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  1. Thanks again. I'll claim my refund and then if Cabot get in touch again I'll respectfully set them straight.
  2. No I haven't sent correspondence or had any contact for a good while now, do you think I should make the 1st move and send the letter before NR pass on any updates? Also just going back to what you said about the Scotland element to SB, I recently moved permanently to Scotland from England so will this element now apply or will the fact that the accounts were opened in England take precedence?
  3. Thanks once more, you've certainly put my mind at rest.
  4. Thanks again for your reply. Ah, right. So I'm safe to just sign the acceptance form and if Cabot get in touch to just remind them of the statute barred status then?
  5. I appreciate your quick response. I don't have the original agreement, however the original loan was taken out about 2000 and was for £9000. I lost my job in 2002 and last payment was 2003 and since then their contact just dried up, I don't even recall being informed by NR that Cabot had taken the account. I'm advised that the cash loan amount outstanding after PPI removed is £5000. As I explained, I was worried that by accepting the conditions including the specific one about the cash loan still in force would start the clock again or that Cabot, after being advised by N
  6. I had a loan account with Northern Rock which I defaulted on and they subsequently sold it on to Cabot. The account has been staute barred for about 15 years. I recently made a tentative equiry regarding PPI, via a claims company, as I heard that it shouldn't affect the statute barred status. I have been advised that Northern Rock have accepted the claim and a refund of approx £1100 is due and will pay it directly to myself. They also say that they will advise Cabot to update their account details too. To receive the refund I have to sign an acceptance form which says that
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