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  1. I will say I am a fairly well seasoned eBay + Paypal seller / user , I will say that one of the worse mistakes you can do is to not send to the paypal buyers address , I only ever send to that address , if the buyer says to me the address is incorrect , I explain , I can only send to the paypal address on the invoice , if that is no use , would they like me to refund them now so they can update their details on paypal and then re-pay me..... .simple as that. If the buyer does not repay then hey open up a claim.... Another big big no no is for a buyer to pay via Paypal and then come round and collect in person... ...they can simply reclaim the funds as no delivery and tracking for a package , they will get their money back every time...
  2. Council tax people are terrible , I had them chase me for years for a 6 weeks of unpaid council tax , which I did not infact owe , it was owed by a old tenant in a house that I rent out....in the end they said I owed them 1 days worth of money !!! so I paid them , they are terrible !
  3. I have been lurking and reading the forums for sometime , I thought it was finally time to sign up and say Hi ! and thank you !!!
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