefits-if-reelected-10142070.html?cmpid=facebook-post or http://www.newsfixboard.com/t8724-charities-very-worried-after-leak-suggests-tories-plan-to-tax-disabled-benefits-if-re-elected
  13. Has anyone read this yet if so what are your thoughts on it see below for the link https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-finalises-proposals-to-lower-payday-loan-costs
  14. Sorry, deleting temporarily as I don't want to be identified. Moderators feel free to delete this post/thread.
  15. Parked in a residents only space, the other side of the road was P+D lots of spaces. Bought ticket £3 thinking all was good. got PCN, wrote to council before notice was served pointing out it was obviously a mistake and I didn't intend to flout parking regulations knowingly as there we plenty of places to park and I wouldn't of bought the £3 ticket. They have replied saying no go I have to pay. On the ticket itself where the offence is printed with codes etc it crosses the generic type on the ticket so it cant be read, does this make it invalid in any way? They made it clear what the offence was in the reply email I got when I begged! Thanks all
  16. read the lastest post on the parking prankster's blogspot about planning consent for parking signs, it is something I have beaten PE on before so not an isolated example. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/ So, if you get a Court Claim than one of the documents you should ask for from the parking co is the planning consent for the advertising display board. Check with your local council as consent is needed for any sign big enough to be acceptable under the CoP covering the signs that form contracts. Generally the parking co's do not apply for PP and rely upon existing consent from the stores. However, in the case when I beat PE, the car park had a separate address to the store as a building was demolished to make way for it and no planning applied for so not only were the signs illegal, the car park was separate and thus would have attracted business rates of its own. I know that PE applied for PP and had to erect new signage as a resulot of my action so it is always worth checking.
  17. Private parking company Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) is well known across parking forums for issuing court claims, but often not turning up at court. Until recently they had contracts at several Co-op supermarket car parks, but following 'contractual disagreements' their contract was terminated by the Co-op. CEL threw a hissy fit and started ticketing Co-op employees and then refused to cancel tickets, with the result that CEL (and their debt collectors DEAL) currently have 50 court claims on the go against Co-op employees. The 50 outstanding cases have now been stayed until at least 31st of March, until 2 test cases are heard. Anyone with a court case with Civil Enforcement Limited should ask for it to be stayed until the test case of Civil Enforcement Limited v Curtis A93YM708 is heard. Anyone with a court case with DEAL should ask for it to be stayed until the test case of DEAL v Colclough A79YP365. The full story is here: http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/cel-turn-up-to-court-50-cases-of.html
  18. Hi all, I know everyone on these forums are very savvy regarding PPI matters, and there seem to be some experts also. My late father owed "Monument" money but once Death Certificate was issued then it was resolved (no will, no assets). I have now received a letter saying they owe PPI, or PBP as they like to call it. However, their dealings look suspicious as essentially they say "We will not give you money unless there is some left over what is owed." Why should I pay what is owed? This does not seem fair. They also want me to sign a "Statutory Declaration" and I fear that if I sign that they may be charging me for what is owed. Please, is there any way to get the full amount of money they owe? It is over £1000 pounds. Here are the letters below, I hope you can help: [ATTACH=CONFIG]55404[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]55405[/ATTACH]
  19. http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2013/1539.html&query=El+and+Makdessi+and+v+and+Cavendish+and+Square+and+Holdings+and+BV&method=Boolean search google for Court of Appeal ruling: El Makdessi v Cavendish Square Holdings BV the judgement which is quite recent, analysis penalty clauses and commercial justification which I think goes a long way to show that commercial justification as regards parking charge notices, which are penal by their very nature, cannot apply to these penalty charges in my opinion. Also commercial justification can only be taken into account where the terms of the contract have been freely negotiated between parties of equal bargaining power. also an appraisal of the judgement: http://www.allenovery.com/publications/en-gb/Pages/Court-of-appeal-rules-on-penalty-clauses.aspx But suppose it will all be decided in the upcoming Beavis appeal.
  20. I was wondering if anyone else has read the following case Here and how it could effect some of our less able bodied people/vulnerable in the future? this case was recent 10/12/2014 and leans towards helping the vulnerable disabled people. Could disability discrimination-linked eviction cases erode the case management powers of county courts? Jonathan Hulley reports on a Supreme Court case being heard this week. Any thoughts please? Further reading on this case is Here The Supreme Court will hear next week from 10/12/2014 read Here Reported from here http://www.localgovernmentlawyer.co.uk
  21. Please have a read of my attachment especially part 14 bullets 5/6 How will this affect those concerned and what are the implications from now on please As always your thoughts please Full PDF from here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/review-of-powers-of-entry-report Main story from here http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  22. I own a Vauxhall corsa vxr nurburgring edition. Vauxhalls flagship. the car is 2 years old on a 62reg the mileage is 4000 car cost is £18k I started to notice a clunk from the gearbox I went to my local Vauxhall dealership in July .Penfolds Lewisham South East. and Left My Car In Penfolds Repair Garage to be Diagnosed. I got a call the same day from Chris the service desk at penfolds and he told mey car has low compression cylinder 4 and a Vauxhall engineer has to be send out to inspect my car. and penfolds was sure is was due to engine remapping - decided to Void my warranty on my Standard Car. I decided to call Vauxhall customer care department/ Vauxhalls head office in Luton and spoke to a representative I Explained the problem my car has and the dealership voiding the warranty and they could not help me and stop the dealership from voiding my warranty I decided to call them again the following day and I managed to speak with the regional manager Vauxhall Luton. he told me my car's warranty should not be voided on a car with such low millage and with no signs of modifications he assigned a engineer to inspect my car and told penfolds to continue diagnosing the problem. 3 weeks later no engineer showed up and Vauxhall customer care representative called me and said iv got to sign a disclaimer for Vauxhall to send off my ECU Unit To Germany to Be Inspected and can take 2 weeks to come back with results to see if the ECU is standard and not remapped. this is outrageous because all Vauxhall wanted to do is find excuses not to fix my car because im a young lad with a vxr and the dealership automatically say the problem is due to the way I drive or that I have remapped my engine. it is terrible the way Vauxhall have dealt with me and the time It has taken to get things moving is just not good enough. 5 weeks later my Ecu Arrived at the dealership from Germany when it should of only been 2 weeks and the test results was CLEAR ECU STANDERD Vauxhall was very embarrassed and assured me my car will be fixed but they have still not accepted the warranty claim and fix my car and they have to send a engineer out to inspect my car what I would say they mean find more excuses to not fix my car. now after 7 weeks my car being in Vauxhalls dealership I had a phone call from Vauxhalls customer care and she said I have to sign another disclaimer for the dealership to strip my engine and they will send a engineer to inspect my car. now its the end of September my cars been in the dealership near enough 3 months and Vauxhall do not have a clue what is wrong with my car and they have rejected my warranty claim to fix my car. and have put me aside now because of all the steering reclaims Vauxhall. are to busy to talk to me let alone fix my car. after 11weeks I have had nothing but Vauxhall to tell me false lies and excuses to get out of paying to rectify the problems and fix my car avoid this company with all means my car is 100% standard with 4000 genuine miles and still in manufactures warranty and still Vauxhall will not fix a common problem of cylinder 4 low compression/misfire also engine oil is leaking from engine head and Vauxhall do not have no clue what is wrong with my car and refuse to honour my warranty please email me for any questions on this and I will be happy to help [removed]
  23. Hi Guys, Have received a copy of my ESA Decision Makers score sheet, on it she has put the following statement under the heading below! Can anyone understand what it means! :s Limited Capability for Work Related Activity Evidence to support the opinion that the person does not meet any of the descriptors for limited capability for work related activity "The condition history, physical examination, mental state examination and medical knowledge of the condition does not suggest there would be a substantial risk to the mental or physical health of any person if they were found capable of work related activity." What does that mean, I have been put in WRAG but don't get any money as I have already had 365 days of Contribution based ESA. I scored 6 for mobilizing and 9 for Standing and Sitting. Stupid thing is went to WRAG and she told me to go home and that she would phone me.
  24. Motorists could demand the refund of more than £100m in parking fines, after what experts described as an “explosive” tribunal ruling left local government traffic officials in “absolute panic”. Councils have handed over parking management to private companies, but in many instances have also asked them to handle any appeals against penalty charge notices (PCNs). This process is supposed to be handled by councils, partly because it would be a conflict of interest for a company to examine its own possible mistakes. The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is the second point of appeal and an adjudicator, Christopher Nicholls, has spelled out that council contractors must not be left to process PCN objections. His ruling stated: “I find that no reasonable local authority could have concluded this contract met the terms of its regulatory and public law duties.” As a result, 13 motorists in Gloucestershire were awarded their parking fines and costs after their initial appeals were turned down by the county council’s contractor, Apcoa. The motorists were repaid sums ranging from £42.50 to £155.67. The decision has widespread implications for people who may have been incorrectly fined. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/drivers-may-reclaim-millions-in-unfair-parking-fines-9746466.html
  25. After reading a paper or consultation paper I have read recently HERE reading part 6 on page 9 what does everyone else think about this? I got here by reading a thread by TT in regards to a defence for Debtor charged under section 68(1) of TCEA 2007 with "intentionally obstructing a bailiff". Am I right in thinking this looks like the start of something bigger to do with the enforcement of Court fines? The link contained in the word "HERE" in blue shows the paper in full hence why I named part 6 page 9 Any thoughts please
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