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  1. Oh No.... Robinson Way are now after this old debt that's no longer on the credit file - and guess what??? yep they have a payment on file for £1 from 2015 or something (yeah right as if) oh and it was sent to them via cheque Chancers
  2. Okay - thanks. I thought it wasn't best to ask them to remove the default and prompt them! - technically no default should now be on my file. I guess I can wait another 4 years
  3. 6 years from default or repossession?
  4. Yeah - they updated the file with my new address think it's possible they know I have nothing, and that's why no action?
  5. In the end yes. Bought house for 95K - they sold I think for 80k (was worth 100k) still says outstanding balance 172K on credit file... I think i had 1 letter saying i still owe them etc.. i live in england, house was in scotland (not that it matters) won't let me add image from dropbox, shows that i was 6+ months arrears as far back as May 2011 - last payment July 2010 so it would be off my file if they never set the default a lot later on (July 2015) also - looking at my file, and this is the only bad thing on it - it still says default, not once has it ever said reposession anywhere
  6. Hi, That is interesting - I will write to them, however I didn't want to rock the boat as the house was reposessed about 18 months ago and I have not heard anything since. Cheers, Flappy
  7. Hi Guy's, I'm not sure how to play this one, I bought a property with my ex back in 2007 for around 95K (In Scotland) To cut a long story short we separated, she left and went into a "trust deed" Nram wouldn't remove her from the property and I was basically left to pay the arrears at the time and the mortgage while i wasn't living in it. I tried and tried to take the property in my name, my only chance was to then rent the property out pay the arrears.... moving on the house was repossessed about a year ago and they undersold it at 80K, no payments have been made for exactly 6 years! They only actually defaulted the account about a year ago! NRAm are after 105K - yes 105K which is probably about what we borrowed originally, I don't have a breakdown of the fees / costs / interest but I will request this tomorrow. They only just started to chase the balance today, and they are now telling me that they will now pass to a debt collector if I don't reply within 60 days I have no assets, and I am just out of work this week - so they are not going to get anything. I have tried to make arrangments in the past but they have always declined, they wanted to repossess. Facts The property was empty for 5 years No payment been made in 6 years I can't get hold of the ex to see what she thinks credit file should have been defaulted long before it was? Cheers
  8. Hi Dx, The address on the credit file is 100% correct, the address on the bill is incorrect. I asked for it to be removed and they said that they can only ask internally for this once the bill has been paid. Thanks, Flappy
  9. Hi Folks, I notice that I have a mark on my credit file for circa £250 from British Gas! The default was posted Mid 2013. I have had a couple of emails from some DCA saying that if I pay they will reduce by 50% and update my credit file etc, however as a current British Gas customer (and have always paid my utilities) I thought I would contact them direct to discuss this because I am pretty sire that I don't owe this or even know about the £250 alleged outstanding. Normally when you move / change address they update internally blah blah. So.... I email British Gas and they tell me it's for a previous property back in 2011, however this is when it gets confusing:- Bill date December to March 2012 and invoiced to the wrong address and wrong postal code (property around the corner) I was in a new build. Bill date was January 2013 when I had been moved away from the property for over 6 months. They are telling me that it don't matter that the address is wrong because the bill matches the property's Gas Meter Point. I said I understand that, however how can I know about a bill if it's years ago, invoiced to the wrong address and a property that I don't reside at anyway? I explained I am still a British gas customer and in no arrears, however we are still going round in circles... I said that I will pay the alleged bill and dispute later if I feel it's invoiced wrong (I need to dig back and see what provider I was with etc) on the basis that they remove default from my credit file (they manage to get that address right!) and then invoice me at my current address for the consumption at the correct old address. Do you think this is fair? Should I take this further? Thanks, Flappy
  10. **********UPDATE********** It dropped from the credit file today! Cheers All,
  11. Hey Folks, Today I noticed on my credit file that NRAM have decided to finally add a "default" after 5+ Years. This was an on going dispute with NRAM and my now eX Wife....... they wouldn't remove her from the mortgage even tho we had been separated 5 years prior and she had never made a payment towards it.... anyway.. Can they add a default this late on? the last payment they had was July 2010 and I would assume a realistic default date would be 2, 3 or maybe 6 months after no further payments? Cheers, Flappy
  12. perfect, another job from my list - they are slowly dropping from my file..
  13. Yeah - I just thought sod it, if they read it then they know I am dealing with it
  14. Can we edit these values so they can't relate it back to me personally?
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