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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I have managed to find a lender to remortgage my house. The solicitors acting on their behalf are asking to clear all the restrictions on the property as well. I am debating why do I need to do that? after reading the below link I feel I can get rid of restriction when I am about to sell http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1839539 Please advise if there is any solution? Thanks Bill
  2. All I will try and keep this succinct. I remortgaged my house in December 2017. Taking additional borrowings of £43k. the reason for this was my new partner and I had just started living together in my house. He gave up his rented place. He brought no equity to the table. I had approve 65% LTV. The reason for the additional borrowings was an extension and loft conversion. At the time of mortgage application both of us were working. The mortgage completed on 9th Dec. one week prior my partner told me he had resigned from work and effectively had no job. my mortgage had suddenly become out of my financial reach. my payments had tripled. He told me not to worry because he had savings which if we were frugal would be sufficient for period of time. on completion of the mortgage I asked for a joint account to be opened. he agreed and I opened an account but didn't turn up to the bank with his ID to substantiate his ID. so no account was opened. the funds were sent to my account, I felt very uncomfortable letting him have 43k in cash - I had been advised by his brother and daughter that he couldn't be trusted with money. (in his previous marriage - by the end he hadn't worked for several years and had 120k worth of debt - the sale of his marital home discharged that debt). I kept the cash in my account. The building work was cancelled, (by him) and the next thing I know - while he isn't working he has taken a car on finance £55k to be exact and had demanded £5k from me as a deposit. which I reluctantly handed over. This wasn't the end to his demands, he also asked me for money to pay back overpaid CTC (incurred before he met me) some 6 months later - he still isn't working, and the equity money has been slowly decreasing. I had moved the money into my bills account and let the money from the equity cover living costs and bills etc. as well as some cash. while my salary covered shopping and other such expenses. I should point out that not only did he move in, but his 18 year old son too - who was also out of work by January. the current position is this - he still isn't working (my partner) and at every row he tells me how much money he has spent since he met me. he keeps demanding access to the money - which I have held off until now. this weekend I let him see the accounts, and he was shocked to see that more than half of the equity has been spent. he was appalled. told me that I had to transfer the balance to him (which I did - reluctantly so) said that I was out of control and that I cannot be trusted wih money. He has not contributed one penny to his bills / shopping etc since the mortgage completed. The car he purchased is electric and he plugs it into the house! He has insisted that some of the utility bills are in his name but that they are paid from my account. I would like to know where I stand. The equity money is from my house, and whilst he might be legally liable for it to be repaid, the reality of it is that he hasn't contributed one penny. I am concerned that now he has that equity he will either (a) leave or (b) transfer it to me monthly to pay the biills hence looking like he is contributing to the bills - which is isn't. I have asked for access to the money and guess what.... he said no. any help on what my rights might be I would appreciate. there are other things going on but I need a steer on this please. thank you in advance
  3. Morning all, Just wondering if anyone can see anything wrong with this agreement which might render it unenforecable? Thought i had read something a while back regarding the ppi needing to be outlined seperately as opposed to being set out as here. If there anything else anyone can see is not right also, please say. This might be a bit of a tricky one if is not enforecable (long story) will fill peeps in at later date once know basics of where stand with it. Many many thanks as always, Mpols x im very aware how busy the forums are at the mo, so just going to bump until someone has a few mins. Many thanks Mpols x
  4. Can someone help me with my question? I need remortgage and on experian I have almost excellent scoring and HSBC has the best deal for us, so i need to know which credit agency they using. Thank you
  5. We were granted planning permission for a rear and side (wrap around) extension which doubled the floor area of our very small bungalow. The approved drawings showed that all of the walls except the front facade are to be demolished and a completely new roof structure is to be constructed. All work is being carried out under Building Control supervision. However, a local busy body complained that we are undertaking more than just an extension. The council have agreed and requested that a new application for a new build/rebuild is to be submitted. The enforcement officer has been involved but (for the time being at least) has not issued any formal notices. The planning and enforcement officers view is that the planning permission notice description does not state that all of the walls and roof are being demolished and the drawings alone are not sufficient (!). Furthermore, had we built the extension first, and then demolished these walls and roof, we would have been ok (there is no condition in our Decision Notice to state the order of works). We are adamant that our PP is valid and are building to the approved drawings. We currently do not have a mortgage, but will be looking to either take out a mortgage or sell the property once complete. If we go down either route, I presume that any lender's or buyer's solicitor will undertake a Local Search, yes? If so, will they be advised of the local planners current opinion/dispute, and will this have any merit in view of the completed property looking as per the drawings in our existing PP for the wraparound extension? Via a telephone conversation, the enforcement officer stated that upon any future sale, the council would have to advise a solicitor that the property does not have PP.
  6. Hi...We live in a shared ownership property and need to try and buy our home outright this year. We are not totally certain that we can do this but have to try. The thing is that whilst we have been trying to get a guideline as to rates we have been given conflicting advice as to whether this would be a remortgage or a mortgage. We have assumed that it will be a remortgage but we have been told that it will be termed as a new mortgage. Can anyone clarify please? Many thanks
  7. This was some time ago now so my memory of it is a little rusty, although I did find a letter I wrote to NRAM at the time which seems to detail most of what went on. I don't have a copy of any reply from them so may send an SAR to see exactly what went on. Basically I was on ISMI with DWP to pay the interest part of my mortgage while in receipt of Income Support. We remortgaged our existing Northern Rock product to a new one with them for a better rate but with no new borrowing. The account number changed and I was not aware I had to notify DWP that we had a new account. Consequently the DWP payments were returned to them, and my standing orders were also returned - in both cases because the payments were sent with the old account reference. Sods law has it that I wrote to them asking for 6 month payment holiday at the same time, so I didn't worry that the payments were being returned. The DWP should have notified me that the benefit was stopping - but they never did. The first I heard of any issue was when NR wrote to me saying we were 2 months in arrears. It took quite a while to fall into arrears as we had 4k in overpayments on the old account which carried to the new one. Now that my credit file is almost clear I have started to pay attention and realise these late payments on my mortgage will be a problem when I come to remortgage soon to come off the SVR onto a good fix rate. Part of the text of my complaint letter to NR back in 2008 is pasted below:
  8. Hi Guys, I had a disagreement with Severn Trent Water some years ago which ended with them getting a charging order on the property, I understand what this means basically that if I sell they will get their £2500. I currently owe 25K on my existing mortgage and property now worth 225K and was thinking of re mortgaging the home for around 60K this would clear all my debts, C/Card and a car loan and of course the water bill mentioned. It would put me in a nice position having a good fully disposable income of around £1100 pm after all bills and about 20K back up for perhaps some special treats etc, as I am late 50's and wished to do and see some places while i'm still fit enough. Question. will a Bank or building society take me on with this charge on the proviso that the proposed re mortgage will clear this charge first, I have no judgements or defaults and a credit score of Excellent 963. Any advice appreciated.
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