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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I have been directed to this group by a friend and I hope you can help me because I am worried. I have had a current account with Lloyds for around 25 years and until recently managed the account well with no problems. I recently came into financial difficulties and couldn't manage my overdraft repayments. My overdraft was £3000 and I couldn't even pay the £50 interest and overdraft fee. I contacted Lloyds by phone back in June 2015. I was informed that the account would be frozen and I would receive a letter in due course. I received the letter 26th June informing me that the overdraft would be removed in 60 days, the account would be passed to recoveries and the Credit Reference Agencies would be informed and my account be be marked as in default. I kept receiving statements showing that the account was incurring no interest or charges. I then received 2 letters in October 2015 informing me that I haven't paid anything for some time and I must contact them to or credit the account to avoid charges. I started paying £10 per month. In November 2015 I received a statement with charges included. I made an official complaint. I received a response on 16th November with an apology for "their mistake" for not passing the account to Recoveries and refund of all charges plus £50 as way of an apology. A letter was received a day later dated 17th November 2015 asking for payment but informing me that no charges will be incurred due to the "type of account". I continued to pay £10 per month interest free and heard nothing I received a letter dated informing me that my account had been passed to Collections (not Recoveries) and they can assist if I am struggling. I phoned on 18th February 2016 (I am aware now that phoning is not the best idea). I gave a brief Income/Expenditure breakdown and said that I will pay £10 per month. I was informed that I should do this until I am contacted by Recoveries in March. I heard nothing until today I received a letter dated 1st June 2016 stating "As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan, we've transferred your LTSB CURRENT ACCOUNT to a debt Collection Agency, Robinson Way. We've instructed Robinson Way to arrange collection of the outstanding amount. Please contact Robinson Way asap". Contact details were included. I am upset and confused. Why did Lloyds seem to pass me to Collections then seemingly back to mainstream bank then again to Collections? Why did they never send my account to "Recoveries" which was stated back in June 2015? Is transferring the account the same has selling the account on? Why did they pass my account to DCA when I had a repayment plan in place, which was deemed acceptable? Why have I still not been defaulted, when they said that I would be back in June 2015? My Credit file entries were showing as ok until December 2015 when a "1" marker was entered followed by a "2" in January 2016 up to a "5" in April 2016. Do I have to contact the DCA or should I wait for them to contact me? Can the DCA add interest/charges? I have no other debt apart from a couple of Credit cards that are almost paid off and not in arrears. I have no bank charges form Lloyds, so nothing to claim on that part. I am a single mother with a job in a School on minimum wage (16 hours per week) term time only, I simply can't afford to pay the balance. I am really worried and would appreciate any help. Thank you Letter dated 15th February 2016 - Acount passed to collections.pdf Letter dated 16th November 2015 following complaint then letter dated 17th November 2015.pdf Letter dated 1st June 2016 transfer of debt to Robinson Way.pdf Letters in October 2015 threatening interest & charges.pdf Initial Letter dated 26th June 2015 following informing of financial difficulties.pdf
  2. wasn't quite sure where to place this post. My husband died quite tragically after I donated a kidney to him in September and I have only just found out he had an online savings account containing £2400. He left no will. My problem is that since he died I have suffered with PTSD and agoraphobia and can't leave the house to get to the bank as they requested. My sister-in-law has been sorting most things for me and NatWest allowed her to bring paperwork home, should we be able to do the same with Lloyds. he worry of this is distresssing me very much. Thanks in advance anyone who can help
  3. I am staying with friends at the moment in Northern Ireland I currently claim ESA in England for which i get the higher rate and have had the latest 12 month ATOS inquisition a month ago in england I will be staying in Northern Ireland for a considerable time so i contacted the DWP to transfer my address details I have been told i will need to close down my claim and reapply over in Northern Ireland, that means another ATOS run around, lower rate entitlement etc etc This cannot be right as all i want to do is change address, my circumstances have not changed
  4. Hi, I recently tried to transfer money via Iqra finance. Their website can be found by the name of iqragroup. In their website it says: FSA Registered 506617; HMRC Registered 12152234; Company Registered in England & Wales 5398731; ATOL Protected 6954. I withdraw cash from my current account and paid Iqra by cash to be sent money to Bangladesh on the 12th of December and since then whenever I call them to know the status of the transaction, they say the money has reached the account but its not. I went to their office and showed them the current bank statement in Bangladesh where I sent the money to, to prove that the money is still not there. The manager told me the money will be there next day and I checked next day and the following day and again and again with no luck. All I have is a receipt from Iqra in their official pad. I desparately need the money in my country right now. Any suggestions what can I do now please?
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