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Found 4 results

  1. My Northern Rock/NRAM mortgage has been reviewed. Letter 1 says they have overcharged me, and have knocked £940 off the unsecured part of the Together Loan. Letter 2 says I have underpaid the unsecured part of my Together Loan, and they want £153.15. 1) I have never missed a payment. 2) WTF?
  2. Around 20 years ago my wife & I opened a Royalties Gold account with RBS. The account made available a sizeable overdraft which we made full use of. In early 2012 I spoke with a branch officer who asked me what plans I had to clear the longstanding overdraft. Not unreasonable. I explained that I was now a pensioner and my wife only had a part-time job and that we needed to remain in a position to care for our disabled son who lives at home. The upshot was that WE would pay £100 per month if they froze charges and interest; and this would be the only activity on the account. There followed a year of RBS collections harassing us for debt clearance. They repeatedly ignored the repayment undertaking which we had fastidiously maintained. I managed to get the FOS to take on our defence (following a visit to CAB) and, at the same time, someone in collections actually exercised their grey matter following numerous complaints voiced by me (my wife isn't 'into' all of this) and finally admitted their error and refunded loads of charges they had allowed their computer to generate. The FOS is still awaiting information. Now the RBS have decided that my wife is liable, in isolation, since I had written all of the complaints. I have notified the FOS but am inclined to issue N1 deploying BCOBs, showing contraventions of principles of Fairness & communication (or lack thereof). Because my Mrs already suffers hypertension and is medicated for high blood pressure, I am also inclined to sue for Special, Incidental and/or Punitive damages to compensate for the effort I have to put in and gain some recompense for my wife's anxiety. What say you fellow members? Can one even seek damages at County Court or will I need to go fast-track?
  3. Hi Everyone I bought a Sofa and chair from Littlewoods last November, it was delivered a few days before Xmas so is less than a year old. The cushions have all frayed, and one ofthe covers has come apart where the thread has just disintegrated. The foam ont he arm of the chair has sunk so much it has a huge dent in it. The furniture has had normal wear, no kids/pets jumping on it, but it really is very poorly made. I expect it to last a few more years! I have paid off my account in full so I dont owe any money on it at all, and I wrote to Littlewoods enclosing photos on the 31st October...i havent had a response yet though. I wonder if you cuold tell me what, if any, rights I have regarding this and what I should do if i dont hear from them? I would likea refund in all honesty if i can as I do not want another one of these rubbish sofas! Thank you x
  4. Hi, I am (unfortunately) having to go to through an employment tribunal process against my present employer. I had an initial case management discussion meeting (CMD) a few months ago. At that meeting my employer's legal representative stated that my employer intended to call several witnesses. The names of these witnesses were not listed in the CMD agenda - even though I had openly listed the names and number of my potential witnesses - and I had expected the employer's side to do the same thing for the CMD meeting. My employer's legal representative stated at the CMD that they (the employer's legal rep) didn't know the names of witnesses, just the number to be called. I have since emailed my employer's internal Legal section several times requesting a list of witnesses names. My employer's Legal section has not even acknowledged receipt of my email requests let alone supply me with the list of names. This refusal to name their witnesses has the potential to weaken my case. Indeed one or two employees which I have sounded out as potential witnesses on my side have instead bailed out (which is unfortunately somewhat understandable in these days of job cuts) explaining that they were doing so because they might actually be called as witnesses on behalf of my employer (which is a lot less easier to forgive I must say!). I'm not interested in recriminations against any of my co-workers who may actually stand as a witness for the employer (I really don't have the enery left for it apart from anything else). However I do feel that I should be entitled to know who may have been 'bagged' for the other side! Does anyone know if I do have a right to know who these employer-side witnesses are and if so, can I make my employer disclose this list of witnesses asap? Any advice would be most welcome.
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