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  1. Oh No.... Robinson Way are now after this old debt that's no longer on the credit file - and guess what??? yep they have a payment on file for £1 from 2015 or something (yeah right as if) oh and it was sent to them via cheque Chancers
  2. Okay - thanks. I thought it wasn't best to ask them to remove the default and prompt them! - technically no default should now be on my file. I guess I can wait another 4 years
  3. 6 years from default or repossession?
  4. Yeah - they updated the file with my new address think it's possible they know I have nothing, and that's why no action?
  5. In the end yes. Bought house for 95K - they sold I think for 80k (was worth 100k) still says outstanding balance 172K on credit file... I think i had 1 letter saying i still owe them etc.. i live in england, house was in scotland (not that it matters) won't let me add image from dropbox, shows that i was 6+ months arrears as far back as May 2011 - last payment July 2010 so it would be off my file if they never set the default a lot later on (July 2015) also - looking at my file, and this is the only bad thing on it - it still says default, not once has it ever said reposess
  6. Hi, That is interesting - I will write to them, however I didn't want to rock the boat as the house was reposessed about 18 months ago and I have not heard anything since. Cheers, Flappy
  7. Hi Guy's, I'm not sure how to play this one, I bought a property with my ex back in 2007 for around 95K (In Scotland) To cut a long story short we separated, she left and went into a "trust deed" Nram wouldn't remove her from the property and I was basically left to pay the arrears at the time and the mortgage while i wasn't living in it. I tried and tried to take the property in my name, my only chance was to then rent the property out pay the arrears.... moving on the house was repossessed about a year ago and they undersold it at 80K, no payments have been made for exactly 6
  8. Hi Dx, The address on the credit file is 100% correct, the address on the bill is incorrect. I asked for it to be removed and they said that they can only ask internally for this once the bill has been paid. Thanks, Flappy
  9. Hi Folks, I notice that I have a mark on my credit file for circa £250 from British Gas! The default was posted Mid 2013. I have had a couple of emails from some DCA saying that if I pay they will reduce by 50% and update my credit file etc, however as a current British Gas customer (and have always paid my utilities) I thought I would contact them direct to discuss this because I am pretty sire that I don't owe this or even know about the £250 alleged outstanding. Normally when you move / change address they update internally blah blah. So.... I email British Gas and
  10. **********UPDATE********** It dropped from the credit file today! Cheers All,
  11. Hey Folks, Today I noticed on my credit file that NRAM have decided to finally add a "default" after 5+ Years. This was an on going dispute with NRAM and my now eX Wife....... they wouldn't remove her from the mortgage even tho we had been separated 5 years prior and she had never made a payment towards it.... anyway.. Can they add a default this late on? the last payment they had was July 2010 and I would assume a realistic default date would be 2, 3 or maybe 6 months after no further payments? Cheers, Flappy
  12. perfect, another job from my list - they are slowly dropping from my file..
  13. Yeah - I just thought sod it, if they read it then they know I am dealing with it
  14. Can we edit these values so they can't relate it back to me personally?
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