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  1. Hey to both No only ppi was returned, will look at other charges, the interest that was front loaded is the killer, but will have to read up on that bit. Yeah we said about it during the application for the mortgage in principle and explained that we'd continued paying each month but hadn't heard anything and that our credit has been ok the last couple years/cleared other debt etc, but we weren't sure how it would affect the application, but when we/the broker checked our credit files, nothing was registered and it showed we had fantastic credit rating apparently.
  2. Just seen this again Silverfox1961 8 years on! Hope you're well x
  3. Hi everyone, Back in 2006 Northern Rock secured a CO against my Husband. House is in both names - debt is in his. He has paid an agreed installment amount every month since and he has received a refund of ppi that was apparently missold at the time. The debt was moved to Marlin/Mortimer Clarke in 2013 since then all he has received are the occasional generic 'discount' letters offering for him to repay in full at a reduced amount. He has never received a statement of account - even after requesting one years ago. The debt was for an unsecured loan with inte
  4. Heya huni - Long time.... Hope you well? Yep t'was with cabot re littlewoods & cap one - long story will fill you in later & try to update thread. Needless to say it didnt go to court but didnt end up nec' the way we would have liked either - We have had soooo much happen the last few months and are desperately trying to make a go of everything plus to be honest am just too bloomin' tired to keep arguing with everyone. Ideally we would just like to get everything paid & cleared & disappeared as we wanted in the first place but with all the dcas refusing to return our acc
  5. Morning all - Update! We have heard nothing from Link (or cap one) other than the regular statements since above, until last night when a very insistent caller got a tad snotty! Hubby answered sec' questions without thinking, as has been so long and then realised who it was etc grrr so he repeatedly asked them to put anything they wanted to say in writing, but the gent on the end of the line was insistent on discussing it there and then so i took over the phone, refused to give my name and re-iterated that they had all info regarding the acc on record and that anything they wanted to dis
  6. Good Morning, Could some of you please take a quick look at this thread, in particular posts #1,5 & 8. Am very unsure as to how to approach this case if am in a position to at all? Many thankyous! M'pols x http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?184665-Northern-Rock-Q-Whats-wrong-here
  7. Thankyou sincerely for taking the time. There's probably a lot more that i could put but only once they are dealt with individually if you can understand, because they have lumped the two together. Unfortunately, time was of the essence with this in particular so at least it is done now & i can look to the next stage with a bit of breathing space. Many thanks again hun. Mpols x
  8. Ok, Can someone please just comment if below makes sense & is ok to send asap please? They still haven't sent me anything else so i am going with a fairly basic embarrassed. Thanks as always, Mpols xx 1. I, xxxxxxxxxx, am the defendant in this action and make the following statement as a defence to the claim made by xxxxxx 2. Except where otherwise mentioned in this defence, I neither admit nor deny any allegation made in the Claimant’s Particulars of Claim and put the Claimant to strict proof thereof. 3. The Defendant notes that the Claimant has combined two separate acc
  9. Hi again, I have edited the draft in Post #23 - Fingers xed i am kinda 'getting there' - Would appreciate comments as to yay or nay so far please?. Also, should i add something along the lines of "to avoid any confusion in case it is suggested that the claim falls under the Consumer Credit Act 2006. It is drawn to the Court’s attention that Schedule 3, Section 11 of the Consumer Credit Act 2006 prevents Section 15 repealing Section 127 (3) of the 1974 Act for Agreements made before Section 15 came into effect. Since the Agreement would have commenced prior to the inception of the Consum
  10. Would it make sense if i incorporate the following points as well please? -The Particulars of Claim are vague and insufficient and do not disclose an adequate statement of facts relating to or proceeding the alleged cause of action. No particulars are offered in relation to the nature of the contract referred to, the method the Claimant calculated any outstanding sums due, or any default notices issued or any other matters necessary to substantiate the Claimant's claim. -A copy of the purported notice of assignment that the Claimant cites in the Particulars of Claim, and which appe
  11. It's me getting wording confused - sorry - am thick as sh*# - i was advised to use part 18 for clarification of certain points rather than requesting actual docs as their poc are so vague & didn't give me much to go by. I s'pose i have made a huge balls up so i need to change a couple points i tried putting in the defence above. will edit that post now. Thank you. x HAVE EDITED POINTS 5,6 & 10 IN DEFENCE DRAFTED ABOVE. x
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