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  1. Sorry MR bankfodder - my first time
  2. Hi, I am writing on behalf of my husband. Will try to cut everything short and get to the basics, but if you feel you need more information to help you form an argument then I believe that I have quite a few things in our favour. The main point is, last year my husband paid off his student loan in FULL of approx. £5000 we thought all is clear, fine and well. Ironically a week or so later we received a letter from our University in RED writing saying that we owe money. Of course it said if you have already paid then ignore. We assuming that us paying the student loan was the same thing as paying the tuition fee as it usually covers it. It was almost as if the University received some kind of "tip-off" from the Student Loans company (SLC) that "we've got 'em" and for them to get in touch with us (for years my husband was abroad so he never used to receive their letters.) this letter stated "due to a course taken in 2015" which was way out since he studied 2005-2008. they have already made mistakes on their letters which I have copies of. I have been back and forth now between SLC and the University, as at first I was told that the SLC had "clawed back" the £1,225 tuition fee that they should not have paid on our behalf in the first place. Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) are now chasing us because SLC have taken back the money from them. All too confusing. Now that story has changed. SLC say they NEVER paid the tuition fee for the final year of study 2007/08 because my husband's loan application was not accepted and withdrawn as he failed to provided the necessary evidence. they only gave him a loan for the 2nd year which included the coverage of the tuition fee for that year. My argument then is that why was he allowed/able to graduate? We had friends that had to leave the course or could not continue at that time if they had not paid the fee. Period. we should not be made responsible to pay this after almost 10 years when they have made an error somewhere on their side/system. And since we have cleared the loan side of things. Did that make any sense? I hope so. Please any advice, suggestion, questions or feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advanced, Kind regards
  3. fantastic site for finding all different cases and consumer rights
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