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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, Could someone please give me some advice?. I recently bought a Michael Kors watch online. When delivered, I opened the box and then for the purposes of inspection took the clingfilm (well, posh clingfilm for a better description) off the watch to check all was in good order. The attached tag actually came off in the process of removing the wrap. When satisfied there were no defects etc, I put it back in the box and gave it to my partner the next day. Unfortunately, I bought her the wrong version!!!!!. Even though she offered to keep it, I said I would get her the right one. I emailed the seller and advised of my mistake, offering to pay the difference between the 2 (about £9). This was agreed and I returned the watch the next day. Now on reading the returns details to get the address, it stated that a 30% re-stocking fee would be applied if the wrapper had been removed from the watch. Sure enough, I got the email today saying the watch was now "not new" and a 20%??? re-stocking fee would have to be applied. I was under the impression I was allowed to remove the wrapping as I did to make sure the watch was all in order, am I incorrect?. In addition to this the 20% advised is not what the website T&C's state. Where do I stand on this. The watch wasn't worn, and was only actually taken out of the box by me, she didn't even put it on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi all, I have send a request and got this agreement back. Can someone please tell me if its enforceable? and if so or not what is the next steps? Is there anywhere a guide on what to look for when its enforceable? Thanks a lot! Halifax agreement Page 1.pdf
  3. Hi all, Can someone please tell me if this loan agreement is enforceable? It was signed in 2004. There is about £5500 left. I realised they charged the interest upfront. Its now with Cabot/Marlin I have been paying for the last 6 years on a DMP as well. But is getting rid of the DMP as I cant afford it any more. I cant seem to post links or images yet but I will try. might just need a copy and paste. 1drv.ms/21Dingp Thanks a lot!
  4. I am so angry. bank holiday ruined by Welcome. My husband took a loan out with welcome in 2006, we borrowed a little more in 2008, however we paid this off about 3 or 4 months later, in full when we sold our car. We have recieved letters from IND and welcome saying they are chasing the money, following the letters i wrote to them asking why they hadnt marked an account as settled from 2008! We also wrote to them a year ago about PPI and they said he had none, there letters now say we did. They also said that there is copy agreeemnts and letters that we have apparantly sent in the mean time. none of which were included. i am not happy at all as we are trying to get a mortage through and they are claiming they are putting him in court. I cant beleieve that a company like welcome would regiser a default in 2009 and not chase until 2013. also i know this was paid off in 2008. but the credit files say default 2009. i am at a little loss, what do you do. Thank you all. x
  5. Hi I have received a PCN contravention code 01 for parking on double yellow lines as shown in the diagram below, are these lines enforceable i.e. do I appeal or pay? any help appreciated [ATTACH=CONFIG]56692[/ATTACH]
  6. Hi and thanks for looking. I got in to financial difficulty just over 8 years ago and handed my car back to Santander . Loan secured on the vehicle. At the same time I moved (also due to my financial difficulty) I havent had any contact within the 8 years regarding this but have had a rep from Bluestone visit a friends house last week looking for me. They didnt aknowledge me but where left a card by the rep. I dont have any paperwork to hand and after a read of the forums assumed as it was 8 years ago this was unenforceable. When I last checked my credit file there was a ccj attached approx 3 years ago related to this Any help much appreciated
  7. Please help, I bought a car years ago via Credit acceptance Corp uk but defaulted on it. the car was repossessed and I was paying Capquest a monthly amount I could afford, but then the debt was sold to Marlin. They would not accept an amount I could reallisticly afford and told me it was not their problem. I have now received notice from Northapton CC That Mortimer Clarke have issued a claim against me for £4500 plus interest totalling over £11,000 in total. The original credit agreement stated that my £250 deposit for the car was used as £1 vehicle deposit and £249 towards PPI. Can I use this as a defence that the debt is unenforceable due to the agreement being unlawful. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All its been a long time since using this forum so if someone can help along the way than that would be great, My friend has got into debt and hes worried so i thought i would try and help with the advice i have received in the past, together i think we can assist hopefully, History information i have is that he is In debt for a capital One credit card -Now with interest and all charges adds up to over £8000, this was taken out in April 2002, he has gradualy made infrequent payments due to his financial circumstances and has recieve the usual default/sums of arrears letters. When i got involved i sent capital One an agreement on his behalf of £30.00 per month which they accepted, They have now got Fredrickson involved and they are chasing him using the usual tactics. I have started a story board/file which i always use so Now it begins, To date I have sent off a sar/cca and hope to dispute the debt due to unenforceability? To which i have a letter back along with a single page application form and new tc's along with a letter from Cap One, Not having been involved of late with enforceable issue can someone enlighten me with court action regarding this and advise me if these grounds of dispute still stand Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I wonder if anyone can advise me. I had a CCJ against a debtor. I applied for a Third Party Debt Order against...a well known high street bank. The bank apparently told the court that there were no funds in the account, however, the court granted the order. I now have a Final Third Party Debt Order which states "The Third Party to pay the claimant (the judgment creditor) £[amount]". I have sent this to the bank who keep saying they have no obligation to pay as there was / is no money in the account. I have said this as may be but this is an issue for them to reclaim it from their customer; there is a valid court order stating they should pay. They have sent me another letter talking about their obligations in respect of an Interim Third Party Debt Order, but seem to have missed the point that this is a Final Order. My question is, can I enforce against the bank? I've never seen their letter to the court but they say they sent it. They also told me that there was no money in the account, so I suspect the court shouldn't have granted the order - nonetheless they did. The bank says if I try to enforce they will "draw the court's attention to my conduct when it comes to the issue of costs". Should I just ask for judgment to be entered against the bank? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks PB
  10. Lowells are chasing me for debt re: Barclaycard. Have written requesting the CCA, they've sent this direct to Barclaycard. Have received said agreement from Barclaycard It appears to simply be a copy of their conditions? Can they argue this is sufficient and then provide a signature down the line if they wanted to issue a CCJ? If not, should I write back to them? Thanks
  11. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45316[/ATTACH] Is this credit agreement enforceable as the lender has not signed it. Any help is appreciated. Regards Ivan
  12. Believed the sales pitch that the government back leaseback scheme were solid investments, self funding and borrowed close to 100% from the french banks to purchase some properties with different lenders. Operator went bust and never paid the guaranteed rents, leaving banks to reprosses, what action will they take now in the uk? Any thoughts please...
  13. Hello all! I recently received a Bus Lane PCN for Kilburn High Road, London (Northbound). There is CCTV footage of me driving along the lane. It was at 11:41 on a Saturday. My understanding was that the lane was not 'active' except on Mon-Fri. I have since checked and in fact the lane is active 10am-7pm on Sat. I am considering my options for appeal. My main consideration is that the Bus Lane is not enforceable as it is not correctly signposted/marked. I would be very grateful to any thoughts. I will attempt to describe my thoughts. The section I was caught in is a 'continuation' of an earlier bus lane, after a junction with traffic lights. Immediately after the junction is a diagram 959 sign (correctly stating the hours). approximately 7m after that starts a 'lead in taper' which finishes after about 6m, exceeding 1:10. There is no 'bear right' arrow by the taper. The solid white line defining the bus lane then begins about 14m after diagram 959. The 'BUS LANE' diagram 1048 is approximately 5m after the start of the solid white line. There are no other diagram 959 signs. Thoughts on this section of bus lane alone: Should diagram 1048 AND diagram 959 be used in parallel with the start of the bus lane's thick white line. They are approximately 20m apart? The diagram 1048 is fairly worn; the 'L' of LANE is almost gone completely. The 'B' is 2/3 missing. The road surface is deformed as a result of the bus' weight. Is this an argument? As far as that section is in context, it seems to me that the whole of that bus lane is not 'started' correctly as there is no diagram 958 with the hours on, ONLY diagrams 959. There are a lot of 'sections' of bus lane on this road. Section 1 (Mon-Fri, 7am-10am, 4pm-6pm) - Correctly signed and marked. No issues that I can tell. No 'End of Bus Lane' Sign. Left turn off road. Section 2 (No hours therefore 'At ant time' though does not have 'at any time' sign) - It just starts. No 'lead in' broken lines. Then there is an 'End of Bus Lane' sign. Set of traffic lights. [This is the start of the bus lane that I was in] After a set of traffic lights: No diagram 958 (bus lane ahead) sign. Very short (about 6m, exceeds 1:10) lead-in taper, with bear-right arrow. Diagram 959 and 1048 in correct position. Diagram 959 shows the hours as now including 'Sat 10am-7pm'. Break in bus lane. Left turn junction. Diagram 959. Zig-zags of pedestrian crossing. After crossing only 3m of zig-zags then replaced by thick straight bus lane line. Traffic lights. After the traffic lights is the section I was seen in. Me question here is: If the start of the bus lane that shows the restriction of including Sat 10am-7pm is missing diagram 958 and the lead-in exceeds 1:10, are the following 'sections' enforceable even if they each have a diagram 959? Can I argue that the whole section of road leading up to where I was seen has differing restrictions and is not correctly signed causing confusion? Sorry to go on and on but (if you can make sense of this) I'd be very grateful for any thoughts, experiences and advice. Thank you very much! CF
  14. Hi, As you'll have seen from my SpeedCredit posts. I have sent out CCA Requests to all the PDL Companies. I received a reply from MEM Consumer Finance Ltd aka PayDayUK. I have attached the letter and agreement they have sent me (omitting my personal details) It is reassuring they haven't tried to "lift" my signature from the letter. I've heard of some PDL and DCA organisations being dishonest about signatures... So the siggy on the letter wasn't mine! Anyway. Could some of you excellent and knowledgeable people please give me some advice on this attached CCA. Regards, NukeShark
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