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  1. Good day all, I'm in a bit of a panic here. I have a £4500 season ticket with SWT. I managed to lose it about 1 month into the ticket and was interviewed by revenue protection and subsequently given a replacement. Last night as I got up to let a lady off I folded the tray back with my season ticket in there and forgot to take it down again before getting off leaving my ticket on the train. Realising my mistake I tried to call the guard and SWT 30 mins after. However there were no numbers I could get through to. I spoke to the guard this morning and he advised that I wouldn't be
  2. Hi guys, I'm having an issue over my student oystercard usage. I received an email on the 8th of November stating that i would need to interview at a southwest trains station with regard to "several incomplete journeys" with relation to my oystercard. Admittedly there does appear to be instances, based on my oystercard transcript showing me tapping my oystercard in at one station and not tapping out. I have never been approached by a ticket inspector etc without a valid ticket, and i have never intentionally travelled without a valid ticket. My question is can i be pros
  3. Hi there , yesterday on the 1/07/2016 , i boarded a train from llansamlet to Cardiff , there was no conductor on the train , as I arrived in Cardiff I had to go to the unpaid fair's desk , as I was there about to buy my ticket I had a stupid moment of madness and told the guy at the ticket office that I boarded on Bridgend but he caught me out by saying that there were ticket tolls at Bridgend and I completely froze , I then got taken by a transport investigations officer she gave me a quick interview and asked me questions in regards to what just happened , I told her I was sorry
  4. I purchased a ticket before travelling today, only to discover that my train was cancelled and the next one wasn't due for an hour. I went to a member of station staff, asking who I should speak to about receiving a partial refund due to the delay. My ticket was then taken from me and they wrote on the front of it that it wasn't valid. I looked for the station manager to complain, but I was told that I would have to purchase another ticket if I wished to travel. I was then told that, as my new ticket was purchased after the cancelled train was due, I would no longer be entitled to a refun
  5. My partner and I have planned to take his three children to Paris for Christmas as their present this year and have prepaid for the Eurostar and trains within the UK - the children are quite distressed by the attacks that have happened and we do not think it is appropriate to take them now because they will be fearful and it will be a city of mourning and we feel that it will not be the 'magical' trip we had intended for them. Unfortunately, Eurostar will not refund us our tickets (£445) - is there anything we can do about this?
  6. My daughter has received a pre-court action letter from First Great Western. It states that she is in breach of the Regulations of Railways Act 1889 and requires a payment of £84.70 within 21 days. £80 of this is a charge towards costs incurred. I am rather upset at this as she did try to pay at the station she departed from and was unable to as no staff were manning the ticket office - they had put up a sign - and no one came through the train during her journey to enable her to buy a ticket. Also just to confirm – she waited in the queue with 4 others until the
  7. Hi, I hope you can provide me with some advice. I have just received an intention to prosecute letter from Govia Thameslink Railways. Offences listed are: giving a false name & address & entering a train without a ticket. They are asking for my side of the story. I feel really scared about this! I always travel with a Zone 2-5 travel card & use the tube & overground, not rail. When I come into Zone 1 on the tube I always have approx. £10 on extra just in case & if short, just keep topping up the £10 when it prompts me at the barriers
  8. Good evening, thank you for taking the time to read this. Any advice would be very gratefully received! In what is probably a familiar story for the regulars on this forum, I have come seeking advice having been stopped without a train ticket. I was interviewed under caution and having spent the day reading the internet in a panic am now expecting a summons in the next few weeks. I hope I've understood the usual process, but would be grateful for confirmation. To provide a little detail, I had been to the dentist in the next town over and dropped by car, but needed to get
  9. Hi all I have my monthly season ticket from norwood junction to fleet NOT via london. other week i heard someone saying on train that one of the barriers at london waterloo accepts tickets not via london. I used them and i was observed by a RPA of southwest trains walking all through platform 1 till plat form 19 and using barriers there. He confronted me and gave me a receipt which says i will be hearing form SOUTH WEST TRAINS . I have never come across any situation like this before and i literally stood shaking when he was asking me questions I ended up signing the r
  10. Hi, many thanks for your time, I am extremely sorry for what happened and grateful if someone could help me. Unfortunately I did not get the full coverage with my ticket for my journey to work which was a mixture of oyster card and train ticket, the oyster card should have been zone 1-6 and it was 1-2 instead and I had the train ticket for last 2 stations of my journey An inspector caught me, I gave him my correct details and I tried to explain I didnt know it was not correct and that I was very sorry. He also asked me more questions,like since when I did it assuming it was for
  11. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on a problem that has affected me. I'll begin from the start. I ordered a Stagecoach Smartcard (part of EMT so i gather) so i could commute to school (I'm 16) by Train. I went to use it as i went to my volunteer position on a Heritage Railway, I thought it worked like a trentbarton MANGO card, I scanned it on and the scanner bleeped at me so i thought i'd recieve a bill through the post or something (first time using one). I got on my train and as the Ticket Inspector walked down i explained what i had done and asked her if it was
  12. Not your usual story... Had purchased a ticket earlier this month from London Euston to Windermere via Oxenholme on a Virgin train. It is one of those "book 'em early, buy it cheap" with a "no refund, no changes, specified train" only ticket. Travel plans have changed slightly and I decided I wanted to end up in Penrith, the next stop up the west coast line from Oxenholme. Popped in to my local railway station to see if I could purchase a ticket to cover me for the short distance involved on the train I was already booked to travel on. The answer: Yes, the fa
  13. Hi all, Hoping someone will give me some advise. I have been summoned to court for fare evading with the intent to avoid payment. I travel almost everyday from London Waterloo to Farnborough Main Station for the past six months. On a Monday morning I was caught up in the underground with delays longer than expected and reached London Waterloo with very few minutes to spare till I miss my train, and be late to my meeting at a new job. The queues at the self service ticket machines were extremely long (although they are supposed to be 3-5mins wait). So I boarded the train wi
  14. Today I was stopped when I left the station without a ticket. I was travelling from Station A to Station B. I am 19 and am a student. The last thing I would want it a criminal record! I just have to wait for the letter now. What should I expect, and is there anything I can do in the mean time. Thanks
  15. Hi I'd be grateful for some advice please. I purchased an off-peak return ticket from Virgin Trains but for a variety of reasons was unable to travel. Having checked their advice online I printed off the relevant form and returned it and both parts of the ticket (outward and return) to the PO Box address in Edinburgh. I sellotaped the tickets to the form to ensure they didn't get separated and posted the letter recorded delivery as instructed. After chasing them up for the refund they are now saying that I only returned the return part of the ticket, and as it's off-peak I'm not entit
  16. Hi All, I have recieved a summons for the 20th August 2013 accused of... '..On Monday 4th February 2013 between Guildford and Aldershot stations did travel or attempt to travel, upon the railway without having previously paid the fare and with the intention to avoid the payment thereof: contrary to S.5 (3) (a) of the Regulation of Railways Act 1889 as amended by section 84 (2) of the Transport Act 1962 and section 18 of the British Railways Act 1977.' Here's the background: I arrived at the station and there were long queues for all of the ticket machines - I queued for
  17. Hi, I'm pretty shaken up by what's just happened today when Arriva trains Wales refused me and my 2 children (aged 10 and 12) the return journey which we'd started this morning. The conductor refused to let us stay on the train, apparently because of my surfboard. We ended up having to catch a taxi from Borth to Newtown. At 10am this morning I checked with the conductor on the platform that we could buy the tickets on the train, he directed me to where I could place my surfboard and bought a day-return ticket to Borth to catch some waves. En route, he explained that we would need to
  18. Hi CAG; I've been holding out on posting here since the incident as I have been checking other topics, but now I would like to ask for advice. I traveled on South West Trains on March 20th from Poole to Holton Heath (HH is unmanned and no barrier). I got to Poole train station and boarded without a ticket. I had previously purchased tickets a number of times on the actual SW train and have never been warned for doing so. Of course I have used ticket machines on platforms before, but that today was not one of those occasions. The train was quiet, so I sat down and took out my
  19. Hi everyone, firstly thanks in advance for any advice or experience you're able to draw on About 8 months ago my friend started catching a train to and from outside zone 6 by 1 stop. He has been travelling using an oyster card on a zone 1-2, and because he has not needed to swipe in or out at his local station, it's never caused him any issues. He has therefore also been paying £112 a month. This morning he was caught by southwesttrains inspectors (he assumes thats what they were) who took him off the train and cautioned him, then asked him a lot of questions (in quite a for
  20. Does anybody know the email addresses of any of the big cheeses at Southwest Trains? I sent an email to customer services a few weeks ago regarding my mobile phone going walkabouts from lost property but have not even had the courtesy of a reply and I would now like to take my complaint higher. The story so far is that my phone dropped out of my pocket while I was running between connections at Clapham Junction station last month. The first I knew about the loss was when my wife told me that a member of the Southwest trains platform staff phoned home from my mobile to report that a m
  21. Just spent the last hour speaking to 3 people in India regarding repalcing lost tickets for a train journey booked in 5 days time.... Virgin have a policy that they will not replace a ticket if u have lost one after it has been printed and delivered. However if they lose the ticket during the delivery process they will!! Their reason: that the ticket has a monetary value to them and that to re-issue a duplicate ticket, they get charged again for the same value. If they have lost the ticket in transit, they have an agreement with RM to reimburse the cost of the original tickets.
  22. On the 23rd of August 2012 I was travelling back home from Leeds to London Kings Cross on a train specific ticket. In a rush as my connecting train had been delayed, I did not pay full attention to the board, and accidentally got on the wrong train. I was travelling with friends and, being engaged in conversation, and relieved that I was on the train, I did not realise my error until the ticket inspector told me when he checked my ticket after Wakefield. I apologised and offered to get off at the next stop and board the correct train when it arrived, which I thought would
  23. Good morning all, I hope you can help me, I made a stupid, naive but honest error yesterday and I'm now extremely worried about what consequences could follow, worst case scenario being a criminal record for not having a ticket at the end my journey. (I'm so stressed I've not been able to sleep because of this) Here's what happened. I live in London and yesterday I was running late to catch the 14.50 train from Waterloo to Wokingham, the final destination being Crowthorne. I left work and arrived at waterloo station at 14.48, had no time to purchase ticket or check the bo
  24. Hi, Today I was charged a Penalty Fare of £20.00 for not showing a valid ticket when travelling from Wood Street to Liverpool Street London. The reason being I forgot to renew my monthly pass which expired yesterday. When I reached the barrier at Liverpool Street station and saw the ticket I realised that it expired yesterday and so I went to the ticket officer and explained my situation, He asked me to pay a PF of £20.00 as I travelled ticket less. I have been travelling on this route for pass 9 months and I have tickets for all the pass 9 months, I didn't had any intention of
  25. Whose going to paint the trains? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/transport/9476445/Virgin-Trains-loses-contract-for-West-Coast-rail-line-to-FirstGroup.html#
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