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  1. I had a loan account with Northern Rock which I defaulted on and they subsequently sold it on to Cabot. The account has been staute barred for about 15 years. I recently made a tentative equiry regarding PPI, via a claims company, as I heard that it shouldn't affect the statute barred status. I have been advised that Northern Rock have accepted the claim and a refund of approx £1100 is due and will pay it directly to myself. They also say that they will advise Cabot to update their account details too. To receive the refund I have to sign an acceptance form which says that this ends any PPI liability etc. However there is also a condition that states that I accept that the cash loan is still in force. My question is this: Even though NR sold the debt to Cabot will my acceptance of this condition for NR constitute activity that will affect the statute barred status, thus "starting the clock again" and therefore give Cabot licence to start demanding payments from me. And also as the PPI is seperated from the original loan, which now doesnt belong to NR, are they entitled to make this a condition of acceptance. My limited understanding was that as the debt was sold on, then my PPI claim was the only issue. I'd appreciate any advice as I could really use the refund.
  2. Hi I had a mortgage with Northern Rock from 1998 for about 3 years. It came with PPI which I was told was not optional. The mortgage was sold directly by NR there was no broker. It was paid as a single 'mortgage' payment. I approached NRAM but they said that the PPI was provided by Aviva and that I should approach them directly. I have found no way of doing this. Is there any point in my pursuing this? Thanks Gav
  3. From May 20th 2018 - TL and GN started running a new timetable which was much publicised. However for 2 months they had severe operating issues which fell below the usual standards of service that is expected. A statement can be found below; Millions of people will have been affected by this - Whether you are a tourist or a regular season ticket holder then you will have had to endure persistent overcrowding due to cancelled trains / revised trains, lack of rolling stock / trained drivers, etc. Thameslink and Great Northern are offering up at a maximum of 1 months season ticket financial compensation for the poor service. More info can be found below; If you have been affected the the scheme will run in 3 phases... This is correct as of the 24th September 2018. A further scheme for Northern will open soon and people should keep an eye out for that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would appreciate to hear anybody else's experiences.
  4. A family member had a loan with Northern Rock. She requested a CCA from them but never heard anything from them. Northern Rock was taken over by NRAM and that was 11 years ago. They have now been contacted by NRAM saying about the Northern Rock loan was being passed to Cabot and for them to contact Cabot regarding the loan. Is it best just to ignore the letter and if they do take it to court go for the Statue Barred letter? Thank you for your help.
  5. Hello,, Today I received a notice of intention to prosecute from Govia Thameslink Railway after an incident on Northern Rail back in January. I am extremely extremely worried about this incident and it is causing me great upset. I have read around on this forum and have prepared my response below to the notice of intended prosecution, please can you offer any advice on what I should / should not included and also indicate what the repercussions of this could be? Is there anything else I should do like ringing them etc? Any help is massively appreciated! RESPONSE: Dear Sir/Madam, I offer my most sincere apologise for my shameful actions in this case. In all other circumstances of my life, I had until this point - upheld a strong degree of integrity and character. As a young lady starting out my career, a criminal record would completely devastate my current and future employment prospects. I’m in my first job working in London and had been using carnets to travel to and from work. During the week of the 8th January, I was in the midst of moving house and with everything going on more stressed than normal. On the 10th January, I caught an extra early train at 6:21am from Letchworth Garden City to attend an earlier-than-usual meeting. Due to it being much earlier than I would typically travel, I hadn’t prepared a carnet beforehand like normal, but instead planned to complete a blank one on the train. In complete stupidity, I didn’t check there was a blank one in my bag and whilst on-board, I realised to my horror I had forgot to pack the empty carnet. In panic, I searched through my bag and could only find a previously used carnet. In a complete error of judgement, I stupidly changed the dates on the carnet to the 10th January. This was a terrible thing to do and I am extremely ashamed of my action. Upon arriving at Kings Cross, I was questioned by the ticket officer and at which point, I admitted whole heartedly to what I had done, apologised profusely and explained the circumstances. The officer thanked me for my honestly telling me he would leave a mark on my file, but advised he would have to report the incident. I made a grave mistake. I have never done anything like this before and certainly will not do anything of this nature again. I am extremely sorry for the way I acted and the damages this action has caused others. I am more than willing and able to make immediate payment to cover the unpaid fare and any other damages or administrative costs I’ve caused. I’m also happy to sign up to an annual ticket so this event can never happen again. I appreciate your consideration in this matter.
  6. I've been trying to get information about a mortgage my husband had with the Northern Rock from the mid 1980s to 1998. He was sold PPI and home insurance and was told he had to buy it from them as they wouldn't give him a mortgage if he didn't - the usual story. I remember ringing them about the insurance in the early 1990s as it was absolutely extortionate, very expensive and much more cover than he needed for a two-up, two-down terraced house. We've looked everywhere for the paperwork but think we must have lost it when we moved house six years ago. I rang the solicitors we used and they said they only keep records for seven years, they weren't interested anyway! This week I got a copy of a bank statement for the early months of 1998, just before we sold it, but there aren't any payments to Northern Rock from it and we can only think we must have paid it in our local branch office. I've already contacted N-RAM who replied very quickly to say that they had no records of anything in my husband's name! I haven't sent a data request as I don't know the mortgage number. It's become a bit of a challenge now, there must be records somewhere. Any help on ways of getting further information would be very welcome.
  7. Morning all, Just wondering if anyone can see anything wrong with this agreement which might render it unenforecable? Thought i had read something a while back regarding the ppi needing to be outlined seperately as opposed to being set out as here. If there anything else anyone can see is not right also, please say. This might be a bit of a tricky one if is not enforecable (long story) will fill peeps in at later date once know basics of where stand with it. Many many thanks as always, Mpols x im very aware how busy the forums are at the mo, so just going to bump until someone has a few mins. Many thanks Mpols x
  8. NRAM (Northern Rock), dodgy documents and agreements. Hi and thanks to all who contribute to this site. Flushed with success at my PPI refund with another Ex creditor I thought I'd start on my NR mortgage. In 2006 I re-mortgaged my house with NR to pay off a previous mortgage and some loans (taken out with NR). The present account is not the 16 digit account that I read about though I can only find the mortgage offer and not the agreement. Also I believe that there is PPI on some of the other loans I had with them in the past (and perhaps the current one). My thrust of action is threefold. Does the dodgy documentation apply to me since the ? Have I been miss-sold the mortgage because it was for 30 years and I'm in my early 60s now and no proper suitability check where carried out by NR. Finally I will be tackling the PPI as normal. I suppose the first thing to do is get my paperwork from them so in light of my three pronged action would I be advised to get a full SAR and CCA request in the first instance? I look forward to your comments as usual. Kind regards
  9. Please help! In May 2004, I took out a single mortgage with Northern Rock a 'Together Mortgage', totaling £112K. Northern Rock incentivised the ‘Together Mortgage’ with the availability to take out secured loans against your property, for buying household items etc. Northern Rock advanced me four secured loans on the property, totaling £21K, which increased the mortgage to £133K in 2006. Due to the collapse and reckless lending of Northern Rock, the property is now in negative equity, with the property being valued at £120K. With this the mortgage/loans were transferred to an organisation called NRAM, then Whistletree. These are the issues I have with NRAM and Whistletree: In 2005, due to moving in with my fiancé we decided to put the property up as a ‘buy to let’, Northern Rock charged an administration fee of £100, for consent to let. When NRAM, then Whistletree took over the mortgage I received letters informing me I had to pay a £750 fee (Annually) for consent to let. This fee is calculated by the balance of the mortgage. NRAM and Whistletree add the £750 fee to the mortgage, consequently increasing the debt. I have asked Whistletree for a breakdown on how they calculate this consent to let fee. They are unable to send any documentation explaining this. My mortgage term is currently 13 years with Whistletree, interest only £506 per month. A repayment plan would be £1,600 per month. With this, I have asked Whistletree if I can extend my mortgage years, so I can start a repayment mortgage instead of being interest only. I was informed that due to the property not being a residential property, this was not an option. The secured loans on the property have a high % rate and two are interest only. With this, I could take out a loan with a better interest rate and start reducing the debt. I asked Whistletree if I could pay all the loans off. I was informed there would be a penalty for doing this, and overpaying the loans would be an option. But overpayments would just cover the costs of the consent to let, so the debt would not be reduced. The property has been on for sale for over 10 years, with cash buyers offering £120K. This would leave me with a shortfall of £15K with fees, but the property is costing over £4K per year to keep, with maintenance, agency fees, insurance, and upkeep. This seems to be the only option I have, due to having no support or guidance from NRAM and Whistletree. I received an offer from a cash buyer who wanted to purchase the property. Whistletree informed me that this sale would take at least 12 weeks to process. The cash buyer wanted a quicker sale. Whistletree were unable to accommodate this and the sale fell through. With Northern Rock collapsing and the mortgage being bought by NRAM and Whistletree. I have had no help or guidance from either company. Because of the high consent to let fee my debt is increasing and I cannot see any way out of this situation. My question is: Can Whistletree legally refuse to extend my mortgage period? Currently employed full time and age 46. Can NRAM and Whistletree charge such a high consent to let fee without any explanation?
  10. the biggest CME storm in 45yrs is going off you should easily be able to photograph the northern lights anywhere in the UK if you look north ish around the plough star formation its going off all night as far down as cornwall. remember long exposure +30secs focus set to infinite and auto focus set off the further north you are the more chance of it to the naked eye too.
  11. People need to keep their canine companions under good control. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-40480096 IMHO, if a dog attacks a postman, then it wont be long before it attacks a child !
  12. i had a mortgage for a while with northern rock and am pretty sure i had ppi but have no docs left to prove this - what can i do to check this out?
  13. Hi, Like many hundreds of other borrowers with Northern Rock Together Mortgages, we have an unsecured loan for an amount in excess of £25k which we took out prior to 2008. The unsecured loan paperwork states that it is covered by the CCA although NRAM are now trying to argue that this is not the case (because the amount exceeds the limit that was covered when we took the loan out). We, like many others, have complained to NRAM to no avail and now approached the Financial Ombudsmen for help. However, everyone so far seems to have been fobbed off in a manner which the cynics amongst us would have good reason to believe that, as a government body, the FOS may have been leaned on to try and sweep this issue under the carpet. (There is an easy-to-find thread on MSE) It seems to me that NRAM and the FOS will have little to argue if borrowers in the same position as ourselves can show either of the following; 1. A Judge declaring that loan executed on regulated paperwork should be treated as being covered by the CCA even if the amount exceeds £25,000 (prior to 2008) 2. Perhaps less so but there does seem to be cases of NRAM taking a borrower with such a loan to a court and using the CCA against the borrower. NRAM clearly can't have it both ways...if they wish to pursue people with loans in excess of £25,000 by citing the CCA then clearly they accept that the loan is covered. I can see from other threads that the member Petebeds appears to have had a Judge rule that his Northern Rock / NRAM loan over £25k should be treated as if it were covered by the CCA since it was executed on regulated paperwork. Also, on the same thread Josie8 suggests that she successfully argued something similar or indeed very relevant to all of this. If this is indeed the case, then the details of those court hearings will prove to be a great asset to those who are so clearly being stiffed by NRAM. If we can keep this thread to people who know exactly what I'm talking about that would really help everyone in the same boat. Hopefully then we can post some good clear advice for everyone and get some proper redress for how we've all been mislead, mis-sold, lied to, cast aside and generally treated like badly Thanks in advance to the site admins who I hope will flag this with the members mentioned above and anyone else who they think may have some constructive input. JHill
  14. Hi all, Well where to start! I was issued a parking. Charge notice by NPS on 27th December. I parked in a car park my work has use of with a valid permit. On the 27th I displayed my permit yet this must have fallen of the dashboard as after I left work I noticed the notice fixed to my window. I didn't appeal within the timescale set for a few reasons yet mainly as I assumed that they where Cowboys. Despite trying to appeal to their good nature in saying that I HAVE a valid permit yet it simply fell off, they are sticking to fact that no permit equals a fine and that I have broken the "contractual law" of the car park. They also state that they do not have to charge a justifiable figure nor does it have to simply cover losses. I now have 7 days before they will refer this to debt recovery ( I know they can not chase me for money) yet I am concerned this may go to court and if I lose be left with a considerably higher cost simply f or not having my permit displayed correctly. Would totally agree to an pay if I was parking without no permit at all. I really need some support and guidance with how to now progress. NPS will not issue a rejection letter as I haven't appealed in 28days. I have been told my charge is NON POFA. Does this make for a better case? Please help
  15. Hi all, Can someone please tell me if this loan agreement is enforceable? It was signed in 2004. There is about £5500 left. I realised they charged the interest upfront. Its now with Cabot/Marlin I have been paying for the last 6 years on a DMP as well. But is getting rid of the DMP as I cant afford it any more. I cant seem to post links or images yet but I will try. might just need a copy and paste. 1drv.ms/21Dingp Thanks a lot!
  16. Dear All, This is my first post so please excuse me if it's in the wrong section etc. I had a property repossessed in 2010 & the mortgage was with Northern Rock. All relationship with them had broken down & I ended up leaving the property vacant before the repossession date & have never been back to it since. I locked it & walked away After a few months I checked Zoopla & the property had been sold at a ridiculously low price therefore leaving a substantial shortfall. I've never heard a word from NR until a strange letter arrived at my parents house (where I now live) yesterday stating that my file had been recalled from their external agent PRA & transferred back to their internal collections team. It is also asking me to contact them to discuss repayment. It doesn't give any other details & at first I wasn't even sure what it referred too. I have never had any contact from this PRA group. So what are your thoughts? I've obviously no intention of contacting them as I think they're just fishing for information plus it's taken them 6 years to find me. Thanks to anyone that can offer some advice.
  17. Northern Powerhouse department to close office in Sheffield and move 247 jobs to London Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/29/northern-powerhouse-department-to-close-office-in-sheffield-and-move-247-jobs-to-london-5651943/#ixzz3yiz1scce
  18. Hi, I have recently split with my partner and still co-own a property in England. However, I have recently moved to Northern Ireland. I have received court papers (old credit card debt last dealt with in mid 2010) through Northampton to my old (still mortgaged) property in England which my ex has forwarded to me. What can I do? Will I have to attend court in England? Can I make them move the claim to Northern Ireland - will they have to discontinue with this claim as I no longer reside there? Can they continue to pursue me through the English address as my name is still on the mortgage there, even though I no longer live there? I know this is a bit garbled but I just need some help and advice on how to move forward. TIA TWD
  19. After defaulting on an £18,000 unsecured Northern Rock loan they obtained a CCJ in Bradford Crown Court in July 2009. They then registered a charge on my share of our home with the Land Registry. In October 2009 I was declared bankrupt and included this loan in the bankruptcy. I have made no payments or made contact with Northern Rock or Marlin Europe since then. I was advised that the debt had transferred to Marlin Europe and they are now chasing me for payment. I have received a "notice of application for attachment of earnings order" that looks like it has come from the court but I suspect is another scare tactic from their solicitors, Mortimer Clarke. What is my best course of action? Do I need to complete the form that asks for income and expenditure details? I do not understand how an unsecured loan, sold as that and with the interest rate set accordingly can somehow become secured on my property. Does my bankruptcy not cancel this out? I would welcome any advice as the notice threatens up to 14 days in jail for not replying.
  20. The Aurora Borealis - better known as the Northern Lights - has been visible over parts of the UK. Can you believe this. First of all the Super Eclipse Blood Moon now a chance to see this. In one year.Maybe a month. I am so happy i could sing, dance.Spin around and may just do one or all of these things. Believe there are chances to see it for the next few weeks. Now i know there are many photographers in these rooms on the CAG. Who can take a fine picture. If any of you whether mobile or digi camera sees this Aurora in the skies over the next few weeks could you post a picture. Or maybe as you are keeping a eye on the sky post here when you see it in your area. A early warning so others may look out of windows and see it. Link that explains.With many pictures and other links to explain how and when you might see this marvel of the skies. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34472301 Off now to take a peek. Checking,Camera, Tripod, Telescope,back pack,supplies,binoculars,stun gun,dog, ok should be enough for a hour or two. I have never seen it have you? Just doing a radar check on cloud etc. Check out your area.Whatever day,when you press i feel it will be current. Up-to date. Pop posty code in and away you go. No good if cloudy or danger of storms etc. Otherwise we would be lighting up the skies with all that metal we will be carrying. A link for you. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=radar;sess=
  21. Hi all hope you are well. Today I received a letter from Northern Rail's Debt Recovery and Prosecutions Unit. It's regarding the end of July when I traveled from Hadfield to Glossop by train. The ticket office was closed, and the ticket machine only accepts card. I was carrying cash and fully intended to buy a ticket. When I cannot get a ticket in this situation I simply get one in Glossop. When I got off the train I saw two northern rail uniformed staff, I approached them to get a ticket. At this point they told me I had committed an offence and they took my details. I was literally asking them to pay as I figured they must have the ticket machine! Just wondering if I have a leg to stand on? Any advice will be appreciated.
  22. More than 40,000 British borrowers are in line to get thousands of pounds in compensation after the High Court ruled against former bank Northern Rock in a test case over the wording in past loan documents. The court judgment said about £258m could be paid out in compensation by taxpayers, as the government now owns the part of the bank that made the loans. The amount is more than Northern Rock’s highest estimates. The payments will go to 41,000 former Northern Rock customers - at an average of £6,300 each - and are likely to prompt other banks and the regulator to double-check whether any past loans were incorrectly worded. The High Court ruling released on Wednesday was against Northern Rock Asset Management (NRAM), the "bad bank" of Northern Rock that was nationalised in 2008. NRAM effectively brought the legal claim against itself to test whether documents issued to customers under previous "Together" mortgages were incorrect and if it owed compensation. NRAM is considering whether to appeal the ruling. Subject to that appeal, it is expected to offer compensation to the affected customers without them needing to apply through the courts. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/11285163/Former-Northern-Rock-customers-set-for-258m-payback-after-court-ruling.html Full ruling here: http://www.judiciary.gov.uk/judgments/nram-plc-v-mcadam-hartley/
  23. Hi, I have recently been asked to give my details for dodging a train fair for a second time. Admittedly they were different circumstances. However because this was the second time this has happened (the first time I had to pay a fine) I was worried i would be sent to prison or get a criminal record so I gave false details. I quickly withdrew these details after further questioning and admitted I had lied. But because this is the second time they have pulled me up, and because I gave false details to start, will I get a criminal offence? Please anyone that has any experience with this I would appreciate your help. Thank you.
  24. Last year the social fund contacted me and stated i owed £500 from 1997-98 in the UK. I did the usual SAR, Dispute etc and they were unable to substantiate the debt. They still started taking £15.00 out of my ESA every two weeks despite my objections. After transferring to Northern Ireland and my ESA is back up and running, the Northern Ireland Social fund has sent me a letter. They state i owe the social fund £111.00 and must pay it back at £7.19 a week Northern Ireland has not recognised the Governments welfare reforms so we still have the social security office, not the DWP. This is interesting The say i can pay it by cheque in one lump sum, in cash, postal order, or standing order and first payment to reach them within 7 days. They also asked me to sign the letter saying I AGREE I OWE THE SOCIAL FUND THIS MONEY. My question has to be why they are being so nice about it? Why have they not just started taking the deductions from my ESA like the DWP did without my consent?
  25. I am staying with friends at the moment in Northern Ireland I currently claim ESA in England for which i get the higher rate and have had the latest 12 month ATOS inquisition a month ago in england I will be staying in Northern Ireland for a considerable time so i contacted the DWP to transfer my address details I have been told i will need to close down my claim and reapply over in Northern Ireland, that means another ATOS run around, lower rate entitlement etc etc This cannot be right as all i want to do is change address, my circumstances have not changed
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