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  1. Last payment on the account was mid March 2013, so yes about 9 months till they defaulted and closed the account. For a good 4 months before that, the account was in serious arrears with just little sums of money going in sporadically but they kept on racking up the OD charges each month which far out weighed any credits anyway.
  2. Thanks DX Default date is 11th November 2013 (when the account was closed)
  3. Hi. I have an alleged debt for an overdraft that was sold off to Cabot a few years back, the debt according to my account statements (I did a SAR) was SB in at the beginning of this year and the default drops off at the end of this year. Did all the usual things like ignoring the fishing letters and the odd call. However today I got a unexpected call from a landline and answered it thinking it was somebody else, it was Cabot want to speak blah, blah, blah. I asked what it was in connection with (knowing what it was actually about) and ended up telling them even if they could prove the ALLEGED debt was mine it would be SB anyway. I was told they had a payment in 2014 showing so it was not SB. I know this was false, as I have a full statement showing the last credit was on the account and the account was closed 2013. So stated it was SB again and if they thought that they had a legitimate claim against me then ultimately then need to prove it and take me to court. I've double checked the SAR again (every page and its a big pile going back over a decade) and all looked fine until I came across a few screen dumps/shots from a computer system (so not the typical statements you would see) but print off's from a dumb terminal system showing a single payment of nearly £400's that I have no knowledge of mid 2014. It just shows a credit of £XXX. I've also found a two internal email/system print offs showing a recall request from a bank was received and a refund cheque was issued just a few months later (which was cashed). The balance they are chasing, is for the sum after the refund back to the bank was issued (so the original sum) Where do I stand as in summary? Overdraft was taken out back in 2006 SB was early 2013 - So well over 6 years ago Account Closed later 2013 (when default was issued) - Just a few months and it drops off Some unknown random payment was paid in mid 2014, outstanding balance was reduced and then that payment was refunded a few months later. The outstanding balance was increased back to the original sum, which is the sum Cabot are chasing. All my proper account type statements only show data until late 2013 when the account was closed, the only record of this payment and refund comes from screen dumps and print outs from internal systems mid 2014.
  4. I'm currently in the middle of reaching an agreement with them I have solicitors involved. This agreement once signed off should hopefully put the matter to bed, I am very happy with proposed agreement but it will be subject to a NDA once finalised.
  5. Thanks Andy, it does seem they are waiting for me to admit to the debt and come forward with some sort of offer of payment. So I will keep stum for now until I have to respond. If they do lift the stay, at a high level what are the next steps for me?
  6. Sure, I won't bother with account transaction history dump has it's just dates of payment dates and what was ordered etc, and is over 10 pages long (and everything looks in order) docs1.pdf
  7. Not sure what you mean by you post sorry Nothing is redacted in what they sent, I removed any personal information from the covering letter. But I have recieved 1 page of the signed CCA (photocopy but the signature looks correct) multiple pages of the account transaction history Copy of the NOA from Next Copy of the NOA from DMA
  8. I did all the steps and the claim was stayed. I then received the attached PDF late last week, it's a photocopy of the signed CCA, an account dump of transactions and the notice of assignments. Now that they have proved ownership of the account (and the CCA was signed in October 2014) am I right in now assuming it's time to go back with repayment proposals? I was thinking of offering a full and final settlement figure at 75% of the total amount outstanding. Restons - Next CPR.pdf
  9. ??? I don't follow you on the last bit of your post Regarding the CCA, if you go back through the thread somebody said to look at the CCA to see if there is anything about them being able to use the overpayments pot of money I had accrued to service the minimum payments for next 6-7 months. My game plan is to a least get the balance reduced before agreeing a repayment plan, so I need to identify failings/breeches etc on NRMA's part which I can use to help me reduce any monies owed
  10. How does that effect enforceability via the courts? I remember seeing the BBC article a few years back, does make things easier for me or more difficult for me when they (or a DCA) start playing hard ball. Will scan upload the documents relating to the CCA on Wednesday once Xmas is out of the way, but is CCA worth the paper it is written on?
  11. Update, the SAR dropped yesterday I've just had a quick look at it (but I'm not going to think about it over Xmas to much). I plan to upload the CCA to see there is an provision of them being able to use the pot of money from the overpayments to service the minimum payments. One thing I did notice, is on the print out of the internal system notes it states no Default has been issued as the sum is over £25,000 can anybody explain why that is? Also is there anything else I should upload and share that may help me?
  12. Why? What I'm worried about is them going down the court route and then I've got to stick to the court timetable. What would you do in this situation, the other debts I've got (and successfully had stayed if they have gone down the court route) I could get the money together top clear even if I lose in court, this is a bit different due to the amount and CCJ equals no job for me hence why I'm being cautious. Trust me there is no loved lost with this lot, as they really screwed things up for us back in 2005 when I unexpectedly found myself in financial trouble (the IVA would have been done and dusted back in 2011).
  13. I'm thinking of going back with the following statement, to at least stop the clock over the Xmas period whilst I wait for the SAR to come back and I figure out what to do next, any ideas would be most welcome. Without Prejudice To whom it may concern (I change this to the person who actually sent me the letter) I am currently awaiting for a Subject Access Request to be fulfilled by NRAM, this is the reason why I have not yet responded to your letters. There is approximately 22 calendar days outstanding for this legal request to be fulfilled. Once I receive this information I intend to take advice and will reply back to you in due course. Kind Regards
  14. Still on there just delete the post and I will repost it
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