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  1. Many thanks dx100uk After reading your attached letter I wonder if that's why they're now pursuing it? This PRA Group interests me as I've had no contact from them but I assume they're some sort of debt collector agency. There is a website but it doesn't give much info. Also why would NR start to deal directly if they've had these people looking for me. Their letter stated it was now down to me to contact NR directly. I'll sit tight for a while but many thanks for that letter. Sorry Martin, my reply & your post crossed. Thanks once again for your help
  2. Thanks Martin, I had heard that but I had also seen an article about certain lenders writing off the debt if no contact was made in 6 years. I'm not going to contact them now. I think I'll wait & see what happens as it was quite a vague letter.
  3. Dear All, This is my first post so please excuse me if it's in the wrong section etc. I had a property repossessed in 2010 & the mortgage was with Northern Rock. All relationship with them had broken down & I ended up leaving the property vacant before the repossession date & have never been back to it since. I locked it & walked away After a few months I checked Zoopla & the property had been sold at a ridiculously low price therefore leaving a substantial shortfall. I've never heard a word from NR until a strange letter arrived at m
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