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  1. But there is still a chance. Which I will live with for now just to keep my mind at ease while I wait. Many thanks for your reply. I will post on here when I receive my letter.
  2. Thanks Old-CodJA. I won't send the letter I'm just waiting to hear from them now and in the mean time I'm trying to forget. Just one question. If they did prosecute me (as there is a chance they won't) but if they did would there be any way of negotiating an out of court settlement?
  3. Hello Ethel Street. Thank you for your reply. I can only hope they don't take this to court. But I shall use this relevant information otherwise. Thanks again.
  4. No haha I told you I never thought you had limited understanding i was simply inquiring so i could understand how you knew so much. But thank you very much anyway for all your help. I cannot say what the outcome will be until i actually receive my letter. But when i do is the time to speculate these things. Right now I guess I'll just hold tight. I will post on here when I hear anything though. Just to help anyone else out in a similar situation. Thanks again for your time!
  5. Basically buying this ticket from the terminating stations ticket machine gave me a chance to undo the lie i had literally just told and i intended to do that. It was only after making a stupid mistake on the machine that they pulled me up. And at that stage I was completely frightened and didn't have a chance to explain myself. All they believed was that i came from XXX station they didnt know i had actually come from XXX station. And because i had completely stuffed my chance at rectifying this it meant i was left in a stupid situation. At which point i panicked and thats when i gave false i
  6. No you misunderstand me. The station at which i actually boarded at has no ticket office or working machine. The station at which i lied about boarding from does. I then still could not purchase this ticket due to my card being declined. So i went to the ticket machine at the terminating station i arrived at to buy the relevant ticket (i intended to buy a ticket from the station i actually boarded at instead of the one i lied about since i released then that was a stupid thing to have said and i was going to put it right). But then at this machine i managed to buy the wrong ticket entirely by
  7. Hello. No I have not yet received a letter from them. I am merely writing this to put my mind at ease so i know what to say when i finally do receive a letter from them (i know i should wait to see what they say but i cant really stop thinking about it) No the station that i actually boarded at had no means of paying as there is no ticket office. However the station i lied about boarding at has a ticket office. The version of events i stated in the letter i drafted are entirely honest and correct. That was the series of events that happened that day.
  8. Dear Sir / Madam, Firstly I want to apologise as this was an error of judgment made on my behalf. I will pay any relevant fines as well as administration costs incurred with processing and sending your letter, I do not wish to cause any trouble for you. I have already learned from a previous mistake with your service and since this mistake I have been a fully compliant and honest customer for Northern Rail. Before this incident on the 24th of July 2015 I had been paying the full fare from XXX to XXX all week which I can prove with bank statements. I travelled from XXX to XXX that day. I
  9. Ok I see. Yes i wasn't disputing any of your information I just wondered since you seem pretty knowledgeable! If i posted a draft of the letter i wish to send to them could you proof it for me? I'm not sure whether i should mention i would much prefer this to be settled outside of court or whether that would make things worse.
  10. Out of interest are you a ticket officer? Just wondering how you know so much about all this? Oh ok so it will be 'spent' in a year. "Don't like taking it to court" is what the ticket officer told me at the time. He said it costs them more to do that and since I don't have a long list of similar incidents not to worry, but obviously i was worrying and i don't know if he was only saying that to calm me down.
  11. Yes I understand however I have heard that most don't like taking it to court as that's more time and money. When i spoke with the officer i expressed my sincere apologies and asked if i would get a criminal record and he said he does not know but he said i was not abusive , nor do i have a list as long as my arm of similar offences which helps me. so do you think there is a chance they won't want to prosecute? or from your experience/ from what you know is Northern Rail likely to prosecute quite easily. So because this is a 'minor' offence will this be 'spent' quite quickly?
  12. ok so it seems very likely i will get a criminal record then. I'm worried because I'm not sure how much this is going to affect me. for example travelling to places like the US which i intended to do in the future. I am over 18 and i'm about to go into my final year of drama school, so my career path is not healthcare or law at all. but will it still hinder my job prospects? will this conviction stay on my records forever? and do you suppose there is any chance i can settle this out of the courts?
  13. what is the Byelaw 17/18 or S5 RRA 1889 ? and how will this affect me?7 what is an enhanced DBS ? and how will this affect me?
  14. I'm not sure what all of that means, could you explain them for a worried, clueless person such as myself. Thank you for your replies by the way.
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