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  1. Hi, hope that someone can help with some advice here. To cut a long story short, I have had an ongoing dispute about some charges from a lease company when the car was returned to them a couple of years ago for non existent damage and excess mileage. They filed a claim in the court to which I defended during a period that I was moving house. We were for a short period of time in a hotel before we could move into our new house and a post redirection was set up briefly to my Fathers home. When we moved, the redirection was then amended to my current address. During this time a letter from the court has been lost, I had not been aware that there was a date set and carried on as normal. The last thing I knew was the claimant was to pay a fee or the case would be struck out. Last week my Father (pensioner) was at his home and had two HCEO bailiffs on the doorstep. They had clamped his car and told him that they were removing his goods to pay for my debt which was £5000. My Father not knowing what to do has paid them over £8000 to leave. I have never lived at my Dads address and after getting a copy of the writ from the court the only address mentioned was my old address. I have complained to the bailiff firm but they have a process of 28 days to resolve, I need him to be refunded now, this should not have happened and so many rules have not been followed. How would I go about this quicker. Please ask any questions as determined to sort this for him, he has become sick as a result of this. Meant to mention that this is DCBL
  2. Hi All My partner no longer lives in the UK, but has received a few emails from an old (believe pdl) debt over the last few months relating to a CCJ which was granted after she left the country. The DCA are called TM LEGAL SERVICES They have now sent the following: Following our recent letter, you have failed to contact the office to set up a repayment on your County Court Judgment. We are now in the process of contacting your employer to verify your status of employment. Once we have confirmed the status of your employment, we will complete an N337 Form (Request for Attachment of Earnings Order) and present this to the court. We anticipate this form will be completed in the next few days. After this form has been completed and sent to the courts, we are unable to retract the application and your employer may be informed of your County Court Judgment. Once the Attachment of Earnings has been applied for, the courts will issue you an N56 Form (Form for Replying to an Attachment of Earnings Application Statement of Means). You must fill in this form, giving details of your financial circumstances. These include your employer's details. You are required to include your partner's financial circumstances also. You must return this to the court within eight days. It is an offence not to send back the N56 Form or to give false information within the form. If you do not send back the form, the county court bailiffs will serve you with an order to complete. If you still do not return the form then you will be sent a notice of summons to attend a court hearing. At this hearing you will be required to explain why you have not supplied information about your financial circumstances that you were requested to. You must attend this hearing. If you do not attend the hearing, the court can issue a warrant for your arrest and you may be brought to court or even jailed for up to 14 days. To stop our application, we require you to contact the office by 7.00pm today Friday 29th September 2017 on the number below to discuss the options avaliable to you.. Our contact number is 01253 523460 (option 2) and our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 7.00pm & Friday 8.00am to 7.00pm. Note, we are extending are opening hours to give you a final oppurtunity to avoid the Attachment of Earnings. Pretty scary sounding here, mentioning arrest etc. What is the best way to approach this. She does not live in the UK, is not employed in the UK, but we are willing to potentially set up a payment plan, but are wary of giving them much info. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I know this has been covered a lot over the years however I couldn't find a thread with a person who was/is in the same position as myself. I received a PCN last year for overstaying 45 mins in a free car park at the Almondvale car park in Livingston last Aug 2017. I am from Northern Ireland and my car is registered in NI but I was working in Scotland at the time. I thought the car park was free and didn't know about the 2 hour time frame. As my work colleague had received the same fine several times for different occasions and ignored it I thought it was ok to do the same. The letters from high view stopped for months but just 2 weeks ago I received my first letter from Debt Recovery Plus. Now I know from the previous threads DRP themselves cannot do anything and I have just received a 2nd letter form them with big angry bold type doing the usual saying they will advise their client to take court action. I have never contacted any of the firms and continue to ignore them. My question is if anyone who lives in Northern Ireland has been in the same position and what have they done about it and what has been done to them? My understanding is that Northern Ireland is similar or the same as Scotland when it comes to private parking charges? The letters were all sent to my parents address in NI while I was working in Scotland. All help gratefully received and thank you in advance.
  4. Hi Two years ago on our honeymoon we were coned into a time share situation with a company called United Vacation Club. We paid a deposit of approx. 3000 USD when we arrived back home tried to cancel the agreement not knowing that the cooling off period was a very short 5 days I was made redundant on my return and have asked the company to terminate the agreement. This week I have received an email saying that they are going to place the debt in the hands of a collection agency in the USA. Any advice please.
  5. As per this post on the Parking Pranksters blog. You really couldn't make it up! Unless you're the BPA of course, then you can make up anything you'd like
  6. Hi all Very curious about how long a PCN can actually be live/valid for and if there's a certain cut off period where the regarding council have no right to ask for any payment anymore. I have been disputing a PCN back and forth since last July 2016 and once again have had it brought back down to £65 at "the discretion" of said council employee. Do I really need to pay this? Can they keep pursuing me leading to court/bailiff action? If I have to pay the £65 within 2 weeks I will but if I do not really need to of course I would like a way out of it. Any info/clarification would be appreciated Thanks
  7. The facts are as follows: 1) I owe MBNA some £10k that has not been paid since November 2016 (so recent) and I imagine is about to default. Its a combination of balance transfers from cards that were used to fund my foreign studies. 2) Until now my parents have been transferring money to my bank account which I then forward to them as minimum payment. This is not sustainable for any of us and I am just barely paying the 28% interest. 3) I have lived abroad for a long time, but kept my UK accounts as they were useful but the situation has become critical. I did not inform any institution that I was abroad, and in any case, students are a special category in terms of continuing NHS care when studying abroad. I am currently in Eastern Europe but about to move to Hong Kong for work. 4) I have no assets of any kind, not even a TV in my parents bedroom, some old toys, about it. 5) I don't intend to return to the UK for a long time but I may live in the EU with my Italian girlfriend. I want to know what steps MBNA will take to recover this debt. The most important for me is that my parents are not harassed for my own decisions because I do not live at home or in the UK. I intend to deregister myself from the electoral roll/council tax list, I just have not had a chance to do so but I'll head home before departing to HK to take care of such procedural matters. I would be happy to close any other accounts and in any case they are not in use and will not be in use. I intend to inform them of my HK forwarding address, I believe that would be my legal obligation in any case, I presume this might also limit the visits that could potentially disturb my parents. Regardless of the moral implications of giving up on paying this debt and starting a new life, I am only interested in the legal ones, and especially to mitigate any stress that my parents could be subject to in terms of home visits from a bailiff if/were a CCJ issued. I am not even sure if they can get one and how it could be enforced in another country. According to my research, it would be statute barred from the last payment or the date of a CCJ. During those six (or more) years I want to ensure my parents are not subject to home visits, phone calls etc. Presently they are being called twice a day, but they won't speak to my parents, asking for me. To be clear, I won't be hiding in the backroom, or down the road or in another UK town. What steps should I take to ringfence any potential earnings in HK? There is a PhD on the cards which would probably take place in Italy, and again the question would be the feasibility of pursuing this debt etc (ignoring the post-Brexit scenario).
  8. Veterans Gateway went live on 3rd April 2017 READ MORE HERE: https://www.veteransgateway.org.uk/
  9. I'll try to be brief and not ramble. My daughter and her family came to stay with me early last year after selling their family home and were waiting for their new family home. For one reason and another myself and my daughter's long term partner didn't get on, it ended up much to my embarrassment that he ended up staying elsewhere, his friends, his car, hotels etc. This caused issues between myself and my daughter He was sent a few items of mail from Asset Collections I called them and explained that he didn't actually live here, he had for a brief time and had moved on but I didn't have a forwarding address. They said they would amend their records. A few months later another letter was sent - I called them again, they apologised and again said they would amend their records. My daughter and her children officially left here in March and it wasn't on the best of terms. I am slowly trying to build my relationship back with her. I don't know why I have done it (probably because I am too nosey for my own good) but I opened some mail of my son in laws yesterday and it was a CCJ Claim form from the company I have previously told twice that he isn't a resident here. What can I do? I just cannot tell my daughter - she will be so mad at me. Iv done some terrible things over the last 18 months - 2 years and I don't want to lose my daughter again. He doesn't live here and I honestly don't have an address for him and the company had been told he didn't live here what should I do? I have read that the courts won't believe this?
  10. The Queen's most senior aides have summoned her entire household to an emergency meeting this morning. The Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer of the Royal Household, and Sir Christopher Geidt, Private Secretary, will address staff from royal residences as far afield as Balmoral. Sources said the Lord Chamberlain does call meetings from time to time and that it would be wrong to speculate. Scores of staff arrived at Buckingham Palace this morning.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/04/buckingham-palace-summons-entire-royal-household-emergency-meeting/
  11. Hi All I have opened a claim for refund of Additions account fee's and have received a questionnaire to complete; which I would like some advice on how best to proceed. Here are some background details first: I first became aware of Package Bank Accounts last year when a colleague at work told me that he had reclaimed some money. I was shocked; having only ever banked with barclays for the last 24years I genuinely thought that I had to pay for my bank account and that the insurances etc. were free perks. I decided to pursue a claim myself; I only have statements from 2011 I did an SAR request on the internet in around May last year. After 45 days I had not heard or received anything I rang the number given on Barclays site; the telephone banking agent gave me a number to ring for the SAR team. I rang the number several times but it was a dud number. Made an appointment at the Bank, spoke to an advisor who gave me an SAR request form to fill in; I filled this in and sent it recorded delivery with my cheque for £10. They received the form but again after 45 Days nothing. At this point I gave up. In December I recieved the letter from Barclays saying Additions was being removed and offering the Fee Free Account; In January I went to the bank and cancelled the Tech and Travel pack. This spurred me to look at claiming again. I read on the internet that even with an SAR they only go back 6 Years; so I thought well I won't gain much from it anyway. Is this true that they only go back 6 years? this is what I know: I opened my current account with Barclays in March 1993 at the age of 21; this was my first current account and to this day is the only current account I have ever held. Through research I found that the Additions account wasn't introduced until 1996 I must initially have had a fee free account? I do not recall ever agreeing to the Additions account; I do not recall agreeing to iot being upgraded to Additions Plus. I do not recall agreeing to the cost of the account being hiked up over the years. As long as I can remember I have paid a fee; I definitely remember it being £6.50 a long long time ago it may have even been £5.00 but not sure of this. I remember it being Additions then Additions Plus; before I opted for the Fee Free account without the Tech or Travel pack in Jan this year the fee was £16.00. Over the years the fee increased; I rember it being £13.50 at one point. I think I may have had it from the beginning before Breakdown cover was included; I know I had CPP card protection and I have a vague recollection of having a tag to go on your keys incase you lost them? I suspect that my account was upgraded to Additions from my original fee free account without my knowledge. Initially I did not have an overdraft with the account; I asked for one at some point many years after I had opened the account somewhere between 2000-2005. I only asked for a small overdraft for emergencies only and it was only a small one I would have only wanted £100 and probably wouldn't have used it in the beginning. Maybe I was conned into having additions at this point; but I am sure I already had it. Regarding the insurances; I have only ever used the Breakdown cover and only once bcause I thought it was a free benefit to an account I had to pay for anyway. I have never had any expensive gadgets or a mobile worth insuring I have never used gadget insurance. I only holiday in the UK and would never use travel insurance. Over the latter years I have used my overdraft but again only because I thought it was a free perk to an account I had to pay for. If I had had a fee free account I would have managed my money differently and could have done without the overdraft. On January the 24th I this to file a claim: Packaged Bank Account Claim: Barclays Sort code or branch name: xx-xx-xx Existing complaint reference: N/A xxxxxxxxxxx I am writing to you as I believe the packaged bank account which I have had since some time after March 25th, 1993 was mis-sold/inappropriate for me. This is because... - I don’t remember ever agreeing to having this account. - I was upgraded without my knowledge Additional information: - The addressess that I have lived at whilst holding the packaged bank account are: xxxxxxxxxxxx I have no recollection of ever having opened a package bank account. I started banking with Barclays on 25/03/1993 when I opened a current account; I think that the reason for opening the account was that I needed an account to have my wages paid into. You are the only bank that I have ever banked with and this is the only current account that I ever held. At some point it seems, my current account became a packaged bank account but I do not remember ever agreeing to this; I remember along time ago on my statements paying a £6.50 account fee which has been risen over the years to £16.00 without my consent! I thought that this account fee on my statements was exactly what it stated; a fee for my account that I had to pay to have a current account; I did not know that the fee was for the additional benefits such as travel insurance, breakdown cover etc.. I thought that these came FREE with the account and that the account fee was for the account itself and NOT to pay for these benefits; which I never requested anyway. Upon receipt of your recent letter informing me that Additions is being removed and giving me the option of removing the benefits; I have cancelled the tech and travel packs and now have a fee free account whilst retaining my overdaft facility which is all I have ever required from my bank account. [removed template details - dx] Today I recieved a reply and a questionnaire to fill in. After researching on this site; I think that my strongest complaint is that Additions was applied to my account without my knowledge or approval rather than it being mis-sold. I think that this is reflected in my Complaint letter above. Reading the questionnaire: Section A asks for details of my Package Account. Section B asks - Am I complaining about the sale of the account. - If NO go straight to Section F Selecting NO here skips all of the questions in the questionnaire and takes me to Section F - any additional information Section G - Your declaration. End of Questionnaire. Should I select 'NO' in Section B and skip all the questions. Can anyone advise what additional Information I can give? Also If the question is asked of when I became aware that I could have a fee free account and could make a complaint; should I say December 2016 when I received the letter which is simpler ( But will they be suspiciouse of my earlier SAR requests and visit to the bank regarding them). Or should I be honest and say that I heard through a colleague early in 2016 ( They may ask why it took me so long to switch to a fee free account and to make a complaint - which was because I was waiting for my two SAR requests). Any advice on how to proceed with my claim will be gratefully accepted; I will keep an eye on my thread, respond to any replies and update my progress. If I am succesfull I will make a donation to the the forum in thanks. Thankyou in advance. Alice
  12. Many are concerned with how British society is changing. Whether our area of concern is governments program of austerity, cuts to disability benefits, the renewal of trident, tax avoidance/evasion, brexit, the annihilation of the NHS as we knew it, with allegations of government plans to privatise our NHS, media bias, climate change, or any other concern, attack, insult, demean, demonise and discredit "the enemy" (those who do not agree with every word we say) seems to be the order of the day. We call ourselves a democratic nation, but a single episode of PM's questions would bring that allegation into question, as our "upstanding pillars of society" MP's, pass their insults, attacks and vile behaviour at fellow "honourable members". The recent in/out referendum brought out the very worst in British politics with insults galore, lies, false claims and promises being order of the day. Our so called "free press", regardless of which side of the argument their paymasters supported were equal in spreading utter fearporn and confusion among the British people. We are quick to point the finger of blame at government, often with good cause, but somehow conveniently forget that it was we collectively whom time and again have elected our politicians to their positions of privilege and power, where we have enabled them to make decisions on our behalf and continue to fail to hold them account for the decisions they make. Somehow, we have as yet failed to recognise that our seemingly preferred approach of attack, insult and discredit "the opposition" achieves nothing useful, nor do the utterly pointless petitions on the .gov website, which even at best, will only achieve a debate in the House of Commons What we continue to fail to consider, is surely the fundamental question of "What kind of society, do we want to live in? If Britain is a democratic nation, surely we the people have a right to consider and express our opinions on this question, without the insults and other vile, degrading and wholly undemocratic tactics?
  13. Android Pay ( same as Apple Pay ) went live for RBOS on 13/9/16. However what they don't tell you is that this is only for Scottish customers. Loyal customers in England, Wales and NI are not eligible. How bad is that to single of a huge amount of customers because of where they live. There is a word for it and thought this bank was above this... They need to clearly state on their website that they only support customers in Scotland. I feel really let down by this bank... time to change..
  14. Hi, Just wondering how can you be traced where you live in the UK?
  15. Hi, I am currently on JSA in the process of looking for somewhere new to live (end of tenancy) and was wondering if I moved to a town near by if I would have to do a live transfer to a closer Jobcentre? I've used the closer job centre before and being honest I prefer the advisor I have now. Also I am currently doing voluntary work in this town and will be continuing so it would actually be easier to come to the one i'm at now?
  16. Hi guys, just a quick question... I advised O2 that I was unable to pay my O2 contract with them due to have recently been taken to the cleaners in a divorce. I also advised that I have moved to Germany and would attempt to pay back what is owed once I get a job here... well... its been 9 months, not been able to get employment yet, just been signed on the JobCenter here and getting the very basic in support. I am hoping to get employment soon, and have informed Westcott that I had advised O2 about this... Now I have read up on Westcott and find that they paid 02 the debt owed and no doubt will chase me for more than what the original debt was... on the grand sale of things, would they go to the hassle of getting a european court order for the sake of 500? End of the day they can... I dont have anything they can take from me as I dont own more than my clothes... Any constructive advice welcome
  17. This morning I had a visit from a Marston EA. I was at work and my partner didn't hear the bell so the EA left a card. The cards is for the attention of my stepson (Ben) who hasn't lived with us for over 10 years but as he moves around a lot often gives are address for post etc... He has no room or property of value in the house (just a few items of clothing etc..) The card states they called today to execute a warrant of control by Hertfordshire magistrates court. The debt is for £640 I rang the mobile number on the card to explain that Ben doesn't live with us and has no property of value in the house and the man said it doesn't matter and he will be back in an hour and a half with a locksmith and police and will take goods to cover the debt. Can he really do this? The house is mine and my partners as are all the possessions in it. I've left work to come home but am sitting here not at all sure what I can do if they do return. How do I prove someone doesn't live here? How do I prove any items in the house are not Ben's? I'm concerned that if I go back to work they will break in and I'll come back to the house with a bunch of stuff missing. I have contacted my stepson and he said he didn't know what this was about. I treid to talk to the court but they wont tell me anything (or do anything) because I'm not the debtor. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks Andy
  18. Hi, I have recently split with my partner and still co-own a property in England. However, I have recently moved to Northern Ireland. I have received court papers (old credit card debt last dealt with in mid 2010) through Northampton to my old (still mortgaged) property in England which my ex has forwarded to me. What can I do? Will I have to attend court in England? Can I make them move the claim to Northern Ireland - will they have to discontinue with this claim as I no longer reside there? Can they continue to pursue me through the English address as my name is still on the mortgage there, even though I no longer live there? I know this is a bit garbled but I just need some help and advice on how to move forward. TIA TWD
  19. Dear all. My tenant are asking me to repair the rear fence. However, because of the different configuration of the garden behind us, our rear fence is actually the neighbour’s left hand fence. If this is the case, then are we still definitely responsible for this fence? The deeds do not say whose fence it is! Does anybody have any ideas please?
  20. Mohammed Emwazi has been hunted by security forces every since he began appearing is sick terror videos Live updates on link and i suppose TV everywhere. 99% Certain he is dead. Reports saying they have been tracking him for a while. Security services Monitoring chat to see what is being said. Everything will become clearer as the day goes on. David Cameron to speak later. It is claimed there were 14 airstrikes. A Twitter account linked with local anti-ISIS campaigners have shared insight into the airstrike. #Raqqa Drone Strike on 11:51 PM Targeted a car near Clock tower #ISIS Close all the area not allowed any one to approach #Syria The Prime Minister will be making a public statement on the strike later on today Downing Street working 'hand in glove' with US on ISIS Live updates. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/jihadi-john-live-updates-isis-6823006 Back in September-2015 EXCLUSIVE: 'There's drones in the air!' How paranoid Jihadi John lives in fear of death from above - as revealed by two men who had a terrifying car ride with ISIS knifeman Jihadi John acted as a driver for distinguished visitors to the Islamic State They described the British ISIS executioner as 'aggressive' and 'threatening' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3227891/There-s-drones-air-ISIS-executioner-Jihadi-John-s-fear-death-revealed-men-hid-civilians-Iraqi-football-pitch-avoid-missile-strike.html Dead body of "important British Jihadi" lying in Raqqa hospital The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has released a full statement on claims that a British Jihadi was killed in Raqqa following an airstrike. Rami Abdulrahman, director of the UK-based organisation, did not name Jihadi John however. A car carrying four foreign Islamic State leaders, including one British Jihadi was hit by US air strikes right after the governorate building in Raqqa city. All the sources there are saying that the body of an important British Jihadi is lying in the hospital of Raqqa. All the sources are saying it is of Jihadi John but I cannot confirm it personally. How will spies confirm if Jihadi John is dead? Intercepted communications, human intelligence, photographs and even DNA could confirm that Jihadi John is dead. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/11993401/How-will-spies-confirm-if-Jihadi-John-is-dead.html Jihadi John 'dead': US officials believe Raqqa drone strike killed Mohammed Emwazi Officials have said they are '99 per cent' sure the Isis militant was killed in a drone strike in Raqqa http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/jihadi-john-killed-us-officials-confirm-mohammed-emwazi-is-dead-after-raqqa-drone-strike-a6732741.html Another official speaking to ABC News described the air strike that as a “flawless” and “clean hit” that “evaporated” Emwazi without killing civilians. By the sounds of things there may be only possibilities of DNA that will identify this man. I had better leave things at that for now. The fog of war takes time to clear so you know the facts.
  21. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/ http://popla.co.uk/
  22. Hello everyone, Over the years of university I have accumulated a few defaults on my credit report. I have finally landed a decent job and my wife earns a good salary also. This has led me to try and take a grasp of my finances. The defaults will drop off my credit file between 2017 and 2018. I would of course like to settle these amounts, but I also have 'live' debts I would like to pay off too. Should I concentrate on the live debts first, or is there any benefit in paying the defaults as soon as possible? My understanding is that actually paying them will have very little positive effect on my credit and that I'd be as well just waiting for them to drop off. Just to point out: I'm in Scotland and have purposely kept my finances completely separate from my wife (who has good credit). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I recently made a purchase ONLINE, live, gold bullion. I have used the regulated company & site many times before. pressing the CONFIRM button . it requires acceptance etc, that clearly states the order cannot be CANCELLED and payment is immediate by debit card. it is VERY clear that this contract is exempt Regulations 2013 regulation distance and off-premises because of LIVE fluctuating prices. PRICES ARE FIXED upon confirming, which I did, and is a in STOCK items. I receive the confirmation of ORDER , and acceptance of order also confirmation of receipt of payment ALL 3 By email. However the fluctuating OFFER price was a lot lot lower than usual .But the gold markets where very volatile (e.g. in 1min GOLD price fell 5% Lower, though I did not know this , till later,) but I made the decision to purchase. and I was very very happy. Please could you advise me if the well established bullion online regulated trading company, can now, cancel my order. and just refund my payment. Briefly citing it was an live OFFER price ' error ' due to technical /software glitch. and stated I am taking advantage of them. and if I continue the argument they will hand my case to their solicitors. please advise, many thanks graham young
  24. My daughter and her boyfriend had been renting a room from a live-in landlord (not sub-letting) for 9 months when he evicted them without notice. He had entered their room without prior arrangement while they were on holiday and found some cigarette burns on the outside window ledge. (He had given the boyfriend permission to smoke out of the window when they moved in). He sent an email advising that they had to move out the day they returned. My daughter and boyfriend had always paid their rent on time, monthly in advance, but had recently changed to weekly payments, by arrangement, as they knew they would have to move out soon - my daughter had secured a job 200 miles away and her boyfriend was waiting for a transfer at work. My daughter thought she would be able to reason with the landlord as they had always had a good relationship, but this wasn't to be the case and he was extremely abusive. He wouldn't let them clean the room and has told them he will deduct the cost of cleaning from their deposit, which seems unreasonable to me since they were prepared to do it. It might be worth pointing out at this stage that the room and furniture were very tatty from the time they moved in the landlord never upgraded the 4ft bed to a 4ft6 one as he promised before they moved in. My daughter has drafted an email to the landlord, which I have copied below. Would anyone be able to give her some feedback on the letter? There are a couple of figures and dates left blank as my daughter needs to look at her bank records for the details. Also, I think she is mistaken about being 'occupiers with basic protection', as the landlord lived in the house and shared common areas. The email is rather long, but it gives lots of information. I'll be really grateful to anyone who takes the time to read it.... I am emailing regarding the return of our deposit which amounts to £500. You evicted [boyfriend] and me from your property on Saturday 13th June 2015 (despite the rent paid to you by us for the 1st 2 weeks of June not running out until Sunday 14th). This was following you entering our bedroom without any prior notice given or permission gained on the 13th June whilst we were away on holiday. Despite this not being an unlawful act, it was a complete invasion of privacy. By law, you were required to give us a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice to move out as we were classed as ‘occupiers with basic protection’ with no fixed term contract. However, you evicted us with immediate effect. The tone of your original email was unpleasant and completely uncalled for. In this email you attached photos of ‘damage’ done to the outside windowsill by cigarette ash (see attached photo ‘1’). Upon on inspection and after a few minutes scrubbing the ‘damage’ was greatly reduced (see attached photo ‘2’) and we believe that had you allowed us to clean properly that there would have been no real damage, simply dirt. The way you spoke to me while I was cleaning the room was absolutely disgusting. You mentioned that you were shocked at not receiving an apology from me, and you accused me of having a terrible attitude, which I fear you may have misinterpreted from my ability to stay calm and neutral under attempts of intimidation. Let me tell you this; I will always apologise to someone when I have wronged them, however when you come to me, all guns blazing, shouting in my face and cutting me off when I try to explain that the damage is in fact just dirt then you lose all respect from me. I had expected us to have a mature (if slightly unpleasant/ awkward) discussion about the ‘damage’ and how we would resolve the situation. Instead I was met with aggression and rudeness and for that reason I certainly did not apologise to you. You advised that you would be sending us a quote for the cost of the repair to the damage. Almost a month has passed and we have had no such correspondence from you. Over the months that we lived in your property you had an extra £50 from us towards bills that we did not owe to you. On the 23rd September 2014 (the day before I moved in to the property) I transferred £… to cover rent for the last week of the month and bills (1/4 of the monthly amount of £475) On the 1st October 2014 I transferred the full monthly amount of £475 to you. However, [boyfriend] was not in [town] from\ the 6th October- 18th October 2014 as he was in [hometown]working his notice, and therefore the money you received for his share of the bills between these dates (amounting to £25) was in fact money that we didn’t owe. On the ….June 2015 I transferred to you £237.50 to cover the first 2 weeks of the month (up to AND INCLUDING Sunday 14th). When I asked you why you went into our room, one of the reasons you gave was that we hadn’t paid to live there anymore, which, as you can see is completely untrue. We returned from our holiday on the Monday (15th June), and had you not evicted us 2 days earlier you would have received another week’s rent on this date, in keeping with an agreement you made with [boyfriend] that we could pay you week by week whilst we were looking to move to [new town]. The money paid to you at the beginning of June included money for bills for the whole 2 week period. However, [boyfriend]and I returned to [hometown]l after he finished work on Sunday 7th June in preparation for our festival on the 10th June. Therefore, between the 7th June- 14th June 2015 you received a total of £25 towards bills for the two of us for a week when we were not at the property. Altogether then, you have had an extra £50 from us. Another relevant fact is that for over 3 months (a third of our time at the property) there was no working oven. This is unacceptable, and when I asked you when this would be fixed you simply told me that it would need completely replacing. When you were shouting at [boyfriend] and me to ‘get out’ of your house, I said to you that we would not be paying towards any costs of cleaning, as we were in the process of doing it ourselves and you did not allow us to finish. With regards to the windowsill, as explained above this would also have been clean had you allowed us to finish the job. However as a gesture of good will and with a desire to have this dealt with quickly, we are prepared to let you keep the extra £50 you had from us, and just return out £500 deposit in full. I believe that this is extremely generous of us, especially when taking into account that [boyfriend] was unable to work his notice in [town] (he had to buy an extra train ticket to go down and work 1 days’ notice as he was only able to find space in a hostel for 1 night, meaning that he ended up paying a total of £90 to earn £60) and therefore suffered loss of earnings for 2 weeks, amounting to £428.80 based on his wage of £6.70/hour and MINIMUM contracted hours of 32/week.
  25. For a family member.... Who now lives in Newfoundland Canada, moving to BC next year. He has an £11k Visa debt with Halifax, he wants to know in as much detail as possible, what would happen if he simply stopped paying it in order to concentrate on more important Canadian debts. He doesn't intend returning to the UK ever, and is now a full Canadian citizen. Thanks in advance.
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