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  1. Hi All, I have a BTL property. I was in arrears of months. Today I have recd a letter for formal demand to pay full mortgage in 1 week. I have cleared the arrrears as of this morning. I am bit surprise no notice or anything during this 4 months except letter of arrears. I was wondering what are my options? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Bill
  2. Hi Last year I separated from my husband, as a joint debt we had an unsecured loan of £30k from NRAM which we had for years, my ex then decided to go bankrupt leaving me liable for the loan. I paid my half of the monthly amount due for a few months and then just couldn't continue to pay anymore. I wrote to them in December 2016 offering them a full and final settlement figure, which they ignored (this was quite low). The first time I have heard from them since me contacting them in December 2016 was last month they wrote to me to say I still owe £28k. (even though through interest this has been paid back and more!) They are now threatening: *instructing a field agent to review my position *Debt collectors *CCJ *Bankruptcy They have given a time limit for me to get in touch with them. I don't know what to do, I haven't paid in over 1 year now, I live in rented accommodation, I don't own any assets, I have a limited company am worried if they do make me bankrupt then I wont be able to carry on with this. Do I offer them again a full and final settlement offer? I don't have any savings I would be offering this via a third party. Has anyone been sent a similar letter? Does anyone know of NRAM accepting and Full and Final settlement offer? I've heard that when a company sells a debt its usually at 20% - 25% of the amount, is this correct? Should I offer at this % of the balance? As I don't want for it to be rejected again. Any advice gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi I've got an large outstanding balance (£25,000+) with NRAM that I am now being chased for. It is for the unsecured part for the dodgy Together mortgage, the house was sold Feb 2008 so the paperwork I signed will be a CCA that is post 2007. I was paying up till July 2012, however I was overpaying the so there was a surplus that serviced the debt was until May 2013 (first missed payment according to Noodle). Got the first letter from them today, really surprised it has taken them this long. Wondering what to do next? I can offer to pay something and ironically if I pay them what my minimum payment was set at (not the overpayment rate I was paying). I will pay off the outstanding amount 6 years earlier than if I had just payed them normally without the risk of interest rates going up impacting the balance. I would also assume from credit reference file point of view, that once the default has dropped off on that account it would also look like a normal loan that is being payed by then there would have been 12 months of payment history. The letter is very tame and states it has now been passed to Loss Recoveries and no interest or charges will be applied if I make payments or I keep them informed. The letter also states they may consider passing on to a 3rd party DCA etc, etc. I knew this was coming and thankfully I'm in a position now where I can do something about it. BUT they screwed me over when I went for an IVA back in 2006 and a lot of the financial problems I had would have been done and dusted by the end of 2012. I've seen about claiming about charges and fees and if this can get the balance down a bit then I will take that as a win. Also does anyone know what it is like to deal with them compared to the other DCA's?
  4. We have a de-linked unsecured loan (part of together mortgage, but we moved mortgage) from 2006 for £29k, we have never missed a payment, the past few years we have had agreed, reduced means tested payments NRAM passed it to a solicitor who have managed to issue a CCJ against us after saying we missed six months payments..we didn't. We called the solicitor from the CAB on the morning of the court date (October 2017) and CAB manager explained we hadn't missed any payments. They agreed to stop the court action that day (in an unrecorded phone call!) CAB manager then asked them shall we fax the court form in and of course they said no, it's ok. Well they didn't stop the court action and got the CCJ.. We went back to CAB in February and the manager called them again, they had an interim charging order by now.. we sent a letter on my insistence to the court with proof of all payments and got the court transferred to our local court 2 weeks ago. We thought this was to appeal the process but the judge explained it was to make it into a final charging order. Unfortunately we have had really poor advice from our local CAB debt manager and didn't apply straight away to stop it or set it aside straight after. The judge seemed sympathetic and said we have been poorly advised, adjourned until early September as we said we cannot be certain we still owe £29k as we have paid off over £17k and now the debt is back to where it started. I assume NRAM have whacked on a load of interest and charges when we were on reduced payments. We hope we can prove we owe significantly less than the £29,500 they say. I am about to send off a SAR today using your template as we haven't had statements since 2011, which I now know to be because our regulated loan was in fact unregulated... and isn't covered by CCA. It's a living nightmare, I'm convinced they will then go for an order of sale, even though they say they won't. NRAM have spoken to us as though they have no control over the solicitor's actions and are being vague. I don't want them having control over this, I have a 12 year old at home who is settled and doing so well at school.. we had every intention of settling when we sell in 11 years at the end of our mortgage and have never missed a payment. I hope I can get the statements back in time to look through them and they don't delay the SAR process too much with delaying tactics. Any advice would be appreciated! And do we send one SAR with both our names, signatures etc on it, and do we ask for just the statements since 2011 or everything? Many thanks.
  5. Good morning. This is my first post on here . not sure if this is the right section. Basically received a letter form ukar NRAM on 19/12/18 account has moved to loss recoveries loan gone In to default and a formal demand was issued outstanding balance of 17083.51 is now sought . Now this is the first letter I have received from NRAM . not had any contact with them for over 12 years me and my ex had a mortgage with nothren rock back in 2006 100 pct and a loan attached I am sure so long ago can't remember . now we split up in 2008 and her dad bought me out my name was taken off everything with northern rock . i moved away I now have a new family . why are NRAM SENDING me a letter like this saying I owe them money surely it's her they should be going after . How have they got my address and what's all this default and formal demand stuff . i have had no contact with northern rock for ove r 12 years . Now do u suggest I send a SAR TO THEM . or do I ignore it as surely it's statue bared ???? Regards kevin Ohhh I can also add this is not on my credit file ??? Does not showe up .
  6. savannah2009


    I have read your valuable information with interest and would gratefully accept some advice if possible please? My brother and his wife are getting divorced after 25 years of marriage. During their marriage they fell into severe financial difficulties with their debts and then started offering lower instalments which has continued Nram have been the most difficult to deal with and never stopped charging interest on the loan which I regularly asked them to do but they stated they weren't obligated to do. In June 2018 we sold his house which only left £15k which I have separated and offered all his debtors a settlement figure which they all accepted except of course NRam. They have become increasingly aggressive insisting on knowing all the information from the debtors how much he owed and how much their final settlement figures were. They are also insisting on knowing why his marriage fell apart as now he has to rents to pay on two houses instead of one mortgage payment. brother is heading for a nervous breakdown and they are making it worse with their aggressive attitude. Can they insist on the full settlement after all this time even though if they had stopped the interest it would more than likely already have been fully settled? I have offered them just over two thirds of the debt as full and final settlement but still have no conclusion. Thanks
  7. Dear all I have just joined this forum in the hope I can request for some advice on my current situation. I have an NRAM together mortgage on a property bought in 2005. The mortgage is £99,500 and the unsecured loan is £23,500 outstanding. My property is in Stoke on Trent where house prices are slow to rise. The last valuation I have had shows the house to be wroth round £97-99k. In 2007, two years into the mortgage, while it was still with Northen Rock and before the crisis I was offered a job in London. My salary increased from £32k to £50k. I requested Consent to Let but this was denied. I nonetheless went ahead with the move to London and rented out the property. I understand that this was a risk, in breach of my mortgage t & c, and in the high spirits of the time when we felt the bubble would not burst I decided it was a risk worth taking; especially as my salary would offer greater security in my maintaining my repayments. Needless to say, I have never missed a payment, before or since, I supplement to mortgage (the rent I receive is £500 and the mortgage payment is £675.) I am not seeking to justify my decision, I knew I was in breach and I knew that I was taking a risk. I have landlord's insurance in which I told them I did not have consent to let and they said that would not affect any potential claim (now, whether that is true or not I cannot say in fairness, but I did ask.) Ok, so 7 years down the line, I am still in London, renting and still unable to fulfill NRAMs criteria to be granted consent to let; have not checked with them specifically, but going with the broad evaluation in terms of rental ration to mortgage, which is what they asked their decision on in the first request I do not believe I would be granted it. Unfortunately this has meant that annual statements are delivered to my stoke house and last year my tenants returned to sender not forwarded on to me (one of the other caveats of risk taking alas). I am now flagged on NRAM's system as a potential mortgage holder who is renting without consent and I also know that their remit, and incentive is somewhat different to a mortgage company; so that if they can find you are in breach of your mortgage conditions they will take rather severe and unforgiving action. I spoke with them on the phone about why the mail had been returned (lied and said it was due to a postal error). They clearly don't believe me for they have asked me to send them a letter with a utility bill to confirm I live there before they take whatever flag they have put on my account. I want to get an exit strategy in place before I come clean with them as that may leave me with a very limited time frame. Even though the unsecured part of my loan would quadruple in interest once it's decoupled from the mortgage, I am wondering whether it may be time to sell the house and cut my losses? If I'm on NRAMs radar as it were, then when they find out I'm in breach I am unsure as to what my options will be then. I have no problem accepting the fact that I chose this mortgage; I am and have been making all my payments on time and moreover accept the fact that the unsecured loan will cost me much more when I sell it. My anxiety is if I can sell it before NRAM find me out, if my options are significantly reduced when they do, if I am facing a prison sentence for fraud (all outcomes I hold my hand up to - I do accept any repercussions of my decisions), but I'm trying to gather as much information as I can to at least try and make some better decisions in the future. Any advice you may have for me will be gratefully received. Many thanks
  8. Hello, I have an eviction date of 13/07/2011, i am £7500 in arrears with my mortgage the original repossession hearing was back in 2005/2006, since then I have had a very poorly baby, been very ill myself and still have problems with my blood pressure and liver. NRAM have issued an eviction date and i have complied with them and provided all my I&E details. I rang today to make my normal payment the gentleman stated that they have made a decision and that i need to pay £4k off the arrears and increase my offer of overpayments, they are stating that i have in excess of £500 surplus income a month.... ..i deffo cant find this surplus in my bank! I have offered to pay £200 per month on top of my normal payments. I am not able to pay the £4k and they have suggested that i contact the court to let them decide. I am petrified that i am going to lose the house, i am married and have two children age 10 and 5, we do not have any family support so there would be no were we could go to. I have admitted to NRAM that i had not been prioritising my debts and that I have since seeked advise from a financial advisor and that i am in the process of dealing with our debts with payplan. I have made arrangements to go into my local court on friday to fill in the form but im not sure what details i need to provide. Can anyone help?
  9. hi, I bought a BTL in Glasgow in 2005 at a value of £175,000. The mortgage was £155,000 and fast forward 12 years it was still in neg equity after the crash in 2008. with a host of tenant and service charge issues. in the end i let it get repossessed and it was sold for £139,000 in less than a week. the arrears were £7,000 and im sure there were costs involved in the sale such as estate agents and sols etc which we expected we were expecting s shortfall of circa £30,000. we received a letter with stating a shortfall of just under £45,000?! There was no breakdown of costs or the account just the amount to pay? this seems excessively high and totals with the sales price £184,000 which is nearly £10,000 over the original market value? has anyone else had shortfall surprises with lenders such as NRAM as this is new waters for us and we want to be up to speed on any fees and costs we should be aware of before we move forward with an action plan. thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Hey Folks, Today I noticed on my credit file that NRAM have decided to finally add a "default" after 5+ Years. This was an on going dispute with NRAM and my now eX Wife....... they wouldn't remove her from the mortgage even tho we had been separated 5 years prior and she had never made a payment towards it.... anyway.. Can they add a default this late on? the last payment they had was July 2010 and I would assume a realistic default date would be 2, 3 or maybe 6 months after no further payments? Cheers, Flappy
  11. Hi I am hoping somebody can provide advice on next steps please. For background my left my husband last year. At the time we had a Together mortgage with Northern Rock. He remortgaged the joint property and paid the existing mortgage -job done. He did not repay the loan but agreed that he would continue to pay instead of buying me out of the property - I agreed. Unfortunately he has fallen on hard times and agreed a repayment through a debt management company for reduced payments to NR. They are now taking us both to court for the full amount. I only found this forum a few days ago, the Court Order was dated 3rd March, I responded with an AoS yesterday and sent a CPR31 request to Eversheds as well. I know my defence should be back at the courts by the end of March - can I do anything in the meantime or do I just wait for a response from the CPR request. I cannot post any of the agreements or DN or Termination of the agreement because they were not sent to my new address (even though NR had it!) and my ex just kept sending them the the Debt Management company thinking they were resolving it. Any advice on what to do next would be great - what should I do if I don't get the CPR information back in time?
  12. Hi there, I have recently sold a property which was mortgaged on the well known Together product. I financial advisor advised that I delink and retain the surplus as a deposit towards the purchase of a new property (currently renting at present due to relocation). The apr on the unsecured element has jumped to over 12%. While this was not unexpected, this is a huge amount, and with the remaining term of 25 years, I will be paying in excess of £100k on an original £30k unsecured element. To me, there must be a case of mis-selling here. I know there have been moves to challenge all this, with nram actions groups etc, but it seems to have gound to a halt. Question is - has anyone successfully challenged the crippling t's &c's of this hike in apr? Is this something worth pursuing. Its late at night, so I can elaborate more on my specific circumstances during the wekl. However, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  13. Hi, Like many hundreds of other borrowers with Northern Rock Together Mortgages, we have an unsecured loan for an amount in excess of £25k which we took out prior to 2008. The unsecured loan paperwork states that it is covered by the CCA although NRAM are now trying to argue that this is not the case (because the amount exceeds the limit that was covered when we took the loan out). We, like many others, have complained to NRAM to no avail and now approached the Financial Ombudsmen for help. However, everyone so far seems to have been fobbed off in a manner which the cynics amongst us would have good reason to believe that, as a government body, the FOS may have been leaned on to try and sweep this issue under the carpet. (There is an easy-to-find thread on MSE) It seems to me that NRAM and the FOS will have little to argue if borrowers in the same position as ourselves can show either of the following; 1. A Judge declaring that loan executed on regulated paperwork should be treated as being covered by the CCA even if the amount exceeds £25,000 (prior to 2008) 2. Perhaps less so but there does seem to be cases of NRAM taking a borrower with such a loan to a court and using the CCA against the borrower. NRAM clearly can't have it both ways...if they wish to pursue people with loans in excess of £25,000 by citing the CCA then clearly they accept that the loan is covered. I can see from other threads that the member Petebeds appears to have had a Judge rule that his Northern Rock / NRAM loan over £25k should be treated as if it were covered by the CCA since it was executed on regulated paperwork. Also, on the same thread Josie8 suggests that she successfully argued something similar or indeed very relevant to all of this. If this is indeed the case, then the details of those court hearings will prove to be a great asset to those who are so clearly being stiffed by NRAM. If we can keep this thread to people who know exactly what I'm talking about that would really help everyone in the same boat. Hopefully then we can post some good clear advice for everyone and get some proper redress for how we've all been mislead, mis-sold, lied to, cast aside and generally treated like badly Thanks in advance to the site admins who I hope will flag this with the members mentioned above and anyone else who they think may have some constructive input. JHill
  14. Hi everyone, not been on the forum for a long time, mainly due to the help and advice I received at the time! I have a quick question, but first a bit of history. 6 years ago my wife was made redundant. She was earning a great salary at the time, so we were hit quite hard. Had to make arrangements with all creditors, most of whom hit us with defaults from every angle!! We have a Together mortgage with NRAM. The secured element has always been kept up to date, but 3 years ago we made an arrangement to make reduced payments. Should have been paying £140, but been paying £40. They agreed 0% interest too. Well, life has moved on and thankfully now the defaults have started to disappear from the CRA files, and by this time next year they will all have gone. Hallelujah!! Unfortunately (if thats the right word?), NRAM didn't default us on the unsecured loan, so it shows as LATE PAYMENT on the CRA file, with arrears of £4000. I want to pay them more now, but I'm not sure of how to do it in the most cost effective way, but as importantly, I want to get the CRA file cleared up. We're currently paying £40. We should have been paying £140. I can only afford to pay £140 now, so not in a position to clear the arrears & can't imagine we will ever be. My ideas were:- Divide the total outstanding balance by the remaining term of the mortgage = £80 a month. I pay this every month, they amend the CRA file to show no arrears. Obviously they'd have to keep the interest rate at 0% for this to work. I know thats a big ask, but they'd be getting double what they are now. The alternative is I stop paying, they default me, I provide a budget planner to show I can only pay £85 a month, interest is frozen and the default disappears in 6 years. If they won't agree to my idea above, this is probably preferrable for me... Alternatively (and probably more realistically), they agree to capitalise the arrears and I repay the new balance at the original interest rate over the remaining term of the mortgage. This would be about £125 a month. I'd be happy with that too. One thing that's strange is that I'm CERTAIN we took the unsecured loan out over the same period as the mortgage, but it seems to have 10 years less to run now??!! Maybe the old grey matter isn't what it once was! Anyone any thoughts on this situation? Are they likely to agree to my 0% suggestion? Might they go for the capitalisation of arrears idea? One final word for anyone going through what we've experienced over the last few years. Don't Worry! A few years ago we thought our world was ending, sleepless nights, arguments, and lots of letters to various DCA's, solicitors etc. .. 6 years flies by, life goes on, and there IS light at the end of the tunnel. Once thing we have learned is that credit is evil, and creditors are not nice. If we haven't got the cash, we don't have it. A lesson our grandparents tried to teach us, but we knew better didn't we?
  15. Hi, I have one of the infamous NRAM Together mortgages with the separate unsecured loan, now a few years back following a relationship breakup I was struggling to pay the mortgage on my own so came to an agreement to pay the full mortgage amount but drop the unsecured element to a token payment of a couple of pounds a month. Now fast forward to today I'm still paying the token amount but NRAM haven't ever defaulted the unsecured loan and just report it to the CRA as sustained arrears, I've been working hard to clean up my Credit record following mess from the split and this is the only thing left, is there anything I can do to request NRAM to default it so it will eventually drop off, otherwise it will be harming my Credit forever which seems very unfair?
  16. Hi Guy's, I'm not sure how to play this one, I bought a property with my ex back in 2007 for around 95K (In Scotland) To cut a long story short we separated, she left and went into a "trust deed" Nram wouldn't remove her from the property and I was basically left to pay the arrears at the time and the mortgage while i wasn't living in it. I tried and tried to take the property in my name, my only chance was to then rent the property out pay the arrears.... moving on the house was repossessed about a year ago and they undersold it at 80K, no payments have been made for exactly 6 years! They only actually defaulted the account about a year ago! NRAm are after 105K - yes 105K which is probably about what we borrowed originally, I don't have a breakdown of the fees / costs / interest but I will request this tomorrow. They only just started to chase the balance today, and they are now telling me that they will now pass to a debt collector if I don't reply within 60 days I have no assets, and I am just out of work this week - so they are not going to get anything. I have tried to make arrangments in the past but they have always declined, they wanted to repossess. Facts The property was empty for 5 years No payment been made in 6 years I can't get hold of the ex to see what she thinks credit file should have been defaulted long before it was? Cheers
  17. Hi All Is there a difference between a court hearing for Possession and / or Repossession its probs a silly question and I know the answer but I ask because I have just recieved some paperwork re my court appearence on Monday 6th Dec, hence the title O M G. Mr Very Worried at the momment however I am sure that will change in the next few hrs.
  18. I know absolutely nothing about mortgages so they really have me by the short & curlies! I wonder if anyone can help please. My husband and I have had a mortgage with Northern Rock which then changed to NRAM since 2005 We took a 105% loan, so part was secured and part unsecured In 2009 we requested a 1 month payment holiday which was agreed by Northern Rock (part of our mortgage deal) we'd never taken a holiday before or since and have never been in arrears We're just in the process of selling and buying a new property and have asked for a redemption statement They sent this giving the full amount of both secured and unsecured so I queried it. We have now been told that due to us being in arrears in 2009, they obtained a court order to secure the unsecured loan to the secured and now expect the amount in full on redemption. We had no idea they had done this and had only budgeted to pay back the secured loan. This now leaves us short. I raised a complaint with them as soon as we found out which has taken since February for them to come back to me stating 'Having reviewed your complaint, I can confirm an interim charging Order was granted against your property in May 2009 and this was because both your secured and unsecured loan were in arrears. The arrears on your unsecured loan were higher than your secured loan but were sufficient to obtain a Final Charging Order. Having considered all the information available I cannot agree we have acted incorrectly and unable to uphold your complaint. The decision is final.' My solicitor has received 2 redemption statements, 1 statement says -secured only and gives the figure of £107k which is what we had budgeted for and the other states - full redemption (includes all secured and unsecured lending) £115k I asked my solicitor before I received the letter quoted above what we'd have to pay and she said it is our choice. Can someone tell me if she is right please:?:??
  19. Hi All, I currently have arrears with my NRAM mortgage, of about £4500, of that £550 + interest + 8% is arrears and " payment option fees" and a solicitors instruction fee. I usually refuse to talk to them on the phone, but recently did, and let slip that I wanted all fees back, I received a letter in return ( 8 weeks later! ), simply stating that because I had gone into arrears, they "would not remove the fees or interest or charges." So, do I now send them a formal Request for 'repayment of charges', Also because I am in Scotland, do I need to change the wording in the template letter from, 'sue you in the county court' to 'Scottish small claims court' or sheriff court? I would appreciate help with this, Should I be asking in the Scotland forum, or in the Mortgages and secured loan forum? There is a second strand to this, I found out that NRAM had something called " Loan Modification", they did not ever advise me that it was available? even though they were allowing me to make agreed reduced payments ( thus increasing my arrears ), and had been told that I was in financial hardship. But when I phoned them about it, from them receiving all requested paperwork, they took at least 5 months to sort out, each time I phoned, they said " it will have to go to a manager" so through either gross incompetance, or more likely a deliberate policy to raise my arrears! What I mean to ask, is can I claim any of that back? some £1500 extra on arrears + interest! really would appreciate any help/advise many thanks, highlandertom
  20. Hi I currently have a together mortgage with NRAM, got this back in 2006. I took this mortgage on with my now ex girlfriend. For the last 4 years I've been trying to get her off the mortgage and she is happy for this to be done. I have 3 defaults on credit cards, which are due to expire in 2016, when I asked NRAM to do a change of parties, they want to do a affordability check, which then stalls due to the defaults. They won't even go any further with the application as soon as they hear the word default. I have paid the mortgage without any missed payments for the last 4 years and find it frustrating, that NRAM simply can't remove my ex who doesn't work and hasn't contributed in those last 4 years. Surely they should look at the payment history on the mortgage to see there aren't any issues. I know the affordability checks are to stop people overspending, but they aren't supposed to use this with existing customers. Has anyone been in a similar position with NRAM and actually managed to get their ex removed from the mortgage? Thanks in advance Chris
  21. Following a long hard battle with NRAM they have finally admitted that my claim from recompense due to their error regards the CCA is correct HOWEVER I was made bankrupt in 2012, I was discharged a year later. NRAM have sent me a letter stating that customers who are bankrupt or in an IVA will not receive remediation.. Is this correct? They state that remediation would be an asset in the bankruptcy. The fact of the matter is that during the period in which they cocked up I was paying off my loan etc ( I was not bankrupt at this time!) I am discharged They state there is no monies owing because of this Advice greatly received Thanks
  22. I got divorced around 5 years ago and agreed to take over the house we both owned and move back in as it was too small for the ex wife and the children to live in. Around 4 years ago I took full custody of our 3 children but the house was only 2 bedrooms so I had to make some small alterations to split a bedroom to increase capacity. During this process I missed a mortgage payment as I was financially stretched with taking the children on full time unexpectedly. At the same time I had put in a PPI claim for £2500 with NRAM because of miss sold sickness insurance. NRAM admitted that it was miss sold but explained that as it was a joint mortgage they would only send me a cheque for half the money, I was not happy about this as this was my claim as 'I' was holding them fully accountable for the money I had paid for this insurance. It was not a claim from me and my ex wife it was a claim from me, I believed that they should pay me and if my ex wife ever decided to make a claim then that would be for her and the bank to argue but this was my claim. They refused to budge and sent a cheque for half the money owed and said that they would keep the rest or send it to the ex if she asked. At the same time they were demanding the missed payment from me so I asked them to pay themselves out of the other half of the money they owed me but again they refused so the missed payment remains. I have explained to them numerous times over the last 4 years that my money is that tight with raising my family alone that I can not afford to make any payment toward the arrears but that I was trying to decorate the house so that I could sell or be able to remortgage as at the moment there is not enough equity in the property for me to to anything with it but once I could sell or remortgage the arrears would be cleared unless they took it out of my PPI money. I paid £10 off my arreas in order for the outstanding amount to be slighty less than 1 month so that it would not be marked on my credit file. I assured them that I would never miss another payment which they were happy with and I have carried on paying every payment for the last 4 years without a problem. Around 9 months ago I had a letter stating that they were goingt to send a field agent to my home at a charge of £50 to discuss my account, I rang and explained that I did not need to see a field agent as I had explained the situation to them and that I had made every payment for the last 4 years. They told me they were sending a field agent whether I wanted one or not, they did not arrange a time and I was at work when he visited so I missed the visit and got charged £50 for the pleasure, this has continued every few months where they send me a letter stating another agent will visit, no mention of a day or time and another £50 being added each time. This has been causing me a great deal of stress as money is already tight and I have been doing all I can to make my mortgage payments every month so I should not be classed as a high risk customer, missing 1 payment in 11 years of being with them is not someone who i feel should be having field agent and field agent sent out to me adding unnecessary expense onto my already tight situation. So far NRAM have laughed off my complaints of their bullying and sneaky tactics of taking more money from me. This has had me so stressed and concerned that I wrote my last letter to them on the 2nd March complaining about the unecessary field agent visits and charges and followed that letter with a phone call complaining that I do not need anyone visiting my home and explaining that the arrears would be paid when I sold my home which I have been trying to do for a while. Following that conversation I suffered a sudden stroke on the 5th March (bearing in mind I am only 35 and healthy) that they believe could have resulted from being overly stressed, this being the only thing that I have been stressed about. Am I within my rights to take my complaint further and actually seek compensation for the unecessary stress that they have been putting me under due to the fact that they very nearly killed me because of the stress that their actions caused me? Any advice or opinions on the above would be appreciated. Sorry for it being so long...
  23. Hi everyone, Is anyone in the same situation or maybe I can get an advice? In 2007 I took together mortgage( interest only) with Northern Rock for £162.000 For the first two years we were paying interest only £865.30 at 6.35% After that in 2009 the interest dropped to SVR 4.78% so they recalculates our payment to £663.30.(interest only) We decided to keep paying the same original amount, and start overpaying the mortgage. Over months/years our outstanding balance was decreasing. In November 2013 I realised that the amount of interest charged has been the same since 2009 despite overpaying by nearly £15k by then. our outstanding balance decreast by around 15k but the interest has been charged from £162k that we originally borrowed. I have contacted NRAM and they told me that the interest has been the same because I haven't instructed them to recalculate it. And if the overpayments where over £500 a month it would be done automatically. they told me I have to call them each time I overpay over £500 and ask to recalculate my monthly payments. Is this legal?? In my mortgage documents it says that my interest is charged daily. Re overpayments ''Following receipt of a regular overpayment or a lump sum repayment, the amount that you owe and the amount of interest that you pay will be recalculated with effect from the following day'' When I checked my statement back only with two statements in 2009 there has been a note under overpayments that "If you make your monthly payments by Direct Debit and the overpayment is £500 or more your monthly payment will be changed automatically. You have the option to leave your monthly payment unchanged, which will have the effect of setting up a regular overpayment and further reduce your outstanding mortgage balance..." Is there something I missed here, or NRAM is taking a chance? In original morthage documents there was no mention that i have to phone them and ask to recalculate and no one has told me that when i was setting up overpayments which them. I would really appreciate your opinion, thank you.
  24. hi everyone recently had property repossessed by nram and left with shortfall. shortfall now settled and account balance is 0. my question is now the account is settled can i still claim back all of the ridiculous charges and fees they applied to the account, over the last 9 years? cheers
  25. Hi,I recently just paid off my IVA six months early and I'm coming off my interest only period with NRAM who to be fair have been good enough to stick to it but in three months I go back to repayment increasing payments by £300 will NRAM extend my mortgage term to help reduce the payment. Cheers nafjor
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