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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all. Me and the ex girlfriend ended about 2 years ago but kept in contact since. About 6 months ago I was having bad times with gambling. Being isolated I asked via texts if I could send her some money to hold onto until I had gambling blocks in place and was no longer at risk of gambling. She agreed and I sent her the money via bank transfer. As my income was paid in, I sent her more of it. Totalling £900. Purely to hold onto, not spend and I made this clear to her. She spent that money behind my back though. Claiming her roof had leaked which damaged her belongings that she had to replace (and chose my money to replace it with rather than go without). At this point now, we are no longer on great terms, she doesn't want to remain in contact (blatantly found someone else) and although I was due some payment back last month, no payment was made. I made a demand that I get £300 back each month for the next 3 months, yet she's plainly told me that wont happen as she won't have enough spare cash and will pay "some" each month. So now in theory, I have to sit and wait for what? Maybe £100 a month back until she cant be bothered to pay anything anymore? No thanks. What would my options be? She's currently living with her mum (she moved back there while we were still together). I'v told her I will contact her dad who again in theory, might pay the whole amount to avoid it going further, but not sure if I want to tempt that. Thanks
  2. I need to find my joint tenant that owes me money. I need to know the best way to get this money assuming he does get a CCJ. Background I moved in with a "mate" on fixed term joint tenancy and we agreed on 50/50 split for rent & bills. My "mate" lost his job a couple months in so could not afford his share of the rent. He said (I have email with this too) that he would pay me back once he got a new job. He borrowed some money from family and made some contribution but not the full rent. I had to make up the difference to LL. I had to borrow some money from my bank to cover this. He got a new well paying job but then decided to "forget" his promises to repay his share of the rent. However, ongoing rent was paid 50/50, same too for bills (except the final ones). We agreed to give notice to LL/LA that would leave end of fixed term. Two weeks before he moved out leaving keys. LL/LA did check out and there were valid deductions for professional cleaning and some small damage to curtain pull cord in his room (I didn't check before the inspection, he wasn't present.) There are also outstanding amounts for the council tax and gas/electric/water bills. Main issues This "mate" has disappeared, unfriended on Facebook, not answering personal mobile, personal email, no forwarding address. This was about a month ago. I'm assumed he has found a new place to live "permanently". I haven't yet got the final figure for the council tax, I've informed them I've moved out. Not sure how to get that finalised quickly. I'm owed approx. £3500 and I believe his new job pays about £4000/month net. (I helped him review his application for his new job.) I'd like to take him to small claims but not sure how to get his address to serve papers. I have his bank account number and I have his business card with work address. He is Italian from Milan. Although I'm sure he is still in the London area (I've seen his twitter feed) and working for this English registered company. I'm concerned if he does get a CCJ that he will skip back to Italy - then what? Also not sure best chance to get money back, I don't think he has much of value and probably owes family for past rent too. I'm thinking attachment of earnings but also maybe bankruptcy, or even DCA?
  3. Hi I have received a letter today from Rundels enforcement agents, on behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, for a claimed debt of £1,600. The only money I can remember possibly owing was for rent, but not for that much, in 2005. Is a rent debt of this age enforceable or is it statute bared? Who do I write to to tell them I don't owe it? Many thanks
  4. Hi, The background story is me and my tutor agreed to meet at his home on Saturday from 9-12 for a three hour tutoring session. I have been to his house 5 times before using a mobile gps. Unfortunately yesterday I was on the motorway, went too far, my mobile wasn't working properly so I had to use my own navigation skills Moreover, I got lost and decided after I would go home because I was freaking out after getting lost and thought I would get more lost. My phone was not working properly so I could not contact him. I got home and my sister was there and used her phone to text my tutor an apology and gave him this reason. He now wants £105 for him for wasting his time. I did not have the tutoring session, could he possibly take me to a small claims court for not turning up at his tutoring session? He did not tell me his cancellation policy and I have not signed a contract or anything and I did not have the lesson.
  5. Hi My company ceased to trade in September 2014. In February 2015 all accounts were closed. Due to the nature of the business there are no assets and the registered address is my home address. In June 2015 an application was made to strike off the company and in September 2015 this action was objected to by HMRC due to outstanding corporation tax. Since then I have had numerous letters from HMRC (I replied stating all the information above in October 2015 but no reply) and then from a debt collection agency. I called the agency and explained the situation and they told me that because the status on the Companies House website was 'Active- Proposal to strike off' and there were no assets the case would be returned to HMRC. I didn't hear anything for another month and then today I recived another letter from the debt collection agency, again I called and this time I was told that HMRC had informed the agency that the company was still 'Active' and the debt should be persued. I really don't know what to do next, I haven't heard from HMRC following my letter of October 2015 or since Companies House since September 2015. The debt outstanding is £8700. The agency said I should write to them with proof of what I have been saying, but I don't even know what to send them. Please help. Thank you.
  6. Hi. Cut a bad story short,,,Tenant never paid rent for 6 month then left property overnight leaving a trail of destruction for my mate to resolve, now my mate has collection agy chasing him for unpaid gas and electric? they say he is responsible? Who is right and who must pay ? Thank you
  7. Hello all, Just received my credit file back from Experian and found that I have THREE current accounts all with default balances! Natwest Current Account = £837 Santander Current Account = £496 Lloyds TSB Current Account = £1084 All balances were accrued between 2009 and 2010, which matches up to a period of mental health issues I was experiencing. However, to my knowledge, there was no money in any of the accounts and no DD or SO pending to make me overdrawn ... I'm assuming the balances (above) are predominantly bank charges which have escalated! I have approached my local branches of the banks but they have no details of me holding an account with them. A form has been completed find 'lost accounts' but I fear the balances would have been passed onto 3rd party recovery companies. I REALLY do not know what to do about this!
  8. I have recently had a few letters from HMRC. The first told me that I owe them £1100-00p. The other letters set out how I come to owe this amount. I have contacted them and told them that I cannot possibly pay them this money. I am unemployed , disabled and have just gone through a divorce. I subsequently received another letter from them stating that if I don't pay up, they will start to charge me interest. Now, I receive Industrial Injuries Disability Benefit and DLA (mobility) higher rate. The amount of benefit I receive puts me over the threshold for income related ESA; therefore I don't receive that. I am now in a position , just as a lot of people; that I have to pay 20% of my council tax out of my benefits. Add to this that I have to pay £25 per month to the legal aid people - to clear my debt with them , due to the divorce. I just cannot afford to pay any money to HMRC. PLEASE, where do I go from here. Many thanks in anticipation. Cheers - Scousegeezer
  9. My car was clamped by a bailiff today.I bought it 4 days ago, so logbook has been sent to DVLA, but not processed. Bailiff said car was in a company name before I bought it, and I'd have to prove I was the new owner (can't do cos don't have log book) or pay the debt. He started saying total debts were £3000, but wouldn't tell me which authorities it was owed to. he then said he'd "do me a favour" and let me off paying only one debt,of £577. I paid it by credit card , cos he said otherwise he'd take the car away. He never got my signature, but left me a receipt,made out to the old owner's name and address. What are my rights here? Should I have fallen for his psychological tricks? He said if I proved i was the new owner i could write in and get my money back, but I doubt he was telling the truth.
  10. hi all hoping somebody can give a bit of advice of a vehicle purchase i carried out a £3.99 vehicle check on my iPhone before purchasing, after i purchased i did a full check silly i know i should have done the full check before handing over the cash! The 3.99 check does not give info of finance owing just if it has ever been involved in any accidents number of owners etc.. Now I've done the full HPI it shows as finance owing to Santander which was taken out in 2008, over a 60 month period. The problem is the car has changed owners twice since 2008 and now I'm the third... now I've spoken to the person i purchased it from he was totally un aware of this and had owned it for nearly 3 years. I've spoke to Santander and they won't tell me much at all. The finance is due to end this year, surely by now the car would have been snatched back by the finance company wouldn't it? am i now liable for the finance owing?- if any? there records may not be updated? is it likey for me to lose the car, even thought i bought it in good faith and it has had a number of owners since? if anyone can help with some info i would be very great full thank you in advance!
  11. Hi I would appreciate some advice. I recently signed up to CPP and this includes access to my credit file. I checked my credit file and noticed a default for money owed to Virgin Media. I found this very strange as I've not been a Virgin customer for many years. So I called Virgin and they told me I owed them 1 penny since 2007 and this is why it was on my credit file. They were very "sorry" and said they will credit my account with 1 penny but they cannot remove the default notice. Is there anything I can do about this?
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