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  1. Hello, Long story short: I was employee of a company which buys stock in euros. Due to the referendum and the GBP drop, our margin has sank and after a short recovery the company went bust and we have all been made redundant. Because I’m a Spanish national living in the UK (7 years now), I could well stay here with the so called “settled status” but my landlord has already told that he won’t renew my tenancy in February because he assumes that all EU nationals will be illegal and he doesn’t want trouble with the government. To be honest I’m quite fed up with all this uncertainty, we simply don’t trust the government and we (as young couple with kids) have decided to leave the UK because we consider the situation is not going to get any better both socially and economically. 3 years ago I (despite having joint accounts, the debt is in my name only) have taken an unsecured loan and there is still £28K outstanding. The bank has approved it because our combined salary was quite high and we were both on permanent jobs and back in 2015 we were not even thinking in leaving the UK but the referendum has changed everything. My company was supposed to fund my leased car as part of the job conditions but it has never happened, so I’ve supported those costs as well. Now we have got about 1/3 of the loan on our account and we are going to use that money to set up a business in Spain with very low startup costs and a decent profit margin. But we still need the money to survive for the first few months and success is not guaranteed. So basically I will have to miss payments and it’s just a matter of time before I get a knock on my door in Spain as I will be registered as sole trader (probably easier to find). I have searched about enforcing debts throughout the EU but I get different results, and I’m a bit confused, basically I’ve got the following options: 1. I simply vanish to Spain without telling my bank; they will certainly send letters to my former UK address; they will apply for a CCJ so with this option I will be unable to use the statue barred option after 6 years. They will eventually find my address in Spain and send debt collection agents and eventually apply for a court order. If they find me I’m served. 2. I report change of address and let the bank know about my new address in Spain. But what they don’t know is that I will be staying temporarily with family, then getting my own place. So any letters will land on my family’s place. Now the bank cannot apply for a CCJ but they can well take me to court in Spain but that might turn into a costly and lengthy process for them (or not?). 3. As soon as land in Spain, I can send a letter to the bank explaining that due to unexpected circumstances I will not afford to pay anything for about 2 years, but hopefully I will be able to resume providing the business is successful. My concern is that they may not accept that and because I have now admitted that I’m in debt it is much easier for them to issue that sort of european payment order. 4. I declare myself bankrupt in the UK. I don’t have any assets in the UK but I will have low value assets (max £2000) in Spain which I need for my business. But I don’t know whether my assets are safe in Spain when declaring bankruptcy in the UK only. I don’t intend to return to the UK except for tourism purposes. Please note that I intend to pay the debt but not at an excessive interest rate. It will take some time for us to build up some savings and pay them. Also note that the bank in question has not got any branches in Spain. What do you consider to be the best option for me? Thanks in advance.
  2. A local authority own a house adjoining mine and they had to carry out major structural work to their property. I was subsequently forced to move my tenant out to temporary accommodation for 3 months. I was in the process of putting on a new roof to my property. I then had to put on a temporary roof covering because it was agreed with the authority that there was no point putting on the new roof as they had to demolish and rebuild the adjoining party wall which was above my roof. It took the local council 21 months to sort their issues out from start finish. I wish to recover all my costs which amount to several thousand pounds. The temporary roof covering turned out to not be temporary at all plus we had loss of rents. Due to all the councils delays we incurred alot of hours travelling to the property for meetings where sometimes no one turned up. I really would be grateful if there is anyone who could help me . The stress for my tenant and myself has been awful. Thank you.
  3. I have CCTV pointing to three external walls and I'm planning a house move. If you saw a house with CCTV on it for sale, would you still consider it? I am in a quandary over will CCTV prevent my house sale and should I risk taking it down? H
  4. A terrible thread title but its as good as i could do Im trying to help a family member out with advice. I've told them to make an appointment to see CAB and also their Occupational Therapist but wondered if anyone on here would have any clue on the subject... So they are husband and wife and live in a 3 bed council house. The wife is on numerous disability benefits mainly for a degenerative bone disease (has x amount of crumbling/broken vertebrae and numerous other related problems) and the husband doesn't work and is the carer. The marriage has broken down and the husband isn't doing any of the caring. The wife wants to split and move out but the husband doesn't and they are both on the tenancy. Because he doesn't want to move or split up she cant ask the council for a move to a one bed place. husband and wife are constantly rowing and there has been violence and its also very likely to happen again. It sounds a bit boring to me now seeing it written down but in reality things are really boiling over and the wife is at her wits end. She OBVIOUSLY has the option of leaving but not only would she lose her house but the council have also said they would not be able to put her anywhere else. To me the best outcome would be if the council would swap the 3 bed house for 2 single flats but as im writing on behalf of the wife she is obviously more worried just about her. It seems the husbands refusal to accept a failed marriage has anchored her in a kind of limbo. Any advice please?
  5. Over the past two years i've racked up an incredible amount of debt, it reached as much as £60k last Christmas but this has now come down to c£50k. I have a gambling problem which is where all this debt comes from and which is why its so hard to shift. The pressures of this debt, personal relationships and job insecurity have started me feeling anxiety and stress related symptoms, i don't want to over-egg this but going to the GP recently i realised that things had to change. As you can imagine the largest problem i have is being reliable with any substantial sum of money in my account. I'm currently living at home with parents and need to move out by March/April, i'm finding this difficult for budgeting purposes as i don't know how much its going to cost me in the future and i'm already struggling. My Debts are as follows:- Sainsburies Loan - c£11k Halifax Card - £9k IHG/Barclaycard - £4.5k Virgin/MBNA Card - £4.5k Nationwide Card - £4.5k Amex Card - £3k Currys/Creation - £2k Onstride Finance - £2k 118 Money - £1.9k Marbles - £1.2k Paypal - £1k Very - £700 In order to make ends meet i've also taken out several phone contracts to sell the handset, this means that i have about £150 pcm expenditure on line rentals across 5 contracts. Current salary brings in about £2490 per month, minimum repayments for all of these are approximately £1900. So if i was continuing to live at home and if i was able to not fritter away my entire pay packet within 7 hours of it hitting my bank account then i could get by. Unfortunately neither of these are true. I'm considering making a change to my working situation resulting in less hours and a higher pension payment (thankfully money i can't access to waste) which would bring my new salary to c£1800 per month, out of that i would estimate £800pcm for rent and bills, £450 for day to day expenses. So i can't work out whether i can put myself through the mass defaulting stage, i don't know if i can bear the constant calls, i don't know how easy it will be to get a place to rent with a wrecked credit file, i don't know what to do right now. I'm currently asking the gaming company for a partial refund of my recent deposits (After i've self excluded), if that provides a decent return i can keep going with the regular payments for a bit longer but its no long term fix. My dream is to own my own home, trying desperately to work out how i feel about pushing that out another 6-7 years. Also wondering if i should leave open the Halifax account or pay separately as its still on a balance transfer offer and presume it would be good to have one high value account with history when looking to get a mortgage down the line... Bit of a stream of thoughts there but i'm really at a crossroads, mostly 0/1 months behind and its about to hit the fan.
  6. I'm planning to call CAB on Monday when they open, but would be grateful of any guidance in the meantime, or suggestions of more appropriate organisations to contact. We brought a house on the 21st July, and straight away gave meter readings to the energy company and took photographs of the meters. It seems that the previous owner gave their final readings on the 4th July, and they're trying to pin the gap on me. When the bills started to arrive they were from the 4th July to 31st July. I've since called and emailed to complain several times, they agreed to set up a new account for me with the correct start date and promised that they'd “cancelled the incorrect bills”. They assured me that I wouldn't be responsible for the debt on the original account for when I wasn't living there, and to ignore any further letters. I paid off the new account in full immediately, switched energy suppliers, and thought that was the end of it. The only other contact, aside from the standard switching account letters, was an "immediate action required" letter for the original account number, but I ignored this as I had been advised to do. This morning, a letter from Allied International Credit came through saying the matter had been passed to them for debt collection. Obviously I have no intention of paying it as I wasn't living here, but I'd quite like to wrap the matter up once and for all before we get someone knocking on the door.
  7. Hi, the area I live in is due to go from live-service to full-service UC in April of next year, which is roughly when I'm due for reassessment of ESA. I'm in the Support Group right now. Am I right in thinking I will stay on ESA if I pass the WCA with the right points, and won't move onto Universal Credit? Thanks
  8. Since becoming unemployed I've fallen behind with my energy bill to what was GB Energy, now changed to Co-OP Energy. I'd managed to pay various amounts off but setting up a DD with Co-Op has proven a nightmare with random sums being taken, or attempted to be taken, from my bank account at random dates during the month. They're now threatened to move me onto a higher rate tariff. Can they do that ? And can I stop them as it seems pointless to move me to a higher rate tariff when I'm struggling to get back on track with the current tariff
  9. I've received a notice stating that my landlord is offering me suitable alternative accommodation and I shall be required to move. That was two weeks ago. 1 Previously the landlord has written to me stating that they cannot require me to move and will not require me to move. 2 No alternative has in fact been offered. I've done the obvious and emailed pointing out the above and also expressing surprise at receiving a notice without warning. I have had a reply stating that they have noted what I have written. Now, what do I do? I am a Housing Association tenant and have lived in my flat for over twenty years. They want me to move so that they can sell the property and move me to a cheaper area. Any advice appreciated, please.
  10. I have used this forum a couple of times for myself but this time am enquiring for a friend who has MS and leukemia and is highly anxious at present. She had been on ESA until March, having been forced out of her teaching job in quite harrowing and underhand fashion a couple of years ago. She was put onto JSA and has been supplying bank statements to the Benefits Office here. She had been paying her rent out of rapidly dwindling savings until her savings fell under the limit preventing a housing benefit claim very recently. Despite her condition she has in the year that I've known her continued to apply for work in teaching, and is registered with at least three agencies. She has had interviews and trials which have come ot nothing. It does seem the MS is the likely reason. My friend has run herself into the ground pursuing these jobs and is clearly upset at not winning them. She is a genuine and ethically-minded person. It's clear that stress is affecting her symptoms, and this week's events have really been out of order. She has just had a 'compliance meeting' this week which has not gone at all well. The person carrying out the interview is from the 'Fraud and Error' department. The DWP employee does not seem to have been very sensitive in the way he handled things, and my friend brought the meeting to a halt and said she wanted a witness present. She then rang me. I've never heard her in the condition she was in. Despite her condition she is a tough thing and represents herself well normally, with proper assertiveness and self-respect. I scarcely manage the same myself. I got the the Benefits Office about half an hour later and the meeting was resumed. We had asked ot record the meeting. The employee said he wasn't sure that could be done and would have to get advice, and we ended up settling for my being present as a witness - my friend is burying he rmother in the next week or so and doesn't want things dragged out with all that's going on. My friend and I both referred to the misconduct we have expeienced in the last year, which is from the housing department of the council and the DWP alike, in both our cases. My friend's Maximus assessment for example was carried out by someone who was then sacked, and I've seen the lie-strewn report he wrote on my friend, a not-quite-separate matter that will be attended to. A statement was typed in by the employee and my friend asked me to read it, as she was getting befuddled both with the stress and as part of the MS. She signed the statement. It was a pretty awkward meeting. The fella didn't really seem to know what he was doing, and I would hope he feels bad for the distress he caused my friend. We would like some things cleared up. This DWP employee used the phrase 'deprivation of capital' in reference to my friend's having gifted her son with money. He did not explicitly say that the gifting would be viewed as such but it was muddily expressed, and we're wondering how arbitrary the notion of 'deprivation of capital' is. My friend is a single mother in her 50s with one son, who has mental health troubles and seemingly something on the autistic spectrum, and has been neglected by professionals. After her divorce from a man who wasn't the boy's father she has been very supportive of her son including financially. I think anyone would be the same and that my friend's gifting him money should not be viewed with cynicism. Ordinarily as far as I know - and I think I read this this week in relation to something else - there is no limit to money being gifted. The amount since my friend has been claiming JSA I would think is all that is relevent too. In no way has the gifting been a dodge of any kind, but is of a compassionate basis that it would be shocking to have to explain. The other question is asked because my friend is worried about being treated as a fraud case. We think we've established that either all or almost all of the period she claimed JSA, her savings fell under the threshold. But she also submitted all those bank statements, and from March till now nothing was said. (Weirdly today she has been asked for the bank statements again by this man, who is sitting in the building where the DWP's copies are held - why can't he just access these?) So if there was any period, say for a few weeks or so, where she recieved JSA but had over the threshold amount, this can't become a fraud case can it? She declared everything. She was in receipt of the lowest JSA amount and was looking for work. At worst this is an employee's error isn't it? She was put on JSA when the ESA ended. I understand there are two different sets of criteria for JSA but presumably my friend has fallen inisde one of them to have been put on JSA. Sorry I haven't been able to make this shorter, but it would mean a lot to my friend and me also if we could get good response on this. I'll see the friend tomorrow and would like some good, calming news if possible. Many thanks.
  11. Good afternoon, I've had a bit of an issue with Virgin Media which started out with what I assumed would be a simple and relatively easy house move / purchase in October this year (2016). N Both addresses have the same services installed, cable, telephone line - so it was intended to be a simple move out, move in - call to activate blah blah blah. First months bill came through (all the trimmings of the first bill, migration fee etc), however 23rd of October Virgin Media tried to bill me £53.69 on my old account via the old account's Direct Debit. It bounced due to my bank account being empty at the time, ! I called up the service desk and told them that I'd received a letter (to my new address might I point out) stating that the direct debit for £53.69 had bounced and that I was required to pay £53.69 immediatly. About two / three days later my old landlord had posted some bills for my old address that arrived from virgin media through my door. I checked the bill and low-and-behold it was the bill for £53.69. Whilst on the phone to the lovely lady that migrated my services service's, I had asked to be walked through the process of which one step is that they take the remaining balance from the old contract at the old address and add it onto the new contract for the new address - which I thought was ok as it meant I'll be paid up. with the above information I had received and empowered to not let this issue go any further - I rang their customer support desk and ended up being routed through VM's (Virgin Media's) Indian call center. The gentleman I spoke to was great, he looked through the issue and told me that I wasn't required to pay them a penny and that it was simply a mis-understanding or human error which could be rectified there and then. as any bewildered and incredibly happy customer does, I simply waited for him to say "Thank you for waiting Mr. Customer, I've fixed the issue on your account - your E-Billing portal should update within 24-48 hours." to which I replied with glee: "Brilliant, but am I going to receive any future letters regarding this?" to which he tells me not to worry as the issue is all sorted and that the outstanding balance had been rectified and to ignore any future correspondance. It's now the first week of November and I'm still seeing my old (what should be inactive) account on my E-Billing portal which should have been closed off by now, I decide to check it . I begin to fret slightly due to the fact that it's still reporting that I owe £53.69. I'm slightly confused, I call through to their customer service desk and once again I am routed through their indian call center. At this point I'm more upset than I was the first time I called, due to the fact that I was promised verbally that I would not have this balance any longer. I re-explain the issue and the situation, another gentleman glances over the account and comes to the same solution as the first that it was in fact human error and that he would also fix this mysterious balance of £53.69. I wait some more, the agent comes back and tells me that it's now fixed - having less faith than the last time I called I explain the situation and ask for something more promising than a verbal statement of that "it's now fixed, don't worry - you won't receive any more letters or bills" - to which he says that he can't - so I ask for a second time, "am I going to get any more letters", he responds in kind with "No Mr.Customer, you won't receive anymore letters after today" . So I leave it there. 13th of November and I get a bill for the old (not at all in-active) account stating that I owe them £53.69. At this point I'm begining to dispair due to the fact that this will have been the third call I would make to their customer service desk, in some form of attempt to rectify the issue. I end up being routed to VM's indian call center to a third gentleman to whom I end up explaining the situation to, he agress that this is a waste of time and that the previous two agents hadn't actually rectified the issue I'm told he will rectify the issue and that he'll raise a complaint relating to the human error surrounding how my move of services was handled as it appears it wasn't handled correctly. I'm then informed that he had rectified the issue and that I should hear back from the complaint within 10 working days , he then passes on a complaint reference number (which I've lost, along with the first bill that relates to this issue) and that I can ignore any further correspondance until I hear back from the complaint - so I cancel my old direct debit through my online banking portal. I wait 11 days, no written or verbal correspondance in relation to my issue at all but by this time I'd received yet another letter headed "we are sorry to hear you are leaving", reminding me that I still owe them £53.69. I once again check my E-Billing portal to find that the old account is still there and still reporting an outstanding balance of £53.69. I call to check on the status of my complaint and end up being routed to VM's call centre in Ireland. Again the lady I spoke to was fantastic, checking the issue told me that the issue was resolved so the complaint was closed and that there was no need to inform me of such. I mention that the issue has now spanned a total of 2 months, 2 bills, a letter stating that I was leaving, several phone calls and that the E-Billing portal was still reporting that I owe £53.69 . Doing her due dilligence, she decides to check the old (and rather overdue for closing) account - which resulted that she discovered that none of the three previous agents whom I had actually spoken to have done anything about and that's the reason why I "apparently" still owed money, and why my E-Billing portal was still showing that I owe £53.69. she decides to apply a "mis-applied billing correction" adjustment (a credit) to my account of £53.69, which I can see on the E-billing portal so I'm quite happy and she informs me that it will take up to 24 - 48 hours for the online portal to update. I ask if there's anyway that I could have it in writing that I would no longer receive any further correspondance from VM relating to the moneys that has been confirmed several times that I do not owe, and she says the best she can do is put it in an email. of which I'll post below: " H....! As we discussed on the phone tonight the balance on your old account of £53.69 at ADDRESS REMOVED has been cleared off now. I apologise for all this hassle you have had with this however I can no assure you that no letter will come out for this again. Kind regards Shiona Lachlan Virgin Media -------------------------------------------------------------------- Save Paper - Do you really need to print this e-mail? Visit virginmedia.com for more information, and more fun. This email and any attachments are or may be confidential and legally privileged and are sent solely for the attention of the addressee(s). Virgin Media will never ask for account or financial information via email. If you are in receipt of a suspicious email, please report to virginmedia.com/netreport If you have received this email in error, please delete it from your system: its use, disclosure or copying is unauthorised. Statements and opinions expressed in this email may not represent those of Virgin Media. Any representations or commitments in this email are subject to contract. Registered office: Media House, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UP Registered in England and Wales with number 2591237 " 22nd of December, I arrive home from work to find another letter from virgin media - this time it's a default notice. In a panic I ring up and get hold of a gentleman from the Irish customer service desk. Explained the issue in depth once again (plus the email that I received) and that it was starting to take the preverbial to a new level - of which he agreed, checked the account but had discovered that the previous agent from the Irish call center had actually mis-applied the "mis-applied billing correction" onto the wrong account. She in fact had credited my new account with £53.69 instead of the older account. he explains the situation and tells me that in order to actually "fix" the issue, he has to apply a credit to the old account and then debit the new account to rectify the mistake the previous agent had made - I agreed this was the best course of action and away he goes. However he sends me a screen shot of this correction, showing my account is now zeroed. He also then sends me yet another email stating the work he carried out and that I will not receive any further correspondance relating to this issue. This issue has now spanned a total of three months and I'm still in the same position as I was back in October, due to querying the outstanding balance on the E-Billing section for my old account yesterday only to discover yet another human error related issue - same issue so I'm not going to beat a dead horse any longer. Today I'm awaiting a call from a manager in the Irish call center, due to the fact this has gone on for so long and also the fact my issue has not actually been resolved in any of the last five phone calls I had made to the customer support desk over the last 3 months, including the last attempt on the 22nd of December. I'm at the point of giving up and cancelling my contract with VM not just because their E-Billing portal is an absolute joke, but because I'm currently dispairing at the fact that this has gone on for so long now and that I could be taken to court for their internal mess ups with no apprent sight of resolution. I've also been brushing up on the terms and conditions and will be demanding compensation for the stress this has put me under and the sheer amount of human error involved. If the users of this forum have any advice for me, it would be great if you can share it. You can reach me here, or by email which I think is in my profile. I'll also post updates to my situation after I've had the call with this "manager". Kindest regards,
  12. Hi guys. Can I say what a great site this is for dealign with debt companies like weescot for example. I had to register and have a good look on here due to an issue I had with them but once I found out about administration of justice act, protection of harrassment and so forth and I quoted that to them then for now at least my troubles are over...........But will I be contacted by another company? I will explain the situation. Last september I decided to join 3 mobile. Went to toe local 3 mobile shop and picked the phone/price plan I wanted. Now when I signed up in store I was given a little card with possible add on plans for my mobile. I asked should all of these be OK with my price plan on ym phone and I was told.......yep no bother. We wouldn't give you the card if it weren't. That was OK. About the middle of september time I wanted to exercise my right and change a part of my price plan. I wanted to add on a £5 unlimited internet on my phone. I phoned up and (after at least 6 attempts to speak to somebody non indian who could actually understand what I wanted in the first place) I asked about the add on and got told in no uncertain terms Nope. Just an abrupt no you can't get it added to your phone. I was quite shocked at how rude 3 mobile we're to me on the phone and I hung up and so I decided to make a complaint to the CEO'S office only to get a letter a few days later direct from their office to be told my account was closed and we want £455. I wasn't rude or anything. I decided to email instead as I wasn't phoning back due to the rudeness I had already had ad my handwriting isn't great so it would be hard for me to write a letter of complaint. I insisted I would agree a price plan......even sent at least 3 recorded letters (printed) each one of them was ignored. Just before christmas though I got a lovely letter from wescot threatning me with court action for £455.89. I said to them that I was challenging this due to many factors but to keep the peace I eventually decided to arrange some sort of £20 payment plan.....but I wanted official confirmation from them what the debt was for and wescot said they would get back to me with official letters from 3 mobile. That never materialised despite how many times I asked. Wescot then decided that they would star hounding me and hounding me with letters. Was virtually every day a different letter some for payment plans.........some with paymenty slips.......some threatning me again. I eventually got fed up with wescot and their constant letters and more or less told them that if this didn't stop I was going to the police and would threaten to sue them for continued harrassment. Eventually today though I got a email back saying that they had closed the account. I've paid £20 which means I would owe £435. Now what is likely to happen? Would 3 mobile try and pass that on to another company or whatever? Also if another collector gets involved would it be a good idea to advise them of the problems I had with the phone company in the first place and more or less say to them outright that if they start harrassing me like wescot did then I will take it further with them? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense but I am a little shaky. Nevres have been slightly rattled with all of this carry on.
  13. Basically me and my brother have been renting together a few years, made financial sense and we get on well. It is through an agent. He has since had a child(hes not with the mother but they get on) and he has been on the housing association list for a while as he wants to be able to have his son staying over etc. He's over every weekend anyway but stays at my dads. Last week he was accepted for a 2 bedroom flat with the housing association and is going to accept it so will wish to leave shortly. This leaves me in a tricky situation as I would like to stay here, it is his name on the tennancy and he obviously cant stay on it. The reason we went with his name was that I had a lot of recentish adverse credit + was self employed(this was over 5 years ago). I am still self employed and still have some adverse credit but its at the back end of the 6 years, some have already dropped off. The only recent things I have are an ee account which is spotless for 3 years. I believe they probably didnt even check me in any way. I do deal with the agents as much as my brother though if not more + pay half of the rent from my bank. Does anyone know what might happen in such a situation?,we are I believe here till October ie they charge £100 or so renewal fee(excessive I know). I know I can afford to keep the place on my own but again with the knowledge of how agents work I have a feeling I might have to go through all the application etc again. More £££, risk of credit fail and dificulty proving income again. Part of me thinks surely they could swap the names in the knowledge weve always paid without issue and in 5 years only had a washing machine repaired, bathroom floor replaced(due to damp) and a toilet flusher so we are low maintenance. I do know the landlord as he is a friend of my dads if that makes any difference. I presume its in their interest to keep me in as long as the rents flowing, + they still have the deposit + rent advance. I was thinking of maybe saying see where we are in October when the "renewal" comes up. Any views would be appreicated.
  14. Just after some advice, we live in a new-ish build which of course was built in a week or so and using cheap materials means that the ventilation is awful in bathrooms with no windows. We use the fans every time we have a shower but the mould still grew. Add to the fact there's 2 en suites in this little flat. Long story short, the LL has told us we need to move out as work will take around 2 months. Our tenancy is 6 months until January and we're just wondering where we stand in terms of finding a new place. What if we can't find a place within the time they serve the 2 months notice (I hear 2 months written by the LL is the usual way) Thank you.
  15. Northern Powerhouse department to close office in Sheffield and move 247 jobs to London Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/29/northern-powerhouse-department-to-close-office-in-sheffield-and-move-247-jobs-to-london-5651943/#ixzz3yiz1scce
  16. I have seen the following issue on a couple of occasions, particularly EE but I think it may be common. When you leave a company, you commonly need to give 30 days notice provided you are not in a longer agreement. If you want to take your number with you, you commonly request a PAC code, which is only valid for 30 days, effectively is the start of your notice, and you leave when the PAC code is actioned by your new provider. On two occasions now with EE, relatives have decided to leave, informed them and got the PAC code to transfer their number. They have always ensured that the PAC code is actioned after they have paid another months service amount - to ensure the 30 days is covered. On both occasions, EE have refunded an amount left relating to the unused days of the 30 day advance payment taken by DD - even though this was not requested or expected - BUT then charged them a larger fee for giving less than 30 days notice. In addition to everything else, if not spotted, and you have cancelled the DD with them, then you could end up with them chasing you for unpaid debts. My other half is about to leave EE/Orange and we will watch it very carefully They have already credited her with £10 (after complaint) for failures in service related to this.
  17. Hi all. Hope everybody had a good Xmas. Over the last few months I have been thinking long and hard about my financial situation, and more so how to get out of the renting circle and back into owning my own home. The facts are: Old Life 40 year old (male) Divorced September 2007 Marital home repossessed 4/08 ( I left 10/07 - Ex left 12/07) Repossessed due to no communication between her & I **NO EQUITY IN PROPERTY** House sold leaving approx. £20k shortfall - No paperwork/court case as our new address not known. Various unsecured debts with no communication/payments since 09/07 ( Statue Barred ?) New Life Rented private since September 2010 Never registered on Voters Roll Moved to new rented property September 2015 No Bank account since September 2007 NO CCJ's registered on Trustonline - have searched ALL address over last 10 years. No mobile phone account in my name. Infact, nothing in my name, other than tenancy agreement So, I don't know if the lack of communication is from not registering for anything, but I would like to start moving forward and getting a bank account, going on the voters roll etc etc, however I am concerned about opening a can of worms and getting chased for these debts. Know I now there will be some divided opinions that I should make contact with all my creditors and start paying off my debts, but it is not something I want to do for reasons that I wont go into here. As stated initially, I would like to get back into the housing market - my wife and I earn in excess of £50k pa, and she has an A1 credit rating, however I earn the most. We could afford a mortgage no problem at all, and I believe I deserve a 2nd chance, the marital home was only repossessed due to both my ex & I being stupidly stubborn over offers that we received for the property and we were not talking, estate agents were the go between, and things just went pear shaped. Sorry for the long post, can anyone help with the best step forward without dragging up the past? I know I need a full credit report, but cannot do this until I get a bank account to prove my identity. Thanks all & Happy New Year.
  18. Hello all, I live with my landlord and two other tenants in what was his house. He put it up for sale and somebody has 'purchased' the house, he will pay my landlord this Friday for the house. Long story short but my landlord is going through a divorce and half of the money for the house that's now sold, is going to go to his wife. But she has not agreed to the amount being offered to her and wants more than half. Now my landlord was informed today that we all have to move out this Friday. Also just to inform you, my landlord has been told by his agents twice that we needed to move out by the end of the week, last week and the week before. The new owner has already showed the house to some students and they want to rent it from him. I was there when they came to see the house. The new owner doesn't even want to bother with cleaning/sorting out the house before the students move in, he wants them to move in the day after we're to move out. This sounds weird to me, I mean surely if a house is sold, the current landlord living there, or any tenants would have a month, in which to find a place? None of us have found anywhere to live yet, if we have to move out on Friday, then unless by an absolute miracle, we find somewhere, we will end up homeless. Is there something going on here, this doesn't seem at all right-or even legal (though I might be completely wrong about this). Is there something that my landlord could tell the estate agents regarding us having to move out by Friday, so that we could at least have two weeks to look for somewhere to move to? Also what are the legal requirements regarding somebody buying a house and giving the current landlord and tenants notice? Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you soon.
  19. Hi everybody, I'm in a bit of a mess and need some advice. I suffer from an auto-immune disease which means that my body attacks itself. It affects many organs in my body and I was in the Support Group due to this. I recently moved in with my partner and we filled in a change of circumstances form. When they received this form, the DWP told me I had been removed from the Support Group and placed back into the main assessment phase of ESA. They sent me a work capability form and said I had to start the whole claiming process again and that I might not get back into the Support Group. I have contacted them a few times about this and whenever I have spoken to them they have said that this is a mistake and to ignore the work capability form that they sent me as it will have crossed with our new claim and that things will just iron themselves out as the claim progressed. Everyone I have spoken to at the DWP has said they won't remove people from the Support Group for simply moving house. Today I received 2 letters. One from the DWP saying that I am not entitled to any money and that my N.I. stamp is no longer being paid and the second from a disability assessment centre saying that my work capability form has to be returned today. I don't know what on earth to do now. I have been told all along by the DWP that I didn't need to fill this form in and now on the day that it is due in I am been told that I do need to fill it in and return it. I feel like they have royally stitched me up. Can anybody offer any advice here? Can they really remove me from the Support Group just for moving house?
  20. Now that it look's clear that a conservative government is going to be running the UK, I am very concerned for my future. I cannot work and have been unable to for four years now, and housebound for much longer than that. What I would like to know is am I likely to be treated more fairly and be more welcome in an other EU country. Or any other country for that matter! I understand this is not the usual topic, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows about this. I don't have enough ties here to stop me moving, and I imagine everyone in my situation is just going to suffer here.
  21. Hi there, I would appreciate help and advice on the following matter (please see below). For over three months now, I have lost signal at my work place. I am unable to receive or make calls from my mobile phone. This is not only frustrating but is very disruptive. This problem with the loss of signal has only occurred recently as I used to get full signal on my mobile phone for the last 7 years that I have worked here. I have now phoned many times and have also written a formal complaint letter to Vodafone. To summarise, Vodafone has confirmed that they are having issues in the area which is affecting phone signal and are not be able to give me an exact timescale as to when the issue will be rectified. I am not in the position to wait indefinitely for Vodafone to rectify their issues. From my point of view, I have been paying for a contract for which service has not been provided. With this, I have asked for my contract to be terminated however have received a reply saying I will be charged an early termination fees of £193.00. If Vodafone are unable to provide me with a service, surely they should provide a refund on my monthly bills that I have paid for the months that I have not been able to use their service, and to waive the early termination fees of £193.00 so I can move to another provider? Has anybody else been in a similar situation? What is your advice please? I have also emailed Lee [#8437881] - but have had no response. Thanks in advance for your help/advice.
  22. First time post and would be grateful for some advice... In September of this year I was issued a PCN for not displaying the correct signage under PPS rules. The car park in question is part of a business park with several tenants, of which ours is one. We have an agreement for 20 or so parking spaces and they are covered with permits, and I have a permit to park one registered car. The signage around the parking areas denoting the T's & C's is clear and unambiguous. I was using my partner's car, not the one which is registered to park here so I was covering the parking with a visitor pass, which is allowed under the rules. However, on the day in question the sign had slipped off the dashboard and under the seat and I did not notice, hence the PCN. The use of my partner's car had been ongoing for some 3 weeks previously and at least 2 weeks since the PCN and I had displayed the visitor pass on every day except when I was issued the PCN. Therefore in my view this is purely a technicality of displaying signage, not that I was not allowed to park here and appealed. On appeal to PPS they unsurprisingly rejected this reasoning saying the rules are the rules, they cannot take mitigating circumstances into account and so on, so I appealed to PoPLA. However, to my surprise they upheld the decision of PPS reiterating the "mitigating circumstances" part and I must pay the £100 in 14 days. It was almost a mirror decision to PPS's. What are PoPLA for if they don't take other circumstances into account? Seems like a rubber stamping process for the parking enforcement companies to me. The 14 day window is fast approaching, so what are my options? I am keen to fight it but am a bit concerned about it going belly up and I end up even more out of pocket.
  23. Hey During 2012/2013, I was in a large mess with over ten payday loans but i am now pleased to say they have now all been paid off. Learnt my lesson, let me assure you. Thanks to this site, i managed to get repayment plans in place and get rid of the ridiculous charges and fees. However, i have noticed the news concerning Wonga recently about writing off debts. A relative of mine also recently got a letter from Money Shop, refunding a small amount of interest on his debt that has already been paid off. Anyways, i'm just curious if there's any grounds to write/complain to these payday lenders and seek a refund back of any interest/charges? I'm not the type to expect money back from my own mistakes but if these payday companies have wronged me then i would like back any money i shouldn't have paid. Any advice on this would be appreciated
  24. At the end of last month, my letting agents on behalf of my landlord issued me with a S21. No explanation was given as to why I am wanted out (my letting agents have informed me there is no legal obligation for them to do this). I have been in the property since January of this year and was expecting to be in the property well into next year. My issue is I have no money to move out, no savings, no family to approach and as I have a very bad credit rating I am not in a position to borrow deposit monies, one months rent in advance and removal monies. I work for local government and have approached my union for financial assistance but I don't think I will receive help because of my credit history. I feel like letting rip at the letting agents because had i known there was a strong chance I would be asked to move out after several months or so I would not have moved in as I stated I wanted a long term let. When viewing the property the letting negotiator said the property was being let following a relationship breakdown, within weeks or moving in I released I was not the first tenant to move in after the relationship breakdown. The letting agent has also contacted me via voicemail to arrange an inspection, seeing as I don't know when I will be moving out I will not be responding. I have approached Shelter and a local housing charity for advice and both have recommended i stay put until the landlord serves an eviction notice and I wait for the bailiffs to arrive. For me this is unnecessary stress and will result in my letting agents giving me a bad reference. I have been a good tenant, looked after the property and always paid my rent before the due date. Can anyone think of any organisation I can approach for financial help? I have contacted the local council for guidance and have heard nothing. I suffer from depression and anxiety and this situation is not helping me at all. I don't know what is going to happen to me and my pets who are the only family I have. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. Hi, I am being rehoused by my Council from my current unadapted property into a new disability adapted property as the current property is unsuitable for my disability and adaptations cannot be made. However, my council - neither Housing nor Adult Social Care - help disabled people with the move. It's very difficult for me to pack (lift, reach things, etc.), and there is the financial difficulty as well.. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience and could share tips how they resolved it. How do other disabled people move into an adapted property? Or do they just abandon the property if they cannot move? Surely there must be a way, so I need all the advice and help I can get. Thanks!
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