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  1. Yes I have made 2 complaints about this stating what I plan to do with regard selling the house in order to clear the arrears. My main issue is that my account is less than one month in arrears and every payment has been made for the last 4 years so I have a good payment history so I think it is unfair for them to suddenly start arranging field agent visits to inflate my balance and try and bully me into paying more money than I can currently afford. Yes i have all the annual account statements somewhere but I would have to dig them out. How would I stand with regard to claining compensation for the stroke from them because of their harrasment as I think it is a clear abuse of process and I am fortunate to still be alive and I blame them for this 100% I remember reading somewhere within the FSA and MCOB guidelines that a field agent visit should only be attempted after numerous missed payments (mine is less than 1) and that the customer is aware that he has the right to cancel an agent from visiting his home so that charges are not necessary (they said that I could not cancel). I also read in the Financial Conduct Authority's Consumer Credit Sourcebook that it is an unfair and improper business practice to send a field agent to somebody's home against their wishes? Would this help me take this complaint further, I am confident that I can claim back the fees but I feel strongly that they should be held to account for the added unnecessary stress this has caused me and the awful outcome this stress caused me to suffer. thanks for your help as always.
  2. I got divorced around 5 years ago and agreed to take over the house we both owned and move back in as it was too small for the ex wife and the children to live in. Around 4 years ago I took full custody of our 3 children but the house was only 2 bedrooms so I had to make some small alterations to split a bedroom to increase capacity. During this process I missed a mortgage payment as I was financially stretched with taking the children on full time unexpectedly. At the same time I had put in a PPI claim for £2500 with NRAM because of miss sold sickness insurance. NRAM admitted that it was miss sold but explained that as it was a joint mortgage they would only send me a cheque for half the money, I was not happy about this as this was my claim as 'I' was holding them fully accountable for the money I had paid for this insurance. It was not a claim from me and my ex wife it was a claim from me, I believed that they should pay me and if my ex wife ever decided to make a claim then that would be for her and the bank to argue but this was my claim. They refused to budge and sent a cheque for half the money owed and said that they would keep the rest or send it to the ex if she asked. At the same time they were demanding the missed payment from me so I asked them to pay themselves out of the other half of the money they owed me but again they refused so the missed payment remains. I have explained to them numerous times over the last 4 years that my money is that tight with raising my family alone that I can not afford to make any payment toward the arrears but that I was trying to decorate the house so that I could sell or be able to remortgage as at the moment there is not enough equity in the property for me to to anything with it but once I could sell or remortgage the arrears would be cleared unless they took it out of my PPI money. I paid £10 off my arreas in order for the outstanding amount to be slighty less than 1 month so that it would not be marked on my credit file. I assured them that I would never miss another payment which they were happy with and I have carried on paying every payment for the last 4 years without a problem. Around 9 months ago I had a letter stating that they were goingt to send a field agent to my home at a charge of £50 to discuss my account, I rang and explained that I did not need to see a field agent as I had explained the situation to them and that I had made every payment for the last 4 years. They told me they were sending a field agent whether I wanted one or not, they did not arrange a time and I was at work when he visited so I missed the visit and got charged £50 for the pleasure, this has continued every few months where they send me a letter stating another agent will visit, no mention of a day or time and another £50 being added each time. This has been causing me a great deal of stress as money is already tight and I have been doing all I can to make my mortgage payments every month so I should not be classed as a high risk customer, missing 1 payment in 11 years of being with them is not someone who i feel should be having field agent and field agent sent out to me adding unnecessary expense onto my already tight situation. So far NRAM have laughed off my complaints of their bullying and sneaky tactics of taking more money from me. This has had me so stressed and concerned that I wrote my last letter to them on the 2nd March complaining about the unecessary field agent visits and charges and followed that letter with a phone call complaining that I do not need anyone visiting my home and explaining that the arrears would be paid when I sold my home which I have been trying to do for a while. Following that conversation I suffered a sudden stroke on the 5th March (bearing in mind I am only 35 and healthy) that they believe could have resulted from being overly stressed, this being the only thing that I have been stressed about. Am I within my rights to take my complaint further and actually seek compensation for the unecessary stress that they have been putting me under due to the fact that they very nearly killed me because of the stress that their actions caused me? Any advice or opinions on the above would be appreciated. Sorry for it being so long...
  3. LBA sent via email and recorded delivery... They now have 14 days to respond
  4. I definately will be issuing proceedings.... If it gets that far, is there a simple POC already in place for PPI claims or will I have to do one from scratch?? Also if I am forced down the court route, is it possible to ask the judge for an award of compensation on top of the PPI + simple interest to cover the stress and anguish they are continuing to cause me?? I believe if i am forced to go to court I should be able to add that in but that is just my opinion lol Thanks for your help
  5. Seen as though this was their final response, should I write to them one last time with my arguements and see what they come back with or should i head my next letter 'Letter Before Action' and give them 14 days to respond? At least that way they know they can't just fob me off again and if they do I will be in a position to initiate proceedings immediately without any further messing about?
  6. Is the theory true tho? I thought you had 6 years to claim anyway? I am going to challenge them on it, I won't go to the FOS because it takes too long... I will go straight to small claims if I get no joy
  7. Heard back from northern rock today about my ppi claim... They said that they will not uphold my complaint because its been over 3 years since I cancelled the ppi policy? I had ppi on my mortgage from may 2004 and September 2009... I believed I had 6 years from the last payment made or from the point I realised it had been miss sold, I am assuming they are just trying to fob me off?? Any advice great fully received!! They are assuming that I cancelled it because I realised I did not actually need it and therefore I must have known it was miss sold so as its been over 3 years I can't claim!!! I don't believe this is true but would like to here it from someone who knows better than me Thanks
  8. I know... I will just have to pay for my stupid credit report again and keep an eye on it and take it from there!!! I will keep you posted
  9. But they tell me it will be refresshed with another one every month until I make 2 payments in a month to clear my arrears.... They said that is how their system works Every month they will class me as being late all over again
  10. what makes it worse is that in my mind i missed decembers payment and then I made january's payment and i will make february's payment etc but on there systems it will have me missing decembers, then what i paid in january will pay decembers so it will have me missing january, what i will pay in february will actually be paying january's so they will have me down as missing february's payment etc... so until i can pay double in one month they will mark me down as missing every month!!! I thought i would be just down as missing one payment and that was it....
  11. I shall concentrate on my PPI refund for now and once this has been resolved I will consider my options with regard to my credit file.... I believe that something can be sorted, whether it is a goodwill gesture or some kind of action through the courts? I do not know at this moment but once my PPI claim has been proved to be successful then at that time it is proved that they did in fact owe me money at the time they marked the negative info on my credit file which I believe is wrong!!! I may just have to initiate proceedings and see if they want to risk fighting me... I am sick of these bullying companies having one rule for them and another for us Rant over Thanks for your advice so far
  12. I understand that but while my PPI claim is under investigation surely they should suppress any negative entries until that investigation is complete?? I have been working so hard to clean up my credit file and now this has happened it feels like a kick in the teeth I can not unserstand how a company who owes you money can be allowed to say you have missed a payment at the same time, if my claim is successful which im sure it will be then I believe some of the money should be offset against my arrears and that the late/missed payment markers should be removed or it would be unfair on me!?
  13. It was refinanced in 2009 but it is still with northern rock.... The PPI was paid to a company called Pinnacle insurance, I paid it to northern rock and i assume they passed it to the insurance company. It has not defaulted but in todays world a missed payment marker etc is just as bad.... Surely if a company owe you money then i should be able to offset that against money they claim i owe them?? Banks often take money from our accounts to offset against money we owe them so why can we not do the same? I did not miss the payment because of the PPI but I missed a payment while they owed me money for the PPI which in my eyes shhould not go down as a missed payment, they should just minus that monthly payment from what they eventually pay me. I was told that I must have PPI back in 2004 in order to get a mortgage and that they must set it up for me there and then
  14. Christmas is a tough time of year and I could not afford to make my mortgage payment.... At the same time I had just found out that I had PPI on my mortgage which i did not know about so i initiated my claim. When I initiated my claim I explained that I could not afford to make my December payment on my mortgage and that I would like to offset Decembers payment against the money northern rock owed me for my PPI (it sounded fair to me). Anyway, Northern Rock declined this offer and are now ruining my credit file with constant late payment markers as I am one month in arrears. If they actually owe me money can they do this and when i eventually get my PPI refund can I go after them for damaging my credit file while they actually owed me money?? Any views would be welcome thanks... My PPI payments were £26.01 a month and I made 64 payments. It ran from May 2004 until Sep 2009, in simple terms how do I calculate the 8% simple interest?? Thanks in advance
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